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  1. In regards to it being late, I have given up on expectations for magazines at this point. I got my last AACA magazine about a month late, I get hemmings whenever they feel like sending them out and Old Cars, that ones really crazy. Some weeks I get 3 at a time, then maybe go a month and not have anything. The latest issue I got has all of the auctions for June! Glad I wasnt planning on going to any and buying a car.
  2. My band teacher in HS had a couple of wagons like that. Also had one of those fastback cars. My brother had the one with the trunk when he was living in Germany. VW's are ok, I respect them the same as all old cars, but I just dont get the hype.
  3. Maybe it wasnt a low rider, just worn out suspension! (sorry, couldnt resist)
  4. Unless its red, I know a guy that was getting some red for his RAM truck, it was something stupid like $800 a quart!!
  5. Very interesting. I have never sprayed lacquer on a car but have done a lot of furniture and custom made cabinets. Lacquer is wonderful for that as it indeed dries about as fast as you can spray it.
  6. Thats a great looking car. Price seems very light as well, Model A money.
  7. I know this is supposed to be about classic cars but I will add my wifes d.d. Its and Expedition when we got it my grandson couldnt say that and called it the 'Ex Magician'. So that became its name.
  8. Eastwood 2k steel. Its supposed to mimic the look of bare steel, but IMO its just paint, not even close. The sway bar is bare steel coated with shark hide. I wanted to bare steel those parts but they were pitted just too bad. So a bit of filler and paint. The hub is original cast with shark hide.
  9. 2021-07-28_06-46-42 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr Got the mounting brackets back from powder coater. Need to hook up the lines and this can go back under the car.
  10. Might be another one of those - for the asking price the buyer knows what they are looking at?
  11. Not sure that issue has been fixed yet! Dad had a ram cummins diesel. Motor would run forever as long as everything stayed bolted in place!!
  12. Great Tour! Thanks for the photos. Almost like being there without a plane ticket. That private collection/garage is awesome in every way. I did not recognize that 1930 motorcycle. At one time I had a very large collection of European bikes and thought I had seen them all!
  13. If the car is all original paint and 2 owners, in decent enough condition then leave it alone. If its a full classic you are probably looking at a starting price of $50k+ for a paint job. On a 'high end' car you dont want to scrimp on the paint. Then you may as well make sure all of the brightwork is up to spec, before you know it you are in for twice the value of the car but something that should be an easy sell ( for half what you have into it!). IF you repaint half the car regardless of colour, and the other half is left original I think it would def. have a negative effect on value. I would not pay 6 figures for a car that has half of new paint job.
  14. I have never given cars names but my wife does, once the name changes from the 'P.O.S. in the garage' to something else I know im done, and time to start on another project. My Trans Am has become 'The Hot Rod' by default as that is what I refer to when I ask my grandson to take a ride with me. So that is what he has taken to calling it. My wife calls it the 'tin can of death'!
  15. My 57 was painted resale red, I had the original hardtop which was grey. I didnt look hard enough to see what the original colour was but assumed it was the grey of the top.
  16. Lots of great stories, I dont think I have any memorable car rides. I have been thinking about it and nothing really comes to mind. I suppose it may be that the only cars I have ever been privy to are modest and pedestrian compared to pre war classics. I have been in a S class benz, and my grandmother used to buy a new Fleetwood Broughm Caddy every other year and thats about the extent of the luxury models I have been in. I did ride in a very early Packard when I was about 5 or 6. It belonged to a friend of my dads that had a Packard collection. We dressed up in period clothes and dad drove the car with me and the rest of the family riding along in our towns big parade. No big memories of that though. I do remember back to how excited I was when we went to Disney World for the first time. It was the year the place opened. I loved riding the old cars around the track they had there. Im pretty sure they even gave you a 'driver's license' when you finished.
  17. 2021-07-28_09-26-12 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr These were at a show I was at last weekend. 1 not commonly seen around my parts, let alone 2! The red one had a set of factory luggage.
  18. Mckean County is on the NY border, western edge of the state. About as far away as one can get in PA away from me ( I live 2 miles south of the South East corner).
  19. My town used to operate that way as well, but no more!
  20. Sounds like fun and a neat experience, but I cook over an open flame (the grill in my backyard) about 4 nights a week! Sometimes even with my iron skillet.
  21. Im glad its working out for you and sounds like you have a good, intelligent plan of attack. As has been stated above, rules are there for a reason. Things are a bit different with younger generations (no offense meant) than probably what a lot of us are used to. You stated that you dont have a daily driver car and that you make out just fine without one. In my day ( Im almost 60) living in the suburbs a car was necessary. We had ride sharing but it was a buddy that had gas in his car. But you, like a lot of your peers have found a way to make do without. I was selling real estate a few years ago and a 25 year old girl was buying her first house. Although she had the money she had no idea what a walk in bank was. Everything to her was done online. Maybe its time for the insurance companies to look at things more on an individual basis than a broad sweep of the pen.
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