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  1. Just had a call from Bill, says he would be open to a reasonable offer. I have the car here with me. He has no room for it. Actually, I could use the space too! Winter is coming, I have a couple cars outside that need to come in.
  2. This race car was found quite intact. A restoration has been going on and getting close to completion. Still have a few ideas about what it is, but would like to get more thoughts. Look close at the rear suspension and the front spring hardware. This is a 2-man car, long wheelbase and it did have the 1918 T engine sitting in it when found. Owner will make it street legal, thus the headlights were added. No, not a Miller.
  3. My Aunt Sara's Cadillac has less than 32,000 original miles. She kept it in the garage and drove it to church on Sunday. REALLY! Sara knew this was a special car and kept it pristine. Still has original dealer "goodies" Cadillac Script Maglite kit and emergency first aid kit, embossed chamois and the often seen Cadillac hat. She kept the original tires when I told her the tires were too old to be safe, even though they look great. They are in the trunk of someone wanted to show the cars as it was originally. I have the car here in Napa Ca. I see one advertised for well over 10 grand. We want this one to sell and are not holding out for big money. $9000 or best cash offer will be fine. Video Link:
  4. HA! I have about 80 now! -- Only ONE more car I want to add to the excess.... Offy powered Watson Roadster.. Got one? hehehehe....
  5. Shawn, Actually, Yes it is. I was just thinking I should check in and see if anyone has asked for info. I have been busy with other things and not checking! Actually have missed a few messages!
  6. Fresh Pictures. Car is out and cleaned up and engine tested for compression.
  7. This is a nice car ready to drive like it is right now. An older restoration that looks good. Not a show car. I could tell you this is a fine car that would be ready for show and shine. I could tell you it is ready for Pebble Beach, but I am not going to do that because it is not that car. This is a driver, and a nice solid great Cadillac like it is . This is the long wheel base chassis that was also used on the V12 cars, so it is a BIG Cadillac! Shows well like it is. Priced quite reasonable and needs to find a new home. I am helping the owner who recently asked me to help with bringing the car back to life after languishing in storage for some time. Just about the 100,000 mark is where he wants to be. But it needs to go. I have it here at my place in Napa Ca.
  8. yes that is a Pierce Arrow behind it. and a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T
  9. OK--- NEW information! I now have the chassis number for the car! 24/AM170 This confirms it is a real MARCH chassis! Built in 1970. Now it can be identified and anyone that knows how to check history for this car can check the records. I FINALLY got help from someone that really did know where to look for the number and I went right to it! ALL the other guys that claimed to know where it was were totally WRONG WRONG WRONG! Price NOW--- $9500 -- It should be in the hands of someone that will get it back on the track!
  10. These are on the front fenders of a 20/25 Rolls Royce 1927 model. I have purchased a set from a person that must have a different measuring device than I, because they are far too large. So here is a set of photos of what I need. The small one is almost too big in diameter. PLEASE LOOK CLOSE. The diameter of the beehive is the important measurement because of the bezel that has to fit over the beehive. About 1.800 at base of beehive is actually a bit too large, but could work if no other hope. 1.535 with O'.. just under 2" would be perfect.
  11. YES! duh-- what was I thinking? And also airplanes used the canvas... Dang--- OK--- Now I have a few marbles in place and have something to work with.
  12. Who is a good supplier of and what material grain types is my question of the day. I am doing a 1926 "woodie" and need to select the proper grain and material type for this project. PROBLEM is color will NOT be black. Looking for dark green or chocolate brown. Anyone?
  13. WHO has these items? Any help out there? I cant get response from Gary Goers. I know he was looking for someone to take over his company. Anyone?
  14. I kept fiddling around with the ignition switch and squirting penetrating oil into it and got it to work- So now I dont have to remove it. But the top flow control valve still is a problem. Anyone know if these cars have similar system as the Cadillac? (electric flow control valve under the carpet)