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  1. Anyone casting the hub covers for these ALF models? I could use a set of four. Rod email me at funcars4us@hotmail.com
  2. My 53 Skylark is now in Sweden and in restoration. Good that someone is willing to save these great old cars.
  3. Ben, What is the status now on this? Thanks!
  4. It is always a pleasure to judge an AACA event. Wish there were more out here that I can get to. I have judged in several AACA events as well as many other non AACA shows. Each one is a new and interesting experience. I must say that I have great respect for the AACA Judging standards. More clubs could learn by attending some of the judges education courses. Any NCRS judges reading this? I hope so! Last year one of my freshly restored cars was at its first showing. The colors selected were taken from an original sales folder and listed as original available colors for this year and model. I ha
  5. Larry, the Cadillac looks great. Sure would like to see more photos. I finished the restoration of a 29 Cad roadster a couple years ago and as soon as I finished up the 29 Packard 640 phaeton restoration I will start on my 29 Cadillac Sport Phaeton. Wonderful Cars! An honor to work on and restore these great classics!
  6. The Packard is back from the upholstery shop... WOW what a difference! I will get it out for photos when the rain stops!
  7. Memories ------ Back in 1969 I built a 427 Ford for a 41 Willys.... Used Jahns pistons and grant rings.. I bored the block to what Jahns told me to do.. MADE PHONE CALLS to confirm what they told me.... Seemed they were giving me the numbers for a .040 piston set and not for the .030 set they sent me.... They assured me the measurments were correct... The pistons fell through the holes..... The engine rattled like CRAZY! But that car ran HARD! Yes it had blow-by.. But it was they way we built them back then.. LOOSE... this one was REAL LOOSE... I think the Corvette engine was built the same
  8. I did all of them on the car. used a Bugler and a steady rest I made up. Found it helped to tape a long stick to the bugler so I could steady it with both hands as a helper turned the wheel. I will post photos of the car soon.
  9. Denmans run a bit wider than the other brands. I have Denmans on a few cars and they are a bit tight to get in and out of the sidemount wells.
  10. Anyone have any model Devaux? The guy next door has a Devaux sedan that was put away in 1950. Pretty cool to have found this car along with two other cars that all had been driven in the same garage and sat since 1951. If anyone has a Devaux and would like to know about his car, I can put you in touch with him.
  11. In the late 60's I needed a transmission for my 59 T-Bird. Went to Al's Auto Wreckers and he offered my a complet 59 T-Bird with the 430 engine.. The car was nice, but had two bullet holes in it from a fast get-away the past owner had made when a husband came home early to find the guy --- visiting his wife... Then in the 80's I was in looking for some 57 Chevy stuff and saw a NICE 62 ImpalaSS.. Red with red interior, no engine or trans, but nice shape! I got the car for 200 bucks, dropped in a 409 and 4-speed I had, buffed out the car and ----- PLAYED!!!
  12. The Cad has an external vacuum pump as backup to intake vacuum. I agree that this car would be best to leave as is after getting it running. I have original cars and street rods. BUT NEVER in NO WAY would I EVER consider a complete grand old Cadillac like this to become a Street Rod project.
  13. NADA Guides printed version and website does have pre-war cars listed. Here is how NADA figures values. Each 1/4 contributors send in information about cars they have sold, appraised or know of an actual sale. Condition is reported as requested by NADA. They also use auction results. What comes in is averaged and I suppose some numbers are played with a bit because we (yes I am a contributor to NADA) are asked if we think some numbers are high or low. I can't sit and read every number of every car listed but I do see some areas that are not in line with current market and I say so in my report
  14. Tell ya what-- Walk into any auto paint store that sells nation brands such as PPG, DuPont, Glasserit, Spies-Hecker, Sherwin Williams... Ask them to price out a complete set of supplies needed to paint a real car... You will need primers, sealers, aper, tape, thinners, base coats of you color, clear coats and then to get it right polishing supplies so you can color-sand and buff. If it is a metalllic, add more money, if reds, more money.... Before you walk out the door with the BASIC materials, you will have far exceded the total cost of one of the quickie paint shops... Now if you start san
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