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  1. Just got a text message from the guy that has looked at the Studebaker. Not much help at all! Says the wheelbase is 120" (wrong) and he counted the grill slats at 44 or 45. Says he cant read the numbers on the door plate. And did not confirm a price or take more pictures. Not Easy getting information!
  2. Me too-- Looked at all my books, showed it to a couple guys... Got nothing so far,. Thanks for turning the picture right side up!
  3. Maybe I need to turn the picture over right side up?
  4. Anyone recognize this one? I tried all my books, must not have a good enough set of Old Car Logo books! Nice big clear letter A
  5. I have asked my contact for more information. He responded today that he will do what he can to get pictures and check the body number as well as wheelbase. Stay Tuned!
  6. I hate it when I cant figure out how to get a photo off my phone messenger service and post it on the web! I had a guy tell me about this 1933 Studebaker he knew about that is in a barn up in northern California. So I asked for information and pictures. He sent me four pictures from his phone to my phone. I downloaded them but cant find where they went! Anyway, I am sure he said they want $6000 for the car, it looks pretty straight and all there. He says it is an 8 cylinder car, but did not give me any more info. So I dont know what wheelbase it is. I have no interest in another project car, so if anyone wants to get info, I will share his phone number. He can text the pictures to you!
  7. Anyone have a recommendations? Need to rebuild the starter in a 1931 Cadillac. Anywhere around the Cleveland - Youngstown Ohio area? Or should we box it up and send it to someone? It will need armature re-wound for sure.
  8. I have someone "on the way" form the east coast to see the 32 Cadillac. He is at 80 grand. I told him to bring money.
  9. This is another one that needs a new caretaker. A very thorough restoration was done several years ago and it was a father to son "gift". The son drove it a few times and ran in a parade or two. It has not been driven much at all since the restoration. Hope that will change with a new owner! Lots of extras, such as grill guard, dual side mounts, luggage trunk and rack, 6 volt alternator conversion is about the only non-31 change. Recent new tires and tubes. Seems like a good starting price is around $15,000
  10. WOW-- I thought that if I cut the price until I bleed, it would be GONE! How about if I open up to "Will Trade" for a vintage midget or sprint car? Maybe something else? I REALLY do not need any more cars at all... So I am not sure why I am even doing this. BUT, I do not fit in the March. My feet are too dang big and I am too tall, my shoulders dont fit under the down-tubes.!
  11. Yes, I know the car owner wants to have it off his plate... I have the car here inside my garage and I sure would like the use of my garage space so I can start working on my 29 Cad 341B. No room to do that until the 32 is sold.
  12. Having just attended the Fallbrook Western National, the thought came to mind that this would be a great car to have if a person was going to travel to AACA events and wanted a comfortable DPC or maybe even HPOF tour car. Very low miles since new. A special order conversion with documentation, and some dealer "goodies" still new in the box to show off. AND the price, well, how about I lower it to "sweeten up the deal" Lets talk about $7500... How is that?
  13. Great meet. Was happy that I could attend. Thanks to all that made the effort to make it a successful event!