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  1. Wow! There are some incredible answers here! I didn't know any of that. I was refering to a car I saw in the Tad Burness book The American Car Spotter's Guide 1920-1939. The Peerless Motor Car Company of Cleveland,Ohio (1900-1932) went to hydraulic brakes in 1925 and strangely reverted back to mechanical brakes for their last two years in business, 1931-32. Why, I don't know.
  2. Many cars went from mechanical brakes to hydraulic brakes by the 1930s. Did any automobile company do the reverse and drop hydraulic brakes in favor of mechanical brakes?
  3. Because they are just little fastening parts, not big parts that sell a lot.
  4. End bolt Part number is 666538. ALSO need the clevis pin 653466 and the clip 673418.
  5. I am trying to attach my brake and clutch springs on my 48 DeSoto. I am missing the End bolt and the clevis pin. Anyone know where to get these parts?
  6. That's showing them Keith! Good job!
  7. I looked up TDH fluid from Sunoco. It is cheaper, but the shipping is $42! The shipping from Zoro is free if you buy 3 or more gallons for the Mobil 1 iso 32, or just $5 for two gallons. Or I can buy it at my local (30 mile drive) Grainger store. Do you know what the capacity of a fluid drive coupling is? Is it closer to one, two, or three gallons?
  8. Nothing to my knowledge because it was available then. Now, most of the reading I have done about current research says to use this: https://www.zoro.com/mobil-1-gal-hydraulic-oil-can-32-iso-viscosity-10-sae-101014/i/G3321692/ Correction! This is the wrong product to buy for your FD unit! I was informed that this is the correct product. The product above will work, but the performance of your car will be more sluggish. Buy this product instead: https://www.zoro.com/mobil-5-gal-circulating-oil-pail-32-iso-viscosity-10-sae-104743/i/G0808272/?q=mobil light circul
  9. I have a lot of these manuals and none of them say that the fluid drive takes the same oil as the transmission. The semi automatic transmission says fill with 10w oil only, and the Fluid Drive unit takes MoPar Fluid Drive Fluid. Why would Mopar make a different fluid for the FD if it took the same oil as the transmission?
  10. Is that just your opinion or can you cite a credible source for that statement?
  11. Isn't the 10 W oil for the transmission and not the FD? I just talked to O'Reilly's Auto Parts and they said they sold a house brand Hydraulic Fluid that is ISO AW 32. I wonder if that's the same as Mobil's ISO VG 32? I wonder what the capacity of a FD unit is. Would one gallon fill it? I read some research on Fluid Drive units and it said the fluid should be changed about every 7 years. So I should replace mine. I read that the closest thing to the original fluid is Mobil's DTE Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32. It's available online in one gallon containers for about $34. Also O'Re
  12. I have been advised on another site that the burnt fluid smell is due to overheating. He said that overheated ATF smells like burnt rubber. I wonder how the fluid in a Fluid Drive gets overheated? He recommended that I change the fluid in the fluid drive unit. Does anyone know what is the recommended fluid these days for Fluid Drive fluid, since the Mopar fluid for this is long gone? I heard many people say they put 10W oil in the fluid drive, but sometimes I think they are calling their semi-auto transmission the fluid drive, which does take 10W oil. Concerning the 1000 miles check on f
  13. I've owned my 48 DeSoto bus. coupe since 1980. It has not been driven since then. I read in the owner's manual that the fluid drive fluid level should be checked every 1000 miles. Wow! That seems like overkill. Maybe they meant every 10K? So, since I've never checked my fluid level in the fluid drive, I decided to check it today. I turned the crankshaft over until the fill hole appeared in the hole in the bell housing. I put the 3/4" socket on the plug and opened it up. As I pulled the plug away from the fluid drive, fluid started flowing out of it very quickly. It kind of felt like
  14. I really looking for a coupe or convertible six cylinder. thanks.
  15. Looking for stock 1942 Dodge or DeSoto coupe or convertible. Marc. marcapra@msn.com
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