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  1. My brother bought a brand new Tacoma V-6 with the towing package in 2017. He sold his old 2002 Tacoma for about 8K. He has a bad back and was unsure at first if I wanted the Tacoma. He test drove a Nissan Frontier which had a more comfortable seat. But he liked that towing package on the Tacoma, since he had just bought a new travel trailer. After about one week, he said he was going to take the Tacoma back and sell it back to the dealer. His back was really hurting. I went out to check out the seats and he was right. The Tacoma seat would be perfect for someone under about 170 lbs and
  2. John, so water destroys car covers? Glad your home and cars were saved! Pardon my ignorance, but for the people who lost their homes, does their home insurance cover them for replacing their homes with new ones and maybe pay a certain amount for rent until their new homes are ready? I know people have fire insurance on their homes, but I don't know whether this would be considered an act of God and therefore not covered, or what?
  3. Unfortunately, my dad never put me on a car to take my picture.
  4. I know this is a complex case, but I have a rule I always use for a transaction. I never pay with cash, unless I have the item in hand and I know I want it for the given price. And two, I never pay for something period, until the seller produces it in front of me with all necessary paperwork.
  5. I have a question about the body. Didn't Chrysler advertise that their cars were all steel bodies. Yet your body has wooden ribs. Can you explain that?
  6. One reason I asked the question is the caption under the photo said DB32, and it didn't quite look like a 32 engine to me because of the vacuum fuel pump. Is the generator off of this engine right now? I thought all Chrysler blocks were silver color. when did they use avocado green?
  7. I'd like to know the year and the make of this car. It was in a thread somewhere on the net where the poster was asking about correct Chrysler engine colors. This one is a particularly beautiful example of a six cylinder flat head with the correct Avocado engine block and a Red Head high performance head. Kind of reminds me of the Christmas!
  8. John, I remember your 55 Dodge. Did you sell it to Tony? Marc.
  9. Wow, that's is amazing. So when you were 16 you owned more old cars that I ever thought I could in a lifetime! In the summer of 1968, I was just out high school and looking for my first car. I remember I knew almost nothing about how a car works as I hadn't taken any auto shop classes then. I remember about 4 our of 5 cars that I looked at were early 50s Chevrolets, which were still pretty common in San Diego. I remember my mom drove me out the Point Loma to look at a 53 Caddy coupe. I remember going to El Cajon to look at a 57 Chrysler. Then when my dad was driving me around with my th
  10. Here is the original harness to my 48 DeSoto bus. coupe and the Egge reproduction harness made in 1984.
  11. And 1932 is a good year for Chryslers!
  12. Does the car actually have Sinatra badging on it, or was it a Sinatra edition in advertising only?
  13. Does that mean a guy named Chuck bought the car, or is Chuck the current owner and he's moving to Florida?
  14. I remember seeing 40s DeSoto ads that said "7 out of 10 DeSotos" are still on the road. DeSoto was first made in 1928. Also when I look at my 4 and 5 year old self on my street in about 1955 in San Diego, there are cars as old as the late 30s parked on our street.
  15. I did a poll here once to ask which years did cars look the most different from each other. I thought it would be the 1940-1950 era. but everyone else said the 30s. But you have to admit, who could confuse this 50 Buick with any other make of car? Man, that car is the ICONIC Buick!
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