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  1. Wow, that 's a lot of replies. I'm 69 and own a 1948 Desoto 3 window coupe. I like my car because so few others own a car like mine. I guess I like to be unique. I also like your 39 Buick convertible sedan. But back to your original question, "Have younger people lost interest in pre-war cars?" Younger people never had an interest in pre-war cars as they almost never see them. I don't know what the price is for your Buick, but if it's let's say 50K, I think younger people would rather put that money to the purchase of a home rather than buy any old car, rare as it is. I'm in the antique Edison phonograph hobby, and there's also been a loss of interest in pre-war, meaning pre-WWI, phonographs! Now why would that be? Marc.
  2. Great progress on a worthy restoration. I'm wondering if you had been vaccinated for shingles when you got them?
  3. I need four C-clamps to hold my drive shaft and u-joints to the car. They are curved pieces of metal with holes on each side for the bolts. see pic Marc,
  4. I had a similar inquiry when I was selling a pick up truck. I got a reply from someone who said he couldn't come and see the truck in person because he was in the navy in Hawaii, but a friend would come to tow it away to Pennsylvania! after his payment went through. I knew it was a scam for sure!
  5. I think by "coupe" he simply means the usual Town and Country convertible coupe.
  6. Tripwire, Thanks for this pic. That's the best way I've seen so far. Hold my 3000 lb. car up with 2 by 4's and smoke cigarettes while I work on gas lines. Looks safe with at least two 2 by 4's on each side. That's redundancy for you! Marc.
  7. John, I like your answer and your 31 Dodge looks great! Your long, long friend from San Diego days, Marc. Hey Roger, your scissor jack or lift looks great? Is it powered by hydraulics?
  8. I'm replacing my brake lines and fuel lines and other things that require working under the car. Can I jack my car up some way so that it is high enough to sit under? I know this could be dangerous, but maybe there is a safe way to do it? Thanks, Marc.
  9. I think you're right on, Grimy! Thanks, Marc. I also saw that in California there is such a thing as a one day permit to move an unregistered car, which might include towing.
  10. Well, it looks like we have some opposing views here. I got out my Non-operated Vehicle Notice, and it says "Before operating, parking, or towing this vehicle on the streets or highways ... renew the registration." But if the definition of tow is one or more axles' wheels are contacting the road, I think I'm OK if the car is up on a U-Haul Auto Transport. After all, I've seen flatbed trucks carrying crushed cars, and I doubt they are currently registered! Marc.
  11. I live in California and was wondering if it's legal to transport a non-running car on a car transport where the wheels are not touching the street if it is not currently registered? or do I need to get a one day permit to transport it? Thanks, Marc.
  12. I need some U-joint kits for my 48 DeSoto. They are the cross and roller type u-joint. Or could even use u-joints from a parts car. thanks, Marc.
  13. Well, he's a chump. At least I can retire when I'm 90 on a comfortable income. Where's that shotgun!
  14. I don't know anyone named Carl LaFong, and if I did know him, I wouldn't admit it!