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  1. What is Full Custom? I probably agree with you about the music. Last month, I went to see the musical The Book of Mormon. I was told it was good and very funny. I paid $82 for the ticket. They amplify the music to ear splitting levels and I was stuck in my seat in the middle of a long row at the opera house. I didn't have any Kleenex on me so I couldn't stuff my ears. I ripped up my ticket and tried to stuff that in my ears, but it didn't work. My brother tells me that rock concerts are much louder than this. I guess that's why I've never been to a rock concert! I wasn't able to escape until intermission. Watching this thing was pure torture. i had to plug my ears with my fingers the whole act. But every other person in my group was actually enjoying this disgusting thing. No accounting for taste, I guess. I'm used to going to the opera where the music is not amplified.
  2. I wonder if she is related to the famous Sam Addleman of 1950s fame as the guy who had every part to every antique car as related by Matt Joseph of "On Restoration" fame from Skinned Knuckles.
  3. I had a nice Mopar someone gave me for free in 1988. It was a nice 1973 Dodge Dart 4 door sedan in Smurf blue with a slant six. I loved that car because of the comfort, and it was easy to work on. I remember working on a friend's Mercury Cougar once and noticed how much better designed, and easier to work on was a Dodge compared to the Mercury! It was the first year of Chrysler's new electronic ignition and it had front wheel disc brakes, which were by far the best, easiest brakes I'd ever had. I also loved those cool front fender mounted turn signal indicators. Apparently, crooks who are fond of five finger discounts also thought they were cool. One morning I went out to my car to find the battery lying on the side of the driveway, and the entire engine wiring harness including those indicator lights gone! So I had someone drive me to the junkyard and found a Plymouth Valiant six and unplugged the wiring harness from the cowl. Cost me about $6. But all of those cool turn signal indicators were already gone from those junk Dodge and Plymouth cars. It took me about five minutes to rewire the engine harness when I got home. yes, those old Dodges were easy to work on!
  4. Hey, you got some ups and extras for no extra charge! Great! I know Earl's kept going up over the years due to inflation, but if I remember from my youngest days listening to the radio, early 60s, an Earl Sheib commercial with Early saying "I'll paint any car, any color for $29.95!
  5. It looks great, but why would you choose to paint with a brush. Would not it be easier to paint it with a gun, or even a cheap Turbo HVLP system cost $95.
  6. Yes, I think it has had one expensive restoration worthy of driving to Amelia Island! Even the upholstery job looks expensive! Yes it probably has oversize thicker tires than original. Is anything on this car not original from what you can see in the pics?
  7. I was looking at some pics today and saw this beautiful sedan. I know they didn't go by years back then, but by model names such a K or CK for DeSotos. Can someone identify the model Dodge this is and would it be called a 1932? Also are the dash gauges the original type. I really like the way the seats are upholstered. Is this the original style? Thanks, Marc.
  8. If I remember correctly, in the movie Up in Smoke (1979), Cheech gets kicked out of his house and goes out to his VW bug where there is a Rolls Royce parked next to it. So Cheech, rips off the Spirit of Ecstasy and mounts in on his VW! Or maybe it's the grille he rips off and mounts on him VW. Anyway, you are right, the car won't run right without the hood ornament. My earliest memory of a hood ornament was in about 1952 when I looked at my mom's 1950 Pontiac with the amber Indian head on the hood. I kind of have a hobby of collecting hood ornaments. Since I'm a MoPar guy, I have two or three flying goddess ornaments for my 48 DeSoto, two chrome and a plastic lady. I also have a 46-48 Plymouth Mayflower, a 46 Dodge ram, and I'm looking for a Chrysler winged ornament and a 1952 DeSoto bust.
  9. Smog certificate in California? I've never had to get a smog certificate for my 48 DeSoto. I think cars older than a certain year are exempted. I forgot what that year is. Maybe 1970?
  10. Are we still talking about the 40 Ford? I'm probably being very picky, but is that oil bath air cleaner original? Seems like all other Ford V-8s have a much smaller one.
  11. I think in Muslim countries they would cut his hand, or is it hands, off. But this is America, and I don't think I want America to go the barbarian route. I'm glad your 31 Dodge tires were protected. That's why we have garages I guess. It could have been worse. He could have had a sledge hammer and smashed car bodies and windows. But again, glad he didn't put a dent in your 31 Dodge restoration plans! Marc.
  12. I agree that's a great photo of an old car, whatever the make. The chauffeur looks so dignified too! I wonder what the year of the photo is? After checking my 70 Years of Chrysler book, I can with some certainty say that the car is not a Maxwell. It is also not a Brush, Columbia, Pope-Toledo, or Chalmers.
  13. If you have never seen the 1953 British comedy Genevieve, you should definitely give it a watch! Very funny and vividly shot in full color in England. The name Genevieve, by the way, is the name of the car, a 1905 Darracq, not a girl. Here are some clips to spark your interest:
  14. Vermontboy, I really like these, I assume, vintage photos you are sending us. Love that Pierce Arrow sedan! I guess $300 was pretty steep in those days?
  15. Do you still have that Graham? I saw an old car, I think it was a 40 Ford, where the owner had put Humphrey Bogart's face taped up against the window looking out!