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  1. 1957Birdman

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    In many dealerships the friendly service writer you deal with works on commission. Enough said... Use an independent garage, that is what I do. Regards, Lew Bachman 1957 Thunderbird
  2. 1957Birdman

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    In the IT business they call these shower moments. Many a problem has been solved in the shower after hours of frustration. It is encouraging to see a difficult problem like this one solved. It gives us all hope in our restorations. Matt, I'm glad this hurdle has been cleared. Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird
  3. 1957Birdman

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Hi Matt, This whole situation really stinks and unfortunately is a cautionary tale for all of us. I am really sorry you have had so much trouble with what should be a great car. I think that Edsel Ford had a great eye for style and your car is just one of many examples of that. One thought I had is have you tried contacting an outfit like White Post Restorations or Wayne Carini for a second opinion? There has to be someone out in the restoration world that has dealt with something like this and could at least confirm the choices you have to get the engine out of the car and effect a repair. Best of luck, Lew Bachman
  4. 1957Birdman

    Movie The Birds

    It is a pre-James Bond Aston Martin.
  5. 1957Birdman

    Is the club magazine "Antique Automobile" available on line?

    Steve, thanks for the clarification. Lew
  6. 1957Birdman

    Is the club magazine "Antique Automobile" available on line?

    The reason I asked is because the current issue of Antique Automobile is supposed to be available in the members only area of the website. As of yesterday the one that is available is the July/August 2018 issue. When will be the September/October 2018 issue be made available to members? Lew Bachman
  7. 1957Birdman

    Is the club magazine "Antique Automobile" available on line?

    Was a September/October 2018 issue of Antique Automobile published? I don't seem to have received mine if it was published. Lew Bachman 1957 Thunderbird Colonial White
  8. Yes it is. Of course it is a custom job that is very well done. It has modern Ford V8 power under the hood. I looked through all my pictures and I didn't take one of that car other then the one you spotted. The picture was taken at the CTCI Convention in Knoxville, TN this summer. If I get any more information on that car I will pass it along.
  9. I think the 1955 Ford Thunderbird which looks like a chopped, channeled, and sectioned 1955 Ford, which was a handsome car in itself. Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  10. 1957Birdman

    What wheel covers came with '65 T Bird?

    I think Ebay is you best bet for wheel covers or someone in the local T-Bird might have some for sale. The covers do not seem to be reproduced at this time. Regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  11. 1957Birdman

    What wheel covers came with '65 T Bird?

    Hi Jim, What you described in the second paragraph is correct. Those wheel covers have Thunderbird stamped on them in three places around the circumference of the wheel cover. The wheel covers that your car has are not original to the car. Regards, Lew Bachman 1957 Colonial White
  12. 1957Birdman

    bracket for DPC badge

    I didn't have the problem that you have, but I ended up cutting a piece of sheet aluminum to size and attaching the DPC tag to that. You should be able to do the same thing with a provision for attaching it to your license plate frame. Regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  13. 1957Birdman

    20 years ago - It is now for sale..

    Not the original engine. They came with a straight six originally. Kaiser made provisions for a V8 but none were ever delivered from the factory. Lew Bachman
  14. 1957Birdman

    Is there a following of the newer Thunderbirds?

    Yes, there is definitely a following for them among members of CTCI and the Vintage Thunderbird Club. Even though CTCI does not include them in the cars covered by the club there are many members who own one. I think they are pretty decent cars that were overpriced when new and therefore not as popular as they might have been. Part of what drove the price up was using the Lincoln LS platform with IRS. They had to price it higher than a solid rear axle car. I drove one when they were new and I didn't fit into it too well being 6' 2", so be sure to drive it before you buy. It is hard to believe that the newest one is 13 years old. Lew Bachman 1957 Thunderbird Colonial White
  15. 1957Birdman

    Fender skirt identity

    Just be aware that these fender skirts were for the 1955-56 T-Birds only. The 1957 T-Bird's fender skirts locking levers are different to accommodate the change from 15 inch wheels to 14 inch wheels in 1957. Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White