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  1. Hi Anthony, Let me suggest that you look at this website: https://www.ctci.org/4-southeast/ , which is the Classic Thunderbird Club International. There are a number of chapters of the club in Florida that you can contact to see if someone is willing to satisfy your desire. Good luck! Lew Bachman 1957 Thunderbird Colonial White
  2. The interior appears to be cloth and vinyl (or leather if Cadillac delivered cars that way) and looks to be in good condition. The cloth is black.
  3. Not mine. 1955 Ford Thunderbird—Thunderbird Blue with white vinyl convertible top (aftermarket). Car restored to original condition showing 58K miles. Options include Power Steering, Power Windows, and Automatic Transmission. Retains original 6 volt electrical system. Original tachometer has been replaced with a more modern unit. Asking price is $27,500. If interested contact Danielle at 484-256-0149. Car is located in Pennsylvania. at 484-256-0149. Car is located in
  4. Not mine. It looks like a "curbstone" special. No details other than a phone number (301-802-4532). Car is located in the Aspen Hill, MD area (north of Washington, DC). It does have a Maryland year of manufacture license plate so it looks like it is owned by a car enthusiast. Overall condition of the exterior and interior looks good. The front bumper does have a dent but other than that the bright work looks pretty good. I didn't look underneath so I can't say how that looks. Why someone puts a car like this out with a for sale sign and almost zero information about it is beyond me.
  5. Hi Midwest, Since you are new to T-Birds I will offer this advice. You should drive your car a reasonable amount before your trip. It wouldn't be the first time that a fully "restored" car has issues that weren't obvious when the car changed hands. The more you drive it the more confidence you will have that it has been sorted out properly. Besides what vintage1 said I would carry an extra rotor for the distributor. Also carry several clean towels in case you run into rain. All T-Birds leak in rain to some extent. They even did when new. Until you are in rain you won't know how leaky your car is. Make sure all the safety systems are working properly including horn, wipers, lights, brake lights, etc. I put 1,100 miles on my car in 4 days driving to and from the last CTCI National Convention in Knoxville, TN in 2018. I didn't have any problems. I have owned my car for 24 years and put a little for a 1,000 miles a year on it. Have a good trip, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  6. According to "The Complete Ford Book" (copyright 1970 by Peterson Publishing) the 351 engines in 1969 were all Windsor's as already stated. In 1970 the original plan was to have all 2 barrel engines to be Windsors and all 4 barrel engines to be Clevelands. Ford found that they could not fill all the 2 barrel requirements with Windsor engines so about 15% of cars delivered had Cleveland engines. There was no way to specify what you were getting and the only way to know was to check under the hood of your car. Of course all of this does not affect this Mach 1, which is a great car! Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  7. Matt, Great news and I will watching to see your progress. You are doing things the right way and your hard work will be rewarded! Edsel Ford would be proud. Best regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  8. The seats look pretty good. The rest of the car...eye pollution!
  9. Hi Doug, I think the best bet is to put it on Ebay with a starting price of $4,500 and see what happens. It appears to have the correct Y-Block engine. The floor shift is not correct for that car. It would take some work to bring it back to stock, including new upholstery. Of course this depends on how the car looks underneath. Regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  10. Hi Armand, Check the second response in this thread. It lists the circuit breakers that are required for your application. Regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  11. Another option might be 3D printing. Of course there would be CAD/CAM costs and then to find a printer big enough to handle the printing and selecting the right materials to use and the right colors. It might have to be printed in 3 sections and glued together. Anyway it might be worth looking into. Regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  12. Ralph Stein also wrote a column of vintage cars for Motor Trend. I remember particularly good article he wrote about buying a Rolls Royce located in Great Britain and having it delivered to the USA. His articles would have been in the magazines from the late 1960s. Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird
  13. Hi Tom, There is no video that I am aware of. The way to remove the radio is to pull the volume and station selection control knobs off. Next remove the wires from the back of the radio, including the wire for the antenna. Next is to remove the two nuts that screw on the front. There may also be a bracket on the back side of the radio under the dash. If so that needs to be removed. I forget if there is since I haven't removed the radio in 15 years. Most of the hard work is being on back looking up under the dash. This you can do from the passenger side, so there is a little more space. It is not particularly difficult, just cramped. Best regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White
  14. The other part of geography concerns the location of the show field. When it was changed to the old golf course it meant that people like me that only come on Saturday had a lot more walking to do to go to the various sales fields. Now I typically only go around and see the cars in the corral and that is about it. This is not a complaint about the current show field. Just pointing out decisions have consequences. Regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White, DPC
  15. 1957Birdman


    Hi Ty, A little more information would be helpful. Is the car original or restored? Are the hoses original? Has anything been rebuilt (power steering pump, control valve, etc.)? My thought is that the control valve needs to be rebuilt. Of course, if the suspension is tired as TerryB notes above that can also be a factor. Best regards, Lew Bachman 1957 T-Bird Colonial White