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  1. Does anyone recognize these bumperettes/bumper guards?
  2. Does anyone know what these are from?
  3. Neil, there wasn't even a guard covering the blades. Lol, different times.
  4. I had my gauge cluster completely restored and put a new sending unit in from Bob's, unfortunately the car isn't finished. It will be a surprise. Who did your gauges?
  5. Matt, I have a letter from GM of Canada outlining the production numbers of the 37 McLaughlin Buicks. There is some interesting stuff in it. Apparently no slope/slant backs, 2 door or 4 door, were made/branded as McLaughlins. I don't think there were any closed top 60 series coupes, only convertable rumble seats in the 60 series. Yet I believe there were both types of coupes in the 40 series. And yes, there were right hand cars made for export. Some model production numbers are very low. Get a hold of me somehow if you want a copy.
  6. That 38 has a 37 front bumper and bumperettes on it. What's with the windsheild wipers mounted above the windsheild? What would be exposed on the inside to make them functional? Is there any way of knowing it's a sixty series by the picture? How many 40 series coupes came with side mounts. Lots of potential, lots of money needed. But I don't think they're making them anymore! Lol.
  7. I should take better pictures, some are poor. The bottom that is beat up the most might matter the least. Not that I am not fussy, its just probably not easily seen because of it's position..... but if it isn't "good", I'll know..... and that probably matters more to me.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement you guys. If something is "stretched", what's the remedy?
  9. Where are people getting their stainless trim straightened or repaired? Polishing isn't what I'm looking for.
  10. I seriously wonder why I resurrected my in depth restoration project when people can buy cars for a fraction of what this restoration is going to cost me. The thing about 80 plus year old cars is.... no matter what shape the original "well kept" car is in.....everything on it is still 80 plus years old. Some things don't matter as much as others but some stuff just doesn't age well. Labour of love.... can be a love-hate relationship with the project. Alot of stuff goes through a cycle of want. Bought new people wanted it Then after years a
  11. Mixed reviews here but continue to shop there. There is an "attitude" at times though. Some stuff I didn't like I just sucked it up without contacting them because previous reactions. I never come out swinging and always try to be respectful and diplomatic. Being confrontational and belligerent only gets people's defenses up. Overall I've been treated good enough to continue shopping there. In one circumstance they went above and beyond when the problem issue wasn't even of their making. Maybe reactions depend on if you're the first problem of the day or the tenth. Unf
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