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  1. Really not presentable "as is" on a car that is having a fairly intense restoration done to it. Backside was glass bead blasted.
  2. I wouldn't turn any of them down if someone was to give me one. Lol. My bias would fade when it's free. Coupe is a coupe is a coupe. Although mine is only a 40 series(Special 284 engine), I still like it. The 60 series Century with the 320 would be nice though and more rare. Not too many 37 McLaughlin Buick coupes around anyway. Had this thing since 1986, time to finish it and am as we speak. I wanted something "different" when I was looking. A LaSalle would have been a nice find too.
  3. My originals are hard to tell what color the louvers are but I have a poor set off a parts car where you can tell they seemed to be silver. The whole assembly except for the stainless strips of course. Started glass bead blasting the ones off my car today. Done the backside only. Afraid to do the fronts with anything except maybe soda blasting so the stainless doesnt get hammered beyond polishing. Blasting is getting into all nooks and crannies, I'm wondering if it's possible to powder coat them with the stainless masked off for paint application but the masking removed for the baking process. I don't want rust bleeding/staining where regular paint spraying may not reach. Any thoughts? Tedious
  4. It does look good. The red definitely pops but not sure what I'm doing on mine yet.
  5. This picture is courtesy of some one who sent it to me. How "white" are the vertical vanes supposed to be? I doubt there is enough paint somewhere on mine to polish/buff to its original color to get a true sense of it. Is the horizontal structural pieces that have stainless steel strips on them supposed to be the same color as the body of the car? We intend to dismantle the louvers so we can get a real good prep and paint job so no rust bleeds through in places that are hard to prep and spray properly. It just seems a "bright white" might be a little too much contrast on Buick's usual dark body colors. Any thoughts?
  6. I actually ordered a couple of switches from Powder River Ordnance, the business that this Google image was posted by. They are NOS in original cardboard container with tin end caps, that itself is kinda cool. I found the guy is polite and easy to deal with. If anyone needs a switch look him up. Reasonable price. Thanks Bloo for posting the picture and everyone else who also replied with info.
  7. Is there a poor looking 37-38 coupe in any make. Some are better than others but I might have a slight bias.
  8. Ya Gary, I saw that too. Reproductions or NOS are cheaper and Dave Tacheny probably would be too. Foreign exchange, shipping, brokerage, duties and taxes really add to the cost of importing parts to Canada.
  9. I found another switch, actually from the place that Bloo posted that googled picture from. Supposedly fits some military style vehicles too. POWDER RIVER ORDNANCE from Paso Pobles California. Thanks again for the help guys.
  10. Who has some good 37-40 McLaughlin Buick hubcaps laying around collecting dust. Or hanging on their shop wall as wall art. The same cap was used on McLauglins from 37-40. Surely there has to be some good ones out there some where. They're different from American 37 hubcaps. Thanks
  11. Black & Blue 38, is that about 4 feet wide? Would you be able to measure the widest points across it's width and length. Your user name got me thinking. The paint color on my 37 is do dark blue that it looks black in certain light and at certain angles. I described it as a rich dark navy blue.
  12. You make a good point but with all due respect no one is physically coming looking for me. I pride myself in my honesty, but I am dealing with the crooks on the same level they are trying to deal with me. No personal information is given and absolutely no banking information is relayed. In fact I can lie to them as good as they are to me.....and do. They want quick cash and they're gone. I feel once they've been "busted", they're gone. Maybe I'm too trusting and naive?!?!?! We live in a different time, cyber crime. We can leave a huge digital footprint if we aren't careful. Identy theft would probably be a bigger risk than some internet Con physically coming looking for me. So be careful online. If that's what you meant.
  13. I am from Canada and could have been a victim to a scam of some one selling car parts. Something seemed odd....poor written language and a strange story. So I continued on with the guy knowing full well this was a scam. It went on for several days and emails. Up to the point were he showed me a picture of the car(a stock internet photo) he was wrecking for parts. I told him that car was too good to wreck and I would buy the whole thing. Of course I ended it with a vulgar email. But the more time of their's I wasted was less time they had to scam someone else. I had fun doing it too. When I called our Federal Law Enforcement agency and offered to use me to set up a sting they basically said "no". Take one out and another scumbag will replace them. So even trying to get the law involved was futile. They even provided their banking and transit numbers and I traced it to New Jersey. Thing is the Scammer insisted I notify them as soon as the money was transferred....probably so they could transfer it out of country or withdraw it so it couldn't be seized. Have some fun with these Cons and when your done let them have a piece of your mind and not Sunday church language either.
  14. Too bad those bad apples ruin for the legitimate sellers and trust is lost by buyers. I guess a man's word is worthless and his hand shake meaningless. Societal rot. Thank goodness there are still good people out there that give a glimmer of hope decent humanity isn't completely lost. Maybe "good" will prevail and win the day yet. Put your trust in God but in the meantime tie your camel. Let Karma exact revenge, it might be harsher than what you would administer. Apologies for preaching.
  15. Since I picked the brown color for the front I will see if I can find some brown ribbed for the back. Doubt I will but I will make an effort. Thanks for the picture.