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  1. 36 Olds bumper guards for sale. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/354272-36-olds-bumperettes-bumper-guards-for-sale/?do=findComment&comment=2138650
  2. Comment on Rocketraider's post.... It may not even matter if it comes out of a 2 or 4 door. Try Dave Tacheny out of Champlin Minnesota, he parts out Buick's and would probably have one.
  3. I have a set(2) of rechromed but the plating company ground the detail out of them. Sad story. I think I listed them for sale in the Olds forums somewhere.
  4. Maybe someone would trade you a front fender for it! Sarcasm intented,
  5. Did you see this? Well I put the link in the wrong thread... Lol, I'm schtoopit.
  6. Everett Potter at BuickND.com might know where one is, There's a guy in Prince Albert, Sask., Canada too, who might know where to get one or have one. Belongs to the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada. Place an ad in the 36-38 Buick Club.
  7. Dave Tacheny in Minnesota. Good guy. He shipped me two NOS rear fenders for a 37 40 series. Shipped them to a town just across the border and I picked them up but that was before the borders closed.
  8. Yes, that pin is either sticking out or waaaaay too long. What are the chances that the floor plate is not for the car? But that still wouldn't account for the steering column not being centered between the pedals.
  9. Do the pedals and linkage to the clutch and master cylinder all line up properly? What's stopping those pedals from drifting back and forth on the pedal pivot pin/shaft? Looks like something might be missing. If I can get under mine I will take a picture and post it. The unfinished car is currently being stored in an enclosed car trailer... space is limited to get a good look. From Gary's picture I can see the master cylinder mounting bracket limits side movement of the pedals on the pin. The pin must be partially pulled out.
  10. E-116-YH. That will be an intense restoration. Given how rare it is it's probably worth going the extra mile. The Dodge Brothers insignia on the bolt heads is really cool. Some hardware is beyond use so having a collection of used stuff would help. I will have to be satisfied with a mix of old and new. The guy who put the dash in my car used Philips headed screws because he "hated slotted head screws", even though I supplied the originals. I still have them. There is no way I will have a high point car. Started out with a non-matching number(engine) car. All I want is a darn good original. I have the type of car that would have made a nice chopped street rod but mine is one of the few McLaughlin Buicks left out of 311(Canadian opera coupe). I have the things that set it apart from it's American sibling.... horn button, grill badge, hubcaps, and firewall plate. So few things that make it different. I wish it was done, beautiful car, in my humble opinion.
  11. A picture is worth a thousand words... Thanks again.
  12. Thanks you guys. I looked on "Chev's of the 40's" and "The Filling Station" websites. Talked to some one at each place but it seems no one wants to go out on a limb and say they cross for sure. The parts books numbers are handy but deciphering the terminology might be tough. I have to study it better when I have a bit more time.
  13. The pieces I'm inquiring about are the door dovetail(wedge plate) Door jamb wedge spring set. Door striker plate. And miscellaneous hardware. Weren't both makes Fisher body cars? These aren't "trim items" but more of a mechanical item so I suspect they might be the same. Can anyone verify if these items interchange on the 37's?
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