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  1. I haven't been here very long in the grand scheme of things but it is heartwarming to know and see that people notice when a longtime "member of the family" goes missing. I was a long time member of an agricultural based forum that became absolutely toxic with topics concerning everyday stuff: political, Covid, climate change.....everything but what the forum's purpose and intentions were. I had to take a leave of abscence..... it was too negative and confrontational and was sucking the life out of me.
  2. Wonder what ever happened to that car. "Only a Special". Well coupes were only built in Specials and Century's in 37 & 38. I "only" have a 37 McLaughlin Buick 40 series coupe, lots of more desirable models and series but I still think I have "special" car. One of 311 built/branded McLaughlin. My "status" isn't that great so my car suits me. If that lowly 40 series coupe got customized or restomodded I would want those hub caps because in Canada the same hubcap was used for several years and was different from their American cousins. Restoring cars is a labor of love an
  3. Seriously? People need to be told that? I seriously hope that's a photo shop job. Society needs to get out of the way and let Darwin's "Survival of the fittest"(natural selection) cull the herd. We must be in an era where common sense isn't very common anymore.
  4. Found these 38's in this part of the 1937 Buick coupe. That area was blown out with compressed air but I guess they were too heavy to get lifted out of there. It was on the rotisserie having the floor boards done and a guy at the shop saw them peaking out of the rust holes. If only cars could talk....there would be lots of interesting stories told. There were no bullet holes in the car...lol. I tried doing some car genealogy but had no luck tracing ownership of the car further back than the guy I bought it from. He remembers the farm was down a certain road(close to where he liv
  5. I chickened out and sent these away to Southern California to be straightened and polished, let's just say I didn't want to make them worse! One had two holes that needed to be repaired. I'm from Canada and I don't find the cost of some work done in the U.S. being stupid expensive. What kills us is the foreign exchange, custom, duties, taxes and shipping. I shipped two! The box was huge but weighed less than 10 lbs, shipping two never made the box any bigger.... so why not have two 37 Buick nose pieces fixed for about double the price but only pay shipping for one.
  6. I got a left and right NOS pair for my 37 from Dave Tachney, thought I was pretty lucky considering the condition mine were in. Mine were workable but these were just that much easier....alot easier. I think there's parts hidden out there that the people who have them don't even know what they fit. Just have to find them. And then there's stuff that is more rare than elephant wing feathers. And stuff that just can't be had.
  7. Good to know, I wonder if Steele Rubber lists them as separate part numbers.
  8. I'm glad you decided to fix it Pete. Better than parting it out.
  9. The ones on my 37 40 series never had the flange either. Mine are away getting rechromed right now so I can't offer any pics. Bob's Automobilia lists the same wiper tower pad for 37 & 38, 40 & 60 series. They may very well be the same shape at the base but the whole body may not be the same shape?
  10. I thought you guys might find this interesting. What I find amazing is how many variations there were in those days. Material and labor and manufacturing must have been cheap!
  11. Lol, I edited that idea out of my previous post. Now I don't feel so bad, that makes two of us who thought that.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1937-1938-Buick-DOOR-HANDLE-w-KEY-vtg-1930s-GM-exterior-lock-/274702936705 twsalvage out of Fergus Falls Minnesota.
  13. Wouldn't a good soaking in a rust busting product work? And that would be safe for the chrome finish, if it's good enough to use as is and not in need of rechroming. And something safe for pot metal, ....not that the solution continues to eat away at the unoxidized pot metal. If there is a key that fits put it in and start wiggling, be patient. Small steps. Or like suggested, contact Dave. Try Ann's Buick Parts in Florida. EBay. Bob's Automobilia has non locking door handles for 37. They have a listing for a locking handle for high series 1938-40 and low
  14. Well I think I'm done. I had the threads extended on my handle, probably too much but we can remove what we don't need. The shank was loose(some rotation) in the handle so my "go to" machine shop suggested drilling into both pieces and using a cold roll pin to prevent it from rotating, they did two sides. So with some shimming where indicated in the picture to prevent the handle from contacting the exterior of the trunk lid and the extra thread to make up for it I should be ok. I would have really liked to try a long shank handle pictured in one of 1937-4
  15. If it was made into and used as an ashtray what was its purpose in it's first life? Logo on the botton, too deep, no rim depressions to rest the cigarettes/cigars on...
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