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  1. Last night the Boys reattached the Rover’s rear trim with orange plastic baler “twine” ... Pleease ...
  2. Bump Thanks, We still need the Chevy Radiator Shell.......Please forward to your 4 cyl Chevy friends....
  3. Wow! I had no idea the scammers were as bad as they have become....It's been a while since I have advertised to want something. Five or six responses and not a real one in the bunch......Help!
  4. Still searching for both.....tell your 4 Cyl Chevy friends, Please......Jim
  5. Wanted- Aluminum Radiator shell for 1925 or 1926 Chevrolet. Condition not that important. Also, complete gas engine cart or matching set of four wheels. Rear wheels to be about 36" in diameter, 10 spokes, Front wheels proportionally smaller, 8 spokes. Jim Mead Owego, NY 607-725-6833 jgmead@stny.rr.com
  6. Restoration Supply sells blocks of the new black wonder stuff, said to be better than cork...
  7. Depends. The Mystic Seaport Museum was happy to learn that about 15% of the "Charles W. Morgan", built in 1841 is original including the keel. Portions at least 100 years old add over another 50%. I wasn't able to find the number of miles, nautical or otherwise, she sailed in over 8 decades covering 37 voyages here: http://www.mysticseaport.org/visit/explore/morgan/history/charles-w-morgan-ports-of-call-1841-1921/ I'll ask our Daughter, who was the Program Manager for the 38th Voyage last summer.....
  8. Well, It's in a car, what's the rest of that look like?
  9. If you could find a young artist who could do the faux painting, it could be the perfect tongue in cheek alternative.... Nothing really lost...
  10. I had started a thread about folding top supports. In General Discussion. It had 4or5 replies. It seems to have vanished....
  11. Someone might be interested in the condition of the car. I remember this car as being in the collection of my earliest mentor, Mr. Myron Miller of Candor, NY. I must have been 14 or 15 years old at the time, 1966 or 67. The car is virtually the same now as then. Mr. Miller seems to have had the top recovered and the body painted just that once. Leather interior in intact but worn. I'm having loads of fun enjoying a car that is worlds ahead of the Model A I drove beginning at age 16 to High School. That Model A, however, provided the learning bench that has led to many ownership and mech
  12. That's as I understand it as well. Odd thing, though, is that Packard is sort of known for the precision of their "Series" nomenclature. But there seem to be enough differences between our cars and the first year, 1921 I believe, model to have warranted a First / Second series shift after that first year. Running changes were always made, I guess. My car has a brake light, although I haven't seen a wiring diagram or literature reference to that being standard issue until the 4 wheel brake cars came in. I also have a single set of points, and the dual secondary single coil to fire the Fueli
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