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  1. A bit of caution, though: Never use Kelly Blue Book for used-car pricing. Their retail prices are abnormally high, and their wholesale prices are unrealistically low. It's almost as if they compiled their data to benefit used-car dealers. I have used N.A.D.A. Their book in the library gives both wholesale and retail values, though their website to non-members gives, as I recall, only retail. A friend who has been a used-car dealer uses the "Black Book," but I'm not familiar with that book.
  2. Thanks for sharing this find, Jake. From the one picture, it looks like a nice car, realistically priced. The ad says "Call for details." Well, words are inexpensive on the internet, so the seller could have put more than one line of text--and one picture--in the ad!
  3. Contact information, such as a phone number, is needed, too. Once people have all the information about your car, all the best to you on your sale!
  4. That's a good point. The best of both worlds: Get the car running well, drive it from time to time to keep it operating well. But when you go away to college, use some other car; and when you get home on breaks and in the summers, drive your collector car. That way, you will be preserving it for future decades, and maybe in 2066 you'll have it as a 100-year-old car still in your family!
  5. I like the idea generally. I drove a collector car, a 1973 Buick Riviera, for 2 years as an everyday car. I did it when I was 2 years out of college and was working at my first job. After that, I drove a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible as a regular car.; it averaged 8 m.p.g. in combined town and highway use. A realistic view is important. An older car will require more maintenance and repair than a newer car. It can be reliable, but occasionally things will need repair, so make sure your college budget allows for that. Also: Do
  6. "Yes, this radio is from 1946, so it only picks up radio waves that left the studio 70 years ago."
  7. I always feel that copying the text from the ad--and the contact information-- may be helpful if any forum member wants to contact the owner after a while: "1949 Buick Super 2 door Sedanette Fireball Straight 8 automatic low mileage very original car 49000 miles Chrome and paint are brilliant and show well very solid car ,undercarriage is very clean runs and drives great One high quality repaint on straight original body engine has been pulled and resealed and painted wide white wall tires , with glamour trim rings interior is
  8. Some folks don't think. I expect they'll be among the ones voting in November...
  9. Since it's titled as an entirely different national meet, I believe that registration will be entirely independent of Hershey's.
  10. Southern Penna. almost never gets snow in early November. Sure, someone can cite one day out of 20 years, but snow is not a worry. Northwestern Penna., however, I know from experience starts its nearly continuous snow season the first or second week of November.
  11. The Cadillac and LaSalle Club's show (collection of pictures) is interesting to view. Many of the pictures are well composed, even of magazine quality. However, I would strongly suggest for future occurrences, that MANY pictures of each car be posted. Make it a strong recommendation, or even a requirement, that certain aspects of the car are to be pictured, and give entrants leeway for extra detailed shots as well. When we go to a car show, we don't want to see a car merely from 20 feet away. If we are interested, we want to see the dashbo
  12. I wondered about that too, Jake. However, given luxury manufacturers' penchant for custom orders, I think the two-tone interior is entirely possible. I have the 1973 dealer albums. They don't mention 2-tone seats specifically, but a buyer could specify the dashboard color to be different from the usual. Cadillac allowed special-order paint colors. In that era, with Lincolns at least, one could special-order a contrasting color for the piping of the seats. So a buyer's making a special request is very possible.
  13. It would be up to each member to make sure that his contact information (telephone and electronic mail address) are current with AACA records.
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