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  1. I think it's a beautiful car. Note that, when for sale 3 years ago, the asking price was $26,500. Now it is $23,500. This wasn't a good "investment" to the buyer, but I hope he at least had 3 years of fun with it. Potential flippers of 2024, please take note.
  2. I like it. Four-door sedans aren't especially popular, but this model has good lines. The sweeping roof and up-swept rear-quarter sheet metal give it a style that's far from stodgy. And the price might be right, too, if we knew more. Thank you, Steve, for your continuing good finds.
  3. This is a good illustration of what we sometimes see: Merely deleting an ad doesn't necessarily mean that a car has been sold. So to anyone who likes a particular car: Keep your hopes up and contact the seller when contact information is available!
  4. It's down to $9500, you note in your edited posting. That's good. I wonder what "normal wear and tear condition" is. The car could be a fair deal, and it certainly looks attractive in the pictures.
  5. Is the old General Motors building still extant? What is it being used for now, Larry?
  6. I realize that the old Hudson's Department Store has been torn down; but in hindsight, it could have been preserved and restored and used for General Motors' office space. I recall learning that it was such a large store, that it had at least 50 elevators! Buildings can last hundreds of years when properly maintained--as many Europeans recognize. Why tear something down and then have to build all over again?
  7. That is an interesting article, Seventh Son, and is certainly newsworthy. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  8. Mach Mustang 14, All of this conversation is a grand welcome to the AACA Forum! People might not know about barn finds in central Ohio, but you can see that you opened a topic that, in general, is popular. I hope you enjoy the discussion. Maybe someone here knows specifically about that area, as well. Feel free to post often and join in car conversations!
  9. My 1978 Lincoln Mark V achieved 14 m.p.g. on the highway, with an admittedly light foot on the gas pedal. My 1984 Buick Electra Park Avenue, downsized from the previous generation, can get 22 to 23 on the highway. I think the Electra would be a car suitable to today's needs: roomy, well styled, yet economical enough for today's prices. I wish Buick made such a car now as much as in 1984.
  10. With a fair number of cars being bought by flippers, I wonder what the true demand for cars really is. Aren't there enough hobbyists to buy these from the original sellers? It's always good to see old cars stay in the hobby with enthusiastic owners.
  11. There were so many different Chevrolet models in 1966, but only the Impalas and SS's seem to be preserved. It's good to see the car--and preserve it-- exactly as it came from the factory. Think of the mid-century motels it may have stopped at, or the wife and children at the 1966 shopping center and grocery store, or maybe at a drive-in movie. Think of the service it gave to its original owners, and how glad they might feel to know it's still cared for.
  12. As A. Bear noted, the "seller" was patient. He figured he had a big fish on his line, and was willing to play with it and reel it in! I'm confident that you didn't miss a bargain, or even a legitimate car.
  13. I have the 1969 Cadillac catalogue, as well as the Color and Upholstery album. The faux ostrich grain was indeed offered. (I have a '69 Eldorado in this same wisteria color.)
  14. Mike, we don't know. The ad is still posted on Facebook, and cars of this era don't have a huge following, so it's likely that you'll find it still for sale. Contact the owner through Facebook. This part of the AACA Forum is the "Not Mine" section, where car fans merely post cars from other sites that we think are interesting. No one here owns it. All the best to you in your quest! ------------------------------------------------- CORRECTION: The ad is marked "Sold." Did you get it, Mike?
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