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  1. Yes, Derek, you should also post your want-ad in the Buick Buy/Sell category on this AACA forum. Just scroll down the list of topics, and you'll find several Buy/Sell categories grouped together. Click on "Buick Buy/Sell" to open that grouping. Plenty of Buick experts check there regularly. (Some other categories don't get nearly as much activity.) You'll reach your best audience there, though you're welcome to keep your ad here. For future reference, there are also other Buick-related categories for other Buick information, and
  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Grog. Evil would love to be left alone, unexposed, so it can continue to lie and steal. When a scammer's fake name is announced, sometimes we'll see a forum member reply that "I also heard from that guy. Thanks for the alert." That member may have just saved hundreds of dollars. Exposure is absolutely necessary.
  3. John, I think you have a typographical error that would preclude anyone from calling! Did you mean $9000?
  4. Thankfully, after stealing a lot, they did indeed go to jail. The article says that one of the operators was handcuffed and arrested while up on stage conducting an auction!
  5. Mr. Izo, you should also post your question in the specialized category "Buick Riviera--Riviera Owners' Association." Just scroll down the list of topics, and you will see that category among various Buick categories. Plenty of Riviera specialists pay attention to that category, and you should get the most knowledgeable answers there. Your car looks nice. All the best to you in your quest.
  6. A man I know bought a new Chevette in 1980, and used it for 19 years as his regular car. A low-income friend from a local trailer park? No, he has a 17-bedroom house on 500 acres. He's a mechanical engineer and is just modest. "Why buy a new car when the old one still works?" He must have had a very good experience with that little car.
  7. I suppose appeal is in the eye of the beholder. I'd take a comfortable velour-lined luxury car for daily use before a sports car any day! But I'd be very careful with it and preserve it, not wear it out.
  8. That car looks well beyond the "state of the art" for 1890. Perhaps 1895, more likely circa 1900, in my estimation. --------------------- Edit: Looking at your link, I see a date of 1899 attributed to the picture. That makes sense.
  9. And the contact information from the ad is: Jason (612) 432-31-fifty-nine.
  10. I notice that the pictures in the ad conveniently leave off the front and rear ends of the car. It is very possible that the bumper fillers (the soft plastic inserts between the body and the chrome bumpers) have hardened, cracked, and even fallen out. They are reproduced for many cars since this is a problem in almost all G. M. cars of this era. Here are a couple of pictures taken from the ad, for future reference once the ad expires:
  11. It looks like a nice car, and I even like the brown color. However, I note that the upholstery--particularly the cloth inserts-- looks like it was redone incorrectly.
  12. I can't say that I have ever seen one. If it was on the road and I was driving behind it, I would have no idea what it was!
  13. Al, I don't quite follow your account. You say you missed getting an Owen that was for sale on the HCCA website, yet you own one. Are you saying you got that one by some other route, and now you decided to sell it instead?
  14. If a person is entering his information into a "cloud" based program, isn't he sharing his private information with others--a privacy concern? Why not just keep the program and the entered data self-contained on the buyer's own computer?
  15. Members should realize that life memberships are greatly discounted to anyone over 70 years of age. We noted that in our regional newsletter a few years ago, and I assume that discount still applies.
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