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  1. John_S_in_Penna

    78 skylark body

    Bill, please consider keeping your car the way it was from the factory. That's what old-car preservation is all about! Vinyl roofs aren't in style on today's cars. However, when your car was made, it was a "dress-up" option that took your car from being grandma's Plane Jane compact to a mid-market suburban status. It's always interesting to see cars the way they were when new.
  2. John_S_in_Penna

    Where Do You Want an AACA National or Tour to Be Held?

    All national events are enjoyable, but they can vary in size. The Eastern National Spring Meets may see 800 cars; in less AACA-populated areas, such as the west, there may be less than 100. Tours are made for the scenic back roads, and while people enjoy the drive, there are a few interesting sights to see each day. Some sights may be car-related, such as interesting private collections, but other sights are non-automotive and give participants a feel for the area's culture and history. When our AACA region hosted the Glidden Tour, we had 300 cars; when we hosted the Founders' Tour, there were about 150. Some tours are smaller.
  3. John_S_in_Penna

    1986 Lincoln Town Car, Continental Trunk Mod

    Mark, congratulations on getting an interesting car! I like the Town Cars from that era. I think the Town Car trunk lids which you may have seen with the "continental" bulge were modified in the after-market, and sold through after-market suppliers. I have seen them on 1975-79 Lincoln Town Cars and Town Coupes, but perhaps they were also made for the 1986 era. I have seen them on 1975-79 limousines, convertibles made outside the factory, and on an occasional other model. They aren't merely lids from a different model; the 1986 Continental is a smaller car and its lid would not fit. If you find the after-market lid I describe, it would actually fit your car. I hope others can tell you more.
  4. This 1920 HCS was for sale in California several years ago--maybe around 2010. I don't recall for certain, but I think it was listed on our AACA forum:
  5. John_S_in_Penna

    1961 Lincoln Continental LOADED

    Wheels like that are not at all predominant in the U. S. A. I rarely see them, but probably they are seen more often in certain large cities among some people who like them.
  6. John_S_in_Penna

    Saw this "arrest me red" Corvette the other day....

    Doesn't a typical Kia or Honda of today have more horsepower than this Corvette? So the "arrest me" lure might actually go to those modern cars! Of course, the Corvette wins hands-down in the styling category. I've always liked this style.
  7. John_S_in_Penna

    1959 Cadillac Hearse

    With those tailfins attached to what's normally a formal vehicle, a '59 Cadillac hearse would be a very interesting sight at any car show! I've never seen one, even though I live in a very active antique-car area. All the best to you in your search.
  8. John_S_in_Penna

    1985 Caddy

    The 1979 and 1980 Eldorados offer the same styling but with a better, larger, more powerful engine. So for someone loving a car like this, there is hope.
  9. John_S_in_Penna

    Annual Meeting Hotel

    I know the name of the hotel changed. Is it under new ownership?
  10. John_S_in_Penna

    Where Do You Want an AACA National or Tour to Be Held?

    Thank you for asking for suggestions, Mark. Chautauqua, New York, on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution. It is in southwestern New York State, close to the Pennsylvania border. Not only is it within easy reach of AACA's old-car population base, but the Chautauqua Institution is the most beautiful and scenic setting one could imagine. There are narrow streets filled with incredibly picturesque Victorian homes and cottages; there are large grassy public areas ideal for a car show; there is a spectacularly restored grand old Victorian hotel on the grounds that could be the host hotel or at least the center for the banquet and activities. Nationally known entertainers or bands or orchestras are often on site and perform in the grand old open-air covered Amphitheater. And it's right on the shore of an attractive lake. I think that some people would attend just to see Chautauqua. The grounds are popular with the public and would help promote the AACA and its national meet to a good number of people who might not otherwise see it.
  11. John_S_in_Penna

    New Editor needing guidance

    That's good that you're pleasing members with a tangible product! However, rather than Tom and Tillie Turpenhafer eating spaghetti, or Joe and Jolene Johnson with a mouth full of french fries, I would show the members with their antique cars and write a few descriptive lines. The way I see it, plenty of people will like to see Tom and Tillie's car and learn about it. The only people who will like to see them slurping spaghetti are Tom and Tillie themselves! It's just like our national magazine used to be full of pictures of people shaking hands with the club president when receiving awards. The eyes of 59,998 people glazed over, and only that couple admired that picture! That was changed to a big picture of the award-winning car, with a small inset photo of the people.
  12. John_S_in_Penna

    Frankford Plating

    If the problem is that the shop doesn't return people's chrome, or return it in a timely manner, mightn't the shop look full and busy when he stops by? The problem likely wouldn't be evident. He would have to ask customers themselves, and it already sounds as if some people's experiences have been very negative.
  13. John_S_in_Penna

    New Editor needing guidance

    Thanks, Wayne. As of the summer of 2018, though, I gave up the editorship after 10 years. It was time for something different, and I've organized a few outings, such as to discuss cars with Jay Leno and to tour Nicola Bulgari's collection. We have a new editor. One nearby region has tried to convert as many members as possible to getting a digital newsletter. I receive it as a courtesy, but I spend MUCH less time looking at it than I did when I could sit in a comfortable chair and peruse it.
  14. John_S_in_Penna

    Frankford Plating

    If a company has some of the "worst" reviews, that is clearly a red flag. If you let us know your location, maybe we can tell you of a reputable plater within driving distance.
  15. John_S_in_Penna

    1967 mustang electrical work

    Mr. Ramin clearly wants a RECOMMENDATION. Does anyone have experience beyond the internet and Yellow Pages?