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  1. Here are 2 threads from when this car was for sale--first in late 2009, then again in 2012:
  2. Thanks, Al. It's really interesting to see the unusual makes and models. This very car was for sale around 2010, when I was looking for a pre-war car. I know it's the same, because the license plate is unchanged. I think it was even listed here on our AACA forum by the owner. I recall it was in Oregon, though the license plate says California. Now the Ebay listing says it's in Washington state. Here are a few pictures from that c. 2010 offering:
  3. Buick must have had some good designers back then. Whoever designed the 1979-85 Rivieras deserves an award.
  4. If you like to have a car that's not run-of-the-mill, here's a 1982 Buick Riviera, not mine. The color was offered one year only and is seldom seen. Even the interior matches the "cedar" color. The seller is a dealer, Silver Creek Classics in Maple Lake, Minnesota, and the asking price, $12,950, is optimistic. But the car looks very nice. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/buick/riviera/2472432.html#&gid=1&pid=2 The seller's phone number is (855) 884-3652, and the ad states: "1982 Buick Riviera. O
  5. Thank you for keeping the listing updated. Often, people listing their OWN cars don't even do that! It is interesting to track the price, and knowing that a car is sold gives some indication of the car's value in the market.
  6. For some reason, 1969 and 1970 Electra convertibles are seen all the time; but other years, like this, much less so. This appears to be a very nice car, and the pricing isn't far off either. I even like the brown, since I like cars that offer something different. Fin Seeker, you keep the "Not Mine" cars an interesting topic! You and Mr. 58L essentially started an entire new active category on our forum.
  7. One or more other columnists have disappeared also. I don't know all the reasons, but Hemmings Classic Car recently deducted about 30 pages from its page count and got a new chief editor.
  8. Almost a year later, the car is still listed for sale--at the same $19,500 price--on their website: http://www.gorescorvettes.com/CLASSICS.htm
  9. Billy, you are right. People have favorites, but they often don't realize that their words can hurt others' feelings. Here is an example from a past thread, on our own AACA forum, from a respectable member: "...as far as I'm concerned nothing from the 1980's or newer should qualify as anything but 'used cars.' " But we'll have to forgive people with such opinions. Many custom-bodied Classics languished as obsolete and undesirable on the back lots of the 1930's. To a friendly 101-year-old man I know, a 90-year-old might se
  10. If the car is in public, I feel it's perfectly fine to take a picture of it. For example, the magazine Collectible Automobile has a "Car Spotter" feature where readers submit pictures of antique cars they've seen in fields or on roadsides. There's nothing inconsiderate, unethical, or immoral there. If the car is in the shop as you describe, that's not exactly public in my view; so any picture I took I would keep to myself. By the way, the car I think you're describing has 42" diameter TIRES, not wheels. The wheels are sm
  11. I appreciate your computer expertise, Padgett. I'm sure it comes in handy in many applications. Those who don't use a particular product, though, I wouldn't call "-phobes." That means someone is afraid of something; but it's far more likely he merely chooses not to adopt it, or appreciates something else. If I don't want a touch-screen in my car, repair-prone and complicated to use while driving, for example, I'm not fearful of them. If I choose an antique Buick over an antique Ford, I'm not a Fordophobe!
  12. Maybe our forum moderators can add these new postings to continue that longer thread.
  13. My Hemmings magazine came yesterday, and I have been browsing through it. I find there are advantages to each medium: ---In flipping the pages of a printed magazine, it's easy to come across something you weren't specifically looking for. On the internet, I'd have to specifically select "Cole" to see that ad. ---With a printed magazine, I can easily respond to an ad that was printed months ago, even a year ago. The chances are good that it's still available, as a Stutz was when I was looking for a pre-war car. However, I
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