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  1. John_S_in_Penna

    1920 Elgin Six Touring

    One thing I've seen in catalogues of the 1920's: People could order cars in their school colors. I don't know whether Elgin offered that possibility, but it's certainly an interesting idea that would still be good today.
  2. John_S_in_Penna

    Chrome plating

    I've been happy with Librandi's in Middletown, Penna., (very close to Hershey). They advertise in our Antique Automobile magazine, and are well respected around here. Maybe someone has a recommendation that is closer to you.
  3. John_S_in_Penna

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    Show a few pictures so we can admire your new venture! New construction, even an interior fit-out, is usually more expensive than buying something already existing. But at least you have the outer structure, which is a good start. What is the construction of your barn? Old-style heavy timbers, or a pole building, or wood studs? Is the siding corrugated metal? Are the floor, windows, and doors weak because they are of low quality? Are you thinking of replacing the weaker elements? Installing insulation and gypsum board (drywall) will depend on the type of construction you have. If the buildings are already made of wood studs, that type of construction will be easiest to finish inside.
  4. John_S_in_Penna

    New Editor needing guidance

    That information was current for us in 2018, the most recent contest. We mailed in our newsletter, though some editors send theirs electronically, a process as described above. To my way of thinking, excellence is not only in content, but also in format. Just as a book I cherish I want to have on long-lasting acid-free paper, and in an attractive binding, a well-done newsletter presents itself well on excellent-quality paper and a format more lasting than electrons. To me, life is about excellence and permanence!
  5. John_S_in_Penna

    1920 Elgin Six Touring

    It's too bad the ad doesn't list a phone number that we could copy here for longer-term reference. When looking for my first pre-war car about 9 years ago, I found out that there is even an Elgin club or registry. I phoned one officer of the club, and he said that plenty of the Elgins in the club were (unofficially perhaps) for sale, because the owners tended to be older. One member of the Hershey Region passed on while midway through restoring an Elgin. So Elgins are out there occasionally.
  6. John_S_in_Penna

    I found my luck (maybe)!

    Some green shades I don't like, but I have a green 1979 Buick Electra, and I bought it just for its green color. It is the color of grass. The vinyl top is a light green with a hint of yellow.
  7. John_S_in_Penna

    ALMOST New Mustang sells for $500,000.00

    The TV auctions don't really interest me, and every high-priced result makes the public think antique cars are unaffordable to them. So many times, when I explain to casually interested friends that most antique cars are reasonably priced, they exclaim, "I had no idea!" I'd rather see a 1935 Hupmobile selling for $15,000, or a 1951 Nash selling for the same. They come closer to what our hobby is all about.
  8. John_S_in_Penna

    Base Coat / Clear Coat

    My observation, Bill, is that that paint is much too glossy, and is obvious on a car for which it wasn't intended. When I've seen it used, the car just doesn't "look right."
  9. John_S_in_Penna

    About Discussions of BCA Club Business/Politics

    Your 3 choices were well written, Lamar. Everyone, and every club, benefits from courtesy and respect. Sometimes it can be a challenge for people to disagree on ISSUES but still like the other person. But that's what develops good character! Discuss two totally opposite viewpoints, but realize that we all have common goals--and make the discussion so respectful that you really like going out to lunch with the other guy afterward!
  10. John_S_in_Penna

    I found my luck (maybe)!

    Roger, you wanted a translation. "Neck of the woods" is a slang phrase. It is not to be translated literally. One meaning of "neck" is "narrow part." "Neck of the woods" could mean "part of the woods." Generally, it means "area." In regular English, he meant "Brian and Popeye must be in my area," or "Brian and Popeye must be near me." By the way, I like the green color of your car. We don't see many green cars, and it is nice to see something different.
  11. John_S_in_Penna

    Vinyl Top Material

    Colin, do you have a picture of your Cutlass that you can post, just for interest? My parents had a 1975 Cutlass Supreme.
  12. John_S_in_Penna

    Vinyl Top Material

    SMS Auto Fabrics in Oregon is known for having materials that no one else seems to have. They should have no trouble at all with the vinyl you need. You can buy either yardage, or, I'm quite sure, a pre-sewn vinyl top from them. They take a while-- sometimes 2 or 3 weeks in sending samples, and considerably longer when making something--so it pays to be patient. Some collectors don't like them for that reason, but I've had no trouble. I telephone them rather than sending e-mail messages.
  13. John_S_in_Penna

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    Existing agricultural buildings can be good for car storage. When looking for storage, I stopped by one house in the country that had a large out-building behind it. It turned out that it had been a horse-riding arena, but had been nearly unused for 10 years. About all that occupied it was a tractor. Now, it serves club members well for antique-car storage! There is room for at least 28 cars, and the owner is getting $45 or $50 per month per car when he had zero income from it previously. It's a nice concrete-block building with a high ceiling, and with a metal roof. All from stopping unexpectedly at a house!
  14. John_S_in_Penna

    Where did the post numbers go?

    They have been missing for at least a month. I agree: On long topics, it is extremely useful to be able to refer to "Posting #35." They were probably eliminated accidentally, possibly with some software update. This hasn't been the first time, and the moderators, once aware of the mistake, turn them back on again.
  15. John_S_in_Penna

    1971 buick centurion convertible for sale

    This should be a good car for someone, Buick Bry. Centurion convertibles from 1973 are commonly seen, but not from 1971.