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  1. One possible route would be to get a later 3800 V6 with electronic fuel injection and you would have a more driveable engine that would be close to the way the car was built. Going to the extreme would be to find a 3800 supercharged engine and install that. Not sure when the 3800 engine went away but I toured the Flint engine plant in 2008 and they were building both versions at that time.
  2. a vacuum leak will keep it form idling but that should happed at every stop.
  3. Not a poster here but Reatta/Buick people will know my wife Nancy. She passed on May 1 after three years in assisted living. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2000 but was not greatly affected by it. About 5 years ago she was having memory issues and it got to the point I could not leave her alone. Nancy was the Reatta newsletter editor for several years and administered the judges points awards from about 2012 to 2018, she also worked in judging admin. for several meets.
  4. I went into manufacturing in 1960 and these were used in various places for a variety of operations. We always called them "kick presses" Depending on the tooling they could be used to do a staking operation or something like pressing a pin into a part. The press or tooling could limit the down movement therefore controlling the operation. That riveted on number was just an inventory tool number. Newer versions used a air cylinder which could be further controlled by the incoming air pressure... but they (for safety reasons) required dual hand controls forcing the operator to keep their hands out of the danger area.
  5. Here is a link to the showroom brochure for 1972 Chevy trucks. This is a guide to knowing what is on your vehicle. What was standard and what was an option. https://www.xr793.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/1972-Chevrolet-Trucks.pdf
  6. I have retired from selling covers....... recommend going to Covercraft web site and viewing their selection. Covercraft has a pattern for the coupe and a different part number for the convertible, the main difference is in the back window area. If you order the coupe pattern, it works fine on either car. Their pattern fits like a glove and has mirror pockets. I suggest getting one rated for outdoor use, that way if you go to an overnight show or must have your car sit outside while you work on something else. You will have a cover that will repel moisture. The hard part is selecting the material as the price can vary greatly.
  7. For some reason I did not look at the picture...... good looking truck. If you do not intend to tow, I would replace those west coast mirrors with a door mounted chrome original part, there were chrome/stainless west coast also. If you are going to tow and/or live where it gets hot in the summer, add an auxiliary transmission oil cooler. Keeping the automatic transmission cool will make them last.
  8. Good to hear you found a vehicle that brings back memories. It can be converted to a 3 speed manual shift. It takes a lot of parts and you want them to be good parts. You might start by finding a similar truck with the part you need and that way you get everything you need. If you feel the used part is worn or damaged, some parts are available as reproduction. You must add the clutch pedal and linkage as well as changing the steering column for the manual. You may want to just drive the automatic for a while as you look for and price the parts you need. In the mean time there are a couple of places that sell complete A/C aftermarket units that are designed for your vehicle. Get the A/C in the truck and enjoy it.
  9. Obviously this is your first rodeo. I was going to suggest you make a list of everything it needs.... just parts for now. Then go online and put a price with each part. I think that will quickly show you just what you would spend on parts. The engine is a Buick.... but if you were going to restore to original.... do a search on what original Fords like yours are bringing and again it will tell you quickly the answer. Pulling it out of the shed.........put the chain around the axel.... if the axel comes out and the car stays, call the salvage yard.
  10. Little hard to establish an exact date as various manufacturers elected to first make them an option then probably because of a known upcoming government mandate, they all jumped on the bandwagon. From what I can find the government requirement was to go into affect in 1968. That probably means Jan 1 1968. If all that is correct, since 1968 production usually starts in the fall of the previous year, everyone would be on board with their cars in the fall of 1967. GM cars had a package of safety item added to 1967 vehicles, and I suspect in that same law, that is when stand up hood emblems and spinners on hubcaps were eliminated.
  11. 14084119 is the GM part number shown for 1986 -1991 (including Riviera) but no seal is shown for the 1992-93 Riviera. Found a Timken cross reference to their part number.... 5698
  12. A neighbors sons passed last year and we keep finding parts. He had a 1996 Caprice that had the SS disc brake axel (also a police option) installed. The rotors are two piece 12 in and new calipers from a well known supplier. I am looking for the brand name. These are new aftermarket parts, I have photos that I will attach tomorrow when I get home. Research indicates this "kit" was almost $900..... will sell for $500 including shipping. I will post anything else we find for this car... (car has been sold and many parts went with it)
  13. If you live in a populated area there is usually a "bearing" supplier and they carry seals. Take it to them and they can probably find one. I am not home to look in the GM parts book but that would not give anything but the GM number.
  14. I think it is a two long days drive for me.... but my daughter will probably drive most of the way and we might make it in one day.
  15. Now I am drooling over having my own tire machine.......
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