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  1. I was out of town around the end of August and when I returned I could not respond to anything on the forum. I have no problem viewing but cannot respond or comment, MP does not work either. Peter suggested I need to change browsers...........anyone else have a problem like mine? I guess if you have a problem like mine you will not be able to respond.... catch22
  2. The door windows have a plastic guide at the bottom front, if that pops out of the track the window will bind. As noted by Padgett you will need to pull the door panel to inspect the window. good time to lube the mechanism.
  3. Since the BCA office changed, the new office send me lots of people asking Buick quesions. Todays phone call was a fellow that believes he has a GSX but is looking for proof, his main interest is finding out what engine came in the car, a 350 or 455 He has done some basic research saying the paint code is 53 and it has a black vinyl top. I am trying to get him to take a photo of the data plate but he claims igorance using the computer. Is there a web site that details the 1971 data plate?
  4. I have been away from home and now find there is some change to the AACA forum program and I cannot respond using my present internet. Chuck's response is correct and there is not much I can add because we do not know a lot about the models. What we believe....... There were 60 designated for the Select Sixty Buick Dealers...the plaque indicated that and we believe they were numbered on the muffler, probably 1 to 60. The next group was for the Sales Pacesetters... the plaque would say Pacesetters and they are probably numbered but we do not have enough data to tell
  5. The Lucerne wheel will work fine.......but you need to carefully choose the size of the 17 tire to keep the speedometer close to correct. For reference, the original 215/65r15 Reatta wheel/tire was 26 inches in diameter. You can go to www.powerdog.com and do the research..... here are some examples. 215/60r17 = 27.2 inches 215/55r17 = 26.3 inches 225/55r17 = 26.7 inches 225/60r17 = 27.6 inches 235/55r17 = 27.2 inches
  6. Couldn't hold my tongue or sit on my hands any longer. Are you sure it is not sit on your tongue and hold your hands? The louder pipes seem like a good idea....... guess you could also drive slower.
  7. A few years back, I rented a new Impala when I flew into Ontario Ca airport. I had a 40 mile drive south and there was that noise like air leaking somewhere. For some reason I pushed the button to clean the windshield and after it had finished we noticed bubbles coming from the passenger side where the windshield and dash meet.... the bottom of the windshield was not sealed.
  8. Good catch Ronnie....... there is also a hole in the front lower facia between the grill and fog light......what for?
  9. I took this picture around 2005.... the BCA had a Board meeting in Kissimmee Fl. The wife and I had just had lunch and were walking back to our car when I spotted this Lincoln.
  10. Just found this on Hemmings........attractive color but not original... non-original radio. Makes you wonder what else has been charged. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/buick/reatta/2425176.html
  11. Big sellers seem to have an advantage over the average guy selling parts.... shipping is costing more than the parts. Amazon and others have somehow negotiated rock bottom shipping fees and the shippers are passing on the cost to the average seller. I signed up for a FedEx account, seemed like a win-win.... I could print labels at home and drop the box a Walgreen without traveling 12 miles to the nearest FedEx store. Last year from Feb to May I had $106 of "hidden" fees. They charge extra for home delivery, extra for remote zip codes, and the killer was a charge for them t
  12. There may be enough cable that you do not need to completely remove it from the car. If there is enough slack in the power cable... turn the assembly to access the screws in the bottom. While you have it off.... clean and wax the recess around the assembly and treat the gasket. when you reinstall everything will look like new.
  13. After you remove the screws, and have the assembly off the car, there are 2 screws on the underside that allows the assembly to come apart and there are 4 bulbs. I go to the home improvement store and buy the 10 w landscape bulbs. They are less than half the price there compared to buying them at the auto parts store.
  14. It's called preventive maintenance....... just think, with a little maintenance, you might still be driving the Malibu. I have heard similar arguments about engine oil.... "if the oil level is at full, why change the oil"
  15. Like having a medical procedure...... all the paperwork saying what could go wrong and you might even die having that splinter removed.
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