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  1. Like the others above, gets some penetrating oil on looks completely dry.
  2. Had to do a second post because of the size of the photos.
  3. I may have posted some of these before and if you were at the 2008 Reatta Roundtable, Dave had them on display there.
  4. You ROA members should have photos from feature cars and National meets that would show the correct mirrors. Crop the pictures to show just the mirror and make a display of each year mirror design. If you have a good judging manual, it may show the different mirrors. I snapped several pictures of Riviera antenna at the BCA Denver meet but this is the only picture that had a right hand mirror that was caught in the photo with the antenna. I do not know what year the Riviera is..... just note the antenna black insulator is very short. If someone knows how to rotate this photo please repost it
  5. Chevrolet supplied a paper template for mounting accessory mirrors. There is also a Chevrolet Accessories Installation Reference Manual..... I pulled a 1965 version off the shelf. It gives reference dimensions for various Chevy models..... Chevelle, Chevy II, Corvair and Chevy Trucks. Possibly other GM brands did something similar. As a side note, I worked afternoons at my local Chevy dealer when I was a junior in HS (1956).... that dealer did not order the cars with options that his mechanics could install, this gave them extra work and income. Most never used the mirror (or other accessory) templates, just eyeballed the location and installed the screws. I believe it was 1967 when the DOT created a bunch of new safety rules for all cars sold in the US and the left outside mirror was one of them.....prior to that some states had required the left mirror, but it was not required in all states before 1967 Some cars had reinforcement for the mirror built into the door structure.... again not all had it and not sure when that started. I have attached a page from the Chevrolet accessory manual.
  6. Jim Finn and others have some experience with these switches. 1990 was a new design and the Reatta was different than the Riviera because the Reatta had the fog light sw at the bottom. The good news is most of the internal parts are the same and can be used to rebuilt the unique 1990 headlight switch.
  7. B J The sign has a round florescent light in the center and the clear outer ring transfer the light to the "Buick" and "Reatta" names. Looks really good on the wall lighted.
  8. I think I've discovered the reason for these failures. When removing or installing the nut on the end of the motor shaft, to get it on or off, owners are stripping the shaft out of the cast part. The nut is a locking nut, it takes some extra torque to install and remove. Owners are relying on the internal parts of the motor to hold the shaft when they install/remove the nut. This action (torque) is stripping some of the shafts. The solution......hold the bellcrank with one hand while tightening the nut. This method allows the bellcrank to take all the torque. In cases where you are replacing the bellcrank because it has failed, the bellcrank will not hold the shaft and you need to check the shaft to casting fit before reassembling the motor. This can also be a problem when the owner is just replacing the bellcrank and not opening the motor to replace the rollers....the shaft could be separated from the casting and the owner may not notice.
  9. I have a lot of Buick tri-shields.....different sizes
  10. Pushing too hard. You could heat bond the two haves together but it might be difficult to get them apart if you need to do a repair
  11. First picture, inside the box on right side, polished aluminum light housing sure looks like an early (60-64) Corvair taillight or back-up light housing.....those Corvair parts show up in the strange places
  12. I repair power antenna used on GM vehicles. The '60 -'70's antenna were made by Tenna ....can do those but do not have a supply of replacement mast if your is broken. The 1980 and newer antenna were Delco Slimline (picture) different years/model used different fender mount but the units were all the same. I replace the plastic cord that is often broken with a steel cable that is plastic coated and should never fail. Send a PM if you have questions or interest.
  13. 1953...... 1952 had two piece windshield
  14. I just acquired these GM headlight parts from a Buick Reatta owner. Some of the parts are the same as Firebird and Sunbird .....not sure if Fiero used any of the parts. The motor shaft assembly appears to be the same on all the GM cars..... The big white gear is the same, the output shaft is shorter on the Reatta. The motor housing is the same for the Sunbird but different mounting bosses on the Firebird. I have about 30 brush housings with wire and connector if they will plug into the Firebird connector ...connector shown below. PS I also rebuild Delco power antenna
  15. I just acquired these parts from a former Reatta owner. If you need any headlight motor parts let me know. The main thing I need to make them into complete motors is the brush springs If anyone knows of a source let me know.