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  1. Very nice looking 1990...... Just a few comments.... put the year of your car and at least the state where you live in your information, later if you are looking for something, people will know the year of your car and if they live close to you they might have the part you need and that would help. Also if you send me the vin number I will add your car to the database. With only 70K miles it has a lot of miles left in her. Hard to tell from the photo but I don't see a pinstripe on the car, so you either have a pinstripe delete car or something has happened to the pinstripe. Please tell us where you found the new accumulator and the price. I went to the pick-n-pull yesterday looking for a HVAC controller and found one on a 1990 Seville touring sedan as well as a good antenna and it had the Teves unit. Since I only have a 1991, I have no way of testing the accumulator that was on the Seville.
  2. They were listed in the parts book......but that was 1992 A fellow in PA had his seats redone 10 years ago but I have no idea who he used..... if you need door or panels behind the seats you probably would need to have them sprayed.
  3. What I have learned......... * The schools want to follow the rules so they get future donations from GM (regardless of who owns GM) * When GM donated the cars, they wrote them off and got tax credit. If they let the cars be sold it muddies the tax waters and it is not worth it to them to get involved in they don't want the cars back and it is cleaner if the car is destroyed when the school no longer wants it. * It is unlikely GM would spend the time and effort to verify where the cars are today.....not worth the effort, but if they became aware that one of these cars was in private hands, on the road, with a title. I suspect they would turn that over to their lawyers and someone would forfeit that car. Some people believe that GM no longer owns the cars after the 2008 bankruptcy..... but I would not want to have $10,000 in a car that may or may not belong to someone else and risk it being taken away. If you could get one and only use it for parts (assuming you paid scrap value) then it might be worth the risk. I would not want to fight with the corporate lawyers from any big company.
  4. Like maybe it ripped the pan off the engine, it ran out of oil and the engine seized.......just a minor problem
  5. My long distance thought is the antenna is bad....that type of antenna has a flat band that looks like a ladder, if any of the cross pieces break it will ratchet....try pulling it up a little and see if it catches.
  6. When the radio is turned on the pink wire gets power, so yes a defective radio could result in no power to the pink wire, however I do not know how power gets to the pink wire inside the radio.
  7. Electronics clichés happen on other cars also....... The picture below is a 2005 Rendezvous taken in 2010 in West Texas....note the RPM is at 2000 which was around 75 mph, but the speedometer is way past 120 mph. When we stopped overnight, the problem never appeared again as long as I owned the car.
  8. I have never tried to compile everything they might have come with. In 1990 there were two different "portfolios" the early production cars came with a large billfold style. At some point the zippered portfolio came out and we believe the new style was sent to dealers that received early cars so they could give them to the owner. Like many great plans...crap happens.....the dealers (salesmen) did not take the time to contact or send the later zippered portfolio to the customer and they got pitched into a drawer. These new, unopened portfolios would show up on ebay a few years back. Other details (1990-1991) cars had the sheet (craftsman's signature log) the assembly line works signed and placed in the car. Since the portfolio was in a sealed bag, the signed sheet was supposed to be placed with the portfolio and there was instruction (red sheet below) for the dealer to open the bag and install the signed sheet in the portfolio. The last picture has the three different versions of the owners manual holder ....the top one is the 1988-1989 version, the right one is the early 1990, the bottom one is the zippered version used for 1990-1991
  9. I have a note that the car was in Floriad in 2006 with 4,674 miles.
  10. Some of the schools may still have the cars.........if you recall we found the convertible prototype around 2014 in Lafayette Indiana and it was not on the list. If anyone has a school near them, you may want to contact them and if they have the car take some photos.
  11. Can someone verify the vin number...........I probably have the car listed but one of the things the database might do in the future is tell about cars that were wrecked..........then repaired and that damage not disclosed.
  12. Makes you wonder why they even need a driver.........seems like they are just full size slot cars.
  13. Spare time? When I retired I joked that I had 30 years of projects waiting on me............21 years later, I probably still have 20 years of projects.
  14. In 1990 black came in both vinyl and cloth.........we have never found information on why The product manual says that blue and red were available in cloth but it is believed only one each were made. Depending on the judges....a few points might be deducted if you have a cloth top in tan.......I don't believe white is available in cloth. I agree the cloth looks better. The choice is yours