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  1. Pretty sure Ronnie shows the fix on his site....... reattaowner.com The push button contacts get dirty.
  2. Looks like you have the trans cooler under control. Too late for you but if you go to the truck section of pick-n-pulls.... lots of trucks have auxiliary transmission coolers, on my GMC it is part of the towing package. They come in many shapes and sizes and around here are usually $15...... flush them out and you have a bargain cooler. As a side note, how hot does transmission fluid get? If car manufacturers send the cooling lines to the radiator to cool, then the fluid temp must be well over 180 as the radiator is going to be above 160 during normal drivi
  3. I have owned 11 Reattas and several other GM cars with the 3800 engine and the only problem was a 1988 Bonneville. I later heard that the '88 alternator housing did not allow for sufficient cooling. It might be possible that some of the '88 designed housing have been rebuilt and sold for later cars.... when you get one, compare he housing for cooling openings.
  4. The plastic cup thing works on filters that are hanging down...... the early 1991 engines the filter is hard to get to and the plastic cup is difficult to maneuver. You also need to select a cup that fits your filter.... clear also helps you see what is going on.
  5. If your location will allow.......... I recommend making a PVC pipe frame and cover it with a tarp. While I sell Covercraft car covers, for long (more than a month) storage it is best not to have any material touching the paint. The frame will last for years, and even if you only get one winter out of the tarp, it is cheaper than custom fit car covers. Make the frame with a gable top so that rain, snow and ice will slide off. It that does not work for you.... a "ready-fit" cover made of Evolution/Technaclon material may cost around $50-$100 online or at auto parts stor
  6. I love to see all the projects and garage tours. Keep posting your projects. Terry Harper seems to have an advantage when it comes to needed parts..... he just makes new ones.
  7. I cannot see the linkage but believe that all of the factory 2 four barrel set-up ran a progressive linkage. The car starts and runs on one carbs primaries and the other carb would not have chokes because the throttle butterflies were closed on that carb. When you are running lean, that is equal too little gas or too much air. Make sure the main butterflies are closed on the secondary carb.
  8. Go to http://www.reattaowner.com/roj/repair-tutorials-a-information/category/210-suspension-a-brakes ..... lots of Teves ABS brake information.
  9. WOW..... it sold for $7,000 including fees...... I would say that is higher than average.
  10. Just this past week I had technology problems..... First I tried to look at my online bank statements and it told me my password was no good because they had changed the requirements (more than 9 characters, less than 36 need ant least one number and something needs to be caps) so I followed the instructions until it ask for a pin number. I did not have a pin number and had never needed one. Was forced to go into the bank and they helped me create a pin number. I go home to try out my new pin number and (you know the answer) I could not get past the password, it put me in an endless l
  11. Also look at the date code...........they could be several years old.
  12. Any chance that Light Sage and Medium Sage were the two tone combination used on the XX cars.... including the pace car and someone thought those colors were used on convertibles? Everything I have read indicates that Riviera convertibles were only available in white or red
  13. You do not indicate what year Reatta you have........that is important as there were running changes on lots of areas. Does the turn indicator on the dash work? Everything point to a bad turn signal switch. If you can get to the wires coming out of the switch, the yellow (left side) and dark green (right side) wire feeds the rear brake lights.
  14. I think Matt is the winner............ he has 9,861 post but 11,284 likes He must give answers that people like......
  15. Go with the radials on a non-judged driver. There is a small concern with putting radial tires on rims designed for Bias tires..... the thought is the radials transfer more forces to the rim of the wheel and might cause a rim failure. While in theory this could be a problem but I have never know someone that has had a rim failure because of radial tires. The is hardly an issue on cars like most of ours that are not driven hard into corners and abused.
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