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  1. Barney Eaton

    Will non-airbag Reatta steering wheels fit a 91 Reatta?

    Not a biggie but the '91 convertible that we purchased in April of '93 had it's tailpipes polished soon after we got it. Not sure how many Buick national meets it was at and judged but it ended up being a gold/senior car and it never got points deducted ....always wondered if the judges didn't notice or didn't know better. I was afraid if I mention it would get points deducted the next time it was judged. It also had a pretty big auxiliary transmission cooler and only a couple judges caught that. The Reatta came with stainless exhaust, so I thought, why not polish the tailpipes and make them look better than the factory satin black. It was not an easy, quick job....I tried several things but they looked good when finished.
  2. Barney Eaton

    Will non-airbag Reatta steering wheels fit a 91 Reatta?

    Harry.........that was the original know how these things get out of hand.
  3. Barney Eaton

    Air filter

    Been a subscriber to Hot Rod since about 1960 so I will have that issue.........I have heard about some of the conversions done to Fieros but have not seen one in person. That must be a rocket.......I have owned a couple of supercharged Regals 1999 and 2000 and they were fast enough. A few Reattas have been converted to 3800 supercharged powered and that would be a great combination.
  4. Barney Eaton

    Will non-airbag Reatta steering wheels fit a 91 Reatta?

    Padgett..........I looked at this once and it looks like the big yellow air bag connector is part of the problem (it gets in the way) What do you recommend..........remove the connector and place the 3.3 ohm resistor between the yellow wire and ground? I have a really nice MOMO wood wheel that I have thought about installing.
  5. Barney Eaton

    Air filter

    With it out it is even easier to clean................ Looks like we have about the same taste in vehicles..........I have a '39 Buick sport coupe, had a new '84 Fiero.........have you every owned a Corvair?
  6. Barney Eaton

    Air filter

    Start by raising the hood and on the passenger side of the firewall find the blower motor controller (item #1) The evaporator can be seen when you look into the hole when the motor controller is removed..... It is not brain surgery but you don't have a lot of room to work.
  7. Barney Eaton

    Air filter

    Reattas were made BCAF (before cabin air filters)..... and your Reatta is probably a prime example of why the car manufactures started installing cabin air filters........the marketing people sold them as giving you cleaner air. If you ask a mechanic they were installed to stop the problem you found. attached is a picture of one that is actually in pretty good condition compared to some I have seen......... If you have a Reatta and do not get good air flow out of the vents.......this is probably your problem. The second picture shows the tools I use to clean the A/C evaporator.....the night light on the end of the cord can be dropped into the cavity and gives you plenty of light to see what you are cleaning. The plastic tubing with the 90 degree brass fitting attaches to your shop vac so it can suck the crud off the front of the evaporator.
  8. Barney Eaton

    Thoughts on headlight replacement or paint

    If you have a red or white car.......a good used headlight cover should be fairly easy to find........any other color will be harder to find and a repaint will be your only option. PS I have never owned a red Reatta........I have had 2 white ones, a Select Sixty , and a '91 white convertible.... the 9 others have been black, silver, burgundy, blue or driftwood.
  9. Barney Eaton

    Reatta NOS rad overflow bottle

    Note.......this appears to be the 1988-1990 model..........1991, has a dent in the corner to clear the A/C accumulator -dryer.
  10. I think the "ad planner" was for the local dealer to submit to the local newspaper, maybe the HS football program....etc...they could add their name and phone number. It did not contain all the display ads that Buick would use each year.......even these were special ..... an ad in Mechanics Illistrated would target a different audience than Vogue, so the ad and pitch would be different.
  11. Barney Eaton

    Last Saturday Night

    I encourage all of you to take your Reatta to car events.........there are a lot of people out there that have no idea that Buick built such a car. I have a sheet that is place in the window that tell a little of the Reatta history.......not a lot of detail but just enough to get people asking more questions. should tell them the car was only built for 4 model years and a total of 21,751 were built in those 4 years. Tell them it was the most expensive Buick built during that time..........I happen to have the window sticker for my car......I had it laminated and that goes on the dash for display. If you happen to be elsewhere, they can read the card and may come back later when you are there to ask more questions. Sometimes they have good I have a neighbor/friend that has one he wants to sell. Share the Reatta story. If you want to give examples of "rarity" there are lots of other cars they might be familiar with that were made in much larger numbers, yet they are considered rare, collectable, and in some cases expensive. Using the 21,751 number for total production as a base.............. 1957 Ford Thunderbird.........21,380 in one model year. 1964 Mustang.........they made 121,538 in that first year. 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible....47,562 in one year of one model 1948 Crosley wagon..........23,489 in one model year. The Cadillac Allante was made from 1987-1992 (6 model years) and some people somehow relate the Reatta to the Allante... the best number I have for the Allante is 14,587 made in 6 years.......but they were about $20,000 more than a Reatta in price.
  12. Barney Eaton

    Stuck bolts

    Ronnie.........I do not consider myself a machinist, tool maker, or any of those specialized fields.... I spent 38 years in manufacturing, first as a fixture, tool designer, then in processes, machine design, and a lot of other manufacturing areas....even a little time in quality. The problem with the Reatta headlight screws... as you pointed out.........they used case hardened thread forming screws.....(for anyone not familiar with these, there is a pilot hole in the soft aluminum casting, with an air power driver the thread forming screw, cuts into the metal and forms its own threads, saving time and money in manufacturing the assembly) there is little or no thread clearance. When a little salt laden moisture gets in the area, the screws just lock in place. The screws have 8-32 threads and it is pretty easy to snap off the hex head. I use carbide drills to get the broken part is a time consuming operation and the one thing you DON"T want to do is break off a carbide drill inside the screw. There are some appears that late replacement headlight motors were built differently......they either tapped the holes in the casting, used a different type of screw, or possibly lubricated the screws. Headlight motors with date codes a year or two later than the end of Reatta do not have a problem with the screws breaking. Unfortunately this is a small number of the motors I see.
  13. Barney Eaton

    1939 Spec/Cent running Brd brackets

    I have a 39 with Streamboards.........if anyone is interested I can take pictures and dimensions.
  14. Barney Eaton

    Stuck bolts

    Vincent......where have you been? I like your list. I just run across another list that someone sent me, the source is Machinist's Workshop magazine (april--june 2007) It list the product and the amount of torque needed to break them loose. On other details how long they let the product set on the screws/bolts None/nothing...........516 # WD-40.......................238# PB Blaster.................214# Liquid Wrench.........127# Kano Kroil................106# ATF-Acetone mix......53# I suggest you try different ones and see what works for you. I have used all of them on frozen headlight motor screws and in some cases plus heat and have yet to find something that will free them.
  15. Barney Eaton

    Stuck bolts

    There is a Utube test and that guy found Liquid Wrench did the best job, with acetone/automatic transmission fluid mixture second. Heat also works pretty good