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  1. I stand corrected on the amount in a yard.......... 81 sq ft 4 in thick is correct. Also on the storage do cities and counties assess these covers for storage containers?
  2. November 2019 Hemmings Classic Cars had an editorial by editor Richard Lentinello called "Desired Undesirables" He list 8 cars that a few years ago he would not have considered owning and the Reatta is one of them. (The other cars were, Buick GN, Cadillac Eldorado Touring coupe, Chevrolet Citation X-11, Dodge Caravan, Mazda RX-7, Oldsmobile Trofeo, Volkswagen GTI) You need to read the entire article to get to reasons. Jump ahead to March 2020 Hemming Classic Cars and Dan Tyransky of Chesterland OH responded in letters to the editors.....telling about the 1990 (red/tan) Reatta convertible that he just purchased from his aunt's neighbor in Ft Myers FL. He references the Nov articles and tell how pleased is with the Reatta. They even included a photo of Dan's convertible..... little things like this help keep the car in print for other car collectors and help them realize there are good collectable cars out there that are quite reasonable to purchase.
  3. Dave is giving you good info........... the rear struts (part of the rear suspension) has the shock built in and on your Riviera there is a built in airbag within the strut.......this makes it difficult to switch to something like air bags. You could get under the car with some soapy water and check the connections for leaks. The pump assembly is located on top of the rear suspension so everything is there if you want to check it out.......replacement struts with air assist are no problem to find if you want to install new, but you leak might be in the line or the pump assembly. The 1986 - 1993 Riviera is a step sister to the Reatta and share lots of parts and problems. Jump over to the Reatta discussion and you can pick up lots of info about your Riviera.
  4. Thanks for the reply.......reread your early post and now I understand the site prep. Did you purchase the building as a "package" looks great, are you going to insulate? I have also looked into using metal shipping containers for a base and span them with some sort of trusses while they are pretty cheap, their size limits your options.
  5. I agree with Hal, 2 quarts is usually safe. DOT 4 has better specs than DOT 3 but if you live in a high humidity area you should be changing it every 2-4 years unless you get a good deal on DOT 4 why spend the extra $$
  6. What is concrete selling for these days? What are they charging per yard for finishing? a yard should give you 243 sq ft of concrete 4 inches thick. If it is $100 per yard, that is only 41 cents a sq ft. That does not take in footing and labor, earlier you said the size is 35 X 56 (1960 sq ft) and you have $13,5 in the concrete that is $6.90 a sq ft including the forming, foundation, reinforcing etc...... My daughter is thinking about a detached garage so I have been doing some estimating for that.... we don't need much foundation as the freeze line is inches.... the $$$ just keep adding up.
  7. I suggest you make an appointment with your Dr. Doesn't sound like you are making rational decisions.
  8. Art Kaufman was a BCA technical advisor for Reattas for several years. He pass away at least 10 years ago and his son has handled the cars and parts since his passing. We often talked on the phone but I never met him in person. I hope they can move the parts and cars..... I often think about the future of my "stuff", I don't have that many Reatta parts, but I have lots of NOS Corvair stuff, literature, car books, etc. This is a dilemma for anyone that has accumulated hobby stuff over their lifetime.
  9. The car is not in the database, so there is no record of earlier mileage readings. Robert Casey booklet says there were only 10 in that combination made with a black top. Jim Finn is at the auction and may have some input on it.
  10. Here is info from a very recent post. 2 Member Members 2 33 posts Report post Posted Friday at 04:40 PM I called Spinning wheels (352) 209-4349, a company down in Florida, and said they have them and will have them until long after nobody wants them. They are $175 - no shipping fee. I specifically asked if they are meant for the TEVES II, and the individual on the phone said they are. They are new non NOS. That number is good for texting also. Ill be purchasing one soon.
  11. All this shows several Reatta owners have been looking at options....... If someone could pull that flex line from a Range Rover that would be a step to see if it screws into the Reatta pump housing. Also what type of fitting is on the accumulator end of the line. I have never seen a Range Rover at the pick-n-pull here.
  12. The BCA (Buick Club of America) is also a good source of information and parts. In our latest Roster there are 54 people in Australia that belong to the BCA and another 29 living in New Zealand. We often have one or two of them attend the BCA National meet in the US......looking for cars and parts. Mike Hanning in New Zealand is a regular attendee
  13. This is the first step in designing/building a remote accumulator. I found this "banjo" fitting on a Nissan transmission. As you can see it has the correct threads to fit into the factory accumulator port.
  14. First it is good to know that Spinning Wheels is still in business and has the accumulators. Theirs work but pretty sure you must put washers under the cross brace so it does not hit their accumulator. It might be a neat trick to get a extra cross brace and modify it so it fits without the washers.
  15. All this time we worried that you were snowed -in - Duluth.