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  1. 10 years back I made some using some semi ridged plumbing tubing I found at the home improvement store. I was afraid it would collapse so I filled the center with urethane...also had to take a slice off the outside diameter as it was 1/2 inch. They were very tough, never broke but they would compress and come out triangular shape.....they would then have a little slop but they were very tough.
  2. Reatta production stopped May 16 1991 1991 Reatta production was not a full year....from the last week of November to May 16 is just under 6 months. A total of 1519 vehicles were built........1214 coupes, 305 convertibles (roughly 247 convertibles were titled) the remaining 58 convertibles were either donated to tech schools or scrapped. The "exact" number of titled convertibles can vary depending on the final fate of the car........some cars documented as "scrapped" have surfaced as titled, with significant mileage via CarFax
  3. Thanks to Tom Benvie we have complete info for every 1991....... That file will be at soon if it is not already there. Your Burgundy coupe has standard grey seats....the CD player option. black side molding, pinstripe delete option and it was built on Novermber 30 1990 For several reasons, 1991 production did not start at the normal August-September time..........the first production 1991 Reattas were built the last week of Novermber 1990 Have no idea what the original owner meant by "last one on the lot" might be the last one on that dealers lot, but it may have been sitting there for some time. It was built in a batch of Burgundy (Dark Garnet Red Metallic) Reattas starting with 900062 thru 900071
  4. This info on these cars was sent to me just before leaving for the meet in OK City. I know nothing about the car......the seller can send pictures 1988 coupe looks silver in car ....hit a deer, 1989 red/tan coupe with sunroof........157k 1990 red/tan coupe 16 way seat, 194k on car, 16K on motor Cars are in Altus owner at 580-471-2757
  5. The originals and some of the replacements are molded. I have used several different versions and the machined nylon or delrin seem to last longer.
  6. There have been discussion about models of the Reatta and most owners are familiar with the large red plastic Reatta model. Those are on Ebay most of the time. Last week at the OK City meet I had some discussion with Buick parts vendors that had various Buick model cars and one had one of the Pewter Reatta models. He also had a model that few have seen. It is slightly larger than the pewter Reatta model but painted silver and detailed. I discovered the model several years ago when a fellow in my town contacted me and mentioned he worked on the early Reatta prototypes with Hawtal - Whiting in England. at the conclusion of the development, Hawtal -Whiting gave these models to the GM/Buick people that worked with them on the program. Here are some photos of the Hawtal -Whiting model and a pewter Reatta model is in some of the pictures for size comparison. Note the Hawtal -Whiting model is very detailed...even has a red pinstripe and center in the hub caps. Note that the model with the dark base has a presentation plaque showing it was given the Hugh Bolan....the one the vendor had in OK City has a lighter wood base and the plaque is missing. Also the one that Hugh has is in better condition... I am pretty sure the Hawtal - Whiting model is much rarer than the pewter model but we do not know how many or either were made. Now that I have all the pictures together, the car on the dark base looks silver....the car on the lighter base looks driftwood colored...
  7. The convertible visor clip has one screw you can get the second screw out you must unfasten the front of the top and move it back enough to get to the screws that hold the black plate at the top of the windshield. After removing that plate (it goes completely across the top of the windshield) you can get to the screw on the inside that holds the second visor screw. Helpful hints..........the inside screw is going thru some fairly thin plastic and sometimes pulls thru so you do not need to remove the top plate to remove the visor clip but to reinstall a new visor clip you must take off that top plate. To help avoild the inside screw from pulling thru the plastic add a washer to reinforce ....if it has pull thru you must add some sort of washer or the screw will not hold.....the washer (reinforcement) can be metal or plastic but you need something that is tougher than the thin plastic it is mounted on. The sketch below gives you an idea
  8. Had a great time at OK City.......the turn out was small, less than 200 total Buicks. I did not get a count on the Reatta but there was only 1 in 400 point judging and 3 or 4 in Archival. My friend Joe Atkinson from Dallas decided to leave for home on Saturday morning so he did not show his car. Good to see Dave, Ed, Jim, Jerry Richstein, Sid Meyer (has my wifes 1991 convertible) Bill Landers, March Barker, Martel & Anne Gibson, Elizabeth Lane & husband, Mike Glaz & Paul Gomberg from Houston. Not all of them drove Reatta....Jim Finn drove a 1939 Special coupe with V8 engine. I probably missed a couple of people. First time since belonging to the Buick club that I did not judge Reattas. Wednesday after visiting the bombing memorial in downtown OK City we were headed back to the hotel on I-40 and someone lost the frame to a recumbent bike on the road...could not avoid it and it got caught under the Enclave. Poked a hole in the LF tire the size of a golf ball, broke the grill and tore a hole in the front bumper (plastic) the size of a couple of tennis balls. The Buick dealer inspected and said it was not damaged underneath (today I looked and a plastic shield for the front of the gas tank is badly damaged) Discount Tire found a matching tire and it only took them 2+ hours of waiting to get that on. I did not take any pictures but my daughter did so I will share those when she sends them to me.
  9. Don't know if it is apples and oranges, but there have been gas and electric golf carts for years.......each has it's application. All electric might become the norm in metropolitan areas where you only need 100 mile range (can you visualize all the charging station needed for an apartment complex) Most experts think that the metropolitan areas will also be the domain of the self driving vehicles (which will also be electric) There is a large area of the country that gas will be the plains states, all electric is not going to work unless they can get closer to a 200 mile range AND be able to do 100% charging in 8 hours or less. If you live on the East coast, you may not realize that the distance between towns in the plains is usually a long way, so when the rancher need grocerys he may be driving 100 miles plus to get far Amazon is not delivering bales of hay
  10. Something to think about.......the unit looks like it is for a single seat (buckets) But there were not many cars with bucket seats in 66-67, so could it be for the drivers side of a 60-40 seat arrangement?
  11. Pete.........looks like you and your group have done a great job of planning this meet. Looking forward to another great Buick show.
  12. I will look tomorrow to see if I can get some pictures of how things are put together. I do have the attached photo that shows there is a bracket on the pipe and the unit is on it, not sure exactly how it is attached but seem to remember there are plastic studs that are hot melted... on the ones I repaired, I cut off the plastic and when I reassembled just used some screws. the second picture is a good wiper......they are made of very thin brass.....the thin areas are what break.......but other GM cars use the same part. If you are lucky, they may just have a dirty coating and careful cleaning will bring them back....but you still must take the unit apart to get to all the areas that need attention.
  13. What measurements do you need? Inside the tank the Reatta is the same as a Riviera, Seville, and Eldorado. However outside even the Reatta was different some years. convertibles was different than coupes The part(s) that fail are the wiper and the resistance winding.
  14. Our plan is to enter I-35 at exit 261....bring it up to 70 and hit the cruise control. Waco, Ft Worth, Denton and points north.......daughter and son-in-law coming with us and with a little luck will be at the hotel around 6pm. Will be driving a Buick but it will be a 2017.
  15. Must be a dealer out there somewhere installing those special Redneck A/C units......saw this one in Kissimmee FL