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  1. GENEG

    Boneyard 88

    Yes, I did mean the trunk lock cylinder. Mine is ok, but in reading thru postings, it sounded like something to have as a spare. My antenna works fine, my dash/defroster panel (base of windshield) is fine & maf works well. I just grabbed things that looked good to have on hand. Also got 1 wheel center cap & the owners manual. I'll probably go back on Saturday to harvest more. I'll pull the front & rear turn signals & the fog lights as well as headlight parts as spares. The clapped out interior is the 88, NOT my 90! Are the relays, brake switch, dimmer switch worth grabbing or are they the same?
  2. GENEG

    Boneyard 88

    I just found an 88 Reatta at a salvage yard. I grabbed a working antenna, dash/defroster panel, & and maf sensor. What else should I pursue for my "new" to me 1990? The interior is pretty clapped out, its been converted to a std master cylinder & the trunk cylinder is removed. Thanks
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