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  1. Thanks, @Scott Bonesteel and @keiser31. Really interesting. The earlier photos in the thread show that the license plate frame does indeed say "San Diego." A really obsessed person might try to trace the plate number and see who it belonged to. Sounds like a trip to San Diego to see both museums would be worth considering.
  2. Thanks to the ID of this photo as a 1927 Chrysler 80 from the knowledgeable folks in this thread, I was finally able to find a contemporary publication of the photo. It appeared in several newspapers after Lindbergh's historic flight (as well as in Italian magazine ads for Chrysler). This was from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on June 12, 1927. It was probably put out by Chrysler PR people but was not identified as an ad. The text remains the same across several newspapers, with slight editing. Thanks for helping me solve this mystery!
  3. Didn't know about museum burning. That's a shame.
  4. Thanks for the detail about the doors and bumpers.
  5. Great information! Thank you so much. I hadn't noted the windshield frame or visor until you pointed it out and that's a great detail about the doors. I really deep dive might trace the license plate to ID the owner, but that's a project for a long retirement. As an aside, a reporter from the San Diego Union did a story on a Stutz that Lindbergh allegedly owned: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/lifestyle/people/story/2019-12-02/lindbergh-car-stutz-collector
  6. This photograph is of Charles Lindbergh and (I think) a Chrysler at what I suspect is the San Diego airfield. I'm looking for the year and model of the car in the picture. The photo likely hung in my grandfather's Chrysler dealership in the 1920s-30s. I have no idea where he might have acquired it from. A photography expert confirmed it as a vintage print dating from the 1920s, and an official at the Lindbergh house museum in Minnesota said she'd never seen this particular photograph but that it was Lindbergh in it. Thanks for the help! Jay
  7. Thanks to your lead, kaiser31, I was able to find this other photo online of the car and King and Queen riding up the West Side Highway in New York. https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2013/11/the-1939-new-york-worlds-fair/100620/#img16 Scroll down to photo 16. The photo I posted is from their visit to the World's Fair in Queens. Thanks again for your help!
  8. Thanks in advance for help on this. My family had a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership from 1926 through 1969 and when I was going through my dad's storage space after he died, I found this photo. I suspect it may have been a promotional shot that the corporation sent him. On the back, it's marked "Eugene White 2-29-1940." Does anybody have an idea of what it might be a photo of and of the make and model of the Chrysler pictured?
  9. Ha! I often wish I were closer to Oregon, too!
  10. Thanks to all the experts here for help. I recently inherited a 1932 Plymouth PB sedan from my dad, a former Chrysler-Plymouth dealer in Arkansas (he left the business in 1969). It sat in covered storage for some 30 years (part of that time with a guy who I think wanted to turn it into a hot rod; thankfully he didn't get very far, just some bad paint and inappropriate headlights). It's now with me and I've left it with two different local hobbyists in Arkansas, who let it sit and couldn't get to it for various reasons. Now, I just want to find a professional to 1) get it in good running sha
  11. Thank you, guys, for your very helpful comments. I'll have to give this some thought about how I want to proceed.
  12. Hi all, I inherited a 1932 Plymouth PB from my dad and am trying to decide what to do with it. The background is this: my dad and grandad owned a Chrysler - Plymouth dealership in Arkansas that opened in 1925 and closed in 1969. I know that they owned this car since the 1950s, as we use to drive it on Sundays when I was a kid. My dad turned it over to a guy for restoration about 25 years ago, lost track of it as he got older, and about three years ago I recovered it from this guy, who had painted it and seemed to be wanting to turn it into a hot rod (but didn't get very far, except putting odd
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