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  1. Slightly related to this post..... I use stainless steel screws. Just hate to see a collectable vehicle of any age with nice license plates and rusty old screws.
  2. The top Texas plate is the "official" example at the DOT office. The one I am holding below it is the color of the plates before I repainted them, and they had been approved by DOT for use on another 39 Buick before I purchased them.... so each office seems to have their own color opinion. I have a soft cover book published by the Texas DOT "The History of Texas License Plates" 80th anniversary edition and for the color description for the 1939 plates, they list the main color as Yellow-orange and the lettering is done in Bluish purple.
  3. I restored Texas 1939 plates and would not say I got a hard time..... just poorly trained people. There is a wall of plates at a DOT building in Austin, so I took one of my previously repainted plates to that building and held mine next to the "official" plate on display. They were pretty close in color but I was going to try for a better match.... after buying several shake cans of (yellow-orange) paint I settled on one that would work. Now with the restored plate I went in to register. I also had a photo of the "official" plate at DOT. It took a few phone calls
  4. There is a relay for the right front and one for the left front. by pulling and switching the relays..... you can confirm the relay is bad...... or maybe just had a bad contact.
  5. There may be people on this forum that have a good door panel. Tan is the most common interior ..... 88-89 door panels are the same....... 90-91 door panels are the same. What year and color is your interior.
  6. The original GM part number = 25528382 That is a starting place when you search..... if the seller refers to that part number their accumulator will likely interchange. I would demand they take it back if it does not fit. The original had metric threads........ some accumulators have US standard pipe threads, as 2seater noted some of the replacements work fine but are dimensionally different. there is an advantage to a larger unit but there are limits. Adding the washers is an easy fix.........if you wanted to modify the cross brace that would also be easy to do.
  7. RELAY.........located in the underhood relay box.
  8. First that is a very good picture of the early 1991 oil filter .... note the (plastic) tray under it that catches the oil that spills and funnels it to one drip location. I always changed mine from the top... but you cannot change it that way when the engine is hot or you burn your arm on the exhaust.. also watch out for screws sticking out of the firewall. Never had it so tight I needed a tool.
  9. I agree with most everything said above........... with a few comments. * some of the newer electronic chargers will not charge a dead battery...... you need an old charger that had little or no smart electronics. * most maintainers will not charge a low battery...... they maintain a fully charged battery. * the new electronic maintainers are a great thing to have on an old car..... they will keep the car ready to drive. * prices are all over the place for the electronic maintainers.... don't think the high priced ones are necessarily the best. .... just someone making m
  10. I drove past this museum several times always thinking I would stop next time. Then when on a BDE tour we went to the museum and I say it is really worth stopping for a visit. As noted by Paul.... there is more than a car collection... motorcycles, Case knives, pedel cars, train stuff. golf clubs..... two floors of interesting collections.
  11. I am not home where I can decode your ID plates.... from the photos, the car shown is a Corsa not a Monza. It will say Corsa at the rear of the front fender and the model emblem is in front of the rear wheel. A Monza would have the Monza emblem low on the front fender behind the wheel. The 140 hp 4 carb engine was standard on the Corsa and an option on a Monza. The Corsa will have a different dash with a tach, speedometer and 4 gages.... Monza dash does not have a tach unless someone put one in the center where the optional clock would be.
  12. check with local body shops ..... many of the wheel rebuilders pick up and deliver wheels to body shops
  13. Really like the idea of using vinyl....
  14. You can probably get new rollers.......however when you get the part out to replace the rollers, you can probably slowly work them and add lube, and get the originals working faster than you can replace them.... the only reason to replace is if they are cracked, broken or have flat spot worn on them
  15. Unless I am way off..... Buicks had torque tube drive system and did not use this type of U joint.
  16. I use fishing line to hold the brushes in the holder so the motor armature can be installed. Maybe not in the same way ......... I will post a picture when I get home. I also made a sheet metal tool that holds the brushes in place but the fishing line works better for me and is faster.
  17. My post on Tuesday is INCORRECT...... I corrected/changed the info in that post.... please reread the Tuesday post. I am not home where I can get into my reference material and post a sketch of my wiring idea
  18. With the insulation in the blower fan..... you need to check the input side of the evaporator... it may be covered with crud also affecting your air flow. Not at home so I cannot attach pictures showing access to evaporator.
  19. Looks like you are over thinking the schematic Using the GM antenna relay, a single ON/OFF switch should work. Run a hot at all time wire with fuse to position "4" of the relay. That will lower the antenna when no power is going to terminal "6" From the switch run a wire to position "6" of the relay...that picks the relay which reverses the polarity and the antenna will go UP.... If you are using a Delco Slimline antenna, the motor will automatically stop when the mast is fully extended and open the connection...no current is drawn. When you turn the switch OFF the relay i
  20. 1960 and '70 power antenna in GM cars should look similar to this.... metal motor housing about the size of a soup can. Around 1980 GM started using Delco Slimline power antenna that have a plastic housing and have 3 wires... there will be a relay in the wiring somewhere, it might be under the dash, on the firewall or on rear mount cars it is on the mast. I am also including the wiring diagram for the 3 wire system with the relay. There was also an odd-ball antenna (Delco) used on some GM cars between 1977 - 79 (last picture) it has a cast gear
  21. Below is the schematic for 1990 fans. The ECM get input from the temp sensor and controls the fans. You might have a bad relay.
  22. What year and month was the Hot Rod article....... I have a stack of old Hot Rod Magazines.
  23. Here is an idea of what you might need......... GM used these in lots of transmissions, probably interchangeable. Color coded for the different number of teeth. Obviously the one on the far right is for a different transmission.
  24. For any new Reatta owners reading this post.... there were 3 different headlight switches used during the 4 years of production. 1988-89 Same switch and it was also used on the same year Riviera that did not have the twilight-sentinel. 1990 is a one year only switch..... it is the only one with the fog light switch at the bottom 1991 is similar to 1990 but the fog light sw was moved to the front of the center console and in it place twilight-sentinel was added. Riviera 1990 - 1993 used the same headlight switch if the Riviera had the extra cost twilight-sentinel.
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