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  1. Disclaimer: this is the same outcome repsonse as ROJ forum topic of the same name Checked out the engine struts and mounts. They were okay. The car was lifted and revealed that the transmission was worked on/upgraded by a previous owner. Thicker/stiffer springs are most likely the culprit of the slight jerk. Totally normal and harmless as far as one can tell.
  2. A little halarious that they want $3500 and are displaying it on a floor mat 🤣🤣🤣
  3. I know now that I should just be more patient, I am learning that responses sometimes take a few days. And it is my pleasure to share any and all knowledge I find, so that new Reatta lovers like myself have all the information they need to restore these beautiful automobiles to their former glory! Can't imagine restoring this car without the resources you guys have built! 🙏🏽
  4. Update: I was able to track down a "General Motors Red" engine paint by Seymour. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Seymour-EN-59-Hi-Tech-Paint-General/dp/B0088LVBUQ
  5. Won't happen again. Didn't mean any disrespect to the community!
  6. For anyone in the future looking into this red lettering as well, apparently there's a "universal bright red" engine paint color that pretty much every company offers. I am going with VHT, but I saw the same color offered by Duplicolor, eastwood, rust-oleum, etc. Just make sure it's engine paint so it withstands the high temperatures.
  7. Thank you for the tips I will definitely take my time!
  8. @DAVES89 Apologies, I didn't mean to agitate anyone. I actually posted to the other site yesterday and didn't get any responses (until just now, a few minutes ago) so I tried this forum earliertoday. I didn't think reaching out for help on different platforms would be problematic for some members of the community, but I am new and I guess I shouldn't have overreached. Won't happen again! Sorry 😐
  9. Yes my engine is the same 1988 variation pictured above
  10. The paint has faded a little on my engine cover lettering. I looked through the archives but couldn't find the specific red paint code. Anyone know the code? Also, what products/techniques have you found best for cleaning the engine superficially? (Not my engine pictured, it's an example found on google)
  11. Caliper arrived 2 days ahead of schedule, brake pads arrived on schedule, both as intended with no damage. I will say there was quite a gap in the tracking, where nothing was updated for several days. But that's on FedEx. Overall good experience, and although I have read about many frustrations with Rockauto, I will probably give them my business again. Just remember to double check and be sure of the part you are ordering!
  12. If you want to stick with AC Delco, here are the links for the rear calipers/ brake pads: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=889758&cc=1019898 https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=9853308&cc=1019898
  13. I ended up taking my chances on rockauto. The caliper arrived safely and ahead of schedule, and the brake pads are scheduled to arrive tomorrow (fingers crossed, will post update). Yes, shipping is definitely something to be accounted for with rockauto, as they do not refund it and will also have you pay shipping if you have to return an item. Be sure to be 100% positive on the part you need!
  14. Did anyone ever end up buying this engine?
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