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  1. Are you looking for turbo or non-turbo, or does it matter? Thanks Alan Oldfield #15140
  2. Thanks for your generous offer, Bob. I will defer to lancemb - it if turns up, he has a better plan for it. Hope that it does. Thanks again to all! Alan
  3. Yes, Bob, I can't bring myself to toss it. In case someone can use it, and I know how hard it was to find a nice one years ago when I had my '57...so I will keep it for a while longer. I just want it to go to a good home rather than the landfill. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts! Alan
  4. Thanks Pete, John S and lancemb - this is good insight. Alan
  5. I have a used bumper end that came off my '57 Roadmaster back in 1979 when I purchased it. It is rusted through around the exhaust tip end, as many of them did. Is this restorable? I have no use for it, but if these can be restored I would try to sell if for a reasonable sum so it could help put another '57 back into service. Thanks for your insights! Alan Oldfield #15140
  6. This is not a big item but I am looking for a retainer for the trunk upholstery for my newly-acquired 90 convertible. I just put in a rebuilt power antenna (thanks to Barney) and when putting the upholstery back in place I discovered one of the retainers is missing. It's gray, about an inch long, about 1 1/4 across the top, and screws in. Can anyone recommend a source or have a couple to sell? Thanks Alan Oldfield BCA 15140 Rdiv 2251
  7. I am working on a 1999 project car. I would like to find a 95-99 parts car in the midwest. Any leads? I would like it to be fairly complete, not rusty. I need a variety of miscellaneous items and thought getting a mostly complete parts car would be the best way to go. I appreciate any tips! Alan Oldfield ROA#800
  8. For Sale: Rear spoiler from 1989 LeSabre T type. This was recently removed from my black '89 LeSabre T Type. It is in excellent, used, condition. This spoiler just recently developed a very small "bump" on the top, so I replaced it with an NOS. However, this used spoiler is a great piece to replace the old spoiler on your LeSabre T if it has developed a number of "bubbles" from age and wear. If you own a LeSabre T, you are familiar with how the spoilers warp over time. This one should serve you well on a driver LeSabre T for some time. See the last photo which shows the small bubble it has de
  9. Hello! The results from the recent Board of Directors election results are as follows, as released today by our CPA firm of Pusateri and Co: Here are the results: John Steed 674 Jack Welch 647 Larry Schramm 638 Sidney Meyer 613 Brett Gordon, CPA Perks Pusateri & Company, CPAs 137-B Commerce Park Drive Westerville, OH 43082 Phone: 614-392-7800 Fax: 614-392-7801 Congratulations to new BOD members John Steed, Jack Welch and Larry Schramm, who will fill the 3 seats in this elect
  10. Looking for advice on replacing power antenna on '99 Riv. Motor is not running. My mechanic says the Delco part number is discontinued. Any recommendations for a good replacement that looks right and fits right? Thanks Alan Oldfield ROA#800
  11. I think I have a blown speaker on the passenger side door in my '99 Riv with Concert Sound II. Anyone have advice on getting a replacement speaker(s)? Source? Hard to find or not? Thanks Alan Oldfield ROA #800
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