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  1. You are a GREAT help! Many thanks!!! Alan
  2. Thank you Matt. I read through the replies, and they were very enlightening! Now another question - if I remove the pump, how do I get re-flash? Thanks!
  3. Looking for an air pump for '96 Roadmaster with LT1 5.7 Liter V-8. No supplier appears to have them available, and wondering if anyone has experience or recommendations on how to get one? My mechanic has not yet diagnosed if the problem is the air pump or the relay, but figured I better start looking for an air pump in case we need one. Thank you! Alan Oldfield BCA #15140
  4. Thank you! I'm certain you are correct!!
  5. Looking for help in identifying or remembering whose signature is on this poster? Three Buick execs signed these posters at the '93 BCA national if I recall. I can identify Larry Gustin and Ed Mertz, but not the third one. I'm sure someone will remember who the third person was. Thank you! Alan Oldfield BCA 15140
  6. Thanks again to everyone for their counsel and insight...my dad had 3 or 4 Roadmaster sedans back in the day, and fought the same problem, so it's new to me. But this car is nice enough to warrant keeping up the fight to keep them on. I appreciate everyone's feedback! Alan
  7. I recently picked up a nice 96 Roadmaster Estate Wagon. Does anyone know of a source for the rubber trim molding pieces that go around the beltline? These are notorious for becoming loose and falling off, so the previous owner used machine screws on a couple of pieces to hold them. So, he kept the pieces from falling off, but yikes! sheet metal screws?? I would like to replace the pieces that were screwed on. Thanks for any help in tracking these down. Already looked on ebay. Alan Oldfield BCA #15140
  8. Hello! A friend is hoping to find someone in the Detroit/Flint area who would be willing to look over a '75 Regal that he is considering purchasing. Car is in the Pontiac area. I am helping him by posting this on the forum, since he is not (yet!) a BCA member. He is willing to compensate for your time and effort. If you can help him out, reach out to him directly. His name is Alan (different Alan, not me) at 815/519-8510. Thanks for your help. Maybe we can bring a new member and new Buick into the Club. Alan Oldfield BCA 15140
  9. Looking for new carpet for '99 Riviera. Does anyone have experience replacing carpet? Where did you get it? Any suggestions/recommendations appreciated! Alan Oldfield ROA #800
  10. I am looking for recommendations for a reliable, reasonably priced transport company. Hope to ship a running parts car from North Carolina to Iowa. Probably open trailer since this is not a show car. Does anyone have experience or recommendation based on their own experience? Thanks
  11. I am looking to buy a rust free hood for a project 1999 Riv...I think that all years 95-99 hoods are interchangeable, but wanted to check with people smarter than I to make sure of that. Thanks! Alan Oldfield ROA 800
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