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  1. We have several entities and private individuals that have committed to donating to the Sloan Museum's adopt a car. We are adopting the Buick Bug in memory of Joe Taubitz. If you are interested in contributing please contact me at buickracer@comcast.net .
  2. Sounds good, Dave. His last BCA Meet was 2009 in Colorado Springs with Bernice, Lois Jensen and me in the 1969 Sportwagon and we did the after tour too!
  3. it is with great sadness and respect that "The Old Guy"(here on the forum) aka Joe Taubitz BCA #3108 till his resignation in 2009 and Buick Driving Enthusiast #1 went to the big garage on January 5, 2020. Here's the obituary. http://www.sharpfuneralhomes.com/notices/Joe-Taubitz Suggestion for tribute http://sloanlongway.org/adopt-a-car-listing/ Buick Bug
  4. The Sloan Museum is closed for big renovations, but they have started this Adopt a Car thing, I just heard about from my sister. Check it out. http://sloanlongway.org/adopt-a-car-listing/
  5. May 13-16, 2020 Bowling Green, KY GSX Reunion at GS Nationals GS Club of America Founder and GS Nationals Director Richard Lasseter, along with veteran GSCA member Roberta Vasilow, are inviting all owners of 1970-1972 Buick GSX models to celebrate the car’s 50th Anniversary at the GS Nationals in 2020. All GSXs are welcome, from patina-laden originals to full concours restorations. The GS Nationals takes place May 14-16, 2020, at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky; the car show date is Friday, May15. To get in on the fun, write to Roberta, the GSX reunion coordinator, at buickracer@comcast.net. For More information: http://www.gsnationals.com/race_and_show.htm Membership in the GSCA is encouraged but not necessary to attend, to join: Buickgsca.org
  6. https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0120-411583/1990-buick-reatta-convertible/ this one is too nice. Yesterday's was probably wrecked, had parts in the trunk and a bad repaint.
  7. OK what do you need? Doesn't cost any thing to ask, I agree with the zip code search,
  8. LOL! Bill, a 2 door Special or Century would fit better, though!
  9. Not mine! https://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/d/alpine-1938-buick-roadmaster/7042030457.html
  10. https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0120-394643/1990-buick-reatta-convertible/ anybody here know this car, miles, history, etc?
  11. You can go to our web page to see what we've been doing for the last 25 years, bde.buickclub.org
  12. I've seen that engine in real life several times. The dynaflow transmission wouldn't hold up so the idea was done, it's been on display at the powertrain headquarters, and several Buick club shows over the years.
  13. Check this place out http://www.everyday-performance.com/
  14. Unfortunately this is a problem, we had a similar deal going here with the college and the Back to the Bricks committee, and had to bail out too. but there are others that are doing a great job with students, what's the difference. location or leadership has to be one or the other, tell us more!