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  1. 1975 LeSabre Convertible - not mine
  2. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1932-buick-model-98-convertible-phaeton/
  3. You might want to look for this book: "A Place Called Buick - Second Edition" by Don Bent.
  4. Info coming soon, as we may have to juggle events. But more likely cancelled
  5. David, I may be able to track some down, did you buy a '64 E, I grew up riding, driving, work on one, email me buickracer@comcast.net
  6. Well, I just looked up my hotel reservations and they are canceled not by me?
  7. Couldn't reach the pedals til 1971 then they sold it for $75 bought in 1957 for $88 as second car for Dad, Mommy got the '56 Century 66R with no power steering she could beat him in arm wrestling from driving that car and picking us up etc!
  8. Pick a week next year and move it there, then move the rest out a year, gives a chance to enhance all meets, the rest of us can use the time to get our projects done and everybody can add their stuff to the fun, it's supposed to fun, right?
  9. Copy and paste: The STEEL CAPITAL CHAPTER is located in Pennsylvania. Its Director is Bruce Peters, BCA #3051, R. D. #4 Pearce Mill Rd., Wexford, PA 15090. The LONG ISLAND BUICK CHAPTER is located in New York. Its Director is Clifford Yates, BCA #2350, 511 First Ave., Bayport, New York 11 705 . Bruce, Cliff, and your Chapter Members: We are pleased to add your chapter names to our growing list. To all other BCA members who reside near these two locations who, at the present time do not belong to a chapter, please con tact either on e of these new Directors and join in with a new enthusiastic group of people.
  10. In the Presidents message http://www.buglesbuickclubs.org/1975/Buick_Bugle Jun_1975.pdf
  11. This has been a fun and interesting bunch posts, thanks to all that have commented. Here's mine, Dad got an offer of a job at IBM in Owego, NY in early 1957, their only car was a 1956 Century 66R they had bought used about the same time, the move to Owego from Poughkeepsie, NY was interesting with a 1 yr old and another on the way and not a lot of places to just move in, so we stayed in the motel for a few months till they found a house, unfinished, but the owners had a special needs child and were moving to FL where he could get better care.In the meantime, they needed another car so they found a 1938 Special and paid $88 for it. Slide up to 1971, 5 of us didn't fit in the 1964 Electra to well anymore and a '71 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser was in the driveway, cause the loaded '70 Estate Wagon cost too much. Of course the '38 was escorted to the backyard and one day or two by brother and i decided to see if we could play with it, we were told don't drive it around or over the septic tanks, so battery and jumper cables we put in first till we stalled it and put in reverse and stalled started it again from the battery in the wheelbarrow and we did this several times. Fast forward to 1977, I got a job in between college and grandmother with us, we went to the Buick store and found a 1976 Opel Isuzu, yellow with black stripes, stick shift and I needed a car, got it home in mom's name and we got almost home and had to go under the railroad bridge which is a stop light and mommy held the parking brake so i could let the clutch out and get up the hill, the rest is history, as JoeT gave me a heck of a lesson on shifting my '68 GS 400 Convertible, 4 speed, so look out.