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  1. https://www.tothakron.com/VehicleDetails/used-1996-Buick-Riviera-2dr_Cpe-Akron-OH/3505623193
  2. Sorry Pete, didn't find those pieces but a whole lot of other stuff I don't need, since I don't have a '56, but wait my brother has 2!
  3. Pete, I'll look in the Buick dungeon tomorrow and see if I have any of those pieces. the airplane I have to keep as I learned to drive aiming that down the road! LOL!
  4. Barney,discussed at length last week. here
  5. Steve, I looked through the '74 Fisher Body service manual today and it tells you how to take a right hand manual mirror off and put it back on, there's nothing in the chassis manual that i could find about mirrors. I'm thinking that it was a dealer installed option, as it was in earlier years and the directions to install were included separately, hopefully some one can help more.
  6. Still have the Winter 1988 copy, paypal $5 to buickracerAtCOMCAST.NET
  7. https://www.teambuick.com/reference/carbs/index.php
  8. Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race whooped on a '70 Chevelle SS, what fun!
  9. Not mine just showed up Here
  10. The cars Barney asked about were done by the special products group as shown in the Inside Buick Spring 1989, the story was also in a couple of magazines and at the GS Nationals in Bowling Green.
  11. Lower mileage, non rusty, reasonably priced, willing to travel for right car, prefer white or silver must have leather and AC that works. Thanks!
  12. Neither can't stand either one, and not moving anytime soon.