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  1. I also found it interesting in the new Roster to see the previous owner of a car I took possession of last week, listed under the year of car, as he passed away 2 yrs ago, but not listed as a member. Sometimes the wives keep the membership until it expires or if they are still interested renew it.
  2. Page 4 of the Roster or https://bca.cornerstonereg.com/
  3. Yes, only listed the first 3 cars of owners, for those of us with more than that, they are listed under the year and model, but..... I will continue to use the 'online' roster. I'm sure this was caused by the input from some to make the size of the font bigger for those with failing eyesight.
  4. Around the block for some REC gas and then to pick up the tire for the trailer that had a screw in it, then to the backyard to unload the tire. '68 GS 400 Convertible 4speed.
  5. Lamar, get with Bob Starzyk is on the BOD of the BCA now and is still the leader of the Modified Division, they hold no meetings, send out no newletters like Keith did, but maybe with some help they might. The modified class at the Nationals is still a viable class that Bob takes care with, email him
  6. 1967 GS400, convertible, automatic, AC, Red with red bucket seats and white top, engine rebuilt, much invested, $39,000 or BO Call Frank 5867704416
  7. there's also Kelsey Tire, who has the original molds for Goodyear tires and makes them with newer compounds, I have on both my GS'! And Russell Small advertises in the Buick Bugle as Rusted Tires can provide tires from Coker and Kelsey, and also sells Goodyear's new trailer tires.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2513635865535075
  9. As title says 73 Cutlass Front Bumper Guard Insert, the rubber for right side was an option, in GM boxes, as I have 2. $20 plus shipping from Michigan,
  10. HI Matt, email me the details and I will forward to my friend. buickracerATcomcast.net thanks!
  11. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2020/08/26/a-buick-century-caballero-is-the-first-post-war-car-to-win-the-aacas-zenith-award
  12. i tried to warn you when we talked on Thursday,, that I thought it could be possible, big congratulations!!
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