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  1. Hi Eric, there's a John Peters in the online Roster. https://bca.cornerstonereg.com/
  2. Local transmission repair facility looking for 1962 Buick manual transmission or parts anybody help??? Thanks!
  3. For more info on the car contact Jeff Lentz please leave message 412-373-1520 asking price$5000.00 mileage 93,000
  4. https://www.buickclub.org/the_buick_bugle_index/
  5. Tom, I tried it and it worked!! See how long it lasts!! Thanks, for the info!
  6. My new to me, 1998 Riv looks great, but the parking lights don't, I've looked around for replacements but NOS are hardly available and are going to do the same thing, so what's the best way to polish them? I have some from a '95 I parted out to practice on, Just wondering if anyone has found the best way to accomplish this, thanks, Roberta
  7. Brian, I don't think any of them will ever see your comment, they don't do forums. Just my $0.02.
  8. Have a friend looking for a 37 Special output shaft seal where might they look?? Thanks!
  9. An unopened envelope with 1968 Exploded Views of the automatic airconditioner found in the stash, I have never opened the envelope, $15 delivered to the swap meet in Auburn or $20 shipped.
  10. Some of it is heavy padded vinyl roof, exterior trim, white top, green bottom, 45/55 seat, 10D is 4th week of October, H is Flint, 097011 is the Fisher Body #. Not sure what the 4E and the L are for. Hope that helps a little, I have actual order sheets for that car, and price sheets.
  11. You might also email the Sloan Museum as they also have records from Buick,https://sloanlongway.org/about-perry-archives/
  12. They cashed my check for the swap-o-meet, a couple weeks after I sent it! Look for me and the "Mouth of the South" Bruce and Shar in the swap area!
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