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  1. Thank you any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi my name is Brian Hunter , I am restoring my dads 68 Buick convertible GS 400 convertible it is a family air Lomé he wanted to do it himself but he never was able to , he died of Alzheimer’s so I am trying do this for him and the family . I have another hard top I am doing also when I am finished both cars are going to be shown and used for weddings never will be sold . I am having a real problem finding parts and it is very stressful lol . I need a trunk lid now but a host of other parts down the road . Thanks Brian
  3. Could you give me an address in flint I will try an arrange something Thanks Brian Hunter
  4. If you can ship them I will pay for the trunk lids plus shipping
  5. I am restoring a 68 Buick convertible that was my dads...his dream was too restore it but he passed away from Alzheimer’s...I am doing it to honour him and hand down to my son. It is in the paint shop now but they are telling me I need a new trunk
  6. Hi I am in kitchener Ontario Canada a 69 would do perfect
  7. My 68 GS 400 convertible needs a trunk lid does anyone have one for sale please Brian Hunter
  8. I have two 68 Buick Gs 400’s one convertible and a hard top , I live in kitchener Ontario Canada . I am restoring both cars at the moment