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  1. Hi Marzy: Not sure of the Corvette part number, but if you are going to all the trouble to convert the master cylinder, I would strongly consider adding a vacuum booster.
  2. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick Marty. Nice going !!!
  3. Brian: Since I am the guy that writes the minutes, I can say that no non elected BOD members are voting on BOD business. The list of motions and voting record as shown in the minutes , since the BOD was elected clearly shows who has voted and what their vote was. I am totally confused as to how anyone could say different. An Assistant treasures was appointed, but that individual does not participate in voting and has not participated in BOD business. President Steed has felt that a back up position should be in place as an insurance policy, for key positions . The key BOD members are President. (automatically backed up by a Vice President) & Treasurer (now backed up by an Assistant Treasurer) . The Assistant Treasurer is a non voting position. not sure where the confusion comes from.
  4. Brian : Beating up on management with out ascertaining all the facts would also never have been tolerated, No one outside of the BOD voles on any issue.
  5. The minutes for November and December are posted on the BCA web site. Not sure what happened before with the minutes shown as 11/20/2019. That has been corrected and they are now on the web site.
  6. Thanks for the good thought. Actually, I am not sure why they are outside of the members only section , but the only questions I get about the minutes come from the Forum. BTW, I think the minutes for November and December should be up and posted on the Web today or tomorrow.
  7. I would guess, he was just a better Secretary than I am. Not that anyone ever appreciated his efforts at the time. The bottom line is that John D was one of the best Secretaries this club ever had, and we have had a lot of good ones.
  8. Actually, it was the October minutes that were published last. They got out of order on the listing, but they are (and have been ) there. Sept is on top and Oct right under them
  9. The minutes of the teleconference of 11/20/2019 have also been posted on the BCA website.
  10. The minutes for the BOD teleconference of 10/17/2019 have been posted on the BCA web site.
  11. For a great movie featuring some vintage Buicks, watch Humphrey Bogart in "They Drive by Night"
  12. As a sitting BOD member, I can assure all that there is no intent to limit who runs for the BOD. The only intent in having Pete do this is to give all BCA members a chance to see where candidates stand . A standard set of questions gives all the opportunity to make an educated vote. Please keep in mind that many BCA members do not have any personal knowledge of any of the candidates. They have to make a decision based on the "bio" they see in the Bugle. It was my feeling in voting to have Pete do this , that more BCA'ers may vote, if they had a better knowledge of who they were voting for. Thanks fro dong this Pete and I think your use of the forum to be your "committee" is an excellent idea.
  13. Looking fro a 215 CI bell housing (standard shift) and flywheel. I am doing this for a friend .