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  1. The minutes of the 1/2/2019 teleconference have been posted on the BCA web site.
  2. Matt: As a point of information, the full transcription is available to any BCA member in good standing, by private messaging me or emailing me. Just know it is a transcript , unedited and not minutes. As they say, it contains more information than most of us care about it, but BCA Board meetings have always been open . the minutes are really the only way to convey the BOD actions to the Club with "open Floor" email discussion.
  3. The BOD minutes for the Jan 6 Teleconference will be posted on Monday. As an FYI, the minutes for that period are a contested issue. The vote to approve was 3 for , 4 against and 1 abstention. As Secretary I asked President Alan Oldfield to override the NO votes as out of order, per Robert's Rules. a NO vote can not be cast with out a reason. Reasons were brought up following the vote, but not during the discussion period. The reason (all the same) was some BOD members had wanted the entire telecast published. In my opinion, the telecast was the meeting, not the minutes. It also contained material counter (in my opinion ) to what is actually allowed in minutes. I think it is important to note, that going forward, I intend to adhere strictly to Robert's Rules, and not publish opinions or attacks on BOD members or other BCA members, past or present, in the minutes. It is my contention, that minutes are strictly a report on the business actually conducted by the BOD. I would ask anyone disagreeing with me to send a private message, and not turn this thread in to a political discussion.
  4. The BCA BOD minutes have been posted in the members section of the BCA Web site for September, October and November 2018
  5. By George, finally a man who knows where the BCA should be headed.
  6. I have discussed your suggestion with the National Meet Committee members and all think it is a great idea. They will be handed out starting this year in Midwest City , when you pick up your registration packet. The Committee thanks you for your suggestion.
  7. Another possibility could be bad synchro's I have that problem with my MG, and they are notorious for that issue. I know it is heresy to compare a fine Buick tranny to an MG's cashbox, but one never knows.!!
  8. As current National Meet Chairman, we often operate in the dark when organizing National Meets. WE know what we as individual planning members would like to see and hope attendees feel the same way. I think you have made an outstanding suggestion here.I will bring this idea up to the Committee. I also would go a step further and add an optional place for name , email and / or address for those would like a response.
  9. Lovely and rare car. Look at other 1942 automobiles and see how far ahead of the pack Buick was.
  10. Gave it up for life, the day I got out of the Army
  11. I would like to thank Brian Heil and Jack Gerstkemper for their extra effort in doing the heavy lifting to create a unified PWD and to provide a great experience at the Oklahoma National Meet. I remain available to assist you both to what ever extant you need me.
  12. A lot has been posted on this subject. , if it were me using an electric pump , I would wire it to a momentary switch and only use it as Matt Hinson has said to prime the carb on start up or to compensate for a momentary vapor lock problem. I had a friend lose a very nice 41 Caddy to fire a couple of years ago. He had a toggle under the dash to do both of those things. He thought he was having a vapor lock problem on the highway , flicked on the pump switch. He really had a carb with a stuck float that was dumping raw gas on to the engine. By the time he realized what was happening , the car was on fire and he barely had time to get out. Our cars all ran fine when they were new. The problem with re engineering them is that most of us are not engineers and as they say "stuff happens".
  13. I have never tried that , but as you say, it is a very long unit and my guess is that you would at the very least have to get the car way up in the air or pull the nose. If it were my car, I would disconnect the dynaflow.
  14. You are correct , Willis. It seems that these days all politics is poop, whether it be at the National level or the BCA. I think we need a lot of pooper scoopers. Now that I have lowered this thread to its absolute bottom , I shall quit while I am ahead or behind
  15. "I also want to agree with your observation that the BOD should not expect others to do what they won’t. Also, that the BOD should be more responsive to the member’s requests. When 100 people vote for an action, and 5 members of the BOD vote against that action, with no explanation, then that is a BOD consisting of people who have their own agenda, regardless of what is right for the Club. We can see in the latest minutes that were posted, that there are two voting blocs currently. What is missing is what Willis suggested, the ability to compromise. So, I am hoping there are at least two BOD candidates who show the ability to work across the aisle for the betterment of the Club". John : your wisdom and counsel on the BOD are badly missed as is your efficiency as Secretary.