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  1. I am going to correct that, it does include the front wheel drive Rivs from 1979 on.
  2. From an email conversation, I had with From an email conversation, that I had with John Steed, it looks like that form is used starting when Buick went to front wheel drive models, including mini vans, suvs, etc. I do not believe it is used on the front wheel drive Rivs from the mid eighties.
  3. Lamar: I think one of the great values of the archival class is that they are truly "as they left the factory" > That is the standard for judging even using the 400 point system. I own a 1938 Special sedan that is the perfect example of an archival car. The only "improvements" made over the years have been to repaint the engine and have the steering wheel recast. That car has received a bronze award in 400 point judging. That to me is a perfect example of how well our judging system works when properly done. As a judge , I have walked over to an archival car when I have had questions on authenticity of a car being judged under the 400 point system.
  4. do not believe a leather interior was available for a Special. I have seen Century and Roadmaster coupes with a leather interior , but not a Special
  5. does not look like any 1923 I ever saw.
  6. John: There is, I just realized that it did not post with page 1. PDF files can get a little funky who you try and convert them . I will try this morning to get page 2 posted. That is what happens when you try to something late at night (at least for me) .
  7. attached is a copy of the archival judging form. The pre qualification portion is not used at this time.
  8. Let me see, If I can get a copy and paste it in tis thread.
  9. about 5 years ago, I was in the market for a Volvo PV544 or 120s. I had accompanied my wife to a medical convention, that she was attending in Sweden and I was on the prowl for a Volvo. While engaging in my other passion, fine art photography, I had taken the train out to the Swedish countryside, where I was sure I would find a Volvo. Parked at a restaurant right next to the train station was a 1948 Buick convertible. I never did find my Volvo on the trip, but I met a lot of Swedish Buck and Cadillac owners, and they are very passionate about prewar and early postwar American machinery.
  10. I have used the wire trick and I have also used an old fashioned air pump (football needle valve type) and blown back ward from the head through that oil line. Most of these cars did not use detergent oils years ago and that line gets gummed up.
  11. It is clear that the market for prewar cars of any type is down, and Buicks seem to be especially hard hit. When I look at my own collection, even though it is varied, I am probably on the wrong side of most of them. That said, even though I will probably reduce my collection by one or two this year. I plan to just enjoy them and let my estate worry bout the reduced value. A lot of us worked many years to be able to afford our cars, and I for one enjoy driving them every bit as much now as I ever did. If we have to sell, we will probably take a hit. Think of the hit we take whoever we buy a brand new car. and the loss taken on a collector car does not seem so bad.
  12. yes it is. I thought I had a buyer, but have not heard back from him. Engine is crated and ready to be picked up or shipped. We have compression data on engine last time it was run before crating.
  13. Two great Bugle articles and examples of why the magazine is the success that it is
  14. If there is sufficient interest, I aim happy to do that. Kong Man, please note that I object to the forwarding go BCA confidential information, so the drop box approach is out.