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  1. We will do that as soon as our contract is signed and they can accept reservations , glad you are interested, it should be a great time.
  2. At a time when the old car hobby and the entire Country is going through a great period of uncertainty. I am pleased to announced that the BCA National Meet for 2021 has has been modified with some first ever changes. The Meet will take place on two consecutive weekends. Part one will be in Charlotte (Concord) North Carolina as had been previously announced. The dates will be changed to June 30 through July 3. The host hotel will remain the same . Part two will be held in Strongsville Ohio on July 7 through July 10. The host hotel in Strongsville is not ready to accept reservations at this time. The National Meet and the BOD both went through a lot of serious discussion about whether this was a good or a bad idea. Many Americans and BCA members are frothing at the bit, to get back to some type of normalcy. The Northeast Ohio Chapter had done a superior job in planning a National Meet. Early registrations and hotel room bookings showed that this was to be a big meet. There was no fair (or financially feasible) way to push all other meets back a year. Thinking outside the box, the host chapters for 2020 and 2021 as well as the National meet Committee decided to have two meets in a row. Possibilities of having them at opposite end of the Summer or a few weeks apart were discussed, but there is currently a frenzy of hotel bookings going on by groups that have had to cancel things for this year. As it turned out, we chose the only weekends possible to give both Chapters a chance to host a National Meet. This situation will give members a chance to attend either two Meets or just attend one Meet. There are a lot of details and planning going on to make this happen, with possible discounts for attending two meets etc. It is even possible that she group may want to set up a tour between Meets. The good news is that a lot of planing is now going on, but we do. have both of those dates locked in. There is much uncertainty going on in the Country at the moment, and the crystal balls of the NMC and the BOD are no better than anyone else's . It is known that the financial impact many of us are currently feeling may affect future meets, no matter how much planing goes in to them. All we can do is to try and give BCA members the best product we can. We know that some people will love this idea and some will not. I personally think that if the National situation resolves itself , we could have a great Buick Summer in 2021. I would ask anyone responding to this thread to be respectful to the Club volunteers that have worked hard to try and put together a great Anniversary party for the BCA's 50th National Meet celebration.Further details will be posted here as they become available.
  3. The 2023 National Meet has been awarded to the The Inland Northwest Chapter of the BCA. It will be held on July 11 through July 15 2023 in Spokane WA. Congratulations to Greg Lewis and his team.
  4. Lamar, The date of our teleconference was 3/29/2020. The minutes of our 4/15/2020 teleconference will be available following their approval at our next teleconference which would be mid May. (sorry, but I do not have the exact date in front of me). The BOD has voted to award the 2023 National Meet, but as Chair of the National Meet Committee, It is up to me to sign the contract with the host hotel. I have not done that yet, but with in a week, I hope to get that accomplished and announced. The reason for the delay frankly is that following the need to cancel this year's meet. I want to rewrite the cancellation clause for any meet going forward. The BCA was able to cancel this year with out a serious loss being incurred, but that took a bit of "dancing". That is why we held out making our "recommendation" to the BOD until now. The personnel committee looks at contracts with existing service providers routinely and sends out RFQs to known interested parties before making any recommendations to the BOD. I used the term "considerable discussion " to consolidate the opinions raised . This was a two hour meeting and with a unanimous vote, It was constructive "discussion" only , mostly about suggestions, time lines etc. again with a unanimous vote, there seems to be no real need to quantify beyond that. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to PM me. I am glad to see that someone actually reads my minutes. Be safe Jack
  5. The BCA Minutes for March have been posted on the BCA web site.
  6. Good for you Pete and Cindy, well deserved
  7. For the latest news on this event, please see my separate thread. 2020 Strongsville Ohio National Meet
  8. In consultation with the members of the National Meet Committee (NMC), the BCA Board of Directors (BOD) has voted to cancel the 2020 National Meet in Strongsville, Ohio. There will be no BCA National Meet in 2020 due to the COVID 19 virus and our concern for our member’s safety. This was a difficult decision to make, but one we feel is in the best interests of the health and well-being of our members. We thank you for your patience while the Board weighed all the facts that went into this decision. We especially wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the Northeast Ohio Chapter for all their work that went into planning for what would have been a terrific meet this year. We encourage our members to cancel any motel / hotel reservations that you have for this meet. We are in the process of refunding any entry fees for the 2020 National Meet. Please allow us some time to make these arrangements and get payment to you. People that paid by credit card will have refunds made to their credit card. Members that paid by check or by online will either have their check returned if not cashed or have a check from the BCA send to them. The NMC and the BOD are in discussions with the Strongsville and Concord (Charlotte) groups for the future. BCA Board of Directors
  9. Some statements are so stupid, they don't deserve a reply.!!!!
  10. I would expect a decision following the BOD teleconference meeting on April 15, a week from Wed. The NMC teleconference is set for tomorrow evening, and we will make our recommendation to the BOD following that meeting.
  11. No Question . I would not argue that for a second. The chances of a 2020 BCA National Meet are no longer the issue. The issue is that one single announcement should be made. There are dates to be worked out, contracts to be renegotiated or canceled. The intent now. is really to decide the softest landing financially for the BCA , see how good a contract we can get going forward, etc. The option of bumping following meets has been throughly explored, and that is not a workable solution The reasons are far deeper than just hotel contracts. There is a staggering of amount of work that goes in to a National Meet, and a whole lot of work to cancel. As I had stated a couple of times , we really do have talented people working on an acceptable solution and in the end, I think the membership will be pleased at the outcome.
  12. Terry, you and I don't often agree on anything, but we do agree here. To think that any decision the hard working people of the NEO Chapter , the NMC and The BOD would be based on trophies is about as stupid as it gets. We agree " Stupid cannot be fixed". The bottom line is that time remains for an informed decision taking everything (safety of membership, costs, contracts,, alternate proposals) in to consideration.
  13. Please note the The National Meet Committee and the host Chapter running the Strongsville National Meet are following the situation closely. There are a lot factors involved with the decision to go on with the meet, to cancel it outright or to postpone it. All these factors are being weighed , but all must realize that this is a very fluid situation. The facts as I see them at the moment are: that this is a VERY contagious disease. It can and has killed people. Most Governors are restricting travel and gatherings. Many people have lost jobs and income, as well as net worth . All the factors come in to play, when you are making decisions that affect our membership. No decision will be made lightly. We are very fortunate to have very talented people one the National Meet Committee and on the BOD. A decision will be made when the time to do so becomes obvious. Jack Welch National Meet Committee Chairman. Secretary BCA
  14. The Minutes for the February teleconference are now posted on the BCA web web site