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  1. Matt: it did indeed get cut off somehow in the thread between Jerry Courson, to me to the BOD to to Cornerstone to the BCA web. I am going to try and PM you an attachment, if I can not get that to work, I will try something else while I get this all straightened out. Thanks for letting know
  2. The BCA BOD minutes for November have been posted on the BCA Website . Updated financials are included in those minutes . These are the first set of financials, that we have successfully combined the BCA and National Meet books and accounts in to one cohesive P & L and income statement. The one thing to keep in mind is that the National Meet monies cover from the time of the first deposit is placed on a hotel, tour, etc. That account will not really indicate the over all profit or loss until a couple of months after the meet is over, when all monies from participants have been received and
  3. The BCA BOD minutes for October have been posted on the BCA Website . Updated financials are included in those minutes
  4. The BCA BOD minutes for September have been posted on the BCA Website
  5. can anyone guide me to a source of a possible correct intake manifold for 1 1979 Hurst Olds 442. I know they used a different manifold. A possible number < that I was given is 22503087. I would appreciate any info.
  6. I had a '37 with an "early" wheel and it looked just like that one. No horn ring. I was even Lucy enough to locate a NOS horn button for it. The seller was very knowledgeable on '37s and his also had a wheel like that. he had bought the NOS button as a spare for his car.
  7. Just one more opinion on the subject. I use Evans coolant on my 53 MGTD. English technology being what is was back in the day, it is pretty much the same as an American prewar car. I used it because the engine in my TD is modified a bit and it tends to run hot on warm Summer days. The effect of that has been blown head gaskets following long tours or travels . My thought was that the coolant passages were small, and corrosion over the years were acting a bit like hardening of the Arties in people, and restricting the water flow. The use of a thermal heat detector proved that I was increasi
  8. The BCA BOD minutes for August have been posted on the BCA Website
  9. I have a TR3 steel disc wheel with a tire mounted on it. The wheel should be sandblasted and repainted, but it is straight. The tire is old but usable as a spare. My car has wire wheels, so I have no need for it. Free to anyone who will pick it up. Part is located in the greater Boston area.
  10. We (the BCA) is in the process of changing our web site hosting. it is scheduled to be complete by Sept 1st. This may just be a temporary issue as noted, it is up and running now.
  11. The BCA BOD minutes for July have been posted on the BCA Website
  12. Bill : Notice that the Beer distributor was C Pappas Company . Matt: My car is not there, but my friend the late Bill Bergstrom's 41 woody was there. It is now owned by BCA members David and JoAnne Millard
  13. The minutes for the June BOD teleconference have been posted on the BCA Web page.
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