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  1. Jack Welch

    BOD Candidates

    You are correct , Willis. It seems that these days all politics is poop, whether it be at the National level or the BCA. I think we need a lot of pooper scoopers. Now that I have lowered this thread to its absolute bottom , I shall quit while I am ahead or behind
  2. Jack Welch

    BOD Candidates

    "I also want to agree with your observation that the BOD should not expect others to do what they won’t. Also, that the BOD should be more responsive to the member’s requests. When 100 people vote for an action, and 5 members of the BOD vote against that action, with no explanation, then that is a BOD consisting of people who have their own agenda, regardless of what is right for the Club. We can see in the latest minutes that were posted, that there are two voting blocs currently. What is missing is what Willis suggested, the ability to compromise. So, I am hoping there are at least two BOD candidates who show the ability to work across the aisle for the betterment of the Club". John : your wisdom and counsel on the BOD are badly missed as is your efficiency as Secretary.
  3. Jack Welch

    Buick PWD Website

    Matt : I am not about to publish anything until the PWD entities are in total accord, but I say again , none of this is helpful. I do have an agreement from "both sides" and a joint statement is expected to be realized this week. This discussion appears to me to be inflammatory rather than an effort to defuse the problem and it is not in the Intent of the original thread. The BCA forum moderators all agreed to discontinue Political discussion. I am going to ask that be put in place on this thread if discordant info keeps getting posted. This thread as it was originally intended by Dave is of great value to PWD members, let us not diminish that.
  4. Jack Welch

    Buick PWD Website

    Larry : I have answered you in an email. As BOD members, I feel that is a more appropriate place to discuss issues before the BOD.
  5. Jack Welch

    Buick PWD Website

    I was appointed by BCA President Alan Oldfield as the mediator in the discussion between Both factions of the PWD dispute. This issue is causing way too much damage to all BCA Members and PWD members, regardless of who they have chosen as a leader. I am pleased to announce that it appears that progress is being made in resolving this rift. It is in the best interest of all parties that this be peacefully resolved, and I have full confidence that we are headed in that direction. I would ask that discussion on this thread deal with the creation and content of the web site and its related activities , and not serve to stir the pot with further divisive issues . That restraint will aid both parties come to a point where a healthy PWD can be a possibility.
  6. Jack Welch

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    The Minutes for the BCA BOD for the period 8/14 - 8/31/ 2018 and the teleconterence call of 10/17/2018 has been posted on the BCA website. Additional minutes are completed and going through the process of being approved. We will get them up as soon as possible.
  7. Jack Welch

    BOD Candidates

    The BOD currently uses AT & T to record and set up our scheduled teleconference calls. It is expensive, but we get a hard copy print out and and audio recording upon call completion. I use and interpret those to do my teleconference minutes. It is not perfect, but it is a third party backup and in fairness to all, it is very important to have that. That said, I think we are a bit off topic. This discussion should probably be under the Minutes thread.
  8. Jack Welch

    BOD Candidates

    I would encourage anyone who has a desire to make the BCA a BETTER Club to run for the BOD. Three members will be elected this year and every year. Some may be incumbents, or they may all be new BOD members. I would say the first thing you would want to think about is what you like and dislike about the current BCA. If you read the general topics in the forum, you may think that the Club is a mess. Nothing is further from the truth . The "status quo" as it may be called ; is that the Club is in excellent financial health.The National Meets are being run by a partnership between the host Chapter and The National Meet Committee. The Bugle has never been a better publication than it is now. I personally think that the BCA is currently as good a Club as it has ever been, with the one exception. That exception is that in prior years, our membership has always considered each other as family. I have seen that go away in the BCA, as it has gone away in our Country. A new BOD member may want to consider that we have a declining membership. Almost every organization in this Country has a declining membership. The good news is that we have one of the best retention levels of any of the current automobile Clubs. The BCA is operating at a break-even to slight loss scenario. We have a healthy surplus to keep the Club vibrant for many years to come with proper fiducial management. If you think you can help us improve on this already wonderful Club, run for the BOD.
  9. Jack Welch

    BOD Candidates

    Matt: they were sent to the Web Master this morning. The minutes for 8/13/2108 through 8/31/2018 and the teleconference call for 10/17/2018. I have not heard back they they are up loaded , so have not posted on that thread yet. As soon as I hear that they are up, I will post it on the Minutes thread.
  10. Jack Welch

    BOD Candidates

    Tom : I have heard you loud and clear and I will be contacting the Resident bout your suggestion. I think it has a ton of merit. The tough part is that the Forum is a really small part of overall BCA Membership, but I think every bit helps. It seems like it very well may be worth a try.
  11. Jack Welch

    1933 Buick-Pontiac Accessory Pamphlet

    Try the AACA library, if you are an AACA member. They are a great resource.
  12. My thought is that the 49 Roadmaster sedanette is, and probably always be a very collectible car. Its styling then, and now, just jumps out. The closest thing to it is a Bentley Continental , with a price several times that of the Buick. We often want to do a car over just as we like, whether it be a restoration or a refurbishment. The bottom line is that this car will be worth money down the line, if you ever have to sell it in stock form. Tinted glass could be a detriment to getting the price you may want to get.
  13. Jack Welch

    BOD Candidates

    Tom : If they want to run on a platform of wanting to be Secretary, so that we can get rid of that guy that is in there now, I would probably vote for too. That said. I really like your suggestion about publishing the agenda in advance. In my bio when I ran for the BOD, my platform was that I would vote for issueless that. I thought where in the best interest of the BCA. We occasionally get feed back when the membership knows of an issue coming before the BOD. It is my position to always vote in favor of the membership position. That has not happened overall in recent past votes.
  14. Pete; The Oklahoma City area was never on my radar as a place to go. I have t tell you, I am totally psyched about going to this years meet. The cars and the people are the draw to a National , but This year with so many "Extras" included will make this a memorable Meet. As they say, "Be there or Be square".
  15. Jack Welch

    ‘52 Super, Positive or negative ground?

    Another word of caution on installing an electronic ignition system, They can be very sensitive to temperature. I had one on my 1940 and ended up going back to a breaker point system. It would not work correctly in the cold weather and left me stranded on a tour. Those cars run just fine with points. Given how seldom most of us get to use our cars, a properly tuned Buick straight eight with good points, condenser, wires , etc is as bullet proof as it gets with an old car. If you have a problem with pa breaker point ignition system, you can pretty much always file, them or adjust them to get home. When somethings fails with an aftermarket electronic system , you are done.