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  1. The BCA BOD minutes for August have been posted on the BCA Website
  2. I have a TR3 steel disc wheel with a tire mounted on it. The wheel should be sandblasted and repainted, but it is straight. The tire is old but usable as a spare. My car has wire wheels, so I have no need for it. Free to anyone who will pick it up. Part is located in the greater Boston area.
  3. We (the BCA) is in the process of changing our web site hosting. it is scheduled to be complete by Sept 1st. This may just be a temporary issue as noted, it is up and running now.
  4. The BCA BOD minutes for July have been posted on the BCA Website
  5. Bill : Notice that the Beer distributor was C Pappas Company . Matt: My car is not there, but my friend the late Bill Bergstrom's 41 woody was there. It is now owned by BCA members David and JoAnne Millard
  6. The minutes for the June BOD teleconference have been posted on the BCA Web page.
  7. The BCA minutes for April and May are on the BCA web site. Sorry, I must have forgotten to post April's minutes earlier.
  8. Bill : I did not know you really, before we served together. I enjoyed working with you . Thank you for having the passion to do what you did for the BCA , and for being a driving force to get to BCA to the level of financial stability , that we now enjoy. These jobs can be thankless , but you hung in there and did your absolute best for the BCA and its. membership.
  9. We will do that as soon as our contract is signed and they can accept reservations , glad you are interested, it should be a great time.
  10. At a time when the old car hobby and the entire Country is going through a great period of uncertainty. I am pleased to announced that the BCA National Meet for 2021 has has been modified with some first ever changes. The Meet will take place on two consecutive weekends. Part one will be in Charlotte (Concord) North Carolina as had been previously announced. The dates will be changed to June 30 through July 3. The host hotel will remain the same . Part two will be held in Strongsville Ohio on July 7 through July 10. The host hotel in Strongsville is not ready to accept reservations at this ti
  11. The 2023 National Meet has been awarded to the The Inland Northwest Chapter of the BCA. It will be held on July 11 through July 15 2023 in Spokane WA. Congratulations to Greg Lewis and his team.
  12. Lamar, The date of our teleconference was 3/29/2020. The minutes of our 4/15/2020 teleconference will be available following their approval at our next teleconference which would be mid May. (sorry, but I do not have the exact date in front of me). The BOD has voted to award the 2023 National Meet, but as Chair of the National Meet Committee, It is up to me to sign the contract with the host hotel. I have not done that yet, but with in a week, I hope to get that accomplished and announced. The reason for the delay frankly is that following the need to cancel this year's meet. I want to rewrit
  13. The BCA Minutes for March have been posted on the BCA web site.
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