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  1. Did you decide you did not need the 20" disc wheel we spoke of ?
  2. Logo & badges are highly corroded ... I can check the relay ... if you need bolts just let me know, but i believe they are still in the dormann catalog
  4. I have 2 of these wheels .... can you supply what bolt pattern your Studebaker is ?
  5. I have a fair selection of '59-'60 Pontiac Parts ... i have stripped 2 1960 Catalina wagons, currently have a 1959 Wagon & 2 '59 Catalina 4dr sedans. Gas tanks in these parts cars are always in need of repair so if you can get a Direct replacement, that's a good move. I have 2 tanks from a wagon.... they differ from a sedan ... I have 1 tank from a sedan. I have a Drive Shaft from a 4dr Sedan ..... Lots of small parts, Chassis parts, interior, seats ... ETC ETC. I am in Southern California ... I can ship most parts
  6. I am in search of large diameter Factory wheels for GM 3/4 or single wheel 1 Ton 8 lug truck. Searching for 17" 18" or 19", Can be drop center or the Old Split rim Style .... I may consider 17.5 or 19.5 but i need to know the diameter if the WHEEL CENTER so i can put them in new outer hoops. I will add a couple pics of got off the web so you get an idea, Wheels can be from any era of truck .. '40s, '50s, '60s ...... But i will have them on a '64 K-20 Factory 4wd. with 8 LUG wheels I KNOW 2 WHEELS IN THE PICS ARE 6 LUG ..... I NEED 8 LUG ... I INCLUDED THEM JUST TO REFERENCE THE LOOK I WANT These are HEAVY & I am in California so id like them to be sorta close .... But if the price is goodenough and i like the wheels you have i may go bigger on a shipping bill .... If you think you have what i want, send me some pics & price Thank You ... Rick 805-746-9011
  7. I purchased a Lot ,of parts & engines ..... No engine i bought will hold this cover. Buick Straight & V8, GMC-Chev 6, small & BIG Chevy V8 .... What does it fit ?............ If you need it make an offer
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