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  2. Not sure if they are the same block & head, But i have a Plymouth "U" id sell cheap
  3. Just saw your reply .... Ill have a look tomorrow, I've made enough noise for 1 evening
  4. Looks like '22-'23 to me with the Dog Leg bend in the sub rail at firewall. Get me the I.D. & Length of the tube the screen stands slide into, If you don't require 100% Original i'm sure i have some Dodge stands available.
  5. They have 1 '60 Pontiac ....... Its an automatic .... No Stick Parts
  6. I am looking for ORIGINAL pedal assembly & any clutch linkage you may have for a 1960 Pontiac Full size car. Catalina .. Bonneville .. Ventura .. Star Chief ...... Anyone out there have a Manual Trans parts car ?
  7. Hopefully we can solve this mystery too ! Another Turlock Swap piece no one knew what it was from.
  8. Whats different from a 1931 Chevy 6 cyl Engine ...... I know of one of those
  9. Let me Know ... I got this from an abandon IHC truck Text Rick 805-746-9011
  10. DE SOTO

    Need id

    Looks like aftermarket replacement ..... here is a '49 Packard bird i got off the net.
  11. Show me the Doner Metal you would need ..... I have at least 1 cutable '60 Fender & 1 '59 I stripped A '60 Catalina wagon for parts for my '60 ....then got a running '60 & another Parts wagon. Also have 2 4dr post sedans & a '59 Bonneville Wagon for parts ................. But with all that .. No Wiper motors
  12. DE SOTO

    Need id

    Is there a parts number on it ? Google provided several different sources saying was Packard
  13. DE SOTO

    Need id

    '48-'52 ish .... PACKARD hood Bird
  14. Yup, 1 is Stainless like your Repo's ...... 3 are aluminum The Wire Wheel Caps match but are larger O.D. than the original I suppose if anyone has others These could be purchased Matter of fact, Whenever i put together a set of Wire Wheels the Original wheels & caps will be sold off also