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  1. Very Cool !! ..... Thanks for showing me that, ..... Gives a good idea for the center bar. But if anyone happens to have the Bar, I'd still like to have the correct part.
  2. Ive had this light for a long time in the shed and would like to find out IF and WHAT it fits. Is it an actual Factory installed light or an Aftermarket ? Also, Id like to find the lens for the long bar in the middle, Its approx 4'' long & 3/4'' wide. Thanks for any help you can give .....
  3. Since all the Small parts had been stolen off my '31 Olds prior to me purchase ive been hunting parts. Figured Light would be important so the quest for the Lil Iron stands was first order, Here is what i have found so far. 1 Decent lft side, 1 Fair lft side & a right but its gotta chunk broke out, Now before i try to repair or chop up the Fare lft side. Does anyone have a right side available for purchase ?? the 2 rougher came from Canada & got the Rough light bars also. I can trade the bars & even the 2 rough towards a decent rt side. If anyone can help PLEASE let me know !!!
  4. This is an Oldie ............ But STILL no I.D. ............... And i STILL have these doors ................. Any New Blood in here have a Clue ?
  5. Parting out these '59 Pontiacs ........ 4dr Catalina & Bonneville Wagon All the window trim on the wagon has bee removed, I bought it for the Trim. Wagon has Motor & Trans, Floor & lower section is RUSTY !! 4dr has NO Motor or Trans, also rusty but has some weird rust issues. Other 4dr has no front clip or tail, Was cut off to make a couch ... Still has Trim, Doors, Interior, Etc Please text Rick 805-746-9011 or PM here about anything you may need. Thank You ..... cars located in Ventura California
  6. Those are 1964 Impala SS caps .... They will be 14"
  7. Ohhhh Yes Greg, You can be sure that's Iron !!! Pretty Darn Heavy I turned up a set of 5 a few years back but the project never came thru so i traded them off to some Low Rider guys who wanted them for a Suburban .... I know they never used them .... Just cant remember where we found each other.
  8. DE SOTO

    Unknown stainless trim piece

    1941 Ford front turn signal light cover
  9. DE SOTO

    Sold Early ford distributor stuff

    Sent Direct Message
  10. DE SOTO

    1940 ford deluxe tail light bezels

    1940 Ford DeLuxe
  11. Only pic Handy ... Disregard the smaller pic
  12. Yes I am interested Sent a PM
  13. Greg, They are After Market wheels made by CLEVE-WELD ... Not a Stock wheel Just happens these have the same bolt circle, I used to have 5 more 16x4" .... but they got away awhile back
  15. Well I did it, I bought the '31 Coupe i posted a couple months back. I need a few things right off :::: Headlight Mounting "ARMS" or Brackets that bolt to the Bars Tail Lights, Have the Can but that's it .... Even a pic so i know what to search Wire or Disc wheels ...... Cant Stand these wooden wheels 2 16x4" CLEVE-WELD Wheels like in the pic I know more so ill post later ... if you have ANYTHING let me know.