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  1. I would advise a long hot run. Several hundred miles at least. It has worked for me in the past, in my dad's 1963 Studebaker. Twelve quarts of oil used from Seattle to Las Vegas, but only one quart coming back.
  2. I still visit the car, and the NAM in Reno, whenever I get down there. I haven't been there is several years, and there nothing in my future plans to make the pilgrimage either. It's been kind of my personal connection with the unbelievable Harra collection. Throughout the seventies I would make regular visits. It was simply incomparable to any other car collection. But then I haven't even been to the local LeMay-America's Car Museum in six months, and I have a car on display there. I just got word that ACM is opening up this week, time to take a look and see how it's fared. Most
  3. Robert, I've always like the 400SC, but kind of moved away from purchasing one because of it's low stance. It gets harder and harder to get out of some of my cars as I've aged. At 76 yrs old I began to wonder how long I could comfortably use one. As for as your search, what are your specific requirements? What does low mileage mean to you? Do you have a price ceiling, or is the original condition more important then the price? Is color a concern to you? The reason I ask is the cars are available where I live, but my guess that you wouldn't want buy one from the West Co
  4. George, Thanks for the response. I somehow missed your location as Poland. Your location answers any questions that I may have had, but because it's a GS, it would make it a worthy restoration candidate, were it in the US. Are there other Rivieras in Poland? Bill
  5. Don't misunderstand I really approve of your resurrection. But I was just wondering what went into your thinking when you chose of this car for your project? Bill
  6. WA-abbreviation for Washington State, but not if you live down under. During the early part of my postal career, spent some years sorting letters. I saw many unusual things, like many mail pieces addressed to Little Rock AK. There were no schemes then, or now, for things like this. If it reached a clerk who happened to know a bit of geography it would be properly handled otherwise.....
  7. For those that think that renewable energy is not real, you need to get out more. I guess if I lived on the East Coast and had never traveled in the West I might think the same thing, but I don't. For eighty years, first with hydroelectric, and now wind and solar, the West has been hugely serviced by renewable energy. Yes there have been coal burning, electric generating plants, but they are on the way out. Wind and solar technology is a sustainable part of the landscape, while coal generation is in it's death throes. It's going to take time for world wide renewable energy, to be
  8. Interesting take on the car, none of which I agree with except the use of the Trippes. Thankfully most thoughtful stylists don't agree either. Bill
  9. John, Thank's for the TBird photo. It kind of symbolizes your return. John's return should not be read as a return to normal. There are scores of fires burning. Some welcome rain, in some areas, but with it came some lightning. Whack-a-mole continues, as thin tired resources move from place to place. The end of the fire season is still weeks to months away.
  10. I still like the same things. But I like a great many more things then I used to like. Today I like some cars from every era. That wasn't the case 60+ years ago. Today I'm not chasing anything, just enjoying my cars and sharing other people's cars with them.
  11. Joe, I remember the thread when you last presented the car. You might get more of a discussion on the SDC forum. The people that hang out here are for the most part pre-war guys. Some of us like them all, but I think you will get a better reception there. There is also the "Studebaker Addicts" forum on Facebook. I go there occasionally but I really can't stand the chaos. Just my opinion, you might give it a try. Bill
  12. The single biggest advantage, for touring, and reason for moving post 1934 is the overdrive. But that precludes a search for a GM model. They didn't offer an OD until 1955. Packard late to the party in 1939.
  13. I really do believe that over-restoring is a fool's errand, under most circumstances. IMP it really depends on on the owner and the goal(s) he has for the car. If the owner really wants the best and intends for the car to be a multi-event best of show car, I think that all levels of production line inconsistencies have to be addressed. Many of these anomalies were not uniform throughout the production run, and in fact often varied from shift to shift. I'm confident that these were not all engineered to be just good enough to get out the door. It might take a fairly large sample o
  14. Believe me if there was some way I thought that I could make it work, I would try to add it to my collection.
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