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  1. Yup, If Matt hadn't noticed your post I would have directed you to a thread of his with a discussion of his replacement.
  2. Mike, I'll get a look at my trim rings tomorrow. I spent the entire glorious day pretending to be a Buick mechanic and am too bushed to check at the moment.
  3. You have an interesting situation there Mike. The Cadillacs had two under seat heaters while the Buicks had just one which located on the passenger side. The C-body like you have is the same as that used on the Cadillac Series 62's. They would be nearly identical except for the front end sheet metal, interior and tail lights. I wonder what you got there???
  4. That was way too sudden a stop to have turned out well.
  5. I'll give it a try. The one in the top left corner looks like it might be as does the one located third from the bottom left.
  6. The black engines were replacement engines. Can you take a photo of your engine serial number and share it in this thread? Your oil filter colors may correct. I'll have to search, but someone provided a very nice write-up on oil filter colors a short while back.
  7. The lower photo in the above post is interesting Mike. Do you have a blank plate under the drivers seat as well? Possibly not but I see two things that look like they might be fasteners. The under dash heater that you have is very likely a dealer add or post sale owner add. It is not uncommon to see these cars without a heater. Not sure why but I've seen several. As for the rarity of the heater delete plate/cover we could only guess that those covers stayed in the car up to it's final parking spot at the crusher. If one was removed, the owner most likely did so to install a factory heat
  8. I wonder if the prevalence of social media gives a large voice to a small thought. And here I am on a social media platform!?!
  9. I'll second that! I pulled the engine after several attempts at getting a new seal in place with the engine in the car. Fortunately I enjoyed the work, got to clean up the engine and check internal wear.
  10. No, all Buicks in 1940 had the 110 mph speedometer. You have the option of selling your 120 mph particularly if it is in good condition and operable; they are in demand. That will give you seed money, or possibly more to repair the correct 110 speedo. The 120 speedo's seem to be more popular/desirable because of the greater number of 1941 Buicks out there relative to the 1940's. I had a time finding a 110 but did, and am now having it rebuilt. Once you've seen the difference, however slight, your eyes will always tell you that you've got the wrong one. Now if your driving the
  11. Nice haul! I suspect that rear bumper guard could be had for a song since nobody is restoring '40 Buicks anymore.
  12. I just resealed mine and found it easy to do on the bench. The most difficult seal to replace with the transmission in the car might be the selector shaft seal. You have to pull the shaft (I did anyway) to remove the old seal. All the other work should be accessible from under the car. I built wide wood blocks to place under the front tires for lift then have the 12 tom HF jack stands under the frame just ahead of the rear axle. This setup gave me about 30 inches clear space under the car to shuffle around. I wish I had a lift! If you pull the transmission, you might just at
  13. Your best bet is to get it indoors, cleaned up and advertise. A diehard Dodge guy/gal is your best bet for a buyer.
  14. The ones you have look like they fit the 1940 models (except limited's which had a deeper dish).
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