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  1. The throttle knob is also good for hill starts. It allows you to keep the right foot on the brake while engaging the clutch.
  2. I have an assortment of locks that do not match that I want to rekey to make them similar. I only have the key for one of two of these locks as well. These locks include the door, glove box, ignition and trunk. I've talked to local locksmiths who seem generally knowledgeable, but only generally. Do we have a locksmith on this forum or a participant that has accomplished the task at hand and that could provide help?
  3. I wish the photo was in color, I'd like to see the color of the underside of the hood. Check that shine out - holy cow that's like a clear coat job.
  4. According to my parts book, part no. 1314537 - 1 fits both cars that you identified.
  5. If you'v got eight and Lamar only needs four, I've got a buddy in VT that could use two. Would you be willing to ship UPS, I'll pay.
  6. Your comment sure looked into the knowable future. The clutch chatters so it's oil soaked, I bought an engine/trans from someone stuffing an SBC into their Special. The clutch in that trans was fine. I cleaned up the trans; how can I not reseal it and fix the torque ball - I can't. I've also ordered a new rear engine seal too and will fight with the oil pan and the part of the seal above the crank in the next week or so. The replacement engine also has a carb that ran fine, or better than the 35 year old carb on this engine. I swapped them out but think the fuel pump is still too old. First start up is hard so I'm guessing choke adjustment and carb rebuild anyway. I noticed a nearly brand new muffler under this car, hmmm. I've got another that's in OK shape, think I'll swap it out and keep this muffler for the 76C. A couple things I really like about this car and are typical to Buick's; the 1 and 2 gear whine and the exhaust sound. @dei, was that you suggesting I get this car running last year??? Shame on you, now I can't stop. It's bound for sale so the next owner will get a lot of things sorted on this car.
  7. "The gauge must be grounded" (bolded) is a detail that Skip Boyer told me when he refinished my dash panels and I subsequently clear coated them. He stressed that the gauge housing had to have full contact with the dash panel for grounding. Second time I've heard this. As for getting a new gauge, would a tested rebuild from a trusted vendor be better?
  8. From the underside photos it appears this car was Seafoam Green (turquoise) originally. Has the 390 but isn't the XL which would get you the buckets and console. Is that rust in the photo below just left of the tire? With helper springs, and other ornamentation like the headlight shade thingy's and dual rear antennas, I'd be inclined to visit this one personally before purchasing. The red paint looks great but so does a tall blond until a conversation leads you to wonder if the IQ is even double digit. It always seems to be a toss up to me to consider buying a fully restored car or one that is unrestored with all the truth staring you in the face.
  9. 96-3.pdf
  10. The only explanation I would have for yours being smaller is that reproduction parts typically have variations. For instance the repro door sills are two piece versus the originals being one piece. The second piece in the reproductions is located in the rear (or front?) of the sill plate where the piping fits just under the sill. I've noticed the second part as it is not part of the stamped form but has been added and held into place with tabs. That probably saves money in the process.
  11. Actually Matt, I'm glad to see you blazing the trail here. These are problems I will be facing with essentially the same car. I've copied a number of your exploits with results and commentary from others. Great thread here!
  12. Thanks Bloo, great dissertation - i'm keeping this.
  13. I think that if your choice makes sense you'll be fine. As for a judging demerit, I recall that repainting a car a different but year-appropriate color would not result in points loss. On the same logic, if that applies, reasonably matched interior and exterior colors that are close to original should be acceptable.