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  1. kgreen

    1940 Buick

    I stand corrected. You're correct Michel88, the hard tops had them mounted as you say. That center windshield mount is even more difficult to install if the car was radio delete. I was mistakenly thinking of the convertible as universal which is fender mounted as shown in the photo below.
  2. Just checked 40 Buick parts numbers and struck out.
  3. kgreen

    1940 Buick

    Yes but it wasn’t the antenna. You missed the back up lights. Both are incorrect. The proper antenna installation is on the flat side of the front fender towards the door. It’s a real bugger to install there so the installation as shown would have been easier. The car likely had no radio from the factory. These cars never had back up lights either. Neither mod should affect the value of the car though. Heres a shot of a car that I have that has auxiliary tail lights installed. Some PO went to a lot of trouble to hammer the inset so the lights would pint straight back. Not talking about the vertical crease.
  4. I've searched Cadillac and Oldsmobile for similar similar parts myself. Your Olds body is a direct takeoff of the C-body from 1940 and 41. Great looking car by the way. How many of those exist? Can't be too many.
  5. Stolen rims found mounted on stolen car:
  6. I see them routinely on eBay. Have you tried the Buick Parts house "Bobs Automobilia? You now owe us a picture of your car!
  7. Thanks Mike, I was striving to be fair. This part, along with too many others came with several other parts that I had to buy just for the one thing that I needed.
  8. No way, really? I'd be disappointed, but could be wrong. Dang, you're right. Buick would have inset turn signals in the fender and the tail lamp would have a rectangular section. See photo below. Don't you hate that all new cars look alike!
  9. Right side hood latch lever in darn good shape. Fits all 1940 Buicks but looks especially appropriate on a 1940 Super. $90 plus shipping
  10. Manual in good condition and has not been a shop copy. Clean pages, no dog ears. Binding has small rear as seen on photo. $25 plus shipping from Atlanta
  11. It's in my garage safe, sound and dry. It's not running or progressing because I have an ongoing infectious disease named 1940 76C Reconstruct.
  12. Here was a happy day almost two years ago.