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  1. kgreen

    Terne metal

    Some historical buildings used tern roofing. A supplier of vintage roofing products may give you a few options.
  2. I would check for binding in the mechanism or a scored piston (slug?) in the relay. My first thoughts.
  3. Here's a '41 Buick (to the left guys, to the left!) but I can't tell the model. The vertical model is Rebel Randall, aka Miss Double Distilled Honey (1921-2010).
  4. Seems like an odd source, but I picked up a nice NOS set of 1941 Century rocker panel moldings from them. Apparently their dad was a Buick man as noted above. I bid on them on ebay and the price started getting too high until I noticed it was canadian dollars. I don't think my fellow bidders considered that.
  5. regarding transmission noise, check this video. Not the same year car, but the noise quite characteristic.
  6. Matt's recommendation is as sound as you can get. I've used rubber expanding plugs on a daily driver junker that I drove in college for years. No telling how long it will last, but guessing better than five years so keeping an eye on it is essential.
  7. I wonder what the electric grid on which he charges his car is connected to and powered by? Just wondering...
  8. Thanks for doing some homework guys. The research that I've come up with so far is that a Buick employee created the crest in the 30's with the intent of basing the crest on what could have been a crest for David DunBar Buik's scottish ancestors. A Hemmings article from July 2015 suggested the spelling was original and that the "c" was added later. Since the circumstance of creating the crest was mostly marketing but in honor of Mr. Buick, it is possible that the GM employee had a good degree of liberty in its' creation. Then as suggested by "39buickeight", the emblem changes to accomodate required fitment to the body trim. The creation of the crest uses elements from original Scottish designs. According to a UK genealogy website, the red background color represents a warrior or martyr of military strength and magnanimity, The stag represents one who will not fight unless provoked, and strength and fortitude. The cross is a variant of the Celtic cross which center is traditionally circled. This Buick/GM employee provided a slight modification to the traditional Celtic cross by having the circle within the intersection of the arms of the cross. I could only suppose the thoughts going through the Buick/GM employees creative mind. As marketing goes, the crest was introduced in the middle of the depression and Buick certainly would have been interested in instilling confidence in their customers.
  9. I've contacted two other 1940 car owners that have low turnover ownership cars and find the emblem that you pictured from Bobs to be, by consensus, the original style. However, that is not quite good enough. After 80 years, consensus isn't as reliable as it was years ago when the likelihood of originality was more prevalent. So far, I find that the equal leg cross was used in the later 40's. My question now boils down to a history of the Buick name and what is possibly the use of a family crest. I now wonder what the crest symbolises! I've been in touch via telephone with several of the 1940 and 41 Super and Roadmaster convertible owners to uncover details on their cars that would apply to my car. I hope to uncover more reliable information. I just love the search feature on the membership roster on the Buick website for the ability to reach out to other Buick owners. I've met some really great people that happen to be Buick owners, and they are universally very willing to talk about their cars. Neil, what am I going to do with my time when I finish this car?
  10. Barney, the pattern between your two emblems is different. Not sure what to make of that.
  11. '41 Buick with overheating problem:
  12. Note the sign to which your car gives credence to the term "land yacht".
  13. I require clarification, please, to determine the applicable emblem style for the 1940 trunk emblem. I've seen two examples with both being referred to as 1940 specific. Look specifically at the width of the deer and the bottom leg of the cross. Which one is correct for 1940?
  14. What's more rare for a 1940 than year only wheels, transmission, belt line trim, glove box doors without dents, interior windshield garnish molding? Rocker trim for both sides - Voila' perfect fit, perfect shape, and proper for this body style: