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  1. Damage control: I recently trailered a car and parts from Atlanta through the midsection of the US using an open trailer. After about 1,200 miles these photos show what I picked up along the route. I also have giant Rockguard mudflaps on the back of my vehicle.
  2. I'm with you Ben. I'll have enough that isn't perfect to allow plenty of other criticism.
  3. Front end sheet metal alignment is a real task. One common misalignment I've seen is too large of a gap between the hood and the top of the grill. Another common problem is deformation of the metal at the hood hinge point, the crack at the rear end of the hood hinge connection and the interference between the hood and the forward edge of the door. My reference to the hood hinge is the connection of the hood halves at the center of the car to the hood trim running from the windshield to the grill. Grill fitment requires the outer edge of the grill to slightly overlap the opening on the fenders. Terry Boyce's car has a near perfect fit but after a grill is rechromed that fit can be compromised. I have a grill that was rechromed years ago, but with some defect suggesting it may need replacement. The question Dan and I return to continuously is the one of factory fit versus best fit. Where do we stop?
  4. The right rear fender is an NOS fender that I acquired last fall. It still required a little tweaking to fit properly. The doors had to be completely rebuilt including fabrication of inner structure components and with doors skins from a series 62, 1940 Cadillac coupe. Yet another story of parts lost in shipping; UPS lost my belt line trim. I had a perfect set of trim from the doors back that I had cleaned and polished. Greg (@2carb40) came to the rescue with his last spare set. Greg is another person whose invaluable help is making this reconstruction possible. I joked that I should put a 1940 Minnesota tag on the car as so much of the cars' origin is now from his garage. With trim temporarily placed, we were able to make final modifications to the door so that the trim extends end to end on the doors, again to honor the door gaps.
  5. Much tedious work since the last update post, pictures would be boring, but useful to a future buyer who would ask " how much steel wool and bondo was used during this restoration?". A future buyer is someone that is likely to follow my ownership only after I'm deceased or by some miracle, my girls marry someone with a similar infliction as mine. The majority of the metal work is complete. Dan rebuilt many sections of this car, not from rust as much as damage that we now surmise occured when an old building fell in on itself with the car parked inside. The most tedious rebuild was the B pillar, making sure the body width remained correct and door plus rocker panel alignment was honored. Dan (doing the metal forming and replacement) and I spent the better part of a day examining the car comparing photos of Terry Boyce's car (@allcars) to verify likely factory gaps and assembly details.
  6. Does that seal press up against the throw-out bearing guide tube? I would give these fine folks a call:
  7. Can't open the door to operate the window crank because the trailer fender is in the way?
  8. Cool, driving lights turn with the wheels.
  9. I'm thinking that replacing the wire harness dash forward would be the toughest part of the harness replacement. @2carb40 just did a 39 and would have stories to tell. Does the harness get fully connected to the instrument cluster while out of the car? Then pull the largest part of the harness through the firewall while snuggling the instrument cluster up into the dash? I wonder if that is the best technique given the limited space behind the instrument cluster once it is installed. Please share your story but delete possible profanity. : )
  10. Very nice car! Good luck with your sale.
  11. @billorn I've noticed an interest in 4-door cars with folks that like to travel or tour with their old car. Their comment is that it is easier to load and gives them the inside space they want for suitcases and possibly company.
  12. Photos look like a proud owner in about the 1970's.
  13. Yes you do, but the score so far is shown on the license plate.
  14. You should pm or email @2carb40, he may be able to help you.
  15. Check that fabricated bracket holding the alternator and a/c compressor!