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  1. Similar construction to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, but seems reversed. This is an old photo of the Mt. Washington Hotel: And the Grand Hotel:
  2. Can you make the wood pieces using Ipe? That wood will last beyond your lifetime even in outdoor tropical settings. https://www.thespruce.com/what-is-ipe-wood-2736661
  3. Windows are crank and I can reach the front cranks, not the rears. When I'm up for a drive and don't feel like prepping the car with the boot, I roll the front windows down, unlatch the top and hit the button to drop the top. Not every drive is a show, but every drive is a blast.
  4. If it’s a 1980 Volare, you’ve got a tough decision.
  5. Assume it will cost $30 to $50 more in shipping out of your desired area and weigh that cost to the reliability you can get from a known plater with good forum references. I'd start with a referral everytime and narrow it down from there. I'll throw R&D from NE TN out as I have had excellent work from them. They also advertise in Hemings. Call Rick or Nate at 423.543.1722
  6. On the lighter side, I miss the daily, sometimes twice daily visits from the Amazon and PS delivery folks. Since my two daughters aren't living with us, it seems the drivers have no reason to visit.
  7. I had a stuck engine once that I had soaked with atf/acetone for over a year with no luck. The engine had been sitting for over 30 years but in a covered barn. I started to tear the engine down thinking I had an irretrievable mess. Upon removing and inspecting the water pump, I discovered that it had rusted bad enough to seize. With the water pump off the car, the engine turned over beautifully.
  8. It’s fun to recognize in photos of street scenes when a 1940 car was introduced would include cars dating back another 20 years and could include a horse drawn wagon. Here’s a photo of one of my 1940 models. It’s a Buick series Super with a 248 ohv in-line 8. Working on another 1940 Roadmaster.
  9. wow, didn't you get lucky! I'm envious
  10. I just checked my spare parts to see what all you were talking about. Indeed, there are no reproduction bushings made for the torsion bar to frame. When examining the torsion bar that has been removed from my car, the rubber bushing is pressed into the frame mounting bracket, installed/pressed onto the torsion bar, then the torsion bar is bent to final form. Checking the parts book, I see that the bar with bushings is sold as one part number. Replacing the bushing calls for a little ingenuity like discretely cutting the torsion bar bracket, then inserting new bushings that can be squeezed
  11. You will notice on Gary's car that the lower frames were disassembled at one point by grinding and drilling out the rivets. The rivets were then replaced with bolts. I took my frames apart, but replaced the connection with rivets. Do judges wear knee pads checking for that sort of thing? Be sure to use high grade bolts, I'm not sure what torque you would require. I just checked part numbers and your 90 series are different than my 70 series, darn. I would have taken yours off your hands.
  12. The two bushings and seals on the lower control arm assembly can be replaced. The lower control arm shaft cannot be removed from the frame without removing at least two of the riveted connections. I've got my entire front end disassembled so my advice is limited to a suggestion. For an operating car, you may be able to compress the spring to take the force off the shaft then remove old and reinstall new bushings. In the interest of safety and that I am uninsured as an advice provider, you may want to disassemble the lower frame.
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