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  1. Eliminate the middle man and go to a reputable auction company. Let the market decide value versus an appraiser. Buyer data is real. Appraiser, not so much. DGP
  2. I like this car. Bothwell Ranch car. Has been well preserved.
  3. Sold for $58k all in a few months ago at RM Arizona. $30k flip. I thought the RM price was a steal. Market is soft for sure.
  4. Recently, this car changed hands at $58k. Seemed a reasonable price. what was commonly unknown? https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/az20/arizona/lots/r0020-1927-locomobile-model-90-sportif/832243 Don seeking such a car or a model 48/38 to drive across the country. spokane
  5. Love these great Locomobiles! Might need to find one someday!
  6. DGPoff


    I once owned a 1915, and my family a 1917. Happy to assist in any way. I rebuilt my 15, the 17 originally came from CA, ended up in WA, and was recently sold in WA again out of an estate. Don
  7. Sure looks like a Buick to me. Don P. 1906 F Spokane, WA
  8. I don't think so. Drums on Buick have equal band widths. Don P. 1906 F Spokane, WA
  9. Have to agree with the 1905-10 2 cylinder Buick. If it weren't for these cars, none of the others would exist
  10. The parts list does list a tool kit. Also a tire pump. I have never seen either.
  11. I agree on the McLaughlin Buick identification. I don't think the hood has hinges, just pinstriping and a bit of shadow in the photo. Having restored a 1910 F, all other indicators are in place.
  12. The 2 engine Chalmers, also known as the Duckbill Pludapus, is originally from Northern Idaho and was acquired from an old mine by Rich Morgan of Lewiston Idaho. Rich bought the car for extra engines for his 1909 Chalmers Detroit. I think he sold it to Bill Harrah. When in Rich's possession, the car was put into running condition. It always had cooling problems and was never toured. Rich is still alive, well, and touring out of Lewiston, Idaho. If you need his number, write me directly, and I'll pass it on. I'm sure he has pictures and more info on the car.
  13. Brass cars are great. I grew up around cars from the 20's and 30's that my dad collected. But I always went straight for the brass cars whenever one was around. Was lucky enough to spend a day or two with Bill Harrah in 1976 on the bi-centenial trans con tour. He drove a Thomas Flyer. Invited me to ride with him, I was 14, and dad came and picked me up in the next city! Mr. Harrah told me I could come and do brass cars with him anytime. Unfortunatly, he passed away before I ever got the chance. I now have a 1906 Buick F. Drove it 350 plus miles on a cross Washington State tour this summer. I'll take it anywhere. Figure it was broke when I got it, and probably will break again. Heck, that's more than half the fun of it! Additionally, Brass car folks are great. Met some of the finest people in my life talking brass cars!
  14. This was the best tour I have ever done. 350 plus miles. What a blast!! And the Buicks did preform very well. What a great car! Don Poffenroth
  15. Your corrections are right on! Next big early car event will be in July 2005 with the KISS 1 and 2 cylinder tour to be held in Waterville, WA.
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