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  1. Do the front mount bolts line-up with the frame bolt holes ? On my 29, I had to stretch the rear springs to get the bolt holes to line-up. I chained the rear axle to a post and chained the front to a Jeep and slowly pulled the springs about 4” and the bolts dropped in. Bill McLaughlin
  2. I emailed <> several times and got a response from: Cyndi Sommer McLauchlan Don Sommer Fine Art, LLC 248-435-6115 Phone 248-707-4624 Cell Good luck. Bill McLaughlin
  3. Received a reply from them. Bill McLaughlin 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club 416-580-5802
  4. Tell ALFRED, if he isn’t successful here, he needs to join the 1929 Silver Anniversary BUICK Club and advertise in their Newsletter. Bill McLaughlin 1929 Silver Anniversary BUICK Club
  5. I have found there are a few LED head light bulbs around and it's important to get ones that focus properly. Classic and vintage Bulbs down in Australia manufacture a headlight LED, 6v high and low beam that works very well. As Iunderstand the arrangement of the LEDs should be close as possible to the positioning of an original type bulb filament, like a 1000, to work well and give a good Dipped and High beam in a original reflector. Bill McLaughlin 1929 McLaughlin Buick
  6. Has anyone had contact with American Arrow recently. I know that Don Sommers passed away a short while ago. I have been unsuccessful in contacting them on behalf of a friend in Australia who is looking for his pre-paid 1929 Buick radiator mascot. Any information would be appreciated. Bill McLaughlin 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club 416-580-5802
  7. OleBug, your 29 looks more like a roadster (vs. a 29-46S which was a Sport Coupe). However, the door hinges look wrong for a Stewart bodied roadster. Could it be a coupe made into a roadster ? Bill McLaughlin Publisher - 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter
  8. Just had a cancellation and now have 1 space available in Orange Field for AACA member. Bill McLaughlin
  9. Just get the Spanish, optional overflow tank.
  10. Could someone check their 1930 Manual and give me the piston size for the large series engine, please. Thanks. Bill McLaughlin Supporter of All-to-gether Parking
  11. Barry: If your brother has a photo of what's left of the 29 Yellow Coach taxi, which used the Buick Master engine, I'd like to use it in the 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter. Send it to <>. Thanks. Bill McLaughlin
  12. Jack, think it would work. Can you PM me what you want for them. Bill
  13. Jack, the actual locking pieces looks the same but cap looks different. Bill
  14. Need 29 Buick side-mount lock - all 3 pieces (lock/hold-down, special bolt and locking cap). Bill McLaughlin