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  1. Could someone check their 1930 Manual and give me the piston size for the large series engine, please. Thanks. Bill McLaughlin Supporter of All-to-gether Parking
  2. Barry: If your brother has a photo of what's left of the 29 Yellow Coach taxi, which used the Buick Master engine, I'd like to use it in the 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter. Send it to <>. Thanks. Bill McLaughlin
  3. Jack, think it would work. Can you PM me what you want for them. Bill
  4. Jack, the actual locking pieces looks the same but cap looks different. Bill
  5. Need 29 Buick side-mount lock - all 3 pieces (lock/hold-down, special bolt and locking cap). Bill McLaughlin
  6. Depending on what you're going to do with the car (ie. a cosmetic vs. a full restoration) you might consider a cheap used set of tires to get the car home and move it during the restoration - and then buy a new set towards the end of the restoration. Bill McLaughlin 1929 McLaughlin Buick
  7. " When better Buicks were being built, McLaughlin was building them" Bill McLaughlin 1929 McLaughlin Buick Roadster Supporter of All together Chronological Parking
  8. John: I have 29-44 (roadster) original side-curtains, if these would be any help. Bill McLaughlin 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter Supporter off All-Together Chronological Parking
  9. Brian: Congratulations ! Get the 23 fired-up and we'll got for another road-trip. Bill McLaughlin 1929 McLaughlin Buick
  10. The Fisher Body Parts Price List confirms that Job number 30122 is a 30-68, 5 Pass. Coupe. Your engine number will likely be stamped on the crankcase, passenger side just above the starter (see: <>). If 30 McL-Buick's are the same as 29, there will be no serial number on a tag on the frame behind the passenger front wheel but it will be on a GM of Canada 4" x 4" plate attached to the engine side of the firewall near the oil filter on the pass. side (see: <>). Often the tags were removed to allow the heater hoses to go through the firewall. If replacing the engine with a 29, make sure you check under manifold to see that the engine hasn't already been cracked. 29's were more prone to cracking than 30's Bill McLaughlin 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club
  11. Patrick: If it's a 1929 Buick, as far as I know there are no factory plans of the wood available. Send me your email address and I'll send you a Welcome Package for the 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club where you can advertise for information on dimensions for the wood frame. Bill McLaughlin Editor & Publisher - 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick NewsletterAddress: 81 Roxborough St. W., Toronto, ON, M5R 1T9, CanadaTel: (Evenings): 416-961-0142; (Days): 416-580-5802Fax: 416-929-0945E-Mail: bill@29buick.caWeb Site: www.29buick.caPhoto Web Site:
  12. Brian: I'm at OAG 20-22. Bill McLaughlin
  13. Agree with Raydurr, it appears to be a 30 Standard. You should have a serial number plate on the right side frame behind the front wheel. Bill McLaughlin 1929 Silver Anniversary BUICK Newsletter
  14. Brian: Carbs are usually available from: <> or < <> . Fuel Pumps are usually available from: Ray Durrett, 5424 S. US Hwy. 69, Lufkin, TX, 75901, USA. T: 936-635- 7777 or <> You should join the 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club - all this info is available in the Newsletters and Suppliers list. Bill McLaughlin All-Together-Chronological Parking at BCA Meets