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  1. way late seeing this thread. Probably have the window regulator if you are still looking for one. Also have a bunch of 41 parts from my restoration etc if you need anything. Please give me a call Richard 80-6895978. Stay well and safe.
  2. Hello, I am a bit confused on exactly what you may need? I think you are looking for a right side skirt molding for the 40/60/90 1941 Buick or are you looking for the left side? I have both available. Looks like you also need a 40/60 not 90 series left rubber gravel guard molding as well? You did not respond before so am I to assume you have what you need?
  3. Hello Bob, I will be glad to measure it and get back to you tomorrow. I am not sure what you are referring to "one is 77 13/16" and the other one 87 7/16' unless one isfor the 1940 and one is for the 1941?
  4. Have an extra right side NOS 1940 Roadmaster rocker molding for sale or trade?
  5. Hello, Don't know if you found the trunk support yet this was an old posting that I just discovered. I may one available, but know I can help you with where to get the springs if you still need them. Have a lot of 41 Buick parts as well if you need anything else. Thank you Richard Mann BCA 3985. Oh just saw someone told you about the spring support. Let me know if need any help with anything else.
  6. Hello, If you did not find the spacer for the dual carbs, I have one.
  7. Hello, I know this is an old post but I may have one. Please before I tear the parts shed apart, let me know if you have found it. I have the same car and a lot of extra parts for it. Is there anything else you might need? Richard Mann BCA 3985
  8. Hello fellow 41 Buick fan. Don't know how I missed your post, but if you still need a skirt molding or other part for a 1941 Buick I should be able to help you. If I don't have it, odds are I can find it. Thank you Richare
  9. Steve V. Yes please PM me and i will call you back as soon as i have a # and the time zone is appropriate .
  10. Steve, I am a 1941Buicknut. Do you have a list of the parts you have available? Please let me know. Thank you Richard.
  11. JJ, May have found a source for the tube from the valve cover to the air cleaner. Do you still need one? Just about to receive some hand made stainless steel moldings for the Super/Roadmaster and Special/Century for the skirts bottoms and the curved pieces that attach to the rubber gravel guards. Oh, also should have rubber guard moldings for the Limited as well. Let me know what you may need and what you may have to trade? Thank you
  12. Hello Ken, Were you able to find the 1941 Buick parts you need. If not, please send me a wish list and i should be able hopefully help you. Let me know what model or models you have. Richard 805-6895978
  13. Hello, Please send me a list thru the private email i think it is called. or reply to this and i will supply. Thank you interested in the 41 Cadillac stuff.