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  1. Thank’s guys! My GI wool blanket has been a standby but it looks like a GI blanket. Going to Carlisle this weekend maybe I can find something there or at Hershey.
  2. Hello all, Now that car show season is here and I’ve been driving the 41 special a bit more, I thought it would be a good idea to find a seat cover to keep from wearing out my front seat. Looking for a good fitting cloth cover but all my searches come up short for a 1941 vehicle. Those that do don’t seem to look correct. If anyone knows of a jobber who sells a slip on cover let me know. Nothing exotic, just a decent slip on that fits tight. Thanks in advance
  3. Well, worked on my half full reading this past weekend and as I thought, it was the sending unit. Open circuit gauge goes to full. Ground it and shoots to empty. Drove the car for awhile since I had a pretty full tank for winter. After burning enough off, around half tank, the gauge started working again registering from around half and then reading fine the more I burned off. Down to a quarter now, so I’ll be dropping tank and see what’s up with the sender. Glad it’s the sender and not gauge. Whew!
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Nope, just got a message yesterday that he was waiting for parts to be made and the guy is on vacation. You can’t make this up! The only thing left is that the dog ate it and needs surgery to get it back but the Vets on vacation. I’ve resided on the fact that I’ll never have my Super Sonomatic back and if I do, it will be junk. Maybe I can sell the buttons if they come back, and re coupe the postage. Still willing to give him the benefit of doubt, but it’s looking very unlikely. The space shuttle could have been fixed by this time. Should have told me from the get go and saved us both a bunch of crap. Still hoping and praying though.
  5. Going to dive into it tomorrow.
  6. Now that everyone has covered the basics of either empty or full readings, my gauge has just started to act up. Although I haven’t jumped into it yet, my gauge goes to empty when ignition is off ( normal ). When I turn on the ignition it goes to around half full and stays there. I’m going to assume it’s a bad tank sensor but if anyone has had a similar problem it would make my search easier. Did not check anything yet since it just started but it has become my new weekend project this Sat.
  7. OK Bill, I did not mention who was working on it since I said the jury was still out and I would not bad mouth a mans reputation without solid proof. Since I still have not seen the radio or tried it out yet, I won’t.But since you opened the door, here we go! First off it’s been nearly six months when you told me four which I could still swallow. The kicker was and is, I can’t count on how many e mails I’ve gotten of excuses all of which I still have. First, you were waiting for parts and would be done by end of week most likely. Then it was damaged on shipment( which I can’t say yes or no since you received it) so I’ll give you that. Then you had to send it to Michigan for some reason and waiting for it or parts. Should be another week. Then your technician was sick. Should be another week. Then you needed schematics and the guy who had them lost the file. So I sent you an e mail with the whole Sonomatic schematics and parts listing right from Buick. You also told me that it was an 80 year old radio. I knew that, that’s why I sent it to you to be updated. I had asked before I sent the radio if you could do the job and you said yes, you would replace all the guts and better than new. Why would I ship it from the east coast all the way to the west coast to someone who MIGHT be able to fix it? As far as someone working on it before, I would have no idea! I’ve had the car a year and never pulled the radio out. Five band, oscillators and anything else is Greek to me. All I know is it’s a radio and doesn’t work.That’s why you have it. I would never have posted this and was going to send you a personal e mail, but since you are making me out to be some kind of ( you know what) and post it here, then I won’t be made into some kind of jerk. You can either fix the radio and when I get it back I’ll give you a Glowing review if it works. Or not! Nobody could have know it was you until you brought it up. Sorry this had to happen. Fix my radio and I’ll pay the bill. That’s all I wanted from the start. Or not.
  8. Thanks John! If I can locate the radio I’ll let you know. It’s a shame I have to go through all of this since my old one was in fine shape. Live and learn. Thanks Eddie
  9. Hi Guys, I’m in dire need of a 41 Special radio in good condition working or not. I sent mine out to be repaired in late Nov. and still have not received it but more excuses than I can count anymore. I doubt if I’ll ever see it again and if I do I think it won’t be worth a plug nickel. Long story and the jury is still out. At any rate, show season is here and I can’t show the car with a big hole in dash. Willing to pay more for working unit. A radio delete plate would also work if you have a good one. Must look excellent since car is almost perfect. Thanks for your help, from a desperate guy. Prefer e mail contact at dunsmere@ aol.com
  10. I also have the original PCV tube system in my 41 and have never had any trouble with coking in the carbs since I've owned it. I have driven stop and go and highway driving and she runs like a top.I think if your engine is in good condition with no worn out rings, seals, etc. there would be no need for the change. I think that this is an overblown issue on good running cars. Good Luck Ed
  11. Hi Guys, Yes, I parked my I pad and am on my lap top to make a post. What a PITA! After checking all the usual outlets with no luck, I'm hoping someone can get me to the place I need. Looking for a water pump rebuild kit for my 41 but all I can find is complete pumps. I did replace the original pump which was leaking through the weep hole with a new one, but I would like to rebuild the old one to keep all the original parts and as a spare. I know, I need a press for the bearings and yes I do have one so that's not a problem. Bob's, Carrs and all the others I;ve checked do not have the kits. Could someone point me in the right direction? I did check e bay, but the ones I've seen all have years of pitting and corrosion and I don't trust those bearings. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I'd like to replace my front rubber (vinyl) floor mat with a factory correct style, with the section of carpet on each side where your feet rest but no luck finding a vendor. Trying to get a pre trimmed one so I can just replace it without having to cut to fit but would settle for that if I could find the correct style in brown. Anyone know of a vendor for my 41/46S ? Also, sorry for the back to back posts but since I still have to use my lap top to post I do them all at one time. Read with the I pad post with lap top. That's right, I'm a computer idiot!
  13. Well I took Neil's advise and sent my radio out to Bill's for repairs. Having it overhauled to fix what ever needs fixing and having the FM addition installed. Since there would be no change in the looks, I went with it. Checked out other repair services closer to NY and they were all more costly for the same service as Bill. Plus they had a turn around time of four months. Granted, the car is sleeping for the winter but who knows where I'll be in four months. I'd probably forget about it by then. Will be nice to have FM also. I did find a tag and chalk markings on the radio back marked Apr.3 1940. Thought that was kind of neat.
  14. Hello All, I'd like to send my 41 tube radio out for repairs and would like to know who does the best work and keep it stock? I don't wish to make any modern updates, just service the radio and replace the speaker as built. Thank's for any input
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