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  1. Hi Guys, Yes, I parked my I pad and am on my lap top to make a post. What a PITA! After checking all the usual outlets with no luck, I'm hoping someone can get me to the place I need. Looking for a water pump rebuild kit for my 41 but all I can find is complete pumps. I did replace the original pump which was leaking through the weep hole with a new one, but I would like to rebuild the old one to keep all the original parts and as a spare. I know, I need a press for the bearings and yes I do have one so that's not a problem. Bob's, Carrs and all the others I;ve checked do not have th
  2. I'd like to replace my front rubber (vinyl) floor mat with a factory correct style, with the section of carpet on each side where your feet rest but no luck finding a vendor. Trying to get a pre trimmed one so I can just replace it without having to cut to fit but would settle for that if I could find the correct style in brown. Anyone know of a vendor for my 41/46S ? Also, sorry for the back to back posts but since I still have to use my lap top to post I do them all at one time. Read with the I pad post with lap top. That's right, I'm a computer idiot!
  3. Well I took Neil's advise and sent my radio out to Bill's for repairs. Having it overhauled to fix what ever needs fixing and having the FM addition installed. Since there would be no change in the looks, I went with it. Checked out other repair services closer to NY and they were all more costly for the same service as Bill. Plus they had a turn around time of four months. Granted, the car is sleeping for the winter but who knows where I'll be in four months. I'd probably forget about it by then. Will be nice to have FM also. I did find a tag and chalk markings on the radio back marked Apr.3
  4. Hello All, I'd like to send my 41 tube radio out for repairs and would like to know who does the best work and keep it stock? I don't wish to make any modern updates, just service the radio and replace the speaker as built. Thank's for any input
  5. Pont35cpe, Thank's for the heads up on the carbs. I might take you up on the offer if I start to have problems and if you still have them. Like I told Jon, the carbs are fine(for now) it's the vac switch I need. I'm a true believer in "if it aint broke, don"t fix it" attitude. Thank's again for the offer. I do appreciate it. Ed
  6. Jon, Thanks so much for all your hard work in digging up all the info for me. I am very greatful. FYI, the secondary carb has a 7-43 date so am I to assume that was changed at one time or not? If I were having performance issue I would consider making a change, however, she runs like a top at all speeds and idles like it's not running.I also don't want to make any changes from "as built" unless I have to. Like I stated in my first post, it's the vac. switch issue only and that was hit and miss but seems OK since I cleaned it up. It.s more of a piece of mind for me to have another
  7. Jon, The # on the carb. air horn is 7-42-A. I don't know if it has been replaced at one time since the car is a 41. Thank's Again Ed
  8. Thank's Jon for all your help! I would have responded sooner, but I had to get to my lap top at home since my I pad won"t let me post anymore. I'll get back to you this afternoon with the STROMBERG carb # and hopefully you can get me squared away. You are correct as far as my # 1990127 is a Delco # since I got it from my Buick master parts catalog. Back to you later today. Thank You Ed
  9. I was at Carlisle this past weekend and one of the items on my list was a starter vac. switch. The part # I have is 1990127. My first question is if it's the correct number which I got off of buick's 41 master parts catalog. I did find one and the seller said it was correct, but a very different number. I passed since I didn't want to get stuck with the wrong one. My second question is does anyone know where I might find one for a 41 248 with compound strongberg carb? Mine was sticking at times and would not engage. I cleaned and repaired it and seems to be working fine. Would l
  10. I've been trying to post on my I pad and for some reason I can't do it any more. Worked fine from day one up until the new format showed up. Now I have to use my lap top to post. Anyone know what's going on?
  11. Autonut, I also would like to find any history on my 41 and would like to know where to go. Although my car had been in the same family for almost 70 years, I'd still like to find any available history. Hope someone responds to your query . Ed
  12. Thanks Tinindian for the heads up.I'll Grab a pair today. Problem solved! Do you know the correct description for that part?
  13. Thanks Tinindian for the heads up.I'll Grab a pair today. Problem solved! what is the correct description for that part?
  14. I'm looking for the radio static supersors ( brass colored) that go inside the front axle grease cups. I've tried the obvious sources with no luck. I might be missing them on their sites under another description, but I've read all their listings with no luck. Does anyone know where I can find a pair? I could be wrong, but I think they are all the same for all series. If not, I need a pair for 40 series. Thanks in advance guys. Ed
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