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  1. Thanks guys! You all have been very helpful. All the best Ed
  2. Anybody? Just want to know which is better detailed.
  3. Hi Guys, Even though I have Buick's 1941 shop manual, which leaves a lot to be desired, I understand that the later manuals like 1942, etc. are much more in depth and many procedures are the same for 1941. My question is, I can get the 42 manual or , there is a 42-47 manual for a few bucks more but is one more in depth as far as procedures go than the other. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Robert, all that info helps guide me in my quest to perfection. Like I stated I might be to optimistic,but the only way to know for sure is to go for it. Thanks again
  5. Fireball8man, Thanks for all that info. I forward your info to my friend since even though it's out of my pay grade, I'm sure he'll know what you are talking about since he's been in that buisness for 30+ years or so. It will be interesting to learn the difference in price also. thanks again
  6. I guess I should be greatful about what I need to do to the car. Believe it or not, I'm at the point of trying to find anything that would not be 100% . There is not much to deal with right now except the point deduction here and there. I'd like to get to the point where there is none. Maybe to optimistic, but the car is very close now. Need to find a expert judge in my area to find what else is needed. Since all or most shows are cancelled now is a good time to try and achieve that goal. Disposable funds account has grown since there is not much to do for entertainment but wife has other ideas on what to do with it! All the best
  7. Neil, I realize I need what is on the car now and that isn't my issue. I should have made my post more clear. The reason I ask is to touch up the back sides of the wheels. They are the original color and in very good shape. Just chips here and there. Not bad enough to do a re paint. Yet. The past post body color has been resolved. I don't understand why anyone who restores a car would not do the wheels back side also. I've seen it on many a top shelf restorations a it drives me nuts. Come winter, they are coming off and done to match the rest. You are right about the paint job. It is flawless and could not have asked for any better. But the wheels, come on! They did the fronts perfect. What's it take to do the back? Guess I had to find something to complain about. Anyway, my guess would be enamel also.
  8. I'm interested to know what type of paint was originaly used on 41 Buicks. Was it enamel or laquer? Would like to have a small amount made up for touching up small chips. I have a friend who works for PPG and had worked with other companies in the past and is a Pro when it comes to color matching. He can mix me up what I need in a very small quantity even though it's not done in small amounts since he is in the R&D dept. there. He would not do this normally since he would be overwhelmed by requests, but we are good friends and he owes me one. Time to call in my marker! Thank's in advance.
  9. Ben, let us know if it's fixed and runs well. Would like to know the results Ed
  10. It's been just about a month now since I entered the world of pre-war buicks with my 41 and I just wanted to let all of you know how greatful and pleased I am with all of you on this forum. Every day there is something I need to know about, how to locate, or need a discription on something and sometimes within minutes of my post, you guys come through. I worked for Chevrolet for nearly 30 years but never on a pre war car, so there are times my questions may sound very stupid to you guys, yet you never ignore, laugh or belittle. You all just come through every time! I can't tell you how refreshing it is to be on a forum of this caliber. Again, I just want to say "Thank You" to all of you and let you know how greatful this newbe is. All the best to all of you and hope some day we can meet in person. Ed
  11. Thanks guys. I was curious to know since I saw it while greasing the front end. Looked in the manuals and shows the part, but no discription on what it's for or how to service it. Don't have any problems ( yet ) with the front end but I'm always curious when I see something I'm not familiar with. Knew I'd find the answer here. Thank's again Ed
  12. I'd like to know what the plug on the end of the drag link or long tie Rod is for? According to the manual ( motors )it's called an adjusting plug, has a spring, then the pitman arm ball, then a spacer. What adjustment does this do? I know for toe in- out the adjustment is made at the opposite end by the wheel. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ed
  13. Neil, Now I know for sure that I'm not as sharp as I used to be! What a simple answer. I should have thought of that myself before posting my question. Geez! Getting old is really a PIA! However, if that fails, I'll give Dr. Colorchip a try. Thanks Ed
  14. Common problem on many post war engines I've worked on over 25 years. As previously stated, valve guides but would not cause a skip until after the plugs fouled. You didn't say if the skip was there all the time even after new plugs installed. My bet would be the plug wires off of e bay if skip was constant even with new plugs. Should not be a difficult problem to diagnose with a little trouble shooting. Good luck.
  15. Tom, I did not get the place you mentioned . Do they have classic colors for pre war cars? I'm looking for Ludington & English green. Thanks Ed