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  1. Hello Dynaflash8, if you still have that radio, how much do you want for it? Is it a Super Sonamatic or a Sonamatic? Thank you
  2. Hello, is this still available? Thank you Richard BCA 3985
  3. Hello Mando, I have seen this car over the years. Didn't need anything till now. Do you still have the following items and how much would they be? 1. The right rear fender? 2. Don't see it but the left rear fender? 3. Do you still have a hood? 4. How many rims do you have and how much are they each? Thank you, Richard Mann 805-6895978 South Coast Cali.
  4. Great looking project, wonderful survivor and a very rare car, congratulations. Wow, don't think in all my Buick years that I remember seeing one of those. I am a mainly a 1941 Buick Nut and a lot of items are the same, but over the years I have acquired some interesting 42 parts along the way. One thing I might have that you might need is an NOS right side rocker molding? Let me know if I can be of help with that or some other items you might need as well. Where are you located? Happy to help. Richard Mann BCA 3985
  5. Hi Stuart, I will look and see if I have one available for you.
  6. Stuart, Great looking car. Welcome to the 1941 Buick "addiction". I have to admit I have been addicted for the 47 years I have owned my car. If you are looking for a jack, I do have the "stand" which goes on the inside and tries to hold up the brake drum from the inside. As the others have mentioned to you, if you decide to acquire a jack and it components so you have them, that would be great, but do not use it under any circumstances! If you have any questions about your car, I would be happy to help in any way I can. Richard BCA 3985, feel free to give me a call. California 805-6895978
  7. Hello Tom, Check your text messages, I just sent you some pictures of what I believe you described. Call me to discuss further. Thank you Richard
  8. Hello, welcome to the World Of 1941 Buicks. I might have one I will check tomorrow. Please let me know if someone responds with one before I do. I have a lot 41 Buick parts, just let me know if you find something else you might need. Richard Mann BCA 3985.
  9. Great story and a great car. That looks like a fun project. Being that it has been in your family for so long you probably have everything you need, except possibly the right hood? I have had my 1941 for 47 years and I have collected parts all of those years for it and of course have accumulated others to keep these good old girls on the road. Let me know if I can be of any help with question or parts? Thank you
  10. If you still have the panels, please send to richard@richardmann.com. Thank you
  11. Hello, all of those are very good suggestions, but I might a couple more as I have taken my instrument panel out several times and this is what I recommend. 1. First put low tack tape on the steering column before you begin. Nothing worse than to scratch that column with the panel. 2. I know your Roadmaster Coupe and it is easiest to push the seat all the way back and then simply remove the seat cushion. Word to the wise, if you are in the garage doing this, attach a blanket to your door using the handle as inevitably while on your back one might push too hard on the door and the door will find the car parked next to it or worse a wall. 3. The wires are as mentioned before are not long enough to pull it all the way out, but do so so you just have enough room to remove the small nuts holding the speedo and the gauge cluster. 4. Didn't read all the responses from fellow Buick Nuts but, the best advice I can give and what worked for me the best was to not put the nuts back on the studs attached to the panel, but to find "wing nuts" and that way you can hand tighten them and then adjust the panel for prober fit once you are done. If you ever need to fix something or change something, you will happy you had the wind nuts the second go round. 5. Small other tip might be, I am fairly agile for my 75 years, but no matter how old your are, I suggest you get something like a moving blanket and put it over the clutch and brakes pedal as it makes a "pillow" type of rest spot for you head for the time you are under there. Good luck and let me know how it goes, or you might have already done it and these tips hopefully might help someone else..
  12. Hello, the pulley that attaches to the water pump also holds the fan in place. Is that what you are looking for? I have one of those ready to go. Richard Mann BCA 3985, CA. 805-6895978.
  13. Sorry I can't help you if you want to keep it stock. But if you want to go the Dual Carburetor set up, I could help you there.
  14. If you are still looking for Elephant Ears should be able to help you. Richard BCA 3985
  15. Hello, If this bolts to the front of the engine, I am pretty sure I have such an animal. Could you send a visual? Richard BCA 3985
  16. Hello, I might be able to help you if you still need the Elephant Ears. Richard Mann BCA 3985.
  17. Hello Eddie, I am never sure about these dates in this forum. Was that May 1, 2020 or two years ago that you were looking for a radiator?. Anyway if you are still looking for a small series 1941 radiator, I have several and will be glad to help you pick out the best of the bunch. Radiators are in storage, let me know if you still need one and I will take some pictures for you and you can choose. Also let me if there is anything else you might need? Thank you. You can call me at 805-6895978 or email me at richard@richardmann.com
  18. Have a 1940 Roadmaster NOS right side Rocker Molding for sale. $125.00 plus shipping. Decided to lower the price figuring someone might just want to have this as a spare at this price?
  19. way late seeing this thread. Probably have the window regulator if you are still looking for one. Also have a bunch of 41 parts from my restoration etc if you need anything. Please give me a call Richard 80-6895978. Stay well and safe.
  20. Hello, I am a bit confused on exactly what you may need? I think you are looking for a right side skirt molding for the 40/60/90 1941 Buick or are you looking for the left side? I have both available. Looks like you also need a 40/60 not 90 series left rubber gravel guard molding as well? You did not respond before so am I to assume you have what you need?
  21. Hello Bob, I will be glad to measure it and get back to you tomorrow. I am not sure what you are referring to "one is 77 13/16" and the other one 87 7/16' unless one isfor the 1940 and one is for the 1941?
  22. Have an extra right side NOS 1940 Roadmaster rocker molding for sale or trade?
  23. Hello, Don't know if you found the trunk support yet this was an old posting that I just discovered. I may one available, but know I can help you with where to get the springs if you still need them. Have a lot of 41 Buick parts as well if you need anything else. Thank you Richard Mann BCA 3985. Oh just saw someone told you about the spring support. Let me know if need any help with anything else.
  24. Hello, If you did not find the spacer for the dual carbs, I have one.
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