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  1. Unfotunately, some time ago, I bought exactly what your asking about and most parts have been "recycled", except engine, which helped power a 40 Buick restoration project. I did take some photos of the complete assy. The components were "dumptruck" sized with a standard/stick trans. Pm for photos. Dont recommend parts for less than one ton rated use because of size & weight!
  2. This what can happen when you ignore avalanche warnings just outside Minneehaplass, Many-snow-dah!
  3. Suggest one last phone call to Weeklys Auto! Grand Forks, ND next to Grand Forks AFB. GOOGLE MAP THEM AND B AMAZED. Hope that helps. Got my convrt only ash trays and holders from a 47 there. Good luck!
  4. Whew! Thats proof to B careful what you wish for! Thanx all for the info! Now Ive got some homework to do to understand the answers!
  5. Im guessing Buick assembled this bar by putting the rubber bushings on the bar, next wrapping the stamped bracket around the bushing then welding the two brackets to the frame. If I replace them on my 40s I plan on grinding the welds off the frame and using a wire feed welder to put em back on cuz one can do it with so little heat the rubber bushings wont be damaged. Just a SWAG, of course! And since no bigger diameter bar is available that bolts in, I'd like some duralume(sp) bushings for the vertical links and maybe bar bushings also to stiffen up the suspension and not have to grease them l
  6. Ive heard the Otima and other variants of "gel" batteries, and electronic distributors, (Pertronix),etc, work better with altenators. Fact, fiction?
  7. Thanx for the quality info! I think maybe my concern was with Dads constant reminder,"dont play the radio while Im in the store, you'll wear the battery down!" 150.00 cars with marginal batteries. He bought what he could afford! Anyone switch to one of those generator-look alike alternators? $3-400.00. Pow-gen?(sp?)
  8. Were the factory supplied generator amps higher on midfifties Buicks ordered with accys like power windows or air cond, power seat, etc? Expiring minds want to know!
  9. Sounds exactly like the mods the drag racers were doing with the switch pitch turbo 400s used 1964-early 1967. Sounds dangerously close to a performance modification than an upgrade tho. Slippery slope! I like it!
  10. Exactly the reason I decided to change to a 1956 Dyna. Close to a test. Its practically a bolt-in for a 55 Super or Roadmaster as the length is the same,(or very close), that Buick changed the 56 to. Guessing this is the reason they added an extra stator in 1956 to the convertor and had to make the bellhousing longer/deeper. If you check the torque multiplication specs for 1956 vs 55 it would seem to explain the motivation for the change. Optimizing engine function/tune and linkage adjustment is always a good idea. Anxious to hear the results of your efforts!
  11. Anyone sourced these rubber parts or should I just cut some out of some stabilizer bushings?
  12. Not a challenge, just an honest question. When you see holes partially drilled in the cast pulleys for either 264"or 322", were these pulleys spun and neutral balanced before assembly? Chicken/egg, any definitive info. Ive heard different positions. One that the internal "off balance" had to be corrected partially using flywheel/flexplate and front pulley. Yer thoughts?
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