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  1. car has both engine splash pans. Drivers side is kinda unobtainium. Kinda Phun 2 go thru the stuff!
  2. 1940 Super arrived! It has a 1956 MN plate on the front. Also included the dealer model display book with the letter pictured. Seems incredable that it may have been sidelined that long ago? It is amazingly complete, but rusty as befits an old driver car from Many-snow-dah! The original wheels are toast, as it seems they were off the car laying in wet dirt(big pock mark like recessions all around consistantly on all four wheels). Dang! The only trim I see missing is the crest on the trunk ornament. Jack and stand in trunk, original air clnr and batt hold down bracket. A "Mouse House" its been! Stinks of course but seems totally vacated by them at this point. The ride from central Iowa to Mn. probably sinched that. Ill try and post some more photos in case further interest is there.
  3. Just thought Id share a bit O good news! My two front mats from Jenkins Interiors arrived 2day & did not disappoint! Now I can figure out how to rip that fugly glued down cheap carpet off the front floor! Took photos, but they dont show how nice these are. Very heavily made. Struggled to lift box with the two rolled up, very secure packing as well! Also taking delivery on a promising 1940 Super 4dr parts car Sat @ around noon. Be nice if it actually turns over as told by owner b4 him!
  4. The profile of the cams are different. The ramp is "steeper" that the lifter has to ride on one than the other! Solids cant absorb a quick jolt of a steep ramp on a cam like a hydraulic lifter can. I see you have a broken pushrod which can be the result of trying to switch to solids without the knowledge of the differences in the cams. Just a SWAG (SCIENTIFIC WILD ASS GUESS!)
  5. Yes, thank you! Trying to take the shortest route from 'a' to 'b' and hopefully beyond. Waiting for a call from ceramic coating folks doing my ex manifolds to install&get it running again and take those recall HF jackstands out from under it!
  6. Thanx for clarifying! Threw me right off with "jamb"! (Not hard 2 do!), Front edge I guess would get me oriented. Trouble with text as opposed to face to face, not nearly as easy to edit conversation in "real time". Still, WPA! However, I am thinking Im developing a flat spot on my forehead from "beating my head against the wall" on some of this stuff! Heehee!
  7. Thanx 4 reply! Its a pwr wndw car so no work on jambs needed. The donor doors are manual crank version, so sounds like any rework minimal, Yay! Think Im going to strip the outside surface of door skin b4 I knee jerk on replace. CA car, so rust not an issue, just very poor dent repair. Like to keep original if rework on it if is less effort than door swap. Ill see when I get old mud off that was slathered over crease!
  8. Yeah! Thats watt I like to hear, thanx for gettn back with solid experience! Ive scheduled some Angels to sing at your bedposts 2nite! If some are scheduled already they will all just have to harmonize!
  9. Trying to save some $$ by swapping pass door damaged and mudded w/o even an attempt to pull crease(old school ins job back in the day), but It has pwr windows. The Buick pts book shows different pt#s for manual window door shells. Is it a bolt for bolt swap? Did Buick design the shell to accept either hardware or will this create a nightmare of modifications to mount the pwr stuff in the manual/crank window door shell? Thanx ahead for anyone who has these facts. Ive already had swags (scientific wild ass guesses). Heehee!
  10. Or put an oil filter adapter from a 1959-61 0n and use a modern spin-on type. Its a bolt on and it takes much less time to have oil running up to your elbow!
  11. Hey If you want a little wider source for a used seat I have a 1955 Cent and the front seat was shredded toast! A local guy put new seats in his 1951 Spec and had pulled a really nice reupolstered original seat. I measured the width, gave him the 50.00 he was asking and bolted it in my 55 Cent. Point is if you research abit alot of gm stuff is more modular than is documented. After you buy and read the book Ill be happy to answer more what fits what as I have studyed that info, wait, what were we talkn bout? Heehee
  12. Ah, 2 B 53 again! Ive recognised my mortality(and poor sp skills), I have more parts and cars than energy at this point, cash, dont get me started. I saw a phunny online: Speed costs money, how fast do U wanto go$$$$?
  13. But doncha just hate ignorance? Hee hee
  14. I love that 'deny' strategy! It works at the highest levels! Money more important than health. Where have ya heard that b4! Dont worry you wont get sick for prolley 25 years! Whats the safe amount of exposure to asbestos dust? Oh yeah, none! Those perfect working drums should always be 'arched'/ground/sanded to fit the drums. No exposure is the only safe exposure. Whats that line in the media when they catch him lying daily? Your entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.