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  1. All three parts or just the notoriously oft broken center section for that one application? Lemme know and I can contact the person that showed me a really nice NOS center section in the Buick part box. Yes, unlike Bigfoot, they do exist!
  2. Just thought Id post an introduction to info about the heavy duty 3spd transmission used not only by Buick, but also other divisions of GM. When other HD trans were not available Buicks selector shift transmissions were used when the venerable Cadd-Lasalle's floor shifters where becoming scarce. Info about what vehicles this trans will fit is almost not available. I rely on The Hollander Interchange manuals, Buick factory parts manuals and a mid-fifties article in Hot Rod mag about modifying these to fit in other makes and models. The 3spd transmission that Buick used in 1954-55 Spec models is
  3. The strategy I used when I converted a 1952 four barrel intake for a 320" straight 8. I had to fabb similar bushings in order to use the two barrel exhaust to overcome the unobtainium of the 4 barrel only exhaust center section. Threading a stud into the bushing then a nut onto the stud I used the nut to "lock" against the bushing by putting two nuts at the top end of the stud locked together. It allowed me to install the bushing flush with the intake and still loosen the jamm nut after the red locktite cured and the stud then turned out with the 2 locked nuts at the top. The process of "jamm
  4. I saw a post with photo that showed flat washers thick enuff that they had to be tapped between coils when the hood was up to keep the spaces open lowering the hood somewhat let the extended springs off the hook so to speak.
  5. 1941 Buick lesome pittingft side spear for fender or fender skirt. Shinny original chrome and of course, some pitting, but light enuff to be good candidate for rechrome. Not bent or cracked, all screw holes good, both rear attachment posts good solid shape. 155.00 plus buyer pays shipping from 55327. Pm with questions.
  6. Original left side chrome pot metal spear trim for rear fender or fender skirt. This is the shorter of the two that were made. Shinny chrome, but of course some pitting. See photos for better assessment. Not bent, cracked or otherwise damaged, but needs rechrome for show. 155.00 plus buyer pays shipping from 55327. Pm questions.
  7. The shorter one. Whoops Ill post this on for sale!
  8. Thanx for the reminder! I didnt remember about silver solder. Still some left from Dads stuff. Saved us when fixing a leak when sweat soldering didnt "take".
  9. Are these new, as in never had tires mounted? They look in really nice shape!
  10. Thanx for the added info! I will hafta try my "Crager Starwires", Buick look-a-likes on first as I had to use 1" thick aluminum spacers attached with Buick bolts to achieve having studs to accomadate the shouldered unilugs on the wire wheels. Adding another 1/2" each side might make too wide a track at an additional 1-1/2" wider than stock overall. Now for some dang consistant warm weather. 73 yesterdays high, 39 today! Keep ur scorecard handy folks!
  11. I do have another intake thats other worldy nice, but I hafta try evil-bay to hopefully generate some repair $$$$ for my project.
  12. You might contact Weeklys Auto Parts next to Grand Forks Air Force base in ND. Yes, its way bigger than the Air Force Base!
  13. Nice upgrade! Were you able to use the original bearing set or did you switch to tapered bearings from ball? If so, do you have bearing #s to use if not stock? I would like to do this on my 55Cent. Thanx in advance for response!
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