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  1. It's October 8-10 at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA. $100 for the whole weekend, ALL THE SPACE YOU WANT. Charlotte, Hershey, the Perry GA Swap meet have all canceled. We won't without a court order (which I do not anticipate getting, as we've had our monthly NE GA Swap Meet each month since May, with no problems at all). That said, IF we do get Covid-Canceled by the state prior to the event, we will fully refund every vendor's entry fee. All those other swap meets are keeping the entries and rolling them over to the next show... I can't do that and sleep at night. (I'
  2. Pretty sure this is for '46-'48 Dodge. 29th Annual Edition. These are all in excellent condition. Grandma bought one new in '48, and this is the paperwork that she held on to. The owner's manual is pretty common on Ebay, but the rest of the manuals are a lot harder to come by. I'd like $50 shipped for the lot of them.
  3. Less than a dozen left, guys. I did shipping quotes for several people, and haven't heard back from them one way or another, so while there are 11 sitting on my shelf right now ready to ship, if those guys all pull the trigger, I'll have less than five left. So if you've been thinking about it, don't think too much longer! -Brad
  4. 14 left! A FANTASTIC winter upgrade project for you're '54-'56. If you've been thinking about getting one, don't think on it too much longer! You might miss your opportunity. -Brad
  5. It will be cheaper to ship to Florida. I'll get a quote to Sweden for you. Check with Mr. Earl here on the forum to see if he might have the trim pieces you're looking for. He mainly deals in '54 Buicks, but I think he has a '55 and a '56 parts car too. -Brad
  6. Hi Michael, I'm happy to ship them overseas. Send me your address and I will get a quote for you. I've sent a few to Europe and a couple to New Zealand and Australia. -Brad
  7. I have just 18 sway bar kits left, from my original stock of 50 kits. That's 32 VERY satisfied customers! If you've been thinking about ordering one (or more!) don't put it off. I MAY have another batch made, but if I do it will be a smaller quantity, and that's going to drive the price up. However, as of right now, I haven't decided if I will order another batch, in any quantity. So when these are gone, they may be GONE. -Brad
  8. Wow, thanks Mike! I appreciate the kind words! (I kind expect the kind words from Mr. Earl, since I de-squirrel his farm when my aim is good, but it's cool to hear it from someone else!) -Brad
  9. Let Santa put something under the tree for YOU! You deserve it! Shipped four out last week, and have gotten a ton of feedback from people--everyone is very happy with it. They've gone all over the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. -Brad
  10. Thanks Fr. Buick! Still have them on the shelves, but they are going quick! For our Overseas enthusiasts, I've found I can ship them fairly reasonable via US Postal Service, so give me a call if you live outside the US. Shipped one to Norway this week, and have several enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand that we're shipping to.
  11. Email returned. You can email me directly at brad56@windstream.net, as well. -Brad
  12. If you hit a bump with BOTH front wheels, at the SAME TIME, then the sway bar will rise with both, and it won't affect ride quality. If you hit a bump or pot hole with just ONE front wheel, that A-arm is attached to the frame and the other A-arm via the sway bar--Because the other A-arm isn't moving, it effectively holds the arm that hit the bump, from going through it's full range of motion. Basically, it adds more resistance to the shock and spring on the side going through the bump. There's a line (and sometimes not all that fine of a line) between keeping the ride comfortable, and making
  13. Still have some on the shelves, but they are moving pretty briskly! If you've thought about getting one but have been putting it off, I wouldn't.
  14. Best improvement to the summer driving season you can make! These have sold real well, and I have a lot of very, very happy people with them! Back to the top. -Brad
  15. Original shipment to me was 50 bars. 24 sold, and nothing but great comments from people. 26 left... get you're while the gettin's good! -Brad
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