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  1. Mudbone

    55 Century 66R Project

    Saturday after mudding, blocking and sanding. I when up to Menards to pick up a few things. I went down this one isle and discovered the tool I was missing. I have been doing it all wrong!
  2. Mudbone

    55 Century 66R Project

    I managed to get a lot done last weekend. I hope to do more blocking this weekend.
  3. Mudbone

    1955 lower fender bolts

    Yes the right front fender is 5/16-18. After thinking about it I now remember that the bolts broke on one side. I must have drilled and tapped them the wrong thread size. Now I am not sure what bolt and washer came out of there as I was using generic bolts on the right fender. The body holes are very large so I would think it would be a large washer. Nothing in my front clip parts bag is that large.
  4. Mudbone

    1955 lower fender bolts

    Thanks, I may need four. Let me check the other side first and I will get back to you.
  5. Mudbone

    1955 lower fender bolts

    They are fine tread. The first 5 times I had the fender off I could start them with my fingers. now they are stripped out. I wonder if I ran the wrong size tap through them after I primed them. I can insert a heli coil of any size. The bolts were in the bag marked left front fender but that doesn’t mean I didn’t screw up. I will check the other side and see what I have in there.
  6. I am looking for the correct lower fender bolts for my 55 Century. 5/16 x 24 The length is 1 1/8" the washer diameter is also 1 1/8" Mine are stripped out.
  7. Mudbone

    55 Century 66R Project

    I spent two full days on the Buick. I am sore and tired. Did a lot of block sanding. The right 1/4 is looking good and so is the drivers door. I need to take a few more Fridays off and get bigger chunks of this thing done.
  8. Mudbone

    55 Century 66R Project

    Christmas List
  9. Another rainy Buick Adventure. We took One Bid on Autumn Drive in Woodstock IL. Arts, crafts antiques and FOOD!
  10. We were on our way to the car when they were handing out the trophies to the winners at the show. They announced the Directors Choice award and called my name! It turns out the director was a young lady, and when she handed me the trophy she said she loved 50”s cars and loved the color combination! (I felt kind of guilty because there were a lot of very nice cars there)
  11. We decided to take One Bid to a local car show rain or shine.
  12. Mudbone

    55 Century 66R Project

    After two weddings, two family reunions and numerous rainy weekends, I finally was able to finish sand blasting the fuel tank.
  13. My son made the mistake of leaving his GoPro at my house. Good excuse to go for a drive.