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  1. One Bid Gets New/Old Shoes!
  2. 1955 Buick Essential Service Tools (Kent Moore)
  3. 1956 Car Craft Magazine Article Buick V8 into a 49-52 Chevy. Who would have thought?
  4. I found this article in an old Car Kraft Mag. They show installing a Buick Nailhead in a 49 to 52 Chevy!
  5. I found this old 9” x 7” Car Owner’s Handbook. Published in 1955 It has an article on the 55 Buicks. Interesting read.
  6. Lots of 55 Buicks in this one
  7. Thanks, hope to see you soon! Mud
  8. I found this video clip my friend Chris made back in 1996. See if you can find the humor in this. reind
  9. Found this photo on the inter-web. My 55 runs gooder than your 54!
  10. Take some photos of your dist. with the cap and rotor off. Maybe we can help. Mud
  11. Those videos are a work in progress. Some of them are unlisted. You can only view them with the link. I am also trying to get them in the proper order and make them all public so eventually you can just go to my YouTube channel and find the Dynaflow playlist and they will all be in order. Mud
  12. I built many models in my youth but only a few Buicks. Here are a few outtakes of the Buicks I built. If you want to see all of them just send me a PM and I will send you the link. Mud
  13. I have a new Nick Name! A guy I have known for years saw a photo of “One bid” next to my computer desk at work. He then proceeded to call me “Two Tone Malone!” LoL
  14. I sent this to my friend Chris (Car Guy). This was his response...... (Make sure she blocks at a forty five degree angle, most dogs and some cats tend to sand in the same spot to long creating ridges and low areas) 😂