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  1. I took it to a radiator shop as I am having the correct three row core installed. He did all the un-soldering.
  2. Does anyone have a nice 55 top radiator tank?
  3. My son gave this to me for Christmas. Very Cool!
  4. I took “One Bids” radiator to the radiator shop and I am looking to have the correct core installed for Project 66R (55 Century 2DRHdtop) This core is missing two rows. That is why “One Bid” was overheating. I showed him photos of the original radiator that was in Project 66R. He does not think it was the original style core either. Anybody know what style core is correct? The photos are of the original one from Project 66R.
  5. Mudbone

    Opel GT Parts Car

    Opel GT Parts car (Late 90"s) I parted this car out to help fund Project 66R. If it was in better shape I would not have cut it up. It had suffered front end damage and had amateur repairs and a lot of structural rust.
  6. Defrost heater core done. Now on to the under seat unit.
  7. I use Pinnacle Studio 16. They have a newer version out now.
  8. Ok, I haven’t posted in a while but I have been driving One Bid. Last week we went on Autumn Drive. (Basically it is a fall festival where you drive and stop at numerous locations for food, farms, antiques, crafts flea markets, etc. I did the unthinkable; I got stuck and got the new white wall tires dirty!
  9. Turning back time car show, Sycamore IL (Just the Buicks)
  10. Had a good day in the garage yesterday.
  11. This is the last one. I know I missed about one half the cars. Sorry if I missed your car.