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  1. Turning back time car show, Sycamore IL (Just the Buicks)
  2. Had a good day in the garage yesterday.
  3. This is the last one. I know I missed about one half the cars. Sorry if I missed your car.
  4. So many Buicks, so little time.......
  5. The show field #2 (Due to wind and background noise audio was removed)
  6. I have the powder also. I will probably use that next.
  7. With all the inspiration I received from everyone at the show, I was back at it this morning!
  8. The show field (Sorry about the wind noise)
  9. You were missed; hope to see you at the next one!
  10. I will add videos of the meet as they are edited. This is the first one.
  11. One Bid Gets New/Old Shoes!
  12. 1955 Buick Essential Service Tools (Kent Moore)
  13. 1956 Car Craft Magazine Article Buick V8 into a 49-52 Chevy. Who would have thought?