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  1. I was finally able to get One Bid out for a ride and this guy wants to race!!!!
  2. Did anybody notice the Piston on the shelf between the oil cans? I saved several souvenirs from the years I worked at the Ag dealership. It is from a 3208 V8 cat engine. It was still running we drove it in the shop!
  3. I work on the car in the front garage. The back garage is storage for One Bid and Mr. "T"
  4. Outside is best but those days are over in IL. I did try using a shop vac while sanding. It didn't work that well because I only have two arms....
  5. "No Painting or dry sanding in the new garage"
  6. I had a little time Saturday morning so put up some things on the garage wall.
  7. I am trying to lay out the paint lines for the inner body and door jams. I attached a photo of One Bid. Does this look correct? It lines up with the center of the trim mounting holes.
  8. My wife got me good yesterday. I was searching for my wire harnesses to see if any repairs were needed. I could not find the main engine harness and then I realized I left it connected to the dash board when I pulled it out. Then I found the interior harness. I showed it to my wife and she said I hope you plan on replacing that! Why I said it will clean up and there are no broken wires and no one will ever see it. Then she got me… Then why did you spend so much time on the under seat heater if no one is ever going to see it? Bam, Got Ya! (Wow, that Hurt!)
  9. I have had someone respond to one of my YouTube videos about his 54 Century wiper control. I sent him this site info but he said the link would not work. (He does not live in the USA) He wants to know if anyone has a diagram of how to hook up the vacuum hoses to his wiper switch and how to remove the switch from the dash.
  10. You know the old saying that the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time…. I was very tired and not feeling the best Saturday morning and I started thinking about this huge elephant I have in my garage. (The Buick) I was starting to get overwhelmed by how much I have yet to do. So I when back in the house and started looking at all the restoration photos, and realized I was on the home stretch. I went back out and started working on covering up the roof and when Sue got up we moved the hood outside and started sanding.... One bite at a time…… One bite at a time……
  11. Seriously, we need to get all these girls off of these beautiful Buick's. Do you know how hard it is to buff out those scratches?
  12. Working on the hood part 3.
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