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  1. Thanks for the info. I contacted a guy on the Aurora design list about an hour away from me. He can do it in the next week or so. I am going to drop it off after work this week. It will only cost me 1.25 inspections!
  2. Not the green in the photo. He did a quick paint job over the main body. It was Cherokee red top and turquoise below. I could not do it! I had to go with a better color combo than that. I think someone ordered it by mistake. (At least I hope they did) I attached the ID tag. I also attached a photo showing the turquoise around the tail lights and door jambs.
  3. One more part done that no one will ever see!
  4. I found some interesting history on Project 66R. I purchased the car in 1995 from a guy that purchased it from the original owner. He had not put the car in his name. The title still had the original owner info on it. (I looked at the car while we were on vacation) I made him an offer and he did not accept it. One month later he calls and accepted my offer. I had it hauled home to my place of work. I had written a letter to the original owner using the address on the title. It was some time before I received a letter back. (I attached a copy of the letter) I was hoping to get some original fam
  5. He gave me a thumbs up on the 21st.
  6. Buick Saturday............
  7. I installed the die cast heater/vent controls today.
  8. Buick Saturday. One Bid became a parts car!
  9. I sure hope the BCA is not using the Covig-19 as an excuse so I have time finish Project 66R! It may be 2026! Mud………
  10. Buick Saturday was Productive...
  11. I tried one when I did the roof and it left deep scratches. I may not have used it correctly but I found that if I use a cut off peace of a Dura-block with the 1500 sand paper, it works pretty good. It just kills me to do that to that very shinny and smooth surface. 😩
  12. The hardest thing for me to do is get the 1500 grit sandpaper out and work on the run and the little nibs. (It sure would be nice to have a dust free paint booth)
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