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  1. Summer Elkhorn, "Post war Buick's"
  2. Summer Elkhorn Swap Meet and car show. (Just the Buick's)
  3. https://www.deadnutson.com/1969-70-windshield-washer-hose-kit-ribbed-wall/ I contacted them about size and length. No response. I was going to order some and it says Not available. They must have found out I had a Buick......
  4. I took One Bid to the local cruise night. I found a few other Buick's.
  5. Short but sweet.........
  6. One Bid will be in a Wedding this afternoon. It gave me a good excuse to give it a through cleaning!
  7. That looks like the right stuff.
  8. I measured the tubes the hose connects to at 3/16th
  9. I had contacted them for the specs and he could not give them to me. I would at least like to know the ID. 3' for $34.00
  10. Has anyone ever found new vacuum hose with the ridge on the outside? I remember buying some years ago at the auto parts store. I found some online and the photo showed the ridges but what they sent me was cheap thin wall crap.
  11. I posted this video on Texas Road Warriors so I thought I would post it here as well.
  12. I managed to put together a short video of the weekend. Nice to see everybody.
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