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  1. Since you guys never stop i went looking for the site and it still excists: car nr 101 http://encheres.parisencheres.com/catalogue/90169?npp=150& All the cars came from the museum a lot without any paperwork and sitting since many decades .not one car was running
  2. This was a Horch 8 model 350 pullmann saloon estimated at 45-60.000 euros and it didn't meet the reserve .It was from the national Auto museum from Belgium who liquidated some stock that never will get restored . Our members are asked to help you with pricing so you can sell it as high as possible and thats all are very good for you and to compensate for our help it would be nice if you do later a donation to our club for all the help you did get .
  3. It needed complete restauration in and out , alsoo had a division window and a lot of wood inside .
  4. The car has not been sold .It went up to 50.000 euros and that was to low .No more for sale now .
  5. There was one in an auction 2 years ago in Belgium .Is it that car ?
  6. I have a complete engine lying around that i will scrap next time i stumble over it .
  7. A peugeot in the US .Strange ! And these you can hear them rust !You can buy them cheap in France !To crazy to restore such car !
  8. First question : Can the seats go back as modern people are usually taller than people from the thirties , I am in anyway . Second : About the noice level , since its air cooled i would think it makes more noice than a watercooled engine , but to be honest never saw or heard one in my life yet .I think there are almost none in Europe that i know of . But i wish you succes in your sale !
  9. The plymouth has 4 suicide doors ....dangerous when the doors are not closing very well .I would be afraid to put my grandchildren in such car ...you know why ...
  10. I would not dare to say that i can't drive a standard as car collector .
  11. In dry storage since 1936 unbelievable ..95.5% rustfree he says
  12. I wrote you a message .There is a second museum in LEUZE Belgium but these days everything is in Lockdown .Later when everything opens again things can be done .Car can be in Leuze or was on loan from somebody .I can make a call to Leuze and see if they are still operating but i doubt it .
  13. I have a hard time to believe they added disc brakes .I don't see anything new in the motor compartment that shows it like other brake pump and where the original brake pump sits is not much( no ) room ...
  14. Its cheaper to transport the car to Europe trough the panama canal and the ocean than to the northeast ....strange .
  15. I have been following this car also .Iam curious where it will end ..