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  1. What kind of a law is that ? I am happy to be in Belgium where such laws do not excist .
  2. If this car sold for 56.000 $ i don't know anymore .Its getting time to pack my suitcases , rake some $$ together and come over to the US .
  3. Those people who come to see that rambler are coming because it not expensive and in fact they know before they leave home that they will not buy it as in a rambler you cannot be the star at your local neighborhood or next show .And they search and search untill they find a reason not to buy it .
  4. Cheap credit ? I cannot imagine buying an classic car on credit .Down here in Europe i don't know anybody who will buy a serous classic car on credit .As we all know when a war breaks out or another big disaster happens your classic car is worthless but you have keep on paying your loan .Would be a nightmare for me .
  5. Very nice looking car .i am in belgium and its not that simple to modify a car . I wonder if the chassis has been changed with the lasalle chassis because then it becomes a lasalle down here .The official papers are showing the chassis number and not the body number .you can also not change the chassis number from one to another .Neither you can modify or cut in the chassis because then you are not allowed to use the car anymore .I read many times mustang 2 front end on a car : not allowed and the inspectors look very good . Down here its not that simple and i like the car a lot but it would give me tremendous problems i think . I hope you can sell it for a good price in 2020 or exchange with your next dream car .
  6. I think you make many people jealous .Wish i was not Belgium otherwise i would pick it up alsoo.I hope that those wheels are not blocked up to much but a strong winch will overcome that problem .
  7. Since childhood i like the 1947-48 buick convertible .I like a rustfree car original car .Not a top notch restoration car but a good original looking car .Thanks for your attention .
  8. Very nice car indeed .Impossible to restore a car to this level for the asking price .
  9. Nothing to be shocked about .When its cheap : a dealer like Richard Rawlings will buy it to sell it later with a profit or the owner will buy it back with the help of a friend who will bid for him .
  10. OK , car looks very good .A little dust from sitting i guess ..I bought a 1953 Buick 1953 cvt some months ago and its all so very simple ...manual windows , seats , no power steering , manual gearbox , simple choke system , all things that cannot go wrong compared to my 1950 cad cvt that has much more luxury that can all go wrong .
  11. I am still curious what you did buy ...For me its still a secret .
  12. I just wonder why you have a dutch numberplate in front of the car .Came from Holland ?
  13. I hope for you that you can do the real London -Brighton in dry weather .I came to my senses as my partner in life needs some comfort to come along and i am with her since 47 years and i like to keep it like that .
  14. Its like a girl who would say : I am the best looking girl in the world . Nobody knows if there is a better car somewhere in this world behind a closed door .I do agree its very good looking and one of the best in the world .