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  1. What makes me crazy are people that ask for your best price when you put something up for sale .They ask your best price and they say OK and then the discussion starts all over when they come to your place .I didn't know or see this or that and i cannot give that price .From now on i say you can come over and we will discuss the final price down here in front of the car .
  2. Everyday you will find 4-5 skylarks on ebay .To much cars on the market !
  3. CENT CINQUANTE MILLE DOLLARS AMÉRICAINS: 150.000 US $$ .This will only happen in your wildest dreams !
  4. There are no postwar citroen traction convertibles made .This is a homemade convertible .
  5. Mine does not work neither .Something must be wrong .
  6. Runs and drives ?? Sits on flat tires in the rear .Bad sign .Lets say it use to drive and run .
  7. Thanks for showing this picture , i didn't know it looked like that .
  8. 12 cylinder ?? Don't think so but 2 plugs per cylinder if you ask me .
  9. OF course .Talk about the final price in front of the car .Those ........ who ask for your best price on the phone and you keep the car for them and stay home and then they come to your house and the discussion starts again as they thought it was better .I always ask if we can talk about the price and then i go over and see the car and try to make a deal if i like it .
  10. Chrome hood peak treatment ?? Never saw this on those cars .First I thought what happened to this car...
  11. I have a 1953 Buick special and it runs and drives very good but i miss a fourth gear or an overdrive when i drive at 50-60 miles per hour .This 1950 is a very nice car also .( Picture was taken in Cyprus where i bought the car from the previous owner Paul also a member from this group )
  12. Perfect car to use in Palm springs : My favorite town when i am in California !No soft top needed down there , only july and august is to hot in the sun , you will be rosted then .
  13. When you put a automatic without park position in reverse you have a handbrake ..I do it all the time at my 1950 cadillac .Of course my handbake works also .
  14. Who in their right mind would put such wheels on such car ? 18 Inch wheels ??To crazy.
  15. Sir , i tried to email you using highlander8909@gmail.com but the mail came back....
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