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  1. Engine soaking ?? Meaning engine is blocked and is soaking with certain products to free it up ...usually this means take engine apart and at least new piston rings are needed .And then all the other work ...wow
  2. I made a mistake ...The third picture is a picture from a parts car i have also : Mercedes 300d 1959. Not for sale !
  3. Mercedes 1936 Limousine for sale , new tires, no rust , 6 cilinder , original engine ,with Maybach gearbox , 3 speed plus overdrive , leather interior , original steering wheel and meters , runs and brakes as it should , i post this on this site because it is very rare to see a mercedes for sale down here .Asking price : 75.000 $ .Just to let you know i did not put on those volkswagen beetle lights neither .
  4. John , thanks for the warning , i had this in the past , one day i could buy very rare mercedes parts in the middle of Londen -UK .When i told the buyer i have somebody living nearby who could pick up and pay he was never home and that was to complicated ???? On the other hand this car need a complete paint job to start and this will cost to much plus importing etc...a lot of taxes ....But as said thanks in anyway .
  5. We in Europe Like diesels and its been some time a friend of mine looks for such car .i know its rare and we wonder if there are survivors and if one is for sale somewhere .Thanks !
  6. Last week i saw a 1936 Packard 115 and i am not sure what model this is .The 115 2 door convertibles i see on the internet have a rumble seat but this one has no rumble seat and just a normal trunk lid .
  7. Indeed a beauty but when i see the rust i start to hallucinate , become agressive and trow things around the house .My wife says i am allergic to rust ...there is no medication ....
  8. My soft top is not that good anymore and needs replacement .I wonder if i can do that myself or is it to complicated .What kind of brand would you recommend to me .I need a canvas top no vinyl top .i do all the work on my cars myself but a top is something i never did .Thanks for your attention .
  9. Sir , i would like it if you could send me message via this forum so we can go ahead I am in Belgium and we differ a lot of hours .Thanks
  10. I kept on searching on the net and i found out that the resistor in the rotor was to reduce the noice in the AM radios when those cars have been sold in the old days .So from now on those rotors with resistors are no good for me anymore because i don't listen to AM anymore and i will have astronger spark on top of it .
  11. Thanks for the reply , i toured again today and it didn't hesitate one time , starts all the time now , In some old cars you find 2 coils ( citroen TA ) i played with my luck and even stopped in front of a pub i go to sometimes and it started right up .Nothing more emberassing than not starting while people are watching you .But i will put extra coil in my trunk in case my car does start to hick up again . Thanks again for all the replys !
  12. My 1950 has giving me a lot of problems lately .Every time i took it out in the last months it broke down after about 7-8 miles .I let it sit for a while and it starts again .First i was sure it was vapor lock so i put in a electric gas pump .Broke down again .Yesterday i toured around my block till it stopped again .It started hesitating so i could just get in my driveway .Then i could do more tests .i saw the spark at the coil was much bigger than at the wires from the plugs .So i replaced the rotor and the problem was solved .i was lucky i had a spare but without the resistance build in the
  13. Of course you have to go .You never know that there are so serious bidders around .i see the dash cover is not shrunk like almost always on those cars.Somebody took very good care of this car .
  14. I've had a car like that about 10 years ago .That was very rare down here in Belgium .The car drove very good , it was a euro version as it had a Euro speedometer , was sold new to the US consul in Spain when new .I am tempted to get more information on the car but they look so strange that i am hesitating .And I already have to many cars as my wife says ( and she's correct )
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