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  1. Massive car , to big for the Euro narrow streets , something for the wide open freeways in the states .
  2. I don't like it when a car from somebody else is called a piece of junk , You can think it but i would never write that down .
  3. CH means switzerland , but i don't know neither where it resides .
  4. i am from Belgium and looking for a packard 1931-34 sedan with sidemounts in good running condition .Must be complete with no rust problems my emai daniel.boeve @scarlet.be Thanks for reading .Daniel
  5. 1969 Firetruck from TillsonburgCanada ...Waw I was there in 1969 picking tobacco as student from Belgium !
  6. Down here in Belgium they came on the streets also and as known they build up a bad reputation .Our doctor had a toronado diesel and a lot of problems with it .The heads broke all the time .Nowadays you can't drive old diesels anymore in many cities in Germany and also in Belgium just like that .Here in Belgium you can use them but it is so expensive that they want you to sell it as fast as you can and buy a newer car .But then they go to the e
  7. As said its always the price that makes or breaks the deal .Its always the buyer that sets the final price not the seller.
  8. Thanks for your reply .Send me personal email on my address daniel.boeve at scarlet.be and we see what we can do .Cheers Daniel .I also just read the cars are in Cyprus ...Wish i was there myself now ....
  9. So I am in Belgium and people import cars from the US since the nineties so why should you take cars back to the US .Its always the price that makes the deal .The buick could interest myself .The MGA and Healy is wanted in Europe also but i get to old to bend down so deep in those low to the ground cars .i wish you the best from Belgium and if you need any help let me know .
  10. A car ( toy) like this would be totally forbidden to use on a public street here in Belgium .No muffler , no fenders , etc...
  11. We are also very curious what you ask for the cars ...
  12. To be correct i was there 2 seasons and one time in Glen meyer and one time in Tillsonburg .In the weekend we came to the belgian house and i believe that was in Delhi .people told me that all tabacco is gone now .Our first farmer had a ford galaxie 500 and the other one a big 1960 chrysler .I would still like to go back one day but i don't know if this will ever happen in this life .
  13. Very nice car ! It takes me back to 1969 when i was in Canada -Ontario working on a tabacco farm as a Belgian student helping the farmers to get the harvest inside .On the weekend we where taken to town and in one street there was a car like this one parked on the side of the street .It was a yellow one .I hope this one finds a good home .
  14. Nice car .2 carbs ? could that be like that ?? Painted in 1956 ...thats long ago ....