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  1. Looks like a nice car , i see his price was 42.500 $ in his description and now he asks 29.000$ for same car ...i see no roll up windows in the doors also ( cold) see that second window set up inside the car for the rear passengers so that means the seat cannot go back for the many people with longer leags than people use to have in the thirties .But i like the colors and the condition of the car .But i am no ford man so i guess somebody else will be happy with it
  2. I believe that in the US the good taste is gone . Who will now transfer such wheels under such car.. I don't understand it any more.Or am i oldfashioned ?
  3. I can only see 2 doors and i didn't drink .Strange it sold for that kind of offer ...
  4. Handbrake is not hooked up ? Down here this is criminal !If you hit somebody and the person is hurt they will examen your car and insurance will not pay and you will have trouble with the law .
  5. How can somebody put such stupid wheels on such car ..
  6. So it left France already a long time .
  7. It has dutch numberplates ...as far as i can see
  8. I know this is not the good place to ask but i have been reading that the car has a 8 volt battery , i just wonder how you charge a 8 volt battery .
  9. Down here you cannot drive a car without fenders by law .Dangerous : trows stones around .
  10. I would like to wish everybody who reads this message a good christmas day .Our arch bisschop was asking in the radio to think about all the people who live in poverty and then i think about the fact that most of us play around with thousands of $$ while so many don't even have a $ to buy a bread.
  11. Legroom is what most people need these days , me especilly at 6 foot 3 inch .Indeed a nice car
  12. Wow in Belgium !This is a very nice car .Must have cost a lot of money to bring it to this level .I have never seen a yellow painted motor but i don't know anything about Reo's neither .i am from Belgium but never saw the car in person .There is also another Reo for sale in Belgium but not a nice as this one .
  13. Wow , i never mentioned that there are termites in the car , i just mentioned that i am worrying about that because i don't know much about wood in cars and i am happy that Matt also commented on the subject and that i don't have to worry about termite damage as he has a long career in dealing with those cars .Thanks to all the members who commented on the subject !
  14. I am worrying about the wood structures in those cars .i have been reading horror stories how termites can destroy a whole structure .Looking at the pictures nothing can be seen from sagging doors or something like that .But i have no experience in that field .i hope other people know more than i do .Thanks