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  1. You should be very happy that you could buy anything without import duties .It makes it all very cheap instead of expensive wish we had that also .Very soon you will see how many things will get very expensive with import duties on top of many goods .
  2. Desperate to sell ? Its only the beginning as your president will impose 25% taxes on imports (cars ) and then Europe will the same thing so it will soon no more be possible to send cars to Europe unless they are almost for free.A good thing to keep everything in the US .I am waiting in any case untill the storm is over .
  3. It would be marvelous if it had the original wheels and hubcaps , otherwise its a very nice car
  4. I would like to buy a 1953 shock absorber right front in good or bad condition .( Dead or alive like in the old days ) Hard to believe nobody has a parts car or chassis from this year or earler .the part number is the same from 1948 till 1953 .Thanks
  5. I have a leaking right front shock absorber .If somebody has one for sale ( good one ) i am interested .I saw that they are the same from 1948 till 1953 .i am in Belgium but also have somebody in the US who you can send parts to .Thanks
  6. I am happy that i am not alone with the problem of the tight space in that generation of cars.
  7. I have the space , some cash but i am to tall to fit in these kind of of cars .These have been made when everybody was not that tall and many times the seat is part of the structure and cannot move back .i had a 32 packard and i could fit in but in fact was not 100% safe to drive with my long legs and the big wheel and shifter etc..
  8. Third world country ? When you look at the almost daily shootings and the number of people begging for food and money in the streets you would think so.
  9. Indeed mercedes parts are nowhere cheap and when you have to go to the classic center you need a very thick wallet .I still happen to have 2 adenauer parts cars a 300b and a 300d but to much rusted to restore .This adenauer without any idea how the bottom is and engine is an open question that didn't run in 10 years .Than export over land to port and then shipping and import duties well i am not Mr rockefeller neither .On top only cash does the deal ....
  10. For sale for 55.000 $ .imagine this in our town .A dream to house your old cars in .Down here it would have been sold 10 times already .
  11. Hans , thanks for the advice , i have to see if this model is 12 volt powered or 6 volt .my car still runs on 6 volt but starts on 12 volt so there is a way to power a 12 volt pump also .Where did you pit the pump ? i also know they are rather loud but better loud than nothing at all stranded in the middle of nowhere . I have to correct as i poured water over the pump to get the car going again not over the carb.
  12. Matt , i do not agree , i had a 300d 1959 for many years and went many times to Germany up and down without problems .Even when my wife was 6 months pregnant ( crazy if i think about it now ) but we was young then and had less worries then today . Nowadays i also have a 1958 bentley and i am very happy with it and it takes me everywhere without loosing oil and it brakes when its needs to break . I have problems now with a 1950 cad cvt that even today left me stranded with vapor lock in the middle of nowhere .Had to pour a bottle of water over the carburator to get it going again .Will have to put in an electrical gas pump .
  13. I enquired about the car , but is was a cash only payment and as i am in Belgium very difficult .Also no pictures from the bottom or the engine .It comes from a estate sale and has to go .Cedar rapids is in the middle of the US and expensive to ship .Car ran 10 years ago they said .This weekend several people will come over to see it so it will be gone and if not well than its no good neither .
  14. This is certainly no 300c but a 300 without b-c-d .i still have 2 of these but parts cars .I bought several in the US ( better than this one ) and took them back to Europe ( back home ) Its bad there is not one picture from the engine at all and i am afraid the engine could be a big problem as it has been sitting for a long time .i like the velours interior .I also see all the chrome is shot and there is a lot of chrome on this car and all mounted with little screws that are all rusted solid .