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  1. Very nice looking car, restored all the way. So, it may be possible that he has 70K invested in this car, but IMO most people will look at this as a very large Black four door sedan and ignore the comment of how rare it is. I still do not understand why many of these cars are painted black, unless that was the original color. Summer would be rough in this large black car.
  2. The drivers side pic looks as though there is some color variation, not sure why. May be a good candidate for some one who owns a body shop. Interior sure does not match the exterior. I can envision a beautiful car, but not at this time. GLWTS
  3. The ask might be reasonable, but for an ask over 100K I would hire a photographer to take many pics of this car. That would generate the most interest in the car.
  4. I like the '59 Olds, but not so much the four-door sedan version. The "B" and "C" pillars do not look attractive IMO. I understand the structural stability these pillars provide, but the four-door hard tops look much cleaner to me. Nice car. GLWTS
  5. IMO every brand and year auto has a floor and a ceiling regarding the selling price. This might be the nicest 88 that you will find, but it is still a four door 88. That said, Oldsmobile built a ton of these cars and it would cost a lot to restore a car to this level but the ask seems high for this car. Pretty close if not over the top of the ceiling.
  6. When you do a color change, as dramatic as this, unless you take the car apart you will find the old color in some places. IMO if a repaint is necessary and you want the big bucks, the seller should have stayed with the original color.
  7. Nice car, but aggressively priced IMO. The black tires do not look good on this nice-looking car. GLWTS
  8. IMO the seller should have used a duster to make this car look as good as possible. Also, it would have been nice to have included if this car is a runner, or not. That much dust suggests that the car has not been driven in a while. The white walls being that yellow might also suggest that those tires have been in the car for some time. I don't know if the fact that the car has air conditioning or not increases the value of the car. Certainly sets this car apart from other 120s of this year. GLWTS
  9. IMO this is where the "numbers matching" comes into play. If you had the matching block and a large wallet, this would potentially a very valuable car. Otherwise maybe not so much.
  10. I sure like this car, but red has to be your favorite color. You don't see as many two doors around as compared to the four doors.
  11. Very nice-looking car at a reasonable price. The only question I have is, has the car been re wired and if so, how long ago? GLWTS
  12. Most assuredly a beautiful car and if you are a fan of these '56 Packard's , you know what you are looking at. I will own a '55, or '56 Packard before I leave this earth. IMO I would rather have the 400 with the cloth interior, as it was very beautifully crafted and really sets the car off. Best of luck in selling this very handsome car.
  13. Really nice-looking car IMO. The color is great and the interior seems to be driver quality. Also, the price seems fair. I would like to have seen some more information on this car in the ad.
  14. Nice looking interior and the two-tone paint sure looks sharp on this car.
  15. Very nice-looking car inside and out. I might never get out of this car. If it runs and drives as nice as it looks, this could be a winner. GLWTS
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