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  1. Used to call this "Mission Creep" in the trade. Sometimes you just can't resist taking care of just one more thing.
  2. Hello, Looking at the second set of skirts that are black and have a number "4". Could these be for a 1940 Buick? If so could you quote me a price? Thanks,
  3. Ken, Are these the ones that you are referring to?
  4. I'm going to look at the simpletire, as I need something for a spare and do not want to spend $140. The Cokers that I have on all four corners set me back a few dollars.
  5. Thanks Matt, I'm sitting there thinking of the problem when I think, why not look at the manual? Best investment I ever made.
  6. Tracked down the problem with the fuel gauge, wires were reversed at the gauge. Love it when the problems are easy to fix. Thanks for the input.
  7. I have been reading the Buick manual (p. 223) regarding the troubleshooting of the gas gauge. The book refers to a tool (HMO-204) in the service section. It doesn't seem necessary, but would be easier than dropping the gas tank. Does anyone have experience in using this?
  8. Hello Ken, I recall doing this and it went pretty smooth, but I should have taken a photo when the chrome locking piece was removed. As I recall the hole is small and the paper clip must insert in this hole in order to be able to get to the 70 degree position. Sorry that is all I have, the instructions out of the manual are correct.
  9. Great looking car, are those the '41 California plates? I had Year of Manufacture plates on my '40 and sold them when I moved to North Carolina. You need both plates (front and rear) to use them in California, so they bring a premium on ebay. Didn't mean to hijack your post, beautiful car.
  10. Sounds like a good plan to me. This will be a nice car for someone to enter the hobby.
  11. Very nice Ken, will make a nice companion to the Roadmaster.
  12. I started to deal with Bob's Automobilia ten years ago and I always thought their shipping was high and their prices were a bit high. I now deal with CARS (old Buick parts). Very similar parts and the prices and shipping is good. I had a couple of conversations that could have been handled with more grace and charm on their end and I don't need the grief.
  13. Looking for a 1940 Buick speedometer. I would prefer it to be in working condition, but will consider any condition.