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  1. The worst part of my restoration so far was finding out that I needed to replace the door latch mechanism on the passengers side. The part is only good for a 1940 Roadmaster, or Super. So I found one in North Dakota and the guy in the wrecking yard removed it with a cutting torch turning the part to junk. I sent the part back to him after I received it. Called a guy in Idaho who said he had it, but wanted $300 for the part (highway robbery), I said no thanks. I finally found one from $100 in Minnesota. Six month search. Frustrating. The other part that I still haven't found is the gravel guard
  2. Thanks for the additional information. As the car did not come with an under seat heater, but was fitted with a HaDees under dash unit from the forties, I will try to dress this up and make this functional.
  3. Back in the 80s I had a 52 Special that had a gas heater. I was still in California at the time and I rarely used it, as it sure heated things up. Thank you all for the replies.
  4. I have noticed many under dash heaters for the 37 and 38 Buicks, but not much info on the hearer for a 40. Did they make an under dash for the 40 Buick, or did they use the under seat. My car was built in California and spent all of it's life there with an after market heater, but I haven't heard, or seen a heater for the 40 made by Buick. Information would be appreciated.
  5. Engine work, wiring, chrome, paint, interior to name a few things. All I see is dollar signs.
  6. One of my favorite cars. The rear quarter window and the dash make this year my aspiration. Only way it could be better is if it was a 98.
  7. I agree, some cars look like they painted everything the same color but the upholstery.
  8. Very attractive, at a reasonable price. Drive it, show it and do the little things over time.
  9. Regarding the heater, the car had an aftermarket Hadees hot water heater which I am planning to restore over the winter. Many of these looked crude, but were functional. The one that I have looks nice and will add to the appearance of the interior when finished. Looking forward to seeing the pics of your trim rings. If they are 1-1/2" deep I may purchase the ones through Ford Restorations, as the price and free shipping is attractive. How did the drive go over the weekend? Mike
  10. Sounds like a good plan Dave. I purchased the front rubber mat from Bob's Automobilia a few years back and finally installed it this year with jute padding underneath secured with some 3M spray 20. The rear mat I purchased from Restoration Specialties, not an exact match, but pretty close.
  11. Ken, If you look closely there are four bolt holes for the seat with the "C" clip in the back and the "L" in the front. The blank plate where the heater would have gone is center of the drivers side. Blank plate on the passengers side also. The car did not have the under seat heater from the factory (built in California). I believe that more of the cars built for the midwest in Flint had the under seat heater. I am restoring the after market Hadees heater from the 40s. My cover plates on the doors were in great condition. Dave's picture shows the passenger side and my picture shows the drivers
  12. I really like this car, but all I see is dollar signs with the rust and the amount of chrome that need to be done, plus paint.
  13. Real nice car, but it is a Super and the restoration would take time and money outside of most peoples reach. I like it, but not for 28k.
  14. Pic of my floor that I did earlier this year. Delete heater for under the seats, but shows the plate. This is taken from the driver side. Primed and painted using Rustoleum enamel.
  15. A while back I acquired a very nice looking set of appropriate hub caps to replace the cheap baby moons that were on the car when I bought it 11 years ago. So I put the correct caps on the car and now I'm looking at the trim rings and I don't think that they are right. The car has the correct 16" steel wheels for a Super of this year. Can someone tell me the correct dimensions for these trim rings? Width, depth and overall outside diameter? There are several sets on ebay, but the width varies a little. I know that Bob's Automobilia sells them, but are they correct? Thanks,
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