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  1. Seems awfully reasonable for a beautiful styled coupe.
  2. Absolutely stunning. Who would not love this car.
  3. Grand Prix of this era are beautiful cars IMO. Really nice interior lay out with the console and bucket seats, and beautiful wood grain dash.
  4. Guided tour of the salon is amazing. Great deal of personal information about some amazing cars.
  5. Sure is a beautiful car, but having lived in Michigan for 12 years and having seen what salt does to these cars, I would like to see some pics from underneath this car. Notice the door frame in the next to last pic, looks like some rust starting there. Need to jump on that right away. That having been said, very reasonable price for a pretty car.
  6. The snow tire also caught my attention. I would have replaced that with an inexpensive spare and cleaned the trunk, but I sure do like the color combination and the style of this car.
  7. The 66S (Banker's Hot Rod) was a low production car. 320 Cu in engine and a full back seat. 1940 production number was 96 autos. The 76S Full size Roadmaster with 320 cu in engine was also a low production car, 3,921. According to Standard Catalog of Buick. I am only citing 1940 production to keep this brief.
  8. 46S is the Sport Coupe Special. Four passenger car with a full back seat. 56S is the Sport Coupe. 66S is the Sport Coupe Century. Five passenger car. 76S is the Roadmaster with a full back seat. The 56 was introduced in 1940.
  9. If it was a special order from the factory, that might justify the price. Sure is interesting.
  10. Is the trunk supposed to have springs, or struts? I don't think the stick that holds it open is correct. The stick does not detract from a very beautiful car, just curious.
  11. IMO this is the nicest year of the "baby birds" 12 volt ignition and the nicest styling.
  12. I agree, looks like the white car is Roadmaster and the red car is a Super based on the hood pulls. If you enlarge the pic of my car, you will see the three "vents" for the Super.
  13. I agree, my philosophy is that I am a caretaker of this vehicle for a brief period of time. My car was here before I was born and will be here long after I am gone. When I can no longer take care of this car, then I need sell it and let the next caretaker enjoy the time he, or she has with it. No mouse house will be sitting in my garage.
  14. Never even seen any pics of one of these. Lived in California for 50 years where vws were very common, and I have had several VWs of different years and styles. I think this is way cool. Does anyone know if this is a production vehicle, or custom?
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