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  1. kingrudy


    Absolutely beautiful car, you are very fortunate to be the caretaker of this treasure.
  2. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Worked on the kick panels today, so I can get that front seat back in the car and get this close to being finished before the snow flies. I used some 14" foam board to make the templates for the panels doing small adjustments to get the angle right and get a close fit. The foam board is only about $3, so you can't lose too much there. Once I got the template right I purchased a material from the auto upholstery shop in town that made of PVC and it is about 1/8" thick. You can bend this material to fit any space and heat it a little to conform to any curves. I used a jig saw to cut the material (very simple). The door panels are a dark gray, so I went to the Sherman Williams paint store to get a close match to the panels. Painted the pieces after scuffing them up a little with some 100 grit sandpaper for good adhesion. When I installed the panels, I thought about hiding the fasteners and being able to replace these at a later date. They are called "kick" panels for a reason. I used velcro to keep the panels in place, but if anyone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears. First Pic is foam board, second pic is foam board cut as a template, third is finished passenger kick panel, fourth pic is drivers side kick panel and last pic is the 1/8" PVC. If anyone comes across some pics of the antenna installed without the headliner on a Buick 1940 through 1953, I sure would appreciate it. That's all for today.
  3. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Does anyone have a couple of pics of the roof top antenna installed without the headliner. The headliner was installed without the antenna and I would like to not mess up the headliner when installing the antenna. Also if I could get a couple pics of the kick panel installation that would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  4. kingrudy

    GM Oshawa Plant in Canada to Close

    I lived in Michigan for a long time. I saw Buick City in Flint close, terrible loss to the city. Unable to understand why this could not have been down sized instead of shut down. Hamtramack is also supposed to shut down and that will be a hard hit for Pole Town. Detroit is a mess, some people are hanging on trying to revitalize the city, but the amount of abandoned building would shock most people.
  5. kingrudy

    October issues of the Buick Bugle wanted

    Hello Pete, Sorry for the delay, I sent my copy of the October Bugle out yesterday morning. Post Office said it should arrive on Tuesday. Mike
  6. kingrudy

    Starting after dormant for a year

    I have not started my '40 Buick in a year, as I have been working on the wiring, interior and various other items. Can anyone provide me with a checklist to perform before starting this car. It was delivered to North Carolina from California last December where I had in in a mechanics shop. The car had to be able to run and drive to load it on the truck to ship it to North Carolina. I drove it off the truck and 2 miles to my house last December with no issues. Thank you
  7. kingrudy

    1938 Packard again...

    I agree Greg, the cost to restore this car would be quite high. Also the time involved would be quite a feat.
  8. kingrudy

    1940 Resto Rod Buick Special Tourning Sedan

    I normally don't care for a modified version of this dash, but what you have done has changed my mind. This is really going to look sleek and very tasteful.
  9. kingrudy

    Rhd 1940 Buick

    I would say, it kind of depends what your goal is. If you just want to harvest some parts, sure forge ahead. If you would like to restore this car, there are a few things to be aware of. First of all determine if it is Special, or Century (all had running boards so you can tell from a distance), or if it is a Super, Roadmaster (no running boards). Either way some of the parts are getting difficult to find for these cars and if you do find the parts the sellers will treat them like gold. If the car is a sedan, they have a limit to their value as a driver (hope this doesn't hurt anyone's feelings). I know from experience that you can pour a ton of money in these cars and not be able to get your money out. I would recommend that you be a little cautious and do some homework. But I could be wrong, about the market in Australia. Best of Luck,
  10. kingrudy

    1941 Buick Speedometer Removal

    Thank you very much.
  11. kingrudy

    1941 Buick Speedometer Removal

    I have rewired my car including everything behind the dash and at the time I noticed that the speedometer cable is missing, so I bought one through CARS. I should have take care of this when the dash was apart, but that ship has sailed. Could some one tell me where the cable connects to the transmission? I have a 1940 Buick. Thanks, Mike
  12. kingrudy

    October issues of the Buick Bugle wanted

    Hello Pete, Do you still need an copy of the October Bugle? Thanks, Mike
  13. kingrudy

    1939 Buick Special restoration

    I think that this was a high production car, so I you come across a spare lock mechanism, it might come in handy later.
  14. kingrudy

    1939 Buick Special restoration

    If this is the same as the "40 (and I'm sure they are similar), the handle is held in place by a brass retainer with the 1/8" tapered screw holding the handle in place. Because the retainer is brass (soft metal) you should be able to remove this with a generous amount of WD-40 and patience muscling the handle out. The wrecking yard sold me a mechanism where they torched the handle off to remove the mechanism, this distorted the brass retainer that is pressed in and the whole thing was junk. If you are going to replace the handles, you could cut the handles off with a sawzall, remove the mechanism and then soak this in WD-40 on your work bench.