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  1. Is there one piece of sheet metal on this truck that hasn't been hit?
  2. Looks like this could be a nice car to get into the hobby at a low price. Why only 250 miles driven since 2004?
  3. I agree with everything said on this post. If I were to purchase my car again, before I made the purchase I would investigate the availability of aftermarket parts and used parts that may still be available. Beware of the model year that is only one year and parts are scarce for that car and if you do find the part the seller thinks it is made of gold. Best of luck with your search.
  4. I sure like these wagons, but a car that is a non runner is not my cup of tea. I could handle all of the other issues (paint, chrome, interior) if ran.
  5. Or the wife says get rid of the car, so you put a ridiculous price on it and she thinks that you are really trying to sell it.
  6. I would start with a bath for this car. Why the wooden block in front of the rear tire?
  7. Maybe $10,000 is hidden under the front seat.
  8. I agree 100%. It is a nice car, no doubt about that, but for this price the entire car should be immaculate. The engine compartment sure looks original to me, but does it look that scruffy after only 14,000 miles? I also agree with your comment on the color. IMO Coral has a bit of an orange tint, this is a pink car.
  9. Original black plate car, says that this car has lived in California since 1965. last of black plates then California went to blue and gold. I lived five minutes from Northridge in the San Fernando Valley. The climate is very dry there, rust should not be a concern. A bigger concern would be all of the rubber. My Buick is from this area, zero rust.
  10. Sure looks like it could be a beautiful car if someone is up to the challenge this car represents.
  11. Thank you everyone for all of the feedback. I took the car out for a long drive today and practiced downshifting. I did this on some gently rolling hills and steeper ones. Great success, though I did goof up a little and forgot to goose it when shifting down into second. I plan on more practice tomorrow. I will also change the trans fluid soon. Thanks, Mike
  12. I'm not sure why someone would go down this road in the first place, but even if the conversion was done correctly the cost to convert back to black leather interior and paint would be quite expensive. If what I am reading is correct, the Fisher body on this car is similar to the Buick Special. Sold on a bill of sale would worry me.
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