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  1. Thank you everyone for all of the feedback. I took the car out for a long drive today and practiced downshifting. I did this on some gently rolling hills and steeper ones. Great success, though I did goof up a little and forgot to goose it when shifting down into second. I plan on more practice tomorrow. I will also change the trans fluid soon. Thanks, Mike
  2. I'm not sure why someone would go down this road in the first place, but even if the conversion was done correctly the cost to convert back to black leather interior and paint would be quite expensive. If what I am reading is correct, the Fisher body on this car is similar to the Buick Special. Sold on a bill of sale would worry me.
  3. I agree with 55er. I owned a 1960 Olds with a very similar roof line what I still believe looks great on this car. That having been said, the rust spots, sketchy paint a interior that needs work all together says 15K is a little over priced.
  4. I haven't seen this color on a car until now. I think that I could get used to it. Sure is a clean looking car, but not sure if the price is realistic. Sad to say there are few pre war cars that bring this price IMO.
  5. From 1940 to the mid 50s many states used the engine number as the identification number on a car. My car had an RE number on the block which the state of California used as the ID. As the car never left California this was not a problem as there never was a vehicle inspection. Moved to North Carolina and things changed. I had to get the vehicle inspected and initially there was a concern about the ID number which did not match the frame number. DMV ran the number and it came back clear, so they changed my title to read the frame as the vin. The process took about 9 months.
  6. Interesting article in the Buick Bugle 8-15. From 1940 to the mid 50s the engine number was used as identification in most states according to this article. If your engine has not been changed this would be a good place to start.
  7. I agree, scruffy looking carpet detracts from what is a very nice looking car. I'm sure that carpet didn't get that way over night unless a racoon was trapped in the car. This brings up the question, if you thought it was a good idea to fix the headliner, why not fix the carpet? One of my favorite cars, the dash on these cars sure looks cool.
  8. My problem with NC registration transfer from California took nearly a year to straighten out. Main excuses were Covid related and the fact that this was not my primary auto, so there was no urgency. No excuse for poor service.
  9. Nice looking car inside and out. I don't see how you could go wrong at this price.
  10. I really like this car, as Oldsmobile's of the period were my first cars, but GM built a ton of these cars. The four door Olds of 54, 55, 56, are nice. Just nothing special about these cars IMO. 16K might be the top end for this car. The fact that it is a 98 helps, but still think the price is a little high.
  11. IMO that is a lot of money for a Lark, but due to the cars originality and speed factor this car will sell. I agree that if you have to explain why this car is cool, maybe it is not.
  12. Bloo, thanks for the great information! I will take the car out on Friday for some practice. Mike
  13. Thanks Gary, I have a hill by my house also and this will be common event.
  14. Thanks Bloo I will give this a try and report back.
  15. IMO 1972 was a great looking year. '73 was the year of the large bumpers that looked like an afterthought to comply with federal crash standards. I'm ok with this color and for this price, I certainly could learn to live with it. I have worked in Wisconsin Rapids for about a year on the paper mill and the winters are rough, so a close look at the underside of this car would be in order before purchase.
  16. My 1940 Buick Super has started to grind a bit when down shifting from third to second. I have tried to be very conscientious about putting my foot to the floor when down shifting, but no help. I have tried double clutching, but no help. The car shifts through the gears first, second and third fine, but here in Asheville there is no such thing as a flat surface, so there are times when downshifting is necessary going up a hill. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  17. Great looking car. Thanks for the post. IMO the skirts on these cars make them look a little lower and add to the appearance.
  18. This project will take some seriously diverse skills to bring this car back to life. If you don't have the necessary skills, you better have a fat wallet.
  19. Beautiful lines on this car. I especially like the roof line as it descends to the trunk area. But it appears as though the glowing description provided by the seller is referring to another car. This one is a little on the scruffy side IMO.
  20. I really like this car. This year and model was the passed on to me from my mom. Great driving car, really a smooth ride and very comfortable. The only thing that I did not like (minor) is that Olds did a spray on foam headliner for '59 and '60, did not look good. I prefer this car over the '59 that is listed due to the roof line. The '60 is a no post hard top, which to me looks a lot cleaner than the roofline on the silver '59. You can change the color of a car, but that roofline tailing off to the trunk does not look right IMO. Olds called the window treatment scenic, I believe.
  21. Absolutely beautiful car from the pics that are posted. My wife would divorce me if I brought this car home. There was a barn find '41 posted lately that would cost plenty to bring it up to this level.
  22. Nice looking car in Coral and White. I have seen some cars that advertise as Coral and look to be more Pink IMO, but this may be the lighting.
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