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  1. I really like this car, but there are some points on this car where it appears rust has begun. If that starts beneath the vinyl top this could be a problem. Seems like a very reasonable price.
  2. IMO the radio in my car will be the last thing that I tackle. I found a perfect delete plate at a swap meet and will divert the time and money to other areas of the car and the radio will be the last thing that is done. In the mean time I will use the music on my phone.
  3. Still looking for this Horn Cap.
  4. Totally agree, there are some good and some bad here. I paid some large dollars to do my interior, so that is one issue that doesn't need to be straightened out. Compare this to the sedan that sold for 20k on BAT. The sedan had someone's red valour drapes used to do the interior. This could be a stunning car when done.
  5. Best of luck to the new owner. Sure looks like a solid car.
  6. Agree 100%. You can't be led by your heart when buying a vehicle. Make sure everything on the title is correct. You will sleep much better when you know all is right.
  7. Too bad the car was neglected for so long, as I always say, "good from afar, but far from good"
  8. Absolutely, could be a beautiful car in IMO, but as 55er pointed out there could be trouble masked by those rocker moldings.
  9. IMO the wide whitewalls do not add to the appearance of this car, but I do like the style of the car.
  10. When considering the purchase of either of these cars. IMO style should be the major concern. There are a ton of after market parts available to them fast, but comparing the Chevelle to the Camaro will be a matter of preference. I like the Chevelle, but that's just me.
  11. Hard to see all the flaws this car may have through the dirt, but as I thought about it, I would give the seller the benefit of the doubt as he may be uncertain about that soft top turning to junk once the water hits it. Every effort should be made to present a car honestly when asking this high of a price IMO.
  12. C'mon man, 75k and you couldn't drag it through a $5 car wash? Must be a drought in the area.
  13. You might check to see if there is a BCA chapter in that area. They might have some of that information in their chapters archives. Or you very well may get that information from the Bugle if you are a member.
  14. The headlights on the wire wheeled car are just beautiful.
  15. Good Morning Greg, That appears to be the correct part. The pic below shows the space for the wide plastic on the "40 horn cap. Still looking.
  16. I apologize for the lack of detail in my request. Thank you for the replies and the additional information. I have an extra '41 horn cap and some additional parts that I will be listing in the "pay it forward section soon.
  17. About six years ago I purchased a 1941 complete steering wheel, horn ring and horn cap from Koch in California. I now wish to buy the correct horn cap for 1940. I have the center button and the cream colored ring, but Buick made a slight modification to the horn cap for 1941 so my 1940 parts will not fit this cap. Koch did not have the 1940 set up at that time. That having been said, if anyone has the 1940 cap, I am sure interested. I did see one on ebay, but I think it is over priced. The pic added below shows a raised portion on a 41 cap. The cream colored plastic on the 41 fits in thi
  18. Surely this is not a perfect car, but if this car lived most of it's life in California, rust is not an issue. Might be a little negotiating room with it not having been on the road recently.
  19. I thought that I had read awhile back that they were making a ceramic exhaust manifold for the 320.
  20. Sorry for the misinformation. In 1938 there were 1,991 of the 66S produced, this was a 4 passenger coupe. There were no Roadmaster coupes that year. Also, the 56s was not produced until 1940, the first year for the Super.
  21. Seems awfully reasonable for a beautiful styled coupe.
  22. Absolutely stunning. Who would not love this car.
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