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  1. Try taking the pictures with a smart phone, send to your email in medium setting. From your email download them to your pics or documents. Then choose files from your docs or pics. I had trouble at first and this seems to work.
  2. Very generous offer Matt.
  3. I have a 1940 56S and I would check the measurement between the two front brackets and the two rear. If the brackets line up you should be good. Pic of my car showing brackets.
  4. Sanded and painted right side deflector from 41 Roadmaster. Still looking for the left side.
  5. Hi Neil, Did you receive my PM sent last night? Thank you very much for the offer, trying to finish my car on a shoestring budget.
  6. Thanks for clearing this up, as I thought the car was original paint and don't see how they filled that hole in the roof. As for the Back up lights, mine were mounted on the gravel guard (two guide 31) until the "restoration shop' decided to take that off and throw it away.
  7. Hello Neil, It just so happens that I am in need of this lens. Is it already gone?
  8. This is the first time that I have seen the antenna on the fender for this year. Have I missed something?
  9. I'm sure that this will sell as it should cost that much to get this part re chromed. If you happen to come across a deflector (left) for my rear fender, I would appreciate a shout out.
  10. Looks to be in excellent shape, if I needed one I would be all over this. Very fair price.
  11. I thought that I was the only one who did work this way.
  12. Maybe his wife told him he needs to sell the car and he did the post to appease her.
  13. Looks like it would be a fun project. I wish I had the room.
  14. Wishing you the very best of luck on your project. I noticed in the first picture that there doesn't appear to be a deflector in the rear fender behind the tire. The deflector provides stability for the fender and prevents stone chips from hitting the inside of the fender. I only noticed this as I am trying to track down the two of them for my car. I wish I had noticed that mine were missing a couple years ago so I could have started my search earlier. This will be a beautiful car when finished.
  15. I don't understand how someone can state that this was his daily cruiser, but not know which model it is.