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  1. ,If a person want to ask a price for a car, that is too high, let them. If the car does not sell, that's it. The seller will lower the price, or keep relisting the car. Its not insulting to ask too much for a car, it is a waste of time but not insulting. What brothers me, is when a person asks what a car is worth, because they are going to sell it and have no idea what to ask and want to get a fair price.. And the car sells days later. Without the price being said, so we still don't know what the car is worth. And this comes after a number of members have posted answers. A while back there was a post about a 1915 Case and the writer asking what the car was worth. Two days later there, was a posting " Thanks, car sold". So I still have no idea what a 1915 Case is worth!!! To sell a car in two day, how many suitcases of money did it take?
  2. 32tatra


    Around seven years ago, I went to the Costco, in Yonkers New York (built on the site of a former Jewish cemetery) and I watched in amassment has a young girl pulled up in a Yugo, got out of the car, locked the doors and then went to the other side of the car, to make sure the doors were all locked. I guess I missed seeing Yugo's on the list of most stolen cars. About 3 months later, I saw her again. At the same Costco. But this time she was driving a blue Yugo convertible with a license plate that read " YUGO GIRL". I saw that and said to myself, we need more girls like that!!!
  3. The reason that Velocity channel is showing this show. Is that the co-host of this show, Ant Anstead is the new co-host on Wheeler Dealers. Which Velocity has take over production of and is changing it.. Lets hope for the better. But I would not bet money on it.
  4. I have a question. I read this post and the most of post was about the value, of a Case automobile. With members staying the car was worth this and here is what other Case cars sold for. In end, the car sold in two days! But the person who sold the car never told us the price. Now it must have been a boat load of money. So my question is what did the car sell for? Is it so much that it must be keep a secret?
  5. Now I know what I want to be when I grow up! A "Senior Investigator, Special Investigation unit" At Hagerty, Wow, what does his badge look like? And do they have a CSI unit also?
  6. Reading all these posting. Have led me to ask a question. One of the biggest fund raising events that the museum holds each year, is "Night at the Museum." With no support from the National, they will have to buy ads in the AACA magazine on their own. My question, will the National let them buy a ad in the AACA magazine?
  7. I just got my last issue of Hemmings Sport & Exotic car. According to the editors page "We had a good run, and now it's over." He goes on to say "It's not for a lack readership." It is because "the business case for this magazine no longer makes sense." What does this mean?
  8. sA lot of reading, a lot of upset. Now that the museum, has had its say, now the club will answer back. Then the museum will answer back. The problem, as I said in posting #99 is that we, the members were all in the dark about what was going on. I find interesting that after days of posting on this forum, the AACA National Board finally did a posting and under its name it says "newbie". This is the first time that the Board has posted on this forum and look what it took to get them to do this. Nobody is questioning the work the Board does. Why is the work the Board does so secret? Are they going to be secret about where the new library and HQ are going to be built and funded? All these posts show members, who are interested in what is going on. The idea that we should sat back and accept it. Because the "Board" knows best. Is not going to work. To me this dialog is heathy, it shows a interest and passion that this club needs. I did not become a lifetime member to be led blindly! It is sad, that it took this issue to get the board to open up in a way, it has never opened up before. I do not think that we will get all the answers, to end this to everyone's satisfaction. To me this is a healthy and good dialog. I just hope the Board will talk about this at the Philly meeting. I just have to say having the round table meeting with all the Board members after the general membership meeting, is a bad time. People are leaving and there is a lot of noise, so it is not easy asking questions. At he 2016 annual meeting in Philly. They blocked out a entire seminar spot (meaning this was the only seminar going on)and had a seminar about that TV show that we have heard nothing about since. Why can't they do the same and have a seminar with ALL the members of the Board to talk about this issue. The problem at Philadelphia is that the Board is so busy with meeting and going to seminars, that you are luck if they have time to talk to you.
  9. I just received my letter from the AACA. I think the "urgent" on the envelope was a good idea. It made me open it right away and read it. I have lost count of the number of times that my local club, has sent out its newsletter with info about a upcoming show or event, only to have members, who throw it in the corner and do not read it until after the event and miss it! A another point, that a number of member have made is that we found out about this issue, after its is all over and done. The Board has known about this issue for a number of years and keep us members in the dark. So members who have given money and or cars to the museum, in the past few years are upset and rightly so. Over the past number of year I have spent a good sum of money buying things at the museum auction, held each year at the meet in Philly. Had I known about this issue, I would have brought nothing and spent more at the library tag sale! What brothers me, is why is the board so secretive, about things? Why were we not told about these negotiations, years ago? Then the membership would not have been blindsided my this letter. This is negotiations about a auto museum, not " Salt Two" treaty talks about nuclear weapons! Both the letter and posting here, from board members, have made a point about the Library and Research Center and how much it has grown. Now it needs a bigger building. The board wants to build a new building. With the cost of building and zoning laws and land. This new building will cost million of dollars to build. How does the board plan to pay for this? Are they going to tell us? Are we the members going to have any input into this? Or is this going to be more secret meeting. With the membership not know what is going on until its too late. The Board of Directors, get paid no money for what they do. For that I respect them. But why are their meeting so secret? Steve said that they tape all of their meetings. Do they not trust each other? A number of people, have said that the Board has our best interests at heart. Maybe if they told us what some of these interests are, we the members could take some of the load off of their hearts!
  10. I have brought tires a number of times at Costco. Here not only are the tire installer certified. But each time they take class and pass they get a coin, and on the wall by the checkout desk. Are photos of all of the installer's and the class that they have taken and the coins that they have earned.
  11. I was also stayed at the same hotel, that the Hagerty team was staying at. The car was had good sized oil puddle under it. I hope they took some extra oil with them, when they headed back to Mich.
  12. What I have read in these posts is, not new. Let me tell you my story. 32 years ago, I brought a lot of NOS Mopar parts. So I put a number of ads in Hemmings. One of the items was a NOS 1954 Desoto rear bumper. A guy from down south sent me a check for the bumper and the shipping by bus. About 5 days after I got the check and had deposited the check in the bank, the guy called me. He wanted to know why he had not yet gotten the bumper. I explained that I was waiting for the check to clear.(In those days it could take up eight days for a check to clear.) He was so upset, that he hung up on me. I should have taken that has a sign. The next day , I felt bad and sent him the bumper. Four days later he called me to tell me he had gotten the bumper and now did not want it and was sending it back. So he sent it back by bus C.O.D. So not only was I out the $40 for the bumper, but it cost me $40 in bus shipping. I still have that bumper. Its in my basement somewhere. A lesson learned.
  13. I got the letter today about this, it went right into the recycling bin. If they are giving the club a large amount of money, I have no problem with this. As long as they do not call me. The club needs money and this is one way of getting it.
  14. These is a very interesting video clip on the internet of a 69 year old man, who lives in a war-torn city in Syria and will not leave because, he want to save his collection of antique US cars. The cars are not in the best of shape and some are no more then parts cars. I tried to link this clip to this web site. But I just don't know how. So goggle "antique cars in Syria" and it will come up. Hopefully one of you other members will be able to do it.
  15. Hi, First I want to thank you members you sent such nice replies about my seminar "Reel cars". After sending a few emails and some work by the AACA. They were able to reschedule my seminar for Friday afternoon 1:15 to 2:45. Of cause I will have all new films, shown on a real 16mm projector, the way they were meant to be seen. Michael