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  1. I brought a part from them, that was total wrong. I sent it back and I think they charged me a restocking fee. I think the fact that you hit the wrong button and said you used it, is why they will not take it back.
  2. Its may 27 and I have yet to get the survey. I have been a vendor since 1994. Now they should have a survey, to see who got the survey!!!
  3. ,If a person want to ask a price for a car, that is too high, let them. If the car does not sell, that's it. The seller will lower the price, or keep relisting the car. Its not insulting to ask too much for a car, it is a waste of time but not insulting. What brothers me, is when a person asks what a car is worth, because they are going to sell it and have no idea what to ask and want to get a fair price.. And the car sells days later. Without the price being said, so we still don't know what the car is worth. And this comes after a number of members have posted answers. A w
  4. Around seven years ago, I went to the Costco, in Yonkers New York (built on the site of a former Jewish cemetery) and I watched in amassment has a young girl pulled up in a Yugo, got out of the car, locked the doors and then went to the other side of the car, to make sure the doors were all locked. I guess I missed seeing Yugo's on the list of most stolen cars. About 3 months later, I saw her again. At the same Costco. But this time she was driving a blue Yugo convertible with a license plate that read " YUGO GIRL". I saw that and said to myself, we need more girls like that!!!
  5. I have a question. I read this post and the most of post was about the value, of a Case automobile. With members staying the car was worth this and here is what other Case cars sold for. In end, the car sold in two days! But the person who sold the car never told us the price. Now it must have been a boat load of money. So my question is what did the car sell for? Is it so much that it must be keep a secret?
  6. Wanted 1960 Mercury Park Lane tirm parts.
  7. I also own a 41 Dodge. I did Not have the problem you have. Mine came apart with no problem. The reason yours won't come loose is that I think some body had it apart year ago and and when they put it back together, they made it too tight. I would say you should try heating it. michael
  8. I have check my 1955 Grizzly brake shoe parts book. All 1953-53 Chryslers use the same brake shoes for both front and rear.
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