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  1. Well, that's not Les' car. We thought the red/white, blue/white combination was sort of an odd-ball. Apparently not. Most of the red/white ones seemed to get the charcoal/red interior. I'm not sure what the locations are for the window switches on hydraulic v. electric cars. I just know Les told me they were different. I found a '54 Starfire online that specifically mentions the hydraulic windows being overhauled. The switches on that car are low - forward of the door handle and below the vent crank. With the late build date on this one and high location of the switches, I would as
  2. I knew a guy who used to live in College Point, NY that had a pretty nice red/white '54 98 coupe with a blue/white interior. He sold it to someone in Texas if I remember right. I didn't know he had sold it until it was already gone - or I would have bought it. I wonder if it's the same car? It almost has to be. I used to have pictures, but that was many computers ago and they are long gone. This car is a DeLuxe Holiday coupe, with standard power windows and 2-way seat, and chrome headliner bows, and leather/nylon interior. They also made a standard Holiday coupe that didn't have an
  3. These look like they fit a '42 instead of a '47.
  4. Trim # 348 was for Ivory Morroceen (vinyl) bolster and blue and white pattern cloth. Here's a link, but I don't necessarily recommend the vendor. https://smsautofabrics.com/collections/1956-oldsmobile/model-88-holiday-sedan-4-door-hardtop+trim-348
  5. Don't want to hi jack this thread, but here is a recent picture of that '42...
  6. On the opposite side of that relay-looking thing there should be another metal tag bolted to the firewall. Since it was bolted, it may have been removed. That would be the serial number. In its absence, you'll have to look on frame as mentioned above. In your case you'd be looking for the 76- or 78- number, as this is a 70 series model. I don't know where 1412246 would have come from.
  7. Trim #320 is for Ivory and Red leather.
  8. The car is not mine. I am trying to help an elderly couple who are AACA members. The husband recently suffered a stroke and can no longer drive. They have owned the car for 30+ years. The car is a 1941 Oldsmobile Series 70, sometimes referred to as a Dynamic Cruiser. It was Oldsmobile's mid-range car in '41. It shared the body that was used by the bigger Pontiacs and smaller Buicks and Cadillacs. It is the 8 cylinder model and has the Hydra-Matic transmission. It wears DeLuxe equipment which translates to the "washboards" on the fenders, DeLuxe hood ornament, DeLuxe steering wheel
  9. Here is the body tag for a 1942 Oldsmobile Series 60 convertible. They only made 848 of them. This is body number 722. And, here is a body for a 1942 Oldsmobile 98 convertible. They only made 216 of them. This is body number 196. Neither one has a four digit body number.
  10. This may be true for serial numbers, but not body numbers. I have seen many body numbers under 1001.
  11. What you have is a 1955 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday sedan (55-3039SDX). The body was built in Lansing and was the 8,625th 98 Holiday sedan body built there (L 8625). My book was printed before the Holiday sedans were available, but I'm guessing the interior is Ivory leather with light green pattern cloth. Your tag says 387 and a Holiday coupe with a 337 code would be green and white. Anything in my book ending with a 7 refers to green. S63-60 means the car originally wore Bronze metallic paint on the rear deck and lower body and Polar White on the roof, hood and u
  12. Thanks, Terry. I tried that before posting here, but didn't come up with anything.
  13. SMS can't produce what they promise now. How in the world are they going to pick up the additional business?
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