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  1. I think there is a line coming of the carburetor that runs to a tee. One of the tees runs to the wipers, the other end runs to the vacuum pump on top of the fuel pump. Theoretically, when the engine lacks vacuum, the vacuum pump is supposed to compensate.
  2. Because they want to keep selling new tires. My work involves procuring tires. Some of the ones we get from the supplier are 2-3 years old. Sometime we'll put a tire on a newer car that is older than the car and the tire we had to take off. We've got tires on display in the waiting area that have three different colored stickers on them from the past three annual inventories.
  3. I think those spots belong to Denny Haak. At least they used to. http://www.haaks.com/ If it's not his, I'm sure he can tell you who's it is.
  4. Thanks John, As it turns out, this car is now closer to the inquirer than it is to me. And it looks like the missing visor is in the trunk.
  5. Here's a thing that I think about.... I have never vended at Hershey, but I think would like to next year to liquidate my literature collection. What kind of spots am I going to get? Am I going to stuck out on the east 40 somewhere with poor traffic, while these decent spaces are taken up with nothing in them? I realize I can be listed in the program and people could find me by looking at the Literature listings. But not everyone buys a program - I don't.
  6. There was a green/white '52 Olds sedan in the Hershey car corral. I've been asked for contact info. Hopefully someone here knows the car or the owner and can provide info. Thanks, Paul
  7. There was a green/white '52 Olds sedan in the car corral. Any chance anyone here knows the owner? Someone has asked me for contact information and I have none. Thanks, Paul
  8. Oldsfan

    '62 Starfire Console Wiring Question

  9. Oldsfan

    Antique olds club 2019 National meet

    We were in Reading, PA last year. Would have been nice to have them there. You appear to have the market cornered on XSRs. Debunks the myth that there was only one...
  10. Oldsfan

    Antique olds club 2019 National meet

    Glenn - hopefully I'll see you in Gettysburg at the end of the month and I can enlighten you. You've been presented with one side of the story. As you know, there are two sides to every story and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.
  11. Oldsfan

    Antique olds club 2019 National meet

    To whom did you send this email? Maybe I need to rattle somebody's cage...
  12. Oldsfan

    Decode 1956 Olds Cowl Tag

    Style #56-3639 is a '56 88 (non-Super) Holiday sedan. BC is the code for the Fisher Body plant that built the body and 1743 is the 1,743rd 88 Holiday sedan body built at that Fisher Body plant. Trim #348 is for Ivory Morroceen (vinyl) bolster with Blue and White pattern cloth - kinda glorified burlap. No mention on headliner or carpet colors. I'd imagine the headliner would either be white or pale blue, and the carpet medium or dark blue. A base 88 would actually have had rubber floor covering as standard. Carpet was an option. My '63 parts book just calls these "blue" and gives no indication as to what shade. This book has no listing for a headliner for that model, meaning it was already discontinued. Probably a listing in an older book that may or may not indicate color. S41-40 means Special two-tone paint (roof and nose, one color, deck and lower body another color) in Artesian Blue on the deck and Cirrus Blue on the roof and nose. Standard two-tone paint was just a different color on the roof alone.
  13. Oldsfan

    1962 Starfire Wheel Color

    '62 Oldsmobiles with deluxe wheel covers had the wheels painted black. The back sides may have been gray.
  14. Oldsfan

    Oldsmobile Deluxe Heater identification?

    1941 http://www.oldcarbrochures.org/index.php/NA/Oldsmobile/1941_Oldsmobile/1941_Oldsmobile_Prestige_Brochure/1941-Oldsmobile-Prestige-30-31 Probably also 1942.
  15. Oldsfan

    1972 Old 98 75th Anniversary Tiffany

    Every '72 Regency had the Tiffany items, and the Tiffany items weren't available with any other model besides the Regency. Oldsmobile never referred to any model as a Tiffany. The sales brochure: http://www.oldcarbrochures.org/index.php/NA/Oldsmobile/1972-Oldsmobile/1972-Oldsmobile-Regency-Folder