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  1. Here it is - copied directly from this forum. Posted by our own Peter G. Read all the way to the bottom... “Hershey” is Alive and Well! EASTERN FALL NATIONALS October 6-9, 2021 Deadline: August 15, 2021 Click Here for Brochure Sadly, we continue to have to dispel a variety of false and malicious rumors that the Eastern Fall Nationals (known to most as just “Hershey”) is not going to continue. Once again, this is absolutely not true. October 6-9, 2021, will once again see a huge flea market, car corral and car show that is essentially unchanged from previous years. RM Auctions, as in years past, will conduct a two-day auction at the Hershey Lodge. On top of all of that, your club’s brand-new National Headquarters and Library will be open! It will be the first time many of you will have a chance to visit this great facility. So, please seriously consider joining us here in October and celebrate what is still the greatest antique car event in the world! REGISTRATION FOR ALL ACTIVITIES ENDS AUGUST 15th!! PLEASE DO NOT MISS OUT! There are still some great flea market and car corral spaces available, and we really want the show to come back to pre-COVID-19 levels. Only YOU can make that happen. Click here to fill out your registration online to show a car at Hershey If you would like flea market, car corral or show car registration materials mailed to you, please call AACA National at 717-534-1910 or send an email with your name, member # and phone # to Sue at seitnier@aaca.org. In 2022, you can expect a small change for the Hershey show – it will start a day earlier and finish a day earlier, but we will provide you with more details on that later. The fact remains that the Hershey Region AACA is committed, along with National, to be here for the Hershey Fall Meet for decades to come. We need your support and attendance to continue to make sure Hershey remains successful. We can’t wait to see all of you in October!
  2. I was reading the "Are you registered" email that I received yesterday. All the way at the bottom it states that there will be a change for the Hershey meet for 2022 - that the meet will be starting a day earlier and ending a day earlier. Anyone have any insight on this change? Will it be temporary or permanent? Does it only affect the swap meet/car corral, or does it also affect the car show?
  3. That 98 was on its way from Arizona to Post Falls, Idaho for our National Meet that is taking place this week.
  4. Does anyone have experience with Delaware salvage branded titles? Back in September, I bought a car at a Delaware estate sale and was presented with what I thought was a clean title branded as "antique." I submitted my paperwork to PENNDOT and they rejected it, claiming the title is branded as "salvage." They apparently ran the serial number through some third party clearing house that shows a salvage branded title, even though the title does not state so. A salvage title was not disclosed at the time of sale - they may not have even been aware of it even though the estate was for the auctioneer's father. Now I must jump through hoops and spend extra money to get a title which very well may show a "reconstructed" brand. Had I known about the salvage brand at the time of purchase I probably would have passed on the car. I certainly wouldn't had paid what I did. I'm wondering if the salvage brand found by the third party is an error on Delaware's part, and why salvage doesn't show on the title.
  5. Oldsfan has seen it and does indeed have a book for '56. Option code K1 is for Foam Rubber Seat Cushions.
  6. The Cadillac brochure makes no mention of a special headliner for de Ville models, but it does for the Seville. Nor does it mention any kind of headliner option for de Villes. As you mentioned, the headliner is seen in the Seville in the brochure and it matches the above photo. Looking at the Sedan de Ville in the brochure, it appears to have the same headliner - at least no chrome bars are seen. The data book makes references as though the fiber glass headliner was standard on de Villes and makes no references about optional (at extra cost or for-credit) headliners. My Cadillac parts catalog only goes back to 1959 where headliners are concerned. There was a specification book that lists the following for headliners: Models J & L (Coupe and Sedan de Ville) - coated fabric, molded block pattern center panel, with pebble grain border. Model H (Eldorado Seville) - coated fabric, molded bead pattern center panel, with pebble grain border. Series 62 cars are listed as using "cloth with small raised pattern." Series 75 cars are listed a using plain cloth. Nothing shows a perforated vinyl with chrome bars. Maybe there was a quality problem after introduction which caused them to revert to a more standard headliner?
  7. The 1958 Cadillac data book mentions this headliner in two places... Under "New features of the 1958 Cadillac" it says "New molded headlining on Coupe and Sedan de Ville and Seville." Under the interior section is says "...new vinyl-covered fiber glass headlining in Coupe and Sedan de Ville..." Most of the cars found on the web have perforated vinyl headliner with chrome bars, but I did find a Coupe de Ville with the molded headliner in poor condition. And this Eldorado Seville.
  8. Well, that's not Les' car. We thought the red/white, blue/white combination was sort of an odd-ball. Apparently not. Most of the red/white ones seemed to get the charcoal/red interior. I'm not sure what the locations are for the window switches on hydraulic v. electric cars. I just know Les told me they were different. I found a '54 Starfire online that specifically mentions the hydraulic windows being overhauled. The switches on that car are low - forward of the door handle and below the vent crank. With the late build date on this one and high location of the switches, I would assume it to be an all-electric car. The electric switches on the '55 I once owned were located low like the '54 hydraulic switches. Go figure...
  9. I knew a guy who used to live in College Point, NY that had a pretty nice red/white '54 98 coupe with a blue/white interior. He sold it to someone in Texas if I remember right. I didn't know he had sold it until it was already gone - or I would have bought it. I wonder if it's the same car? It almost has to be. I used to have pictures, but that was many computers ago and they are long gone. This car is a DeLuxe Holiday coupe, with standard power windows and 2-way seat, and chrome headliner bows, and leather/nylon interior. They also made a standard Holiday coupe that didn't have any of that, and instead had the plainer interior from the 4-door sedan. I'm not so sure about it being an early car. That body number looks like L 11464, meaning it would have been the 11,464th DeLuxe Holiday coupe body built at the Lansing Fisher Body plant. There were 29,688 DeLuxe Holidays built at all the plants. I would imagine better than half of them came from Lansing, so I'd say this is a later car. Lansing built 43,758 98s - the first one being 549M1001 and the last one being 549M44758. Knowing the serial number would tell you where it fell in relation to the beginning or the end. They were still building '53s in August. The '54 Oldsmobiles weren't introduced to the public until January 20th, 1954. My thinking is that it had to do with the fire at the Hydra-Matic plant on August 12th. As a result, late '53 Oldsmobiles (and Cadillacs) were built with DynaFlow transmissions. Hydra-Matic production didn't resume in Willow Run until November 4th. I believe the '54 announcement was delayed so that the all-new '54s wouldn't have to be cobbled together with DynaFlows. Also, GM worked day and night to engineer the conversion, and manufacture the parts to get Dynaflow in the '53s. I don't think they wanted to do that again on the '54s. So if it's an August car, I'd say it's '54. '55s were announced late, too - early November. So they were probably still building '54s in August of '54. One thing about this car will not only prove it's place in production, but if it's the same car I think it is - electric windows. '54s started out with hydro-electric windows and seat control - with a pump and cylinders and springs. Later in the year they switched over to all-electric windows and seat control with motors and regulators - and relocated switches. If this car has electric it's a later car. And the car I knew has electric. Oh, and option U1 is for the 4-way electric seat control that replaced the standard 2-way control (and I think eliminated the hydraulic part on the early cars). You're close by. I look forward to seeing it. And here's something that would be ironic. The fellow from College Point that I think may have owned this car at one time - bought a '62 Olds 98 that I found for him - in Lititz...
  10. These look like they fit a '42 instead of a '47.
  11. Trim # 348 was for Ivory Morroceen (vinyl) bolster and blue and white pattern cloth. Here's a link, but I don't necessarily recommend the vendor. https://smsautofabrics.com/collections/1956-oldsmobile/model-88-holiday-sedan-4-door-hardtop+trim-348
  12. Don't want to hi jack this thread, but here is a recent picture of that '42...
  13. On the opposite side of that relay-looking thing there should be another metal tag bolted to the firewall. Since it was bolted, it may have been removed. That would be the serial number. In its absence, you'll have to look on frame as mentioned above. In your case you'd be looking for the 76- or 78- number, as this is a 70 series model. I don't know where 1412246 would have come from.
  14. Trim #320 is for Ivory and Red leather.
  15. The car is not mine. I am trying to help an elderly couple who are AACA members. The husband recently suffered a stroke and can no longer drive. They have owned the car for 30+ years. The car is a 1941 Oldsmobile Series 70, sometimes referred to as a Dynamic Cruiser. It was Oldsmobile's mid-range car in '41. It shared the body that was used by the bigger Pontiacs and smaller Buicks and Cadillacs. It is the 8 cylinder model and has the Hydra-Matic transmission. It wears DeLuxe equipment which translates to the "washboards" on the fenders, DeLuxe hood ornament, DeLuxe steering wheel and instruments, DeLuxe interior with folding center armrest in the rear, and probably a few other things. Original black paint is thin in spots and original interior has a tear on the driver's side of the seat. Original chrome. It is AACA HPOF certified. Used regularly until last fall. Has not seen the road yet this year. New tires in 2017. Located in northeastern PA. $13,000. I still need to get some information, and some more photos, but I wanted to get this posted. Feel free to message me and I will put you in touch with the owners. They are not on these forums.
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