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  1. Would a dual snorkel air cleaner be on, the 1967 Imperial, with Clean AIr Package? From the factory? On the one I'm looking at, it does not have the tin imperial script or the pie crust lines in it. It is dual snorkel. Was there only one HP rating of 350, for the 440 motor? thanks Bob
  2. Does the 49 Roadmaster have solid lifters? Do they need adjustments? Thanks
  3. Thank you for the information. Hard to find information on a 1949. Not like 1950 to 1959; home town buick is a great resource for those years.
  4. Hi, on a 49 Roadmaster 2 door sedanete model 76 S, would the dash be painted 2 colors upper and lower? would the radio grille be gold anodized color? paint code is 1 trim is 70. what color should dash be? thank you
  5. Does the 1949 Coupe Deville have a different style number than the series 62 Coupe? Did the interiors, of the coupe Deville, only come in 2 colors blue and brown # 68 and #69? Are the rear quarters on a 49 a 2 piece with body felt between the panels or one piece of stamped steel? thank you Robert
  6. Thank you for the information very helpful
  7. I don't know if it has a Fluid Coupling. It is not my car. It is my friends car and I'm thinking of buying it. How would I determine if it has the fluid coupling?
  8. C49er, Do you have any contact information for John Meslow? What state does he live in? I looked in the Walter P Chrysler club rooster, however its by state and hundreds of names. I did not find him listed. thanks Bob
  9. On a 1941 New Yorker, would the Fluid Drive emblem be on the car, if the factory installed a manual transmission that wasn't the fluid drive?
  10. Question regarding 1941 New Yorkers: Did the factory installed manual transmission cars, have a fluid drive badge on the trunk lid, even if not equipped at the factory with the Fluid drive ransmission? thanks Bob
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