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  1. We are still in the pursuit of the black Lamborghini... "It didn't take us that long to catch Dillinger"
  2. They were a little slow to the table but wonderful looking and sounding car... 1936 Bentley 4.25L Drop Head Coupe, what a great name
  3. According to the ad 18mpg, sounds about right, I would expect 15 mph after 50 years of service.
  4. Agreed, value is a extremely opinionated topic. Here is a very expensive car...I think it would not distract the looks at all with brown lowers...or effect the value, might look better?
  5. Pete, Are you sure on that Model number? What year do you have and 6 or 8 cylinder? Pictures or numbers would be great. A good Model 51 Detroit lubricator will get expensive, Packard also used them. You can buy a new reproduction but I think they are about $5K
  6. The parts from above... This picture is looking at the transmission from below, driveshaft to the left. The lever bolts to the transmission, it actuates the rod, the rod turns the cam, the cam clamps the brake band. Almost all cars in the late 20's and early 30's used the same system. Let me know if you need parts, I most likely can point you in the correct direction
  7. I was up in Northern Wisconsin at my girl friends family reunion, looking for anyone to have a intelligent conversation with, I think I was 20 years old. I started snooping around the old buildings for anything interesting to see when I spotted an old car in the garage. This was old! wood wheels, crank start, no windows, front seat looked like it might fit two people that were about 100lbs each. An older gentleman saw me looking at the car, it turned out to be my girlfriends Uncle the owner. We talked about the car till after dark, then he says want a ride? Are you kidding, yes where do I sit? The car was a 1916 Chevrolet, touring car, guessing it was a 4 cylinder. I do remember the top speed of 18 miles per hour. Imagine a wide walking path through the woods, that was the road, imagine driving 18 mph holding a candle in front of you to see. I have driven in Porsches at over 100 mph in the dark and felt safer, and no seatbelts. What an experience, what a car, I know I was ever the same... one car I would still love to own someday.
  8. Looking for some 1930ish wind wings any condition
  9. 1932 was a great year for both cars... but pretty sure the Duesenberg set the bar
  10. When did it run last? My vote is stuck valves, followed by ignition. Spark should be easy to test. My first old car ride was in a green and black 1916 Chevrolet touring car, is it near Three Lakes WI? That was at least 30 years ago, would love to own that car someday, no idea where it is today. Looked like this but green body
  11. Graham did offer 15 inch wheels in 1933, I have never seen wood wheels in 15, only disk wheels. Lots were taken off an thrown in the barn because you could not find 15 inch tires in the late 1930s. The paint on the wheels are consistent with original Graham wheels I have seen, just not 15 inch. So yes they might be Graham. They could be several Graham color codes dark blue with silver stripes. Great wheels they should be saved. The great part is with the correct wheel bolts they will bolt up to all 1933 Graham cars, the bad part is you only have 4 wheels This is an original 1933 17 inch Graham wheel 1933 Graham Coupe with original 15" disk wheels
  12. No I think it is correct, most cars have a center row of head bolts, my center bolt is the only one that is a tight fit, all the rest are clearance fit. That said I would still tighten the center bolts and work my way out in a circular pattern and uses coper coat for the gasket.
  13. Duesenberg Model J, with limousine body by Willoughby: 1935 This one has the correct fenders to the original posted green car... not 1932 fenders
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