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  1. I agree Chicago is a great stop, the Shed Aquarium and the Field Museum are both awesome, I do like driving Motor Row, South end of Michigan Avenue, that is where all the car dealerships were in the 1920s and 30s. You could head a little North catch the USS Cobia and the Kissel Museum (Wisconsin Automotive Museum) and then take the SS Badger across Lake Michigan Manitowoc to Ludington.... Or just keep going North hit the National Train Museum and spend some time in Door County. The Masterpiece August 4th in Milwaukee, awesome show on the lake, get there early to hear/see the cars drive in (best part of the show) Great time of year for a road trip, have fun!
  2. Tinindian, I agree with you, I also have a problem with the donations (I sent them a used BB1), but it also highlights how willing people are to help. I was amazed at a guy that did not even know how to change a tire could head out on this type of journey. (I think there are a lot of us that wish we could take this trip with our old cars) If you ever get a chance to read about Alice Ramsey trip across the US in 1909, she had the same basic question we are asking today. I would say the largest problem I have had with driving my old cars is running out of gas, I should fix the fuel gauge in some of my cars. I always obsess over their age, some over 90 years old, but they seldom let me down. Guess is what I am saying is go for it!
  3. Check out this one 17 years on the road and five kids in a 1928 Graham-Paige 610 (smallest Graham built). Couple globetrotting for 17 years heading home with 4 kids as souvenirs
  4. Brett, Are you in Australia? I have Graham friends you will want to meet.
  5. Butters in Canada makes reproduction Graham-Paige handles, he will need the model you have to get the right ones. PM me if you need his contact information.
  6. Looks like a Second Series Model 56 (1931) Nice looking car, the colors and interior look all original in material and original design. It is the top of the line small 6 cylinder, should cruse at 45-50 mph no problem. Hydraulic Lockheed brakes all around, with proper lining they should easily lock up all 4 wheels on dry pavement. It will be a great running and driving car, a 1928 Graham-Paige 610 (same engine, shorter stroke) just drove around the world in the last few years, great engine, full pressurized oil, seven main bearings, Invar wrist pins, and aluminum pistons (the 56 should have an oil filter) AC fuel pump. It might have the 4 speed transmission depending on when it was built, great for parades, or deep mud! Is the original Detroit Lubricator still on the car? most have been replaced with a Carter BB1. At that price I don't think you can go wrong, should be a great car for years to come. You can check the model number by finding the engine number (under generator) or in the rear seat floor, passenger side, just lift up the carpet by the door sill. Forgot to add 6 wire wheels was a $95 upcharge, plus $15 for bumpers (but that was not optional). I have driven many Model A's this car is in a different league, but it should be at almost twice the price in 1930. PS the 820 Graham on ebay had a bright yellow interior (someone's psychedelic dream? it is horrible!!!) to bad otherwise it is a nice car but 6-8K for a new interior will distract from the sell price. Plus $1500 for shipping. PS the 1931 Models share a lot of the same sheet metal. (wow that is hard to look at) Forgot to mention this car is not overdrive it is freewheel (standard in 820s)
  7. I like the safety chain around the trailer axle....
  8. John Dillinger's father had a Apperson Jackrabbit. Growing up John would barrow the car and have too much fun driving around, his nickname became "Jack Rabbit" wonder where that came from?
  9. The original 1931 Graham uses the 1000 Mazda bulb (available on ebay). The Model A Fords use the same bulb 6V 32CP bulb. There is one with 32 low beam 50 high beam. A headlight relay is a good idea if you want to run at night and get full power.
  10. Are you just trying to understand, or is it not working? If not working, let us know what it is doing or not doing, we love a good puzzle.
  11. What are you using for gear oil? I put 600W (steam cylinder oil) in my 1928. What I was told is the thick oil slows down the moving parts so the gears will mesh, all I know is it shifts pretty easy now. Using that logic, thin oil, the gears would never slow down enough to change gears?
  12. On ebay for $575 I think it is for a smaller less know brand because of the curve, smaller car tighter bend, large car more graceful bend. Less known because of the all wood frame, most of the higher production builders went to steel frames in the late 20s.
  13. Measurements? Could pull the glass and see if there is any numbers? Chrome started in 1929 so most likely 26-28? Size will tell big car vs small car.