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  1. King snakes are great! hard to keep them interested once they eat all the mice, they move on. 2X "I have had great luck with those green wax-block mouse baits...Tom Cat is one brand" I hate the poison but it is the only thing that works. I hide the blocks out of the way of most critters, mice can climb anything, I hide them in the walls of my shed. The poison make them thirsty so they head out side to die. Also from my experience, keeping the ground around my garage/shed clear of stuff and the grass kept short, mice don't like crossing an open areas, I go out about 30 ft. Good luck, keeping them gone is easier then getting rid of them.
  2. Could be a headlight relay this is a Delco unit
  3. I like the Hot Rod version, most likely just a gimmick anyway. Remember they killed off JR also....
  4. Nice article on door monograms from Walt From a 1934 Packard Accessories brochure: From JD in KC (have to learn how to quote)
  5. Nice looking car. Looks like the similar 217CID? engine Graham used in 38, my guess is custom intake manifold? dual instead of single downdraft carburetor? Too bad he don't have a Graham Supercharger he would be set...fuel mileage was a big deal in 1938 gas prices were crazy high In the year 1938, the average retail price of gas in the U.S. was $0.20. This is equivalent to $3.49 in 2019 dollars. 1938 Supercharged Graham engine
  6. Carb King? John you out there?
  7. When the hinge pin looks like this it will walk right out, you can even heat cycle it red hot a couple times, most likely it will tap right out cold. Use this method on bumper bolts for the last 30 years.
  8. 1928 Graham-Paige 610 Business Coupe....wood wheels were standard The pole must have fallen on the car?
  9. 1921-3 Fox Motor Company More information...
  10. OK the picture is of the Monkey's playing on Gilligan's Island (at least no Beatles were hurt in that post), wait did I miss a joke there? Interesting Mustang, unfortunately most likely heading overseas. Some rich guy is bragging right now how he just bought Steve McQueen's mustang, he will pay someone to push it to the back of his garage never to be seen again. Hope one of the cars I buy, sets my family up for life, that was one smart Dad.
  11. 1929 Packard at the International towing Museum in TN
  12. Asking for pictures is always a good idea also, easy in the phone with camera age. Got a picture of my friends Graham from Canada, that was a big red flag.
  13. Beautiful car in a beautiful location, looking forward to seeing the "Castle Coupe" on my next trip to ACD Museum. Anybody notice the Duesenberg-Milton LSR car in the window?
  14. no fenders.... Must not have been much mud where he lived.
  15. Anybody watch the video of the VW robotic recharging center? Love the Beetle driving by.... PS my 12 year old son wants a air cooled Beetle, they will be collector cars for a long time.