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  1. Powder coating is applied electrostatically so it is normally is better coverage. Make sure you put bolts in threaded holes or you get to tap the paint out of the threaded holes. Go talk to your local powder coater make sure they have a big enough oven to handle your frame. Lots of race car frames are powder coated because they are so hard to get good spray paint coverage. They will also have examples of their work to look at, black happens almost every day at most shops. Good Luck
  2. Yes great point, a relay is a great idea. Most of out cars run the horn button direct, not a great idea. Napa still has a 6V relay available, this the one for a 1936 Buick, should be 6V. A little black paint and it will look original. Like this one even better with fuse
  3. My 1928 Graham-Paige has the Klaxton 8C works great, my 1929 827 has the vibratory Klaxton 18C. My 1933 Graham has dual Klaxton high and low, they sound great (dual was an option). I would put in whatever sounds good to you, and the grandkids. My 1928 also has a high low bell chime (Starr Brothers Bell), foot actuated (mounted in the floor board), the story goes that is how you announce the car/carriage is in front of the house so the ladies may load into the car/carriage.
  4. I don't think my wife would have the patience to help me with the window, so I use copious amounts of painters 1 1/2" tape to hold the window in place after getting it in the correct position. I did take the opportunity to grease up my winder, works great now. Remember if you move the winder to put it back to where took it apart... The Handle Man (Rich Baumgarten) should have a 1933 locking assembly, but a good lock smith should not have a problem getting yours to work http://thehandleman@comcast.net
  5. I had a similar problem, it was garbage in the tank plugging the pickup. You can put a light amount of air pressure by the mechanical fuel pump and blow the gas back into the tank, you should hear bubbles in the tank. If you have a glass bowl, I have had the cork seal dry out but that would not explain the electric fuel pump problem. I do not like electric fuel pumps, unless you also include an impact detector, they automatically turn off the pump in an accident, the race car guys use them all the time, most tracks require them. I would guess they are required for vintage racing also?
  6. I did my Graham a few years ago... The trick to mine was crank the window up about 3/4 way, unbolt the winder assembly and slide the lift wheels out the end of the track, on the bottom of the window. The window will fall off the bottom of the track when the winder is gone. The Graham you had to pass the window up back through the window frame at 90 degrees. To reassemble I used painters tape the hold the window in position, lots of tape, peals off easily after the winder is reinstalled.
  7. I agree if you are using alcohol fuel it most likely it is boiling/evaporating off when hot. Non alcohol fuel should fix it. Do you have a carb spacer? This one has some insolation material over the fuel line.
  8. Well.... 1970; $1495 = 2020; $10,000 So a (22 year old) 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL500 at a top speed of 145mph the would take 18 min to get home.... https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/mercedes-benz/sl500/2425129.html
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