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  1. I agree, I was being a little conservative. Remember your tank is open atmosphere vented, if you are using alcohol fuel it evaporates fast. 1936 Graham 26.66 MPG uphill with 5 passengers... that would beat most trucks being driven today... just saying Yes the price of gas/mileage in 1936 was a big deal...
  2. I think a good welding/fabrication shop could save it. You will know when you are at the right shop when they start talking about preheating the manifold before welding. It will not be cheap guessing $300 to $500. Finding a good used one will most likely be less expensive...if you can find one.
  3. What is poor fuel mileage? I would expect 12-15 mpg range
  4. I have used anti seize...the problem is it dries out after about 5 years and then the system seizes up.... Ask me how I know. On the bright side the anti seize prevents oxidation so it is easy to clean up. 2X on the denatured alcohol
  5. 2X on the aluminum corrosion it is horrible with brake fluid. I just started using silicone brake fluid DOT5, working great so far working on my second car conversion. But my big breakthrough was using silicone disk brake grease. I slather everything when I am assembling the wheel cylinders, including the aluminum pistons, and anything else that could corrode (I fill the piston fins with grease). Almost ten years out and no problems with my brakes, my cars sit months at a time, wish I had more time to drive them. I slather all internal surface
  6. My friend restored this Oldsmobile, beautiful car...
  7. Most likely a Model T, around here they used them as landfill. Yes, please pictures, we love detective work.
  8. 1932 Graham Model 53 Standard Six
  9. Yes I agree any craftsman that delivers what they have promised for the estimated amount, should not be referred to as a "thief" we should be grateful they help us at all. I understand the reason for using the term to find the craftsman, but I would prefer you change the title. With a name like Leif and doing antique car upholstery made a search pretty easy, I think this might be your craftsman. Wow the internet is crazy, even found his home address he is in Florida. http://www.leifdrexler.com/index.html This has to be custom made fabric and windlace? Mo
  10. I am just glad it is sold (before I bought it), if it had been a 1933 Graham, it would have been in MY garage in a heartbeat. I still think it is a great car, you could have gotten a Model A roadster, maybe for that money? and it would not be half as interesting. My guess the engine is just like the car, unrestored and has been sitting around for the last 30 years... bet it is running all ready. Sure hope to get to see it at one of the shows around the Minneapolis. This picture is deceiving this car is a 116" wheelbase, a Model A Roadster is 103" wheelbase, so a lot bigger car
  11. 9 windows? The 17" wheels are throwing me a curve, if the radiator emblem says "Graham-Paige" it is a 612. If is say "Graham" it is not a Graham-Paige, the cars were officially "Graham" after 1930 (the company was still Graham-Paige) like Ford and Mercury. Look like this? 1929 612 Sedan (19" wheels) If the car is actually a Graham with correct 17" wheels it is a 1932, most likely "Prosperity Six" Congratulations on a great car! Ask me any question you would like to know. There is a great book that is a must have for a
  12. Most popular in that time period would be a 1929-1930 612 Sedan. Numbers will be in the back seat, under the carpet, right hand side of the car, next to the door sill plate, should be three plates, color code, body number, body code. They are easy to take off, just two little brad nails so they are missing often.
  13. OK I was curious what a 1911 Flanders looks like, great looking car! I picked a picture that looks like about your colors?
  14. I hate to agree, nice looking car, mostly original. The prices on these are falling like a rock, real shame it is a nice car. If I had any brains I would unload mine on ebay now. At least it is complete enough to make someone a great starter fun antique car. My question is when will kids start buying these for fun drivers? Where could you get more car for 6K? can't buy a truck or car with under 200K miles for 6K anymore. Great thing about a free market at some price point someone will buy it. Looks original to me...
  15. I am all in !!!! We met this afternoon, I am the third one back, on the right... Hanging out at the monastery
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