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  1. I have not had any carburetor problems since I switched to no alcohol fuel. My 1933 sat all last winter, it did not turn over more than 10 seconds and was running this spring, full choke till start. I don't even bother with fuel stabilizers any more. I run BB1 updrafts on all my Grahams. I have more problems with my 1980 1 ton dully, if my son puts in the cheap, alcohol fuel it evaporates as soon as the truck is shut off, it cranks over longer than any of my pre-war cars to fill the float bowl, it runs a 500 Edelbrock with aluminum intake. We went years in Minnesota not being able to purchase anything but alcohol fuel, I will use the non-alcohol as long as it is available for all my old cars, well in anything that is not a sealed fuel system. I am not a fan of the electric fuel pumps, removed them from all my cars that had them, over 10 years ago. My Grandfather drove his Graham with mechanical fuel pumps for over 20 years, it was there only car, if it was good enough for him. Good Luck
  2. Did you try the "Carb King"?
  3. Thanks for the tip, it is on the charger now.
  4. I picked up a new battery, I will clean up the connections and give it a try today... after the rain stops. I will also clean up the cutout connections. Thanks again for the help
  5. I have a 1929 Graham-Paige it is running great... here is the issue. When the lights are turned on it begins to loose power, it will hold it's speed but not accelerate. Shut the lights off and it takes right off again. Mechanical fuel pump, all 6 volt original car. New condenser last fall, it had a miss, the miss is gone. I ran a completely separate electrical circuit with relay for my Trippe lights, same effect when the Trippe light are on. I do not drive it after dark for the most part so far it is just annoying. Thought one weak battery, it looks like it is charging well. Have not switched it out yet Second: bad coil? Have not switched it out yet Any other ideas? I have not checked the dwell, or points lately
  6. It took me some time to see it also, they curve out and down symmetrically. Would love to own any brass car someday... We were out driving my 1928 Graham-Paige today wonderful car.
  7. The hoop door handle should narrow it down. 1923-4 ish from the body style. I think the "twist" is just the reflection of the light. 1923 Buick has the correct handles but not the front opening drivers door.
  8. Mike Butters reproduces Graham-Paige parts, most of the chrome parts.
  9. Was this car stored? Mice like to put stuff in the muffler... I use a greasy rag to plug the muffled during storage. What changed since the last time it ran good?
  10. My guess is mechanical? The Pilot Ray used a simple rod and lever system that clamped on the steering rod in 1928.
  11. Not a Graham or Graham-Paige Part
  12. Tis but a flesh wound...
  13. 170K now Funny they only made 500 of these? In 1981 there was a white one i ran around with. I found one in 1000 pieces about 1985, engine rebuilt on a pallet, car all over the house, tried to buy it. Now there is one not 20 miles from my house, that one had about 12 lives, beat senseless, left outside in the winters, all before it was restored, 1970 429. All crazy money.