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  1. I purchased this with a box of early car parts and can not figure out what it is. Any thoughts ??
  2. For Sale - Complete set of chrome hood trim for the left side on 1936 Oldsmobile. $75 for the set. All three pieces are in correct order. All mounting threads are good. No cracks, no breaks. Cleaning out the garage. Will ship international. 319-848-4484.
  3. For Sale - Stewart bumper emblem. Make offer. 319-848-4484.
  4. For Sale - Hood handles and trunk hinge for 1934-35 Buick. The hinge is not froze. $40 for all pictured. I removed these myself and am sure of the application. Will ship international. 319-848-4484.
  5. For Sale - Early wind wing mounting bracket and parts. Nickle plated brass. No cracks, no breaks. $75 for all pictured. Will ship international. 319-848-4484.
  6. Sold - Cadillac hubcap medallions, (9) 1940 and (3) 1941. All tabs are good. $50 for all 12. Will ship international. 319-848-4484.
  7. I have the correct 1934 PE headlights and lenses for sale.
  8. How about some 1940 and 1941 hubcap emblems ?
  9. For Sale - Radiator for 1940-41 Chevy. $75. Has been stored for decades. Harrison number 3113280. Located in east central Iowa. 319-848-4484.
  10. For Sale - Cleaning out the garage, original 1935 Chevy speedometer, $25. Looks like it has been opened, plastic light window is good. Will ship international. 319-848-4484.
  11. $25 for all pictured. Will Ship international. 319-848-4484.
  12. I have a couple for the right hand side if interested.
  13. For Sale - 1935-40 Ford frame with title (serial number on title matches the number on the frame). Some rust holes. $650. Located in east central Iowa. 319-848-4484
  14. They look like they are stainless steel. Are they really chrome ?
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