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  1. Jon37

    Whippet truck?

    I don't think it's a Dover because Dovers had painted radiator shells; also, the hood louvers are not the same.
  2. Jon37

    Texas: Browne Auto Salvage in Sunset

    This forum category is for listing junkyards that contain older model cars, it's not a place for "parts wanted" ads. I suggest you place your notice in one of the Buick forums.
  3. Jon37

    North Dakota: Weekleys Auto Parts, Grand Forks

    Could you please offer a brief description? Perhaps mention a few of the cars to be found here?
  4. Wildrick Restoration specializes in Hudsons of all eras: . They also sell Hudson clutch parts and rebuilt Hudson clutches. For further information on Hudsons you may wish to join the Super Six Yahoo group: In addition to posting questions here at the AACA forum, you might also want to post them at the Hudson Open Forum, at
  5. Where is the car located?
  6. The H-E-T Club will be represented at the Hershey, Pa. fall meet on Oct. 10 through 13, at our trailer in the Red Field (the farthest field to the east, in front of the "old" stadium), space RNE 24-25. Find out about Hudsons, sign up for membership, enjoy a cup of fresh coffee and a donut, rest your bones in our comfy camp chairs, leave or read notes on our bulletin board, and temporarily "park" that heavy generator you've been lugging around the flea market.A number of Hudson enthusiasts stay at the Carlisle Quality Inn (which has now become a Day's Inn), 1255 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, intersection of Rtes. 11 and I-81 east of Carlisle. We hope to maintain a hospitality room on both Friday and Saturday afternoons just off the main lobby.On Saturday night (Oct. 13) at 6:00 PM, we've reserved a room at Hoss' Steak and Sea House just a mile or two down the road. Each person orders "off the menu", no reservations necessary. Meet & greet fellow Hudson owners. You don't have to be a Club member; just join us and "talk Hudsons". We usually get about 40 people. The all-Hudson flea market takes place on Sunday morning (Oct. 14) between 8 AM and noon in the parking lot behind the Quality Inn. Bring your excess Hudson parts and a card table to put them on, and make some money! No pre-registration needed.E-mail me for any additional information: Jon Battle,, drop the xxx before mailing.
  7. NOTE: The following is courtesy of Forum member "Lump" from Xenia, Ohio. Your moderator had to reconstruct Lump's discussion because he (moderator) was unable to relocate the discussion to its own space. Thus only the moderator's information appears to the left of this posting. Well, I hate to give up my secret "honey hole," but I would like to keep this thread going for a while, if I can. In Mt Sterling, Ohio (just south of Columbus, along I-71) is located Warner's Salvage Yard. They have cars all the way back to the early 30's. Most everything is REALLY rusty. And, the owner is very, very religious, and will not tolerate foul language, etc. Seriously. Contact info: Warner's Salvage, 13501 OH-56, Mt Sterling, OH 43143, Phone: (740) 869-3532 No time for many photos tonight, but here are a few:
  8. Jon37

    Welcome Hudson Enthusiasts!

    May I suggest that you start your own topic (here at the Hudson, Essex & Terraplane section) instead of tagging your message onto the bottom of the "Welcome Hudson Enthusiasts" topic? You have a beautiful Essex that deserves its own stand-alone topic (with its own title), where more people will notice it! Anyway, if it were me, that's what I'd do, and then post photos of your car there.
  9. I would definitely check on the ownership of the molds. They're valuable and you paid for them! And by owning them, you can potentially earn back the cost of those molds. For example (assuming you have possession of the molds) you could ask the glass company what they'd charge to produce one of the curved glass windows if they had the mold. Then, advertise the glass for sale (in the "Rauch and Lang Club Bulletin?") at the company's price per unit, and add in -- let's say -- $50 per window to partly cover your mold costs. You could handle each transaction yourself so you get the "mold portion" of each order, and then pay the glass company to make the window using your mold. (Be sure to get a down payment up front!) With any luck, a number of R & L owners would see the wisdom of buying extra windows "just in case", and --- as each window is sold --- you'll make back more and more of your mold cost. It's gonna be a lot cheaper for a R & L owner to buy your glass than to go out and pay $2,000 for his own glass mold!
  10. Yeah, this is definitely a mat for the earlier Hudsons, not the one "G" is talking about. Possibly he will recall producing this one (the one you have) since he was part of the company that made them. But -- no matter which version of repro Hudson floor mat that one has -- one still has to cut the pedal holes oneself. My guess is that "G" will confirm that.
  11. Now I'm confused. I thought "F" had some sort of repro floor mat with the 1920's Super Six triangle logo on it. I guess he's talking about the later one for the 30's and 40's cars, that's embossed "Hudson Built Steel Body", once offered by K-Gap and now offered by Wildrick.
  12. Jon37

    Creating A Successful Car Show

    There are soooooo many aspects to consider. These car shows are complex events. One possibility: contact your local AACA to find out if they hold one or more car shows a year. Ask if you can get in touch with the show chairman or chairwoman. Explain to him / her your concept, and ask if you could bend their ear, to find out as much as you can about holding a successful show. Offer to take them out to dinner at a really nice local restaurant. Maybe take a tape recorder and a list of questions to ask, and then engage in a long conversation over dinner. This way you're getting the benefit of their hands-on experience, and offering them something for their trouble. Of course, you won't learn all you need to know at that dinner, but you'll begin to get an overall concept and a lot of good ideas that you can work with! And with the tape recorder you won't have to spend the entire time scribbling in your notebook!
  13. I don't know, but I'd guess you have the front floor mat and that they did NOT punch the holes for the pedals and gear shift, preferring to leave that to the installer. That's because there might be some variations in hole positioning, through the years. You could contact the successor to K-Gap (which has a lot of K-Gap's molds and dies): Wildrick Rubber, , they might have some suggestions. Another suggestion would be to join the Yahoo Hudson Super Six group, and ask your question there.
  14. Jon37

    identify Essex Model A

    To answer your question, I do not know the difference between "B" and "A" body styles. And if your car was assembled in Australia, "A" and "B" may have no bearing, since these terms might have been used only for U.S.-produced vehicles. I'd get in touch with the Australian "Hudson AMC Car Club", they may know more about the Australian versions of the car. I'm sorry you're having difficulties registering on the Hudson Open Forum. (Are you sure that you weren't successful in registering? Did you try posting a message there, just for fun?) The registration page is here: They only seem to want your e-mail address, username (no spaces between words), and a password at least 6 characters long. And of course you need to check off that you're not a robot (you're not....are you?) and also the "agree with terms" box. I hope that might be helpful. If you'll e-mail me, we may be able to get to the bottom of this. I am a moderator on that forum and can check to see if one of your registration attempts was actually (unbeknownst to you) successful., drop the XXX before mailing.
  15. Jon37

    Complete ‘53 Olds w A/C

    Dan, are there other older cars at Tim's Auto Parts? If so, would you mind adding the junkyard's contact information to the "Junkyards" category here at the Forum, so that others can learn about it? If possible, you could mention a few of the cars that you saw at this place. That way, this information will be easily accessible to everyone who might need parts for their restoration.