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  1. Thanks for posting that. However, the seller has mis-identified the car as a 1938. In actuality it's a 1940.
  2. How does one post a photo using the URL (as opposed to uploading from one's own computer)? I tried the "Link" icon but it only results in link text, not an actual photo.
  3. I am not an Essex expert, but I think the car is a 1925 model. First, look at the photograph of your car. The front springs (which protrude from the front fenders) have a metal covering. Now look at the photo of this 1924 Essex. The springs are uncovered, and the radiator is painted. Here is a 1925 Essex. The springs are now covered, but the radiator is painted. Here is a 1926 Essex. The springs are still covered, but the radiator is chrome (or more probably, nickel) plated. Your Essex has a painted radiator and metal covers for the springs, so it would seem to be a 1925. (I'm sorry; I tried to insert the actual photographs, above, but the Forum's photo link feature must be broken.)
  4. If this is for a Hudson product, have you tried posting this to the Hudson Open Forum yet? Perhaps someone there will have a suggestion. Depending upon whether you have a Hudson or Essex, you might also want to join one of these Yahoo groups and ask your question there as well:
  5. The largest "parts fair" would be the fall antique car show and flea market in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in October. However, because this automobile seems to be made of the parts of many different cars, you will have difficulty knowing what to look for. If you are looking for Essex engine or transmission parts, --- or any other parts which are sure to come from an Essex -- your time would be better spent in working through the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club. You can locate the parts by e-mail, telephone or postal communication, much faster than to travel to America and spend several days at a flea market -- and then possibly not find the parts there anyway. However, I would guess that most of the parts from your car are NOT from an Essex, they are from many different cars. Your automobile was not a "stock" model built by the Hudson factory. You may wish to ask your questions at the Hudson Open Forum, here:
  6. Sorry....just thought you might have recalled seeing a few memorable cars there. The fact that one isn't allowed to wander around the yard will be of help to people who had planned to go there and graze for parts. Thanks for posting the yard.
  7. You may also want to post these questions at the Hudson Open Forum, at
  8. You might also want to post this question over at the Hudson Open Forum . Are you sure this is a Hudson and not a Terraplane? Are you looking to sell, or do you simply want to understand the value of what you have?
  9. Members 4 57 posts Report post (IP: Posted December 24, 2018 Hi, I Live in Toronto, Canada, and I'll be spending the holidays in New York City. I would like to take the oportunity to look for a Borg Warner T96 or T86 transmission with Overdrive ( R10). It was used in Studebakers, Ramblers, and Jeeps. I would like to know if anyone can recomend some good junkyards or places where I might find the transmission, near New York or along the way from NY to Toronto. Once again, its The Borg Warner T96 with overdrive, or I think the T86 is also compatible. Merry Christmas to all! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Note: this topic is a copy of the original, placed by the moderator. If the original topic poster would like to re-post his topic as a "reply" to this one, I will delete this "temporary" one. That way, the topic poster will be able to receive responses directly through the private message system.
  10. This discussion is for all inquiries or comments on junkyards which are NOT listings for individual junkyards. Comments / inquiries may be added under this topic, as "replies". All topics in the "Junkyard" forum must either be junkyard listings (following the Junkyard Forum Guidelines) , or must be placed under the "Junkyard Misc. Comments or Inquiries" topic, as a reply. All topics in one of these two categories will be removed from the "Junkyard" forum.
  11. I don't think it's a Dover because Dovers had painted radiator shells; also, the hood louvers are not the same.
  12. This forum category is for listing junkyards that contain older model cars, it's not a place for "parts wanted" ads. I suggest you place your notice in one of the Buick forums.
  13. Could you please offer a brief description? Perhaps mention a few of the cars to be found here?
  14. Wildrick Restoration specializes in Hudsons of all eras: . They also sell Hudson clutch parts and rebuilt Hudson clutches. For further information on Hudsons you may wish to join the Super Six Yahoo group: In addition to posting questions here at the AACA forum, you might also want to post them at the Hudson Open Forum, at