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  1. I bought my LED lights at Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions Ltd., . I purchased dual-filament taillight lamps, single-filament front turnsignal lamps, instrument lamps, a license plate lamp and (pre-1940 style) prefocus headlamps -- 9 lamps and one electronic turnsignal flasher. This was in March, 2019. Total was $171.96 including shipping from England. All lamps fit the original 1937 sockets. My car is 6-volt, positive ground. The vendor advises using only LED-style bulbs on the same circuit, and not mixing them with incandescent or halogen lamps on the same circuit. My impression is that the lamps are brighter (especially the instrument lamps and headlamps). I am generally very happy, with one caution: when I hit the high beam switch, the headlights don't seem to extend down the road, they simply illuminate a wider diameter (lighting up the undersides of tree limbs hanging over the highway, for example). This may be the one problem of LED's: that they don't have a pinpoint filament like incandescent or halogen lamps, as was noted by one forum member, above. But, possibly others have had better luck with high beam LED's.
  2. If you haven't done so already, why not share the location and contact information of your junkyard (and possibly the years / makes of some of its inhabitants) with other forum members, by posting these photos at the JUNKYARD FORUM ?
  3. I'm not sure why the subject of this topic shifted from Slant Sixes to Hudsons. But, in reference to the T.H.E. Greater Super Six Club, Inc.: The Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club had been formed in 1959 by Merrit Marks. At its first national meet in 1960 the membership resoundingly rejected the idea of the new Club's sponsoring judging. The feeling was: Hudson people should be helping one another with their cars, not competing against one another for trophies. Carl Horton of Indianapolis (who had a collection of very nice Hudsons) felt differently about judging. So he organized the T.H.E. club in September of 1966. I don't know how long the T.H.E. lasted; possibly 6 or 7 years. The H-E-T, on the other hand, has lasted 60 years, as of 2019. And it still does not sponsor judging.
  4. Yes, the Hudson company only referred to them as Terraplanes in 1937. I think the only place they referred to "Terraplane Hudson" would have been on the trunk ornament, the hood ornament, and possibly on the door sill plates. As far as I know, no documentation exists for production numbers by body style. When Nash merged with Hudson in 1954 to form AMC, most of the company files were thrown out.
  5. To answer your questions: 1. Yes, this is the DeLuxe model (model 71, as shown by the first two digits of the serial number). However, I note it has front fender ornaments, which were not standard on the DeLuxe model; they came with the Super model. 2. No, the hubcaps should say TERRAPLANE HUDSON in red letters. (In the following year the hubcaps said HUDSON TERRAPLANE in blue letters.) 3.Frank Spring was the chief designer at Hudson from the early thirties up through the StepDown era. 4. Period images? Here's a vintage photo of a '37 coupe now being offered on Ebay: Here's a catalog image of the coupe, showing the "utility coupe" slide out pickup bed. There was also a 4-passenger victoria coupe with side-facing seat in the back area. The business coupe would have had a sort of package shelf back there, I believe. 5. You might want to pose this question to the Hudson enthusiasts, over at the Hudson Open Forum . (Joining the forum is simple; just put your e-mail address, invent a username and concoct a password). It's a tightly-knit group of long-time members, so it wouldn't be surprising if someone knew a previous owner or two of the car. Incidentally, I'll spare you a recitation of the several mistakes in the Bonham writeup, but I must emphasize that 1937 Hudsons and Terraplanes only had 101 horsepower, not 115.
  6. In case anyone else was curious: the "Longmeades" day parking area will be open on Tuesday, starting at 6 AM. This is the only visitor parking area open on Tuesday. I don't know where it's located, but there will definitely be electric signs pointing to it.
  7. Are the visitor parking lots open Tuesday, Oct. 8? I'll be helping with my club's booth in the Red Field, and won't have a parking pass. I'll need to park my car somewhere for a few hours. Does anyone know where the nearest parking is, near the Red Field?
  8. I have a question. A friend is coming to Hershey from out of state with a car trailer, with the intent of buying and trailering a car back home with him. Could he park his empty trailer at the Antique Car Trailer Parking shown with the purple asterisk on the map? Or must he be registered at the show to do that? Can he take it in there on Tuesday or Wednesday of Hershey week, leave it there, and then load up his car on Saturday? And, the lot is only accessible by driving up Sand Beach Rd. and then cutting across on Boathouse Rd. -- correct? If he can't park it at that lot, where else might he park (for money or for free)? I will be grateful for any information. (I've been coming to Hershey for 52 years and never before paid any attention to car trailers!)
  9. The H-E-T Club will be set up once again at spaces RNE 24-25 in the Red Field at the AACA Eastern Division National Fall Meet in Hershey, Pa., from Oct. 9 – 12. If you’re already a Club member, stop by to meet old friends, rest your bones in our chairs, have a cup of coffee and a donut, “park” a heavy flea market item, or leave a message on our bulletin board. If you’re the new owner of a Hudson, Essex or Terraplane, or just curious about them, stop by as well! We’ll try to answer your questions, and we’ll have one or two Hudsons on display at all times for you to look over. Do you have a Hudson part or car to sell? In that case, feel free to post it on our bulletin board for visitors from around the world to see. The booth is scheduled to be open from 8:30 to 5:00 on Wed., Thurs. and Fri., and on Saturday til noon. Concurrently, many of our Club members will be staying at the Days Inn Carlisle North, at 1255 Harrisburg Pike near Carlisle, right at the intersection of Rtes. 11 and 81. We hope to have a hospitality room just off the main lobby, on Friday and Saturday afternoons. On Saturday evening at 6 PM we’ll gather for a dinner in a private room at the Hickory Ridge Restaurant, 1400 Harrisburg Pike. It’s just across Route 81 from the motel. Dinner is “off the menu”, dress is informal, and no reservations are required. Normally, 30 to 40 attend. An all-Hudson flea market will run from 7 AM to noon on Sunday morning (Oct. 13). No vendor registration required. Just bring your stuff. Feel free to join us at any of these activities, whether you're in the Club or not! For further contact Jon Battle by phone at (540) 364-1770 or by e-mail at (remove the xxx before sending!)
  10. Here is probably the most popular web forum for Hudson enthusiasts (there are several of them). Perhaps you could list it here, and give some sort of contact information where someone could get in touch with you. Registration for the forum only requires an e-mail address and password, and it's run by the Hudson club, so there's no "funny stuff" going on. The car itself is beyond saving but the hulk would probably yield up several valuable parts. Perhaps including the radiator and hood. Perhaps you could mention the rough location or at least the state, in your posting there. I would be happy to list this for you, on that forum, but would need some sort of contact information from you, to insert in the posting. Thank you for taking the time to post this information at the AACA site.
  11. Sells complete cars or parts. See Facebook page for more information:
  12. Join your fellow Hudson enthusiasts in Berryville, Va. on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 24, for the "Summers End Cruise-In".Last year nearly 300 antiques, hotrods, customs and street rods were displayed on the town's main streets. And 16 of those vehicles were Hudsons!The Hudson festivities start off with lunch at Allen and Wendy Lewis' home in Bluemont at 1 PM (bring a side dish to share!). Then, a bit before 3 PM we'll all convoy to Berryville for the car show. After the show there may be some further Hudson partying!Phone Joe Wood, president of the Tri-State Mountain Roads Chapter, for details, at (703) 618-4772. All Hudsonites are welcome, not just Club members. Let's get our Hudsons, Essexes and Terraplanes out for the world to see!
  13. Doble?