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  1. You might also want to advertise these at the Hudson Open Forum, at
  2. I'll put in one vote for the DEKA. I've been using them for years. The downside: you'll probably only get 4-6 years out of one. The upside: about 780 cold cranking amps, and a price that may still be less than $100. So if you're considering an old-style lead-acid battery, give the DEKA a look. (I think the Batteries Plus chain sells them as well.) The Optima will give you more power (I think at least 800 cold cranking amps) and last way longer. It will also be fairly expensive (about twice the price). If you are shopping for the lead-acid batteries, do compare the cold cranking amp ratings. The higher the better.
  3. To further muddy the waters: for "important" lights like your headlights and taillights -- the lights that help you see and be seen at night -- you may want to consider replacing the original tungsten lights with modern halogen or LED lights. These are much brighter than the originals, and in some cases they require much less amperage. For example, I just replaced the headlight and taillight bulbs on my '37 with LED's. They are 6-volt, and fit the original sockets. They were not inexpensive, but neither is the value of your life, when driving at night. I believe these lamps will interchange the original lamps way back into the 1920's. The two companies I could recommend are Classic and Vintage in Australia (they have an American distributor) and Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions
  4. Join us at the former Martin Koons Hudson - Essex car dealership, for the Taneytown History Museum's 4th annual "Hudson Day"! It's at 340 East Baltimore St., Taneytown, Md. (which is about 5 miles south of the Pennsylvania state line and 25 miles northeast of Frederick). The Historical Society maintains its museum at the old Koons house, and the garage out back housed the Koons Hudson dealership from the 1920's to 1957. Meet begins at 10 AM, and after two or three hours of tire-kicking we'll adjourn to a nearby restaurant to dine together. Parking is tight, so if you're in a Brand X please park at the adjacent Northwest Middle School. If you're in a Hudson, please park on the property!The meet is sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the H-E-T Club. For further information phone Jon Battle at 540-364-1770 or e-mail (delete the XXX before sending).
  5. Wilf, in addition to posting your messages here on the AACA Forum, you might also want to post duplicate messages at the Hudson Open Forum -- especially if you need technical information or Hudson parts. That forum is run by members of the worldwide Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club and is a great place for exchanging helpful information on Hudsons.
  6. I understand that this car has now been sold, though the Craigslist ad still seems active. For a good selection of Hudsons for sale, to go the Hudson club's "Open Forum" at
  7. Here's a photo of the car which its owner says is the only remaining 1916 cabriolet (CHudWah posted this previously): And here's a low-resolution enlargement of that view of the car whose link CHudWah, also posted. My apologies. I published the website with that photo, way back in the 1990's before I understood how to publish crisp photos. The car was entered into the 2005 Great American Race and had to drop out because of a thrown rod. Here is the car (or a similar one) that was for sale in California in 2009. And here is a link to a video of the car by its owner (in 2014), Jeff Stumb:
  8. John is fine! (I'm his next-door neighbor.)
  9. You might have tried this already, but the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club maintains separate registries for surviving cars of different years and models. The guy in charge of the 1916 - 1920 Hudson, is Aaron Cooper, at (delete the xxx before sending). You might ask him. Of course, the registries only list those cars whose owners bother to send them in the the registrar (or who have listed their cars when joining or renewing membership). As to the actual production numbers of different models and body styles, sadly, these were all thrown out when Hudson merged with Nash to form American Motors, back in 1954.
  10. I believe that your car is similar to this "replicar", replica, or "kit car". This is similar to yours except for the trunk (or "boot", depending upon where you are from). A gentleman in our area owns one, and was kind enough to allow it to be used as a "billboard", with a large sign on it which directed passers-by to our annual local AACA antique car show in Manassas, Va., several years ago. I do not know which company manufactured this replica automobile. It has a 429 cubic inch Ford engine. Here is the original model of Cadillac upon which the replicar was based: a 1933 Cadillace V-16 Victoria Convertible. (I'm not sure why one photo posted, and the rest remained as links. Also, it appears that your car more nearly resembles the Duesenberg shown in the previous post, than it does the 1933 Cadillac reproduction that I showed. However, it does appear possible that both of these replica automobiles were produced by the same company.)
  11. Having some car-savvy local friends would be quite helpful at a time like this. Have you considered joining your local AACA region? Also, there appears to be a national Plymouth club with a region in New England . Possibly you're already a member of either or both. Online forums like this are great for getting information but there is nothing like having a real, live expert in autos of your car's era (especially one who knows about Plymouths) who lives nearby! By the way, I hope you noticed that there are a couple forums here, which you might want to check out: the Plymouth one and the Chrysler Products one:
  12. Attention, Hudson, Essex and Terraplane enthusiasts: “The New Doc’s Meet”, which takes place on May 10, 11 and 12, will carry on the 55-year tradition of "Doc's Apple Blossom Meet" in a new location where all meet activities are in or near its host hotel. Winchester is 70 minutes from the Washington DC Beltway, 2 hours from Harrisburg, Pa., 2-1/2 hours from Richmond, Va., 3 hours from Pittsburgh and 3-1/2 hours from Philadelphia. The Hampton Inn Winchester N. / Conference Center, 1204 Berryville Ave., Winchester, Va. 22601, will serve as meet headquarters. It’s located just off route I-81, minutes from local historic sites and stores. The gathering is sponsored this year by the Tri-State Mountain Roads and Chesapeake Bay chapters of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club. The schedule is as follows: Friday, May 10: Hospitality Room at the Hampton Inn, followed by dinner (on your own; several restaurants are within walking distance or a short drive away). Saturday morning, May 11: The AACA Apple Blossom Meet in nearby Jim Barnett Park. This antique car show provided the occasion for the very first “Doc’s Meet”, back in 1964. Hudsonites are urged to pre-register for this meet by May 6 to be guaranteed a space on the show field in the non-judged “Hudson” class. When you register for “Doc’s Meet” you’ll be sent an Apple Blossom Meet entry form. Saturday, after car show: Afternoon reception at home of Hudson members, Bluemont, Va. 20135. Bluemont is about 20 minutes east of Winchester. Saturday evening: Social gathering, 5:30 PM at Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co., 131 Retreat Rd., Bluemont, VA 20135, followed by buffet dinner at 6:00 PM. The drive back to the hotel is about 15 minutes. Dinner is $18 per adult, $8 per child 6-12 years old and free for 5 and under. You must pre-register for dinner by May 1. Sunday morning, May 12: All-Hudson flea market and car show at the Hampton Inn at our private parking area. Meet registration fee is $5 per family. Send name, address and phone number, with registration fee and dinner reservations, to Paul O’Malley, P.O. Box 181, Capon Bridge, WV 26711. Checks are payable to “Tri-State Mountain Roads”. Please submit by May 1. For further meet information contact Paul at (304) 856-2042. For AACA car show information or to pre-register, go to on the Internet or phone Meet Chairman Duane Catlett at (540) 869-6668.
  13. I'll put in a pitch for our (fairly new) "Junkyards" forum here at the AACA Forums: Please start (or add to) a discussion there, regarding any of the few remaining junkyards that still have older cars amongst their inventory. Add a brief description of the vehicles to be found there. Please read the "Guidelines" at the start of the forum and follow the suggested standards of listing, to make it easy to find junkyards in a particular state. There's stuff still out there, and we need to share it with others, before it's too late.
  14. Thanks for posting that. However, the seller has mis-identified the car as a 1938. In actuality it's a 1940.
  15. How does one post a photo using the URL (as opposed to uploading from one's own computer)? I tried the "Link" icon but it only results in link text, not an actual photo.