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  1. I have a Packard super eight intake manifold. I do not know what year it is or the size of engine. Over all length is 26 1/2 inches by roughly 9 inches. Please see photos. $125+ shipping. daleljames@comcast.net
  2. Available now. Correct 1934 blue dot taillight lenses out of water clear polyurethane that are tinted exactly that same as color as the originals. I am making both the red lens and blue dot parts and a polished stainless steel bezel that marries the blue dot to the red lens. Complete lens is $200.00. Also available 19332 and 33 lenses out of polyurethane. $100.00. The only difference between a stock glass lens and mine is… mine won’t break. Free delivery Lynn James daleljames@comcast.net 209-815-1189
  3. I have put on several of events that last few years in other clubs, made give aways that took 8 months to make. Time to take it easy and let someone else do the work. I'll find something or go alone....
  4. Hi I'm not sure any Cadillac guys are going to look at this thread again. I would suggest starting a new topic and putting something in the subject like "1933 Cadillac judging blue dot tail light" I think you will get more attention Lynn
  5. Hi Mainly looking to see if there was going to be a hub type tours. There was one in Santa Rosa and one in Sonora the last few years both of them were fantastic. Hoping for another one.
  6. Johan I took a few more photos, this time with a black background. I also measure the lens again and goth the same numbers (or within .005") as yours as far as the OD, Rim inside and the blue dot. The blue dot is hard to measure but it look right.. Also if you look at the pattern I concur it is Cadillac. The 34 Lincoln blue dot has the same blue dot and the same size. I'm thinking for a big lens like this they were a standard size. Lynn
  7. Johan according to Owen this is Packard.
  8. Do you think Cadillac and Packard used the same lens???
  9. I'm looking at the calendar and meets and don't see anything in 2018 or 2019 for Fallbrook in November????
  10. I posted this earlier in General. I did a little searching and it looks like 1932-33 Cadillac and 33 Packard came with the blue dot lens. Can someone ID these and tell me which it is? They measure 3.990" at the largest O.D. Thanks
  11. 1934 Lincoln came fro the factory with Blue dots, I heard Cadillac did to but not sure. I am 100% sure Lincoln in 34 had the Blue dots.
  12. Hi I need some help identifying this tail light lens, it measures 3.990" at the largest OD (not quite round). I know there were a few cars in 32-34 that came withe the blue dot configuration. I also know this is NOT Lincoln, Lincoln is larger. Any help is appreciated Thank you!