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  1. John Bloom.....drop the mic and walk away. Close the thread.
  2. Hey....no, not the same owner, just the same community on the outskirts of Philadelphia. BTW.....keep trying. My guy was overwhelmed with replies. Took me 3 attempts via email and even then his wife picked me at random. Good luck & let me know how you make out!
  3. Located where my '39 Buick was entombed. This one looks even nicer. Here's the link: 1936 Dodge
  4. On the "other-other" hand, having one's knickers completely knotted up can be much less fun than we deserve. I bet that, like most things, we will soon center our bubble (that's "find our homeostasis" if you have more than 8 cylinders or 1 cowl). Let's aim for something between "pull my finger" and "pass the Grey Poupon."
  5. Is that because you exert too much leverage?😉
  6. Hey....who invited cats to my dog oriented post??
  7. I'm pretty sure John Hess has it. I even had the great acceleration through 1 & 2, then 3rd would occasionally cough and die. Glass sediment bowl fuel pump is bypassed since the cam arm broke off, so it's all rear mounted electric pump with a pre-filter. BTW the new sender/pickup does have a sock filter, too. I'm considering a new '39 Chevy fuel tank rotated to get the neck on the driver's side. I'm awaiting an update from another '39 Buick guy who did it a while back. In the meantime I'll crack open another frosty Genesee.
  8. Looks like debris. Not getting any fuel through the pre-pump filter. Therefore....none to the carb.
  9. Back home already. The electric pump runs, so now it's either debris or I went from fuel starvation to flooding while trying to restart. Step 1 is do nothing more than charge the battery up. I'll try starting it tonight.
  10. I've had 3 fellow motor heads stop to help or chat. '46 Ford street rod, '67 Cutlass and a '67 Impala vert. All ready to help somehow.
  11. OK, it's a Buick, but I do find myself Found On Road Dead after a particularly bad railroad crossing. Lost fuel delivery. Starts on ether, but won't run, in spite of electric pump. Hagerty gave a 45 minute ETA on flatbed.
  12. $3,500 here in Hemmings I know I am one of many who are good for saying "If only......" But I'll tell you what - if this thing weren't ALLLLL the way across the country. Somebody buy this beauty ASAP. I'll meet you in Ohio for the hand off.....................
  13. It does look like a case where "That'll buff right out...." might apply!
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