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  1. It's also highly likely - given the lifestyle of those vehicles and the committed nature of their owners - that these vehicles still survive today!
  2. Hi, Danielle....you said the hobby shop is "on base". Air Force? Where abouts? When I was in the Army in the early 80's there were many seemingly insurmountable tasks taken on in the rec centers and hobby shops just to face the challenge. A mail order hang glider with no instructions comes to mind. Sure there are better cars and better methods, but if that's your car and that's your mission....drive on.
  3. There's a fellow on here with a 1952 Studebaker for sale. He included the photo below highlighting the rearward view from inside. First, it's amazing in its unusual panorama. Second, it reminds me very much of photos I have seen from inside of zeppelins. Anyone else see it that way?
  4. That may or may not be priced aggressively, but it looks very solid under the brush paint. That fantastic (and fragile) grille looks like the bottom half is likely as straight as the visible top half. Put a blue oval on it and it's double the price!
  5. They qualify as "antiques" now, so back in the day I recall scarey times with my early 70's Volvo and Mercedes (sounds snooty....both were VERY used & $500 each) Both had single post screw jacks with mushroom bases. It was like balancing a car on a road flare. Sitting on a pool ball!
  6. I gotta tell you...I never got the "rumble seat coupe" thing. Not snubbing it...I just don't understand it. Especially in the mid to late '30's. There's a beautiful '38 Desoto for sale here that got me pondering again. In the early years the difference between inside and outside was much closer together, so inside, outside....whatever. But the deco years are just hard for me to figure out, especially from my perspective as a northeasterner. "No, Daddy....don't make me ride outside!!!" Or "Now, Darling....it is the 'mother in law' seat. So when I drive it's your mother......"
  7. I bought the Coker wide whites for my '39 Buick and took them to the local shop for mounting and balancing. When I was picking them up I noticed there were no weights so I asked the guy. He told me he loaded them up and spun them an no weights were necessary. They drive just fine up to maxing out at 60. I guess it does happen.
  8. I keep this car up the street at my Dad's, so it's not like it's inconvenient, but I just don't get to it on the weekends as much as I should. I'm reminded of this when I do get it out and find out what a great driver it is. My grandfather bought it new in '63 and did over 100,000 miles of touring based out of New Jersey. He gave it to me in 1977 and I managed to not ruin it. Body and interior are original, engine and transmission have been rebuilt. It is a beautiful car, and not one you want to have to restore, given the miles of wiring and vacuum lines!
  9. Going out at night and sneaking a peek into your own garage..... :
  10. I got 4 very good driver quality hubcaps for my '39 for a dollar each! Buffed them up and THEN realized they were the larger diameter innards! Good thing they were only a buck.
  11. Congrats! That is very nice and just the way I like them. Have fun!
  12. Michelle112 had a question for me about chassis lube, but we decided that my grease gun takes too long to refill for these modern runners.
  13. Jeez - Barnfinds is on roll this morning: https://barnfinds.com/style-leader-1933-graham-blue-streak/
  14. Regrettably not mine, but I know somebody here was hankering for a Cord https://www.ebay.com/itm/273955444464