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  1. Are you also following the Lincoln Forum on another site? https://www.thelincolnforum.net/phpbb3/ Tons of action on '60's & '70's Lincolns
  2. It's a little further away, but Fisher Transmission in Fairfield, NJ did my '63 Lincoln, which is half an oddball box, and they were quite familiar and did a fine job.
  3. That's actually a nifty little car! Talk about "that'll buff out ok..." Other than the bumpers, it looks like all bright work is stainless or aluminum. I bet just about any part is available, too. How about that ashtray being the focus of attention in that (unpadded) dash!
  4. My first love. Met her on my paper route in 1976. She belonged to Miss Smith, my father's second grade teacher. In 1948 Miss Smith traded in her trusty Model A for the second, and only other, car she ever owned. I saw the car a few years ago at a cruise night. It had been treated to a modest maroon paint job and a woodie kit..
  5. Out of the blue, my Special has started random horn blasts on right turns. Not all turns, and could be a hard right one time and a gentle one the next. The horn rings are intact, but don't work. The momentary button installed by the P/O is disconnected for now, and the right turn blast continues... Intermittently. I took the ring off and used electrical tape to insulate the little spring head exposed in the center of the column. Still has random blasts. This makes me wonder if it has something to do with that contact spring mid way down the column. Could it have worn through something? I could bypass the whole thing, disconnect the horns from the compromised circuit and install a new momentary on clean wires to the horns. Any other thoughts?
  6. Your exhaust leak can be cured with a nice fat Remflex manifold gasket. Be careful...the manifold is quite heavy, especially when leaning over a fender! My '39 Special manifold is so warped that I even needed a extra layer of the old gasket on one outlet. Manifold side of the Remflex, not engine side. I sealed that layer to the manifold with Permatex 81878 high temp silicone. Working fine for a couple of years now. Can't help with the misfire, though.
  7. My '39 Ford pickup is frequently introduced as "well, she works as hard as I do" at the box store or the grass dump. A bed full of mulch comes in, 6 bags of grass clippings go out......
  8. I always see so many styling cues from the Lincoln Continental of the same years.
  9. What am I missing? Other than the "2 doors too many" drumbeat from the rhythm section, this car is drop dead gorgeous. What? Your neighbor has one just like it?
  10. Something might not be right. I don't see any on my end. Whoops....there they are now!
  11. I've been poking around to find a 6 volt LED 3rd brake light bar for my '39 Buick business coupe. I was thinking licence plate frame for a vintage motorcycle or Volkswagen. Then I found this one the other day... Ebay 6 volt led bar I first tried mounting it above the license plate, but the bracket was finicky and wiring through the trunk handle was tricky. So, inside the rear window it was. I connected a separate lead to the brake light switch, ran the wire through the firewall and down the floor. The absence of a headliner made it easier to affix the light's bracket to the window frame. All in all it worked out well and I'm more comfortable with a modern view for modern drivers.
  12. Our CEO paid 60 large for the Driving Miss Daisy Hudson. I should buy this one and look 99% as good.
  13. Well, Archimedes said: Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. So if I channel Larry the Cable Guy correctly..........The way I figure it - if all of the Libyan fellers got a really long stick and balanced it on top of one of those pyramid things they got over there.....
  14. Here's the link to that Barnfinds article https://barnfinds.com/two-owner-beauty-1956-packard-400/ Between modern repairs and survival of the fittest, a normal round of due diligence should net the quality car one would hope for.
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