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  1. I think "Barn Find" can be added to the group that includes "Xerox" and "Kleenex" If it "copies" - it's a Xerox If it "wipes your nose" - it's a Kleenex If it "hasn't run in awhile" - it's a Barn Find That includes my first classic - that I parked in my own garage for 25 years before pulling it out. I even fell victim to my own "ran when parked" hype. Thousands of dollars later it runs again!
  2. Congtatlations! What a great weekend for you! First car in the hobby? See my note about Kanter's here in New Jersey. Lots of other suppliers, I'm sure, but they have quite a catalog. Enjoy your cleaning and polishing. It can be one of the best parts!
  3. Well bought. Very sharp car and I think it will clean up quite nicely. I'm sure the new owner agrees. Kanter's is right by me and I believe would have any parts that have worn out or dried up. Hope the buyer pops up here soon.
  4. Not to mention the input and output spline variations. Some time ago I was reading different posts about the bracketry needed to convert transmissions from floor to column (or column to floor....I can't remember)
  5. The front mounts on my '39 Special are all but dissolved and I keep wishing that flathead mounts will work. Melted ones are running smooth, though. Good job by you to make it work!
  6. Me too. I was looking for Farah Fawcett and the red swimsuit!
  7. Your budget sounds about like mine, so you might want to look at '37, '38 & '39's. They seem to be in a value sweet spot between the '35/'36 and '40/41's but have great curves in all the right places. They are a great deal larger than the earlier cars, too. I'm 6' 4" and couldn't hardly get my feet into an A I tried on. I can wear a hat in both of my '39's. Maybe not one of yours, but a ball cap for sure! You're in a great location to find something, too. Good luck and ask away!
  8. Although begging to be named "Sparky", this is Gizmo.
  9. John Bloom.....drop the mic and walk away. Close the thread.
  10. Hey....no, not the same owner, just the same community on the outskirts of Philadelphia. BTW.....keep trying. My guy was overwhelmed with replies. Took me 3 attempts via email and even then his wife picked me at random. Good luck & let me know how you make out!
  11. Located where my '39 Buick was entombed. This one looks even nicer. Here's the link: 1936 Dodge
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