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  1. Our CEO paid 60 large for the Driving Miss Daisy Hudson. I should buy this one and look 99% as good.
  2. Well, Archimedes said: Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. So if I channel Larry the Cable Guy correctly..........The way I figure it - if all of the Libyan fellers got a really long stick and balanced it on top of one of those pyramid things they got over there.....
  3. Here's the link to that Barnfinds article https://barnfinds.com/two-owner-beauty-1956-packard-400/ Between modern repairs and survival of the fittest, a normal round of due diligence should net the quality car one would hope for.
  4. One of my favorites, too. They got bashed pretty harshly on Barnfinds a week or so ago. '55's got the brunt of it, but '56's weren't immune. Jamming gear selector and overall reliability. These were period complaints, so if you think about it, the bad cars likely died young leaving the best for us to enjoy now. Sign me up!
  5. I got a phone call from Hagerty today. Seems that I forgot to pay my annual premium by last week's renewal date. In my (weak) defense, I saw the invoice and thought I had it on auto-pay. Apparently not so. The gentleman said we could take care of it right away, retro back to last week, and continue on in good shape. I'd like to think that other providers that you use would do the same thing - at least in our collector car insurance arena. Homeowners and healthcare perhaps not so much.
  6. Nobody has said it yet, but confirm quality clean connections at both ends of the giant cables needed for 6 volts. The clicking does indicate a weak battery, too. And when I flooded my 39 Buick I had gas just pooled in the bottom of my manifold. Took forever to dry out. Ratios, patience and good luck will get you going again.
  7. Sorry, Mike... A little tease about me needing a replacement title for your 400........ I'd like to think that you might be close enough to the outskirts & able to find a rural place. Good luck & best wishes.
  8. I'll house The 400. No charge. Unrelated...... who's that guy who would whip up a "replacement" title upon request?
  9. It's for sale on FB Marketplace and his description is VERY thorough. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/416534009399731/?ref=category_feed&referral_code=undefined Short answer is that yes - it is an all-wood body shell
  10. Some of you will remember the wood bodied boat tail T speedster that fellow had at Hershey a few years back. Well, here's a guy in New Jersey that made a mahogany roadster. Not much more I can say other than well done on a very interesting project.
  11. I am NOT in the market for a '55 Imperial......and it's worth a look. Florida makes me think of humidity and salt air, but this car makes me look closed-minded. Chrome and stainless looks good, plastic seatcovers did their job, so for me it's another buff it and drive it!
  12. Very nice! The profile looks straight off the concept car showroom floor:
  13. Amen, Brother...you beat me to it. Now...given the longevity of many people on this forum, what is the cause and effect relationship? Are they living longer because they are actively engaged in a hobby, or are they attracted to a hobby that attracts older people? Either way, I'm up for getting my fourth porthole. (Sounds creepily anatomical, but it's a nod to the four porthole Buick Century...designating that model's ability to break 100)
  14. Regardless of pedigree or provenance, that is a very attractive car. Enjoy!
  15. I think "Barn Find" can be added to the group that includes "Xerox" and "Kleenex" If it "copies" - it's a Xerox If it "wipes your nose" - it's a Kleenex If it "hasn't run in awhile" - it's a Barn Find That includes my first classic - that I parked in my own garage for 25 years before pulling it out. I even fell victim to my own "ran when parked" hype. Thousands of dollars later it runs again!
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