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  1. Thanks for responses, these vehicles got mixed up in a nasty legal battle over business sale, transfer to a minority share holder and and the person that should be holding titles refuses to talk to anyone. I am a bystander but have possession for what it’s worth. Haven’t given up yet.
  2. Thanks for the reply’s, I haven’t done anything with car just take a few pictures for the dmv. The body is setting on the frame and the dmv said it needed to be more complete. Don’t want to put money or time into it without a title. Shame to try to just sell it for parts, make a great project for someone, I have other projects to work on.
  3. I have a 1964 Electra convert complete but disassembled in storage that I have had in my possession for a few years. It was given to me by the owner in lieu back rent. My dilemma is he never got me the title and passed in a sudden accident. His estate was a mess with former wives and running a business with a live in girl friend. This is in Minnesota and have applied for a duplicate but have gotten nowhere the dmv is in total disarray with computer system problems. Anyone have any ideas? I also have a 39 Buick four door, same story.
  4. Does anyone have any good experience with a dynaflow mechanic in Mn? I am just west of Minneapolis.
  5. I had a not so bright idea of putting my 51 Super on the dolly backwards for a trip from Mn to Az, after a 5 mile test drive I realized it was a bad idea and had it shipped. I bought a 56 Century about 25 miles away and could of used it but called a flat bed instead. I was concerned about the torque ball but when I got it running found I had to replace the torque ball anyway. Think I will try to sell the dolly. Thanks for the reply’s.
  6. I have a Demco tow dolly and have not used it for a torque ball Buick. Has any one used one and what distance did you tow? I am thinking it could be used for short distances. Thanks
  7. Temps are over 100 now so just driving in the am and evening. Heading for Minnesota soon so 51 can rest and I will my drive my 56 Special and 56 Century there in cooler temps.
  8. I have vapor lock problems on my 51 Super in Phoenix sitting at long stop lights in 85 degree or higher temps, have a electric pump that I usually just use on start ups (blew a plug out of the float bowl with too much pressure). I installed a 12 volt 4” blower made for exhausting the engine compartment on a inboard boat with a flexible metal hose pointing at the front of the carb. If I get stuck at a long light I flip the switch to blow air over the carb and this has worked so far. Yes, I am using ethanol gas with lead additives and some Marvel Mystery oil also.
  9. I believe you’re right, the tin woodies have a flat tailgate and window while the Buick’s are curved making left and right upper and lower hinges different side to side.
  10. Thanks Jay I will try to find out
  11. Want to buy, 50-53 Estate wagon rear window and rear gate hinges and any other rear hardware.
  12. After reading all the posts I realize that I created a monster converting my side opening hood (51 Super convert) using 53 hinges to front opening. It fits and functions ok but I would like it to be “perfect” but realize that isn’t possible especially when you drive it regularly as everything moves.
  13. I had same problem with my 56, strong vibration at 30 mph. Trans fluid flowing down torque to rear end left bushing in torque un lubricated.
  14. Send an email to dh6345@frontiernet.net I have a 39 that is complete (disassembled) in inside storage I have no title for car owner passed before we got that done but in my possession
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