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  1. Thanks for the reply, looking for a 56 setup.
  2. Does anyone know if a 57 Buick V8 power steering setup will fit in a 56 Buick V8? I found a 57 but not a 56.
  3. Does anyone know if power steering set up from a 57 Buick V8 will fit on my 56 Buick V8? Can't find a 56 but found a 57.
  4. Thanks for confirming, I'll keep looking.
  5. Does anyone know if the mustache trim from a 53 Buick will fit on a 52? I know the script is different but wondering if fit up is the same.
  6. Have been considering EFI for my 51 Super. Would like any info on system you used. Thanks
  7. I purchased the interior for my Buick Super convert from Autocrafters which I believe was taker over by LB. They did a great job but are gone. I think age of a skilled work force is an issue.
  8. That is impressive! I was a pattern maker by trade, started making patterns with bandsaws disc sanders and hand tools. Built a tooling/foundry business which I have since sold the business and did in it's time Sterolitography, LOM and 3D printing transitioning to 3D machining. After 40 years of in that business I can say I loved making patterns but dreaded the business end of probably because I focused on fast turn prototype and pre-production machined castings. Fairly new on the scene is 3D printed sand molds with the coring and gating built in, I think the future is printed sand molds even for production.
  9. Thanks, The car is in Arizona and I called Donaldson a couple of times and he didn't return my calls. I was in Phoenix and stopped in and did talk to him, he told me it could't be done and offered no other help. I knew his wood could not fit as I said the sedan has a 4" longer wheel base, the rear posts and tail and lift gate are same and as I said he told me I could not do it.I was at Garret-Jackson in Jan. and got a lot of great pictures of a 52 for reference ,that car sold for 100,000 So, I'm up for the challenge, I just reworked the hood to raise straight up 24" with linear actuators. I hate the side opening hoods, I converted my 51 convert to front opening using 53 hinges and latch assembly and that worked well but going straight up was easier. I will post pictures of both when I can.
  10. I have a 52 Super Estate Wagon (beyond salvageable) and a 52 Super 4 door sedan and just starting the process of turning the sedan into an Estate Wagon. I know the sedan frame is 4" longer but I can adjust the top as necessary. I am a cable woodworker and am in the process of mocking up all the wood then will digitize the parts and CNC mill the ash parts. My question is has anyone done this before?
  11. Thanks for the reply, I watched a Muggy Weld video and may give it a try. I think my parts were ground/polished and re-plated as they seem quite thin probably why they are cracked and broken. I restored a 51 Super convert and they seem more substantial, still looking better parts. Thanks, Dennis
  12. I am in need of the three piece cast parts, I know they are hard to find in usable condition. My center piece is broken in the middle and both end pieces are cracked. Has anyone repaired/welded and replaced these? Dennis
  13. I purchased a 56 Century a year ago and not knowing any mechanical history. It had a severe vibration about 50 mph, had trans fluid in rear end. Found torque ball and bushing were bad, appears car was driven with low trans fluid which took out the bushing and ball. Found a nos ball on eBay and bought a seal kit from Bob's, all seems to be good now.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I think I will grind the rubber off of the NOS torque ball and rely on the inner rubber on the new retainer. Going back together with new ball , retainer kit and propeller shaft seal. Will post update after driving. Also looking for power steering setup for this 56.