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  1. One of my favorite noses (after Sabrina). Of course my taste in noses may be called into question as I have a '39 Buick and a '39 Ford pickup, arguably 2 of the more unusual visages of the art deco era.
  2. Wow...I like it. A lot. I like the 4 door in this series. Looks a little "iffy" to me, though. If only it were closer If only I had the room If only .....
  3. Thank you, guys. So my mission is to reach behind the dash, remove several machine screws/bolts and draw the cluster assembly down and out from behind the dashboard. Sounds as tedious as I feared, but my long skinny arms are going to give me a good start. I'm thinking removal of the cowl vent lever assembly under there would be helpful, too.
  4. Thank you. Bob. To be clear....the glass cover and trim can be popped from the dashboard and the speedo cluster can be pulled from the front?
  5. I have an annoying condition on my '39 Special in that the speedometer assembly is bouncing around inside of the housing. It will work, but I have to wiggle the re-set cable of the trip-odometer until the assembly gets in the right position. It will usually stay there until I re-set the trip odometer (which is also my fuel gauge, but that's another story.) By analyzing a spare speedometer assembly it seems to me that behind the tan sheet metal plate the 2 screws holding the 2 pot metal halves of the assembly together have fallen out. Brings me to the question - Is the instrument cluster glass & bezel a clip-in piece that can be pried out? That would give me access to the aforementioned speedometer situation in what I think would be way easier than removing the dashboard to attack from the rear. So - what am I up against?
  6. Boy, ditto on the fuel/carb deal. We had a '78 in burnt orange/electric pumpkin model and it was never right after 5 years or so. Rode really well, but I couldn't get my 6'4" fram comfortable most of the time.
  7. No. (Edit....sorry...I thought you meant the other this)
  8. I'm still a guppy, but I'm with Terry - lots of valves & no exercise could be troubling. On a lesser car some would say jump right to the starter with a 12 volt. New cables & 1 more ground than you think you need is a much safer approach. Even better would be to remove whatever constitutes the valve covers and check the valves for operation. Again, a lesser car would get a little tap-tap on each stubborn valve. Good luck!!
  9. X2 or 3 on the wire brush, sandpaper, primer Rustoleum. Need to let it cure for a week or more, though, before forcing tires on. I broke the beads just by setting my boot heel right on the bead and bouncing up and down. Even at 180 pounds that was enough. I did it in the garage door so I could hold on and keep from breaking my neck in the process. There's also a tire mounting trick with trash bags that some guys say makes the tires jump right on.
  10. Here's a Buick: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/d/scottsdale-1923-buick-touring-roadster/7137732188.html
  11. The hanging flag is quite impressive and actually old at the time. It has 46 stars. Oklahoma became the 46th in 1907. New Mexico (47) and Arizona (48) joined in January and February of 1912.
  12. just noticed the mirrored thread below.........
  13. The door handle and angular hood under his hand look like Pierce Arrow, but the sharp twist to the fender throws me off.
  14. That's a rotten deal for sure. Thieves were probably expecting construction equipment or little quads or something. On the positive side they likely don't want a Chandler. To them it's not only the wrong stolen item, it's not even a "good one". That's to your advantage. Hit the papers and local TV. Tug any heartstrings you may have dangling. Turn yourself into a little girl with a lost puppy. Reach out to the classic car dealers with a heads up. They scour the internet all day every day as part of their mission. Can you work with your insurer to get a reward authorized? Emphasize that it's cheaper than a loss. Good luck to you.
  15. These days I find myself enamored with the '46, 7 & 8 Chrysler grille, so put me down for that.