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  1. Thank you guys for all your help and interest in my search. I have good news for everyone one that Oscar of Oscar Bearings is still very much alive. Took me a while to get the right phone number but the lady that answered said as Mark Twain said "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" They didn't have the bearing but will be looking. Robert
  2. JV, The bore size is 1.0 inch or 25.4 mm The cup outer diameter 2.8346 inch or 71.999 mm The cone width is 0.8730 inch or 22.174 mm The cup Width is 0.7480 inch or 18.999 mm The Bearing width is 0.7481 inch or 19.002 mm Hope this is what you need to find the bearing number I need if I can't find a Timken 315. Robert
  3. I can't be the only person looking for a timken 315 roller bearing. I need it for my 1923 Hudson. There must be another bearing that will also work. Does anyone know the number of such a bearing? Robert
  4. Does anyone know where to find a replacement grease cover for my drag link steering grease fitting. I think mine is rawhide. It is on a 1923 Hudson. The information I have found says they are used where the car is driven on dusty dirty roads to protect the steering link. Robert
  5. Thanks Dave, I was able to find a thin cotton material from my local fabric shop. The Cowlboard is original. I had to remove it to replace the window from plate glass to tempered glass and get the widow channels to work cleanly. I took off the board carefully but did not nail it back in the same holes. That's why it looks like there are twice and many nails as needed. I don't do this for a living that's for sure but after I put the fabric back on no one but you will know. Robert
  6. Guess I was not clear on what I am doing. I'm up from the floor now working on the insides of the back seat. A picture should help. Robert
  7. I am in the process of redoing the entire inside of my 1923 Hudson Sedan. I am now at the point of putting the new wool fabric over the Cow Board. The old underlay material looks like shredded wool which I don't want to use. Does anyone out there have a preference of underlay material? I have several thickness of polyester but feel I need something denser, a closed cell material? Robert
  8. Looking to buy new front wheel bearings for my Hudson. I do have the old numbers but can't find them . Did talk to Timken and they don't have any cross reference for them....too old. Do have the inside bore of the old ones. Does anyone have a source? The 415 inside bore 37.32 mm or 1.469in. The 315 has an inside bore of 25.12 or .989 in. The large one has a maximum width of 75.73mm or 2.983 in. The smaller one maximum is 62.65mm or 2.466 of an inch
  9. Not sure what this part is called and I think I need a new one. It looks like a cloth bag that fits around the steering mechanism grease point. Don't know what it is called and where I can purchase one. Anybody know?? Robert
  10. When removing the left front wheel I found the nut just finger tight but the wheel was not loose. After removing it I found grease behind the inner felt washer and wear on the shaft. I also found metal pieces on the inside of the wheel hub. The two races of bearings were smooth and working well. I can smooth both the inside of the hub and the shaft before putting things back together but thought I would ask the experts what they think is going on. Robert
  11. Thanks guys. Mine has two tapered bearing races so most anything should do. Robert
  12. I have taken front wheels off my 1923 Hudson and now need to repack my wheel bearings. Does anyone know what the best grease to use for these old cars and bearings? I am sure new products have been developed since 1923. The more I read the more confused I get. Should I use Lithium, Moly EP or Marine Wheel bearing grease? Robert
  13. Thank you this is just the information I needed. Robert
  14. I am trying to get a Louisiana tag for my 1923 Hudson but they didn't have titles then and my state won't issue me a license without one. I bought the car from Denmark where the owner never titled the car to avoid Denmark taxes. I have a bill of sale but that won't work. Does anyone have any suggestions? I did get a State Police inspection certificate but apparently that is not enough. Robert
  15. Replacing the headliner in my 1923 Hudson Sedan and it looks like I am going to have to remove the windshield hinge. Thought I would ask first before doing this if anyone has any experience that could show me the way. Robert
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