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  1. I'm located in Louisiana just outside New Orleans. The car is a 1923 Hudson Sedan. It appears to be only one wheel and two spokes. Robert
  2. Any ideas on tightening loose spokes? I am refinishing my wheels and found a few loose. The wood is all in good shape but know now is the time to tightening them.
  3. Looks like the car but I thought they were all painted white or gray. The car I see looks black. Of course it could have been used and was painted. rhurst
  4. Need 4 Hudson step plates for a 1923 Sedan rhurst
  5. The date is around 1909 and the photo is of my Grandfather . Location is East Chicago Indiana. The fact that there are no doors on the car I think dates it between 1905-1908 Some said it is a Buick model 10 touring, others an Oakland, others a EMF 30 Can't pin it down and it is "driving" me crazy. rhurst