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  1. Thanks guys. Mine has two tapered bearing races so most anything should do. Robert
  2. I have taken front wheels off my 1923 Hudson and now need to repack my wheel bearings. Does anyone know what the best grease to use for these old cars and bearings? I am sure new products have been developed since 1923. The more I read the more confused I get. Should I use Lithium, Moly EP or Marine Wheel bearing grease? Robert
  3. Thank you this is just the information I needed. Robert
  4. I am trying to get a Louisiana tag for my 1923 Hudson but they didn't have titles then and my state won't issue me a license without one. I bought the car from Denmark where the owner never titled the car to avoid Denmark taxes. I have a bill of sale but that won't work. Does anyone have any suggestions? I did get a State Police inspection certificate but apparently that is not enough. Robert
  5. Replacing the headliner in my 1923 Hudson Sedan and it looks like I am going to have to remove the windshield hinge. Thought I would ask first before doing this if anyone has any experience that could show me the way. Robert
  6. Anyone have any information on car heaters? Did any cars in the 20's have any type of in cab car heater? I know the circulating water type wasn't around until 1936 but what or who had a heater in the 20's? Robert
  7. Yes I have seen the article. Seems to me I have seen many older cars with an electric wiper mounted at the tip of the windshield. Maybe both types of wipers came out at the same time. A wiper at the top of the windshield would have trouble connecting to a vacuum system but maybe not...... Robert
  8. I have a 1923 Hudson that has a single manual wiper blade and no interior heater. Does anyone know when the first hands free wipers were installed in cars and which model was the first. I know they used portable heaters in the early cars like they did in the carriages but when and what car had the first real heater? Robert
  9. marcus@heritageaai.com He does great work. He redid my three shades. Now if I can just find some ends that work! Robert
  10. Good idea but don't have two different ends only a hole to hold the roller. Not sure which end is fixed to coil the spring when the shade is pulled down. The inside must have been different or is it the screw end that fits tight in the hole? Do you have a source that does bass castings? Robert
  11. Just had the shades redone on my 1923 Hudson. The end pieces were pot metal and are now broken and useless. Does anyone know a source for these pieces? One end is a round bar the other a screw end. Robert
  12. You are right that is true for a number of the gauges but not the speedometer. I did get the front plate off just had to go some gentle prying. There are two screws on the back of the speedometer I may try unscrewing them and see what happens.......... Robert
  13. Trying to take out or at least loosen the speedometer from my 1923 Hudson need to paint dash. Nothing on the back so I think I have to unscrew the face. Is there a special tool to use? I've tried using my hands but nothing moves. Don't want to break anything. Robert
  14. Thanks for the photo. I'm now trying to take out the speedometer so I can paint the dash, Any tricks? I think I have to unscrew the face to get it out. Is there a special tool to use? Robert
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