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  1. Thank you guys you answered my question. I will abandon my quest for flames. Got the engine running smoothly and don't want to cause any damage. I've been using non-ethanol fuel with a little added lead. Don't think there was any plastic parts in the engine or carburetor to be affected by the ethanol but didn't want to take any chances. The engine was rebuilt and now has 17,000 miles on it but not sure those miles are since the rebuild. Any thoughts on the fuel topic? Robert
  2. Came across an article in the Houghton Lake Resorter about a guy named Dale Smith that was restoring a 1923 Hudson. This car has the carburetor mounted to the exhaust manifold. I'm sure it was done to keep the dust and dirt from the road from getting into the carburetor. He mentions in the article with an adjustment you can shoot Flames out of the exhaust. Just what adjustment would I have to make. I notice the connection to the manifold has a pipe with holes in it that adjust the air coming into the carburetor. Does anyone have any knowledge of this little trick? It would be cool as long as it doesn't burn up the car. Robert
  3. Looking for a replacement for my rear view mirror. I think it is an original but will let the experts decide. It is unique as it has four prongs on each end to hold in the mirror. Has anyone seen this before? Is it truly a Hudson original? Who made it? Robert
  4. Just checked mine and it says September 1921 almost 100 years old! Robert
  5. Hi Zeke, I have the same book but my page 39 does not match with the page you sent me. Maybe there were different editions of the same manual? Robert
  6. Thank you Zeke, Best advice on the clutch I have received. Was this photo in the 1922 owners manual? Robert
  7. Yes I have several. Just wanted to hear from the "experts" before I did the adjustment. Thanks
  8. There are some adjustment points on the connecting rods to the clutch. Thought it best to get expert advice before I started turning things.
  9. My clutch pedal must be pressed all the way to the floor in order to disengage the clutch. Does anyone know how I can adjust the pedal to disengage higher up off the floor? Robert
  10. Was unable to connect with Don's auto Parts. the website never connected. Is it possible he has changed his address? Found these antique inside door pull and they are just what I needed. I do need another set. Does anyone out there have a set? Robert
  11. In the process of replacing the interior of my 1923 Hudson. Noticed there are no door pulls to close the doors. Maybe there were in the past. Does anyone have any suggestions metal or leather? The source for them if possible. Robert
  12. I'm restoring a 1923 Hudson and noticed there is nothing to help close the door from the inside except the handle for the window. Was thinking about installing door pulls and wondered if anyone had done the same. Found some chrome ones but also feel a leather strap would be more in keeping with the 1923 period. Any thoughts on this? Any source for the straps or other kinds of door pulls? Robert
  13. This is such great information. I am replacing the original and noticed it had only two listings like you mentioned. I was planning on adding more but now I know that would be wrong. My headliner on the 1923 Hudson is just one piece of wool with no seams. That should make it easier I think but then again maybe I can't see the actual tension I am putting on the material. Will take out my tacks and staples and start over doing it right. Can't thank you enough for all the information. Should post a photo when I am done. Robert
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