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  1. Nice car. I have read the ad a number of time and unless, I am missing, where is the contact info?
  2. Where is the car? I guess the seller is afraid, somebody will come on property and steal the car. He can only hope!
  3. The manger of this place was on a radio show, run by a couple of AACA members. He said that for the first 90 days, they will list the car, at what ever price the owner asks for. After that, they will try to get the owner to lower the price. This guy said, that last month, they sold 108 cars. So I guess Ebay is not where they sell most of there cars. The manger also said they are on 65 different web sites. The one question not asked on the show was, How much do they charge?
  4. I just down loaded some photos on the Meet site. These are some of them.
  5. Good question! A while back, maybe a year or so ago. A person posted, on this website, that he had the same car, asking what the value of the car would be, before he placed it on sale. As he wanted to get a fair price for the car. Two day late he posted "Thanks, sold". Since then I wondered how many suitcases of money it took to get that car? That he took a offer and sold it in two day!! Is "$50K a bit optimistic?", After what happened with the first one, I don't think so. So if you want this car, you'd better start packing your suitcases.
  6. NYS is never going to pass a new law about antique car registration, like other states have. NYS is too hot for the money.
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