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  1. I count four segments on the hood louvers. Supers and Specials had four, Roadmasters had five. I'm not that good with model identification on 41's, so all I can do is narrow it down.
  2. You are correct, I misspoke. The switch should be on the forward portion of the interior quarter panel. Here's a photo of a GM application:
  3. There will be a wire trough down the right side of the bow and a switch located on the forward portion of the right rear passenger arm rest.
  4. I'm about to replace brake shoes on a 1955 Oldsmobile and want to know if a preferred alternate brake shoe material exists. I'm not looking to go so authentic that I get asbestos-based shoes. Most of the parts suppliers don't really say what their brake materials are. I suspect it is a non-metallic composition. Any reviews, any preferences?
  5. The focus on saving gas with stop/start technology has two purposes. It helps the car manufacturer calculate (or realize) higher miles per gallon to comply with CAFE standards. Saving you gas money is a slight side effect. Making cars meet CAFE standards is a direct goal. The second affect of stopping the engine at lights is to reduce emissions accumulation at lights. Not sure if that is advertisement fodder or an intended goal.
  6. Your manifold is a three piece component and prone to breaking at the location you noted. It has been postulated that the part could be welded for repair. Many owners of cars with similar engines find a replacement part. According to my parts book, the exhaust manifold from 1940 and 1946-51, all series 70 are the same. You may also look way down on this forum site for people that talk about Buicks a lot; they can be a helpful lot.
  7. Over exaggeration of the car description is the give away.
  8. Another view of a 1940 Buick with the C body and curvateous wheel shields. The women is blocking a lot of the view to this car and the photographer seemed to edit out most of the car, too. Still a great photo.
  9. Pretty much my point. Even when I was stone broke there were other priorities. I recently reviewed my SS benefits and earning summary over my life - my goodness what a joke.
  10. If they are worth $250k as fully assembled cars, imagine what they would be worth parted out.
  11. Check also with Bobs Speedometer, he may have one already rebuilt, but can rebuild the one you have. https://www.bobsspeedometer.com/
  12. Rich: I have an extra clock, but it does not work. I've had the clock that I'm going to use rebuilt by Bob's Speedometer along with all my other gages. It was cheap, I only had to take out a second mortgage on the house, the dog and a future grandchild. You might also try Greg Johnson at @2carb40.
  13. What do you use for a bead breaker on the later pre-war tires?
  14. Are you suggesting a "pop-up" event, sort of a random meeting like seeing your neighbor at the grocery store? Then it would be hard to pin liability on anyone if someone in attendance contracted some sort of disease; no organization could then be held liable. Of course that would require all those in attendance to fully accept conditions of attendance, should they decide to attend .
  15. I also did an intense search for steel wheel straightener services. One firm offered to help but cold not guarantee their results. Another guy I found said he would just beat the thing into submission. I tried a couple techniques myself using the weight of the car, but with no success. This is a great question because I've been scrapping slightly bent, rare wheels.
  16. No, please the speedo will not do, and no photos either! I think I would rather have you re-attempt to install air conditioning. Kidding aside, check into the aviation inspired solution. See this: https://www.aviationconsumer.com/accessories/cockpit-cabin-coolers-do-they-really-work/
  17. Those who follow the rules explicitly are likely to get run over by the car traveling the wrong way on a one way street.
  18. I had one. I was awfully tempted to work on it, but heck, I needed diversity and room on my driveway so I sold it. I bought a 1940 76C on eBay about two years ago. When I picked the car up, he offered the Roadmaster coupe for free. I sold the coupe to Dave Tacheny and the 76C has been a great donor car. This is it above. It was as rust free as you could get, see the photo below. Even the tool tray way solid. It was factory or dealer undercoated. The dash was gone and the engine was frozen. The exhaust manifold was cracked, darn it.
  19. You just opened up another can of worms for discussion. Give this a shot:
  20. I'm not sure that it matters, I put the outer, lower contact surface against the torque ball retainer. The point would be to add pressure to the seal. The contact surface of the seal is stiff enough that the force of the spring will spread out over the surface of the seal sufficiently to accomplish that task. Here's a photo of the polish job I did on my torque ball and housing. As long as your seal surface is not touching the seal, you ought to be fine. I've looked at several torque balls and retainers to find a good set for my car. I am always amazed at the scoring damage o
  21. The engine is painted gray, including intake and exhaust, flywheel housing and timing inspection cover, plus hardware on the valve cover and pushrod cover and spark plug cover. There has been considerable discussion in the past about the fuel, oil and vacuum lines, but photo documentation by @2carb40 from a low mileage documented survivor shows that is also painted gray. The accessories such as the starter, generator, distributor, the fan and associated pully plus the air cleaner are black, semi-gloss. The carburetor and fuel pump are not painted. There is no detailing of raised lettering
  22. They changed the size of the fuel discharge nozzle to fit the smaller hole in the new car fuel filler. That was when they wanted to make sure you didn't pump leaded gas into a catalytic converter equipped car. The nozzle senses back pressure but in the older cars with the larger opening in the fill neck, the pressure is not recognized so the cut off doesn't work as effectively.
  23. I have a 67 and experience similar issues. The solution I have is to turn the fuel filler nozzle sideways and fuel slow. I often get a burp at the end that fills the flip down fuel cap, then runs down my bumper. When I fill, I keep a mental note on the amount of fuel that should nearly fill the tank and listen for the rising pitch from the fuel flow, then quit. Kinda sucks but with a 10-gallon tank, the long fuel fills are mostly from talking to people about the car.
  24. I'll be watching you...
  25. Welcome to the world of Facebook, social media and spyware! For personal reasons, I created a facebook account with a FB only email on gmail then used a fake name. Keep no friends, shut down all access and limit my activity to parts searching. I never was interested in electronic friends and what they ate for lunch. So far this isolation has served me well. I'll take your phone call or a personal visit anytime!
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