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  1. The two openings should have metal panote the screw holes around each of these two openings.
  2. Wow, I like your idea for documentation. For my car, which was missing many of the parts and had incorrect, new fasteners, I had to disassemble and document assembly details, part locations and fasteners on another car the same year as mine.
  3. Matt, I wonder if your rearward cylinders might be running a little lean compared to the forward cylinders? If this was the case then symptoms could be hard to detect and if too lean will cause higher operating temps but only in the cylinders with low fuel to air ratios. Does the entire length of your exhaust manifold have baked coating? Possible conditions causing a cylinder to run lean could include a vacuum leak, but also some intake manifold condition causing different air/fuel ratios to the individual cylinders. Just hypothesizing from 328 (or whatever) miles away. Also, air fuel ratios at idle are not typical as are the conditions are when the engine is running at higher rpm's. Air fuel ratios at idle are governed by the metering rather than the orifice velocities through the carb. That said, measured EGT's at idle are not as accurate as they are at speed. The burnt ceramic coating, to me, is sufficient indication of high EGT's out of your rear cylinders.
  4. The real differentiation between cars and crossovers is seating position. The seating position in a car is low to the ground and inconvenient for car entry and exit. By inconvenient I mean awkward, painful and sometimes embarrassing; even my millennial daughters dislike cars for their seating position. The seating position for a crossover is higher off the ground and much easier to enter and exit. With the crossover I don't have a dirty palm since I no longer have to pivot off the ground with my left hand when exiting the car. Of course the aerodynamics of a car provides better gas mileage as dictated by government regulation. I suppose the general public votes for regulation on one hand but votes with their wallets on the other hand. I should delete this
  5. Bob, I noticed the white/cream colored shift knob. Want one color correct in maroon? PM me and I'll ship it to you.
  6. Another oil filter housing for unknown auto make. Free plus shipping from Atlanta:
  7. Oil filter housing for unknown engine, believed to be General Motors. Free plus freight, I'm in Atlanta:
  8. Oil filter housing for later model straight eight. Free plus freight:
  9. Oil filter housing, believe it to be from a Buick, but not sure: Free, you pay freight. I'm located in Atlanta.
  10. I know there is a Buick somewhere here, just can't decide which model.
  11. Wow, that's a beautiful car. Almost makes me want to trade out of the '40 and go back a couple years.
  12. Dad's dorm was to the right, but 30 years later.
  13. I used these guys to rebuild my shocks and definitely recommend them. I had asked for photos of the interior parts when they disassembled the shocks so I could see the type(s) of damage present. I was able to discuss their intended repair and with additional photo documentation was able to confirm that the shocks were actually rebuilt. I've heard many stories of a rebuilder cleaning up the part, putting on a nice coat of paint and returning the part with insufficient effort expended, misrepresenting the rebuild. These shocks are such a pain in the drain to remove to return for a warranty claim, that I presume the law of averages works in favor of the misrepresenting rebuilder.
  14. You are absolutely correct Neil! I also just noticed the upside down turn signal on the trunk photo. I pulled that off the internet from a brokers site. I wonder how that sale is going?
  15. Good evening Neil! The 40 and 41 have turn signals on the rear deck lid. I am not as familiar with the '39s. Here's a shot of the 40 trunk:
  16. Can anyone give me a review of the reproduction emblems for the "40 Buick? One of these emblems is located on the center trim between the grill halves, the other on the rear turn signal housing. It seems the restoration cost is several times that of the replacement cost for a reproduction. Bob's has the reproductions, others might but I haven't looked. I wonder if I am getting what I pay for in either option. That is, the reproduction part is OK for the money and the restored part so absolutely amazing it should be considered if one's goals match that effort?
  17. Any stickers on the car to denote the selling dealer name and location?
  18. Did dealers of new pre-WWII cars use promotional tags of any sort on their cars like today's dealers? What forms of dealer promotion did pre-WWII new car dealers use?
  19. I learned a trick for repairing the contacts in the clock that might work here. In that repair, a host material was soldered to the contacts, allowing the two new host materials to take the contact rather than the solder. I would agree with you that soft solder repair would wear very quickly. If a new host, such as a brass button was soldered onto the contact area, the solder would hold in shear very well, while allowing the new brass contacts to take the wear from the sliding action of the switch. Figuring out the best material to use for the brass replacement buttons is a challenge as is the daring task of filing down the existing contact points and totally ruining the switch.