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  1. where are you located? I've got a correct engine.
  2. What options does it have? I don't see cruise control, A/C, AM/FM (except aftermarket addition) or tilt away steering wheel. Looks like you have the power drivers seat.
  3. Great work Greg! I look forward to seeing the finished product. Another point about your bumper bracket is that no amount of wirebrushing will get the rust out from between the joined metal pieces. If fluid flow and electrolysis works well, that area will be cleaned as well.
  4. I'm trading trailers and need to sell my 18-foot enclosed Aluma if interested.
  5. Model AE818ta $18,250 6 D-ring tie downs 60 amp, 120 V fuse panel for internal power LED lights on tow vehicle battery Additional 120 V lamp Rear camera with in car receiver Side entry door right front Side entry door middle left side for vehicle access Spare tire Two 5200 pound capacity axles 2-5/16" ball for hitch required Two side vents (no roof vents - no leaks) https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/tro/d/atlanta-enclosed-aluma-car-hauler/7347730147.html
  6. I've been thinking of the trailer wrap that advertises something like "sewage equipment repair - all work done on site" or "Crime Scene Cleanup". Except I'd have to park it in my yard occasionally, making me the subject of unwanted gossip.
  7. Try this guy. He did mine last fall: https://www.bobsspeedometer.com/history/
  8. Here are two sources that I've used recently: Jim Ducharme | Sales Manager Ensign Bearing Company, a Veteran-owned Business 343 Meguzee Pt. Rd. | Elk Rapids, MI 49629 Office: 231-499-8211 jim@ensignbearing.com | www.ensignbearing.com Craig Stanley at 516.485.1935
  9. Yet another fun project for Carlos: "This is my 1948 License plate frame project. Another a lot of work and not many buyers. Most people want the city they are from. Merced is growing but not many people are looking for these. They turn out great. the original was bent pretty bad. I straightened it out a little. I did not want to break it. Then when it was in the rubber mold stage I just put clay under the rubber where the bend was. When I pour the acrylic it turned out like it was never bent. I used the acrylic copy as my sand cast pattern." It just occurred to me that Carlos may not want to be identified. I'll secure his permission to post his contact info in the event anyone is interested in talking to him.
  10. Carlos also sent this photo to me. Looks like he was having fun casting other parts:
  11. Castings at cleaning and detailing process: Castings now chromed:
  12. I am happy to be able to share the story below. I "met" Carlos when I sold him a very nice 36 Buick hood ornament that came in a box of parts for my '40. When I looked at the lot, the seller said "The whole lot or nothing, I'm not parting this out". I got to enjoy a scenic drive to Mobile, AL and bought the lot of four boxes. Carlos contacted me a couple days ago, telling me that he was recasting the hood ornament, plus a couple other parts. The introduction below is for Carlos and his efforts. I really did not do this for the money totally. It was something I always wanted to make in my foundry. I needed a good original that I purchased from you. When I purchased one from you I almost gave up. Did not need a ornament no more. Had both for my 2 Buicks. I have alot of time into this project. Prepping is alot more time than the actual casting. Here's Carlos and his sand mold: A sample of his cast product (not necessarily the 36 hood ornament) : More to follow as I have reached photo limit.
  13. Just checked their website. It might be impressive but is currently plagued with an insistent pop up about the cross country corvette trip. Is this your website Trimacar or Bill Andersons?
  14. Where did the delete button go though? I like to keep a small electronic footprint. Many times I want to delete my posts, even though they are all gentlemanly or well mannered.
  15. A friend sent me these photos of a surprise gathering of Bentleys on tour. All are drivers, one was completely original and a couple had been Concours winners but now collecting bug spats on their windscreens.
  16. https://www.renewableenergyworld.com/blog/how-green-are-electric-cars/ There is much to learn yet. Today's times seem to be a mirror of those times when the gasoline car was first produced. Supply side industry developed fast with an untold number of auto manufacturers and fueling stations/pumps. Pollution from automobiles wasn't seriously addressed until the late 60's or 70's. I hear you John, there is a lot of money involved, but I am not entirely sure what is happening yet.
  17. Reminds me of the two 80+ year old widows I met on a hot air balloon ride. They were on a grand adventure traveling the country and told me they wanted to have some fun before they got old.
  18. This car has perforated flat plates mounted somehow at the vent windows. What are they? Their function?
  19. I saw a 67 Fiat 500 next to a smart car and the smart car was larger.
  20. I count four segments on the hood louvers. Supers and Specials had four, Roadmasters had five. I'm not that good with model identification on 41's, so all I can do is narrow it down.
  21. You are correct, I misspoke. The switch should be on the forward portion of the interior quarter panel. Here's a photo of a GM application:
  22. There will be a wire trough down the right side of the bow and a switch located on the forward portion of the right rear passenger arm rest.
  23. I'm about to replace brake shoes on a 1955 Oldsmobile and want to know if a preferred alternate brake shoe material exists. I'm not looking to go so authentic that I get asbestos-based shoes. Most of the parts suppliers don't really say what their brake materials are. I suspect it is a non-metallic composition. Any reviews, any preferences?
  24. The focus on saving gas with stop/start technology has two purposes. It helps the car manufacturer calculate (or realize) higher miles per gallon to comply with CAFE standards. Saving you gas money is a slight side effect. Making cars meet CAFE standards is a direct goal. The second affect of stopping the engine at lights is to reduce emissions accumulation at lights. Not sure if that is advertisement fodder or an intended goal.
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