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  1. I watched the series from start to finish. The transitioning from one world to another with the same characters was a stretch, no doubt. Still, I mostly enjoyed it and thought it was mostly well done, although I didn't enjoy the final season nearly as much as the first four. I enjoyed the array of cars. I really liked the '49 Chevrolet Coupe, pictured here.
  2. I've seen a few threads on The H.A.M.B. that are similar in concept to this one. I wish there were more of these on the AACA forum. Looking at what you see on The H.A.M.B. can be sort of like watching some of the hot rod/custom TV shows on the Motor Trend channel. A lot of people clamoring to "slam it to the ground". "Make it lowww!" "Put some big meats on that baby!" So far, everyone is just following along as the OP does his thing, creating a car that looks as though it could have been a factory-produced model. I love The H.A.M.B., but a thread like this is, for me, more
  3. If you're reluctant to use your cellphone for playing music, you can also invest in an iPod. You can store an incredible amount of music on some of the iPods that are on the market now, and an iPod will hook up to a bluetooth speaker the same way a cellphone does. I grudgingly admit to watching some of the silly automotive-themed reality TV shows on Motor Trend, and I'm always stunned to see the amount of work put into modifying the interior and trunk areas of some of the cars that are being resto-modded. Thousands of dollars spent on these incredible sound systems and their spea
  4. Very cool radio delete plate on the sedanet.
  5. I see two door handles on the passenger side.
  6. Sad, but oh so true - it is amazing how many folks living in my Seymour community who seem to think it is spelled "Seymore". One is related to me, and has lived in this area for 40 years. Your comment resonated deeply. I'm amazed at the people frequenting the message boards on internet news websites who have trouble putting sentences together.
  7. That's an interesting project - I'm enjoying looking at the photos, showing the process of getting the roof sections aligned, stretching the metal where needed, and explaining what some of the next likely steps are going to be. In a way, it reminds me of some episodes I've seen of the show "Full Custom Garage" on the Motor Trend Channel. Don't take that the wrong way - I'm not, in any way, comparing what you're doing to what happens on that show. But, the idea of placing the separate roof sections on the car, and then stepping back to ponder the next step, is similar to what I've
  8. If the iridescent glow of the dials on your Hudson’s instrument panel doesn’t make you pause, you may not be infected with the antique car bug. Those Hudson dashboards were unlike anything else on the American automobile. Looking at that photo showing the view down the road, you can just imagine your concentration going from looking at the road to looking at the instruments, making sure everything is right on the highway and inside the car. That is a great looking coupe.
  9. Sorry for not replying earlier - I'm no expert on Fitzjohn items of any kind - I would just like to have one similar to the one in the photo I posted. It ties into something I remember from my pre-teen years.
  10. I like the "obscure" factor associated with the Dodge Route Van. To a certain degree, I guess one could say the IH Metro Van is somewhat obscure, but you do see them pop up for sale here and there. Certain "reality" TV shows, like Iron Resurrection and Fantom Works, will occasionally have an episode where they feature a Metro, but if one of these Dodge Route Vans has ever appeared on a show of that nature, I'm unaware of it. The American Pickers discovered one of the Metro Vans that had been the original band vehicle for the rock group Aerosmith - they saved it and got it back into service
  11. My reason for the original post was to gather some opinions regarding the originality of the plate. I'm not sure what your comment implies, but I have no intention of altering the plate in any way. My primary interest in the plate was due to the seller's claim of originality. I have no idea where you're coming from with your comment.
  12. I am considering buying this license plate from someone I know quite well. The seller says that the plate is 100% original and has never been repainted. After expressing interest in the plate, he told me to take it home and we'd work out the price for the plate. His house is quite dark, interior lighting is terrible. His eyesight is, I suspect, not all that good, as he is in his mid '80s. After getting the plate into some decent lighting, I'm having doubts about the claim of originality with this plate. I see what appear to be fingerprints in the whitish paint on the numbers
  13. I guess it is possible that the car has only 16,000 original miles, but I'm a little skeptical of that without seeing some more photos of the interior, particularly the accelerator & brake pedals. I see the firing order written down in one of the engine compartment photos. Coupled with the absence of the original air cleaner, those two items could imply some shade tree mechanic activity. It's not a bad car, by any means, but I'm having a hard time believing that the addition of the Cragars, along with the $1000 price increase, makes this car more marketable.
  14. That is one very nice sedan, and a fairly uncommon one at that. Great color combo, and just enough brightwork to grab the eye without looking garish. Someone is gonna end up with a nice Dodge. I'll bet it is a pretty good performer with the V8 and stick. I'm digging that radio delete plate.
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