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  1. Dosmo

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    Man, you nailed this one!
  2. I like every single truck I've seen listed in this thread. The 1940 Stude is, I agree, one that is rarely seen.
  3. The shape of your Land Cruiser's body shell resembles the Cadillac from a year to two earlier. Kudos! Great looking ride! Studebakers of this era had great styling.
  4. Technically, the seller doesn't appear to be saying that this is a two-door car. The number of doors is not mentioned. I don't think I would consider him dishonest from what I've seen in the ad. There might be some buyers who wouldn't notice some of the obvious signs that point to this being a 4-door sedan. Overlooking something of this nature would be something one would expect of the uninformed. If the seller doesn't mention this "alteration" in the course of showing the car to a prospective buyer, that might put things in a different light.
  5. I take it that what I referred to as the letter "O" is, in fact, a "C". Thanks for the answer.
  6. At first glance, I thought the wings represented the letter "W" with the letter "O" in the middle, maybe Willys-Overland. I don't really believe that's what this is, though. All responses appreciated.
  7. I just learned something that I probably should have known, considering how much I like this era of Mopar. Thanks for that info.
  8. I have always wondered about why Dodge & Plymouth used a different trunk on these models. They are so similar until you get to the stubby pronounced trunk on the Wayfarer. I guess the Wayfarer has a slightly longer wheelbase, though I'm not sure. It doesn't seem as though it would have been a big deal to simply stretch the roofline on the Dodge. Don't get me wrong - I like the Wayfarer - a lot. It just seems like the difference in the tooling costs for the different trunklines would have been pretty expensive, and maybe not worth it in the long run.
  9. In the 1949 movie, "Carbine Williams", Jimmy Stewart drove one of these.
  10. Found on Facebook Marketplace - car is listed in Seymour, TN. I've seen it around a time or two. Looks pretty nice from a distance. There isn't much info with the FB ad. I did message the owner of the ad - her father owns the car. I inquired about the engine - she replied her dad said it is a 100 HP Flathead V8. The ad also says the transmission is an automatic, but I believe that is incorrect. It probably has an original type drive train. Priced at $19,000. Here is a link to the ad.
  11. I kinda like it - the Woodlites or whatever they are resemble the parking lights. I'd be interested to know what vehicle the tail lights came from.
  12. You know, I hop on these forums every day - sometimes, more than once. I do this because I'm interested in not just antique cars, but cars in general. Reading about people's experiences in buying and selling cars is a pretty good way of making myself aware of things that I don't know or haven't considered. I appreciate the varied responses - since I'm selling this car for someone else, there is even more to consider than usual. I do realize that, on the face of it, it might not make sense to advertise a 13-year old car nationally. This particular 13-year old car - in my opinion - fits into a somewhat different category than simply being a used car. A two-owner car from new, it boasts less than 50,000 original miles, has never been in any sort of accident, and has always been stored inside. The owner, my sister, found out pretty quickly that the business of selling a used car is pretty much a male-dominated world. Her experience with a few tire-kickers was such a turn-off that she considered taking the vehicle to someplace like CarMax and taking whatever they would give her for it, just to be shed of it. I told her I thought we should give it one more try by trying to find a wider market on the Internet. I must say, there have been precious few inquiries in the time it has been listed, but the car is priced in the upper range of value. Great input from everyone so far - thank you so much.
  13. I don't know if one could describe it as unique, but it might be a sort of special interest car - a 2006 Mazda MX-5 Convertible. That is why I decided to advertise it on different forums.
  14. Recently, I’ve listed four For Sale ads on different forums for a 13-year old car owned by a relative. She tried selling the car with a FS sign while parked in front of her home, and then she got frustrated with the process of dealing with tire-kickers. I volunteered to help out, and now I have a question to ask of the experienced sellers on this forum. If the car is sold to someone who isn’t local, should I insist on a cash sale? I don’t mind insisting on cash from a local, going on the expectation that their banking institution would be reasonably accessible. What about someone who might travel a few hundred miles to check out the car? I could see that they might not want to carry that much cash. I guess the question I should be asking is: What form of payment SHOULDN’T I accept?