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  1. My intention in referencing the Ford/Edsel vehicles in the thread title was my attempt to illustrate that they were, in my opinion, the only cars in the photos that might be of relevant collector interest. I guess there could be some collector interest in the two Chevrolets, as well as the Jaguar. However, they didn't really stand out to me in the midst of all these particular Ford products. My bad.
  2. Saw these today for the first time in the 29 years I've lived in this area - not that far from home
  3. Yes, I was tuned into the event when that happened. Sincerely hope the man survives what certainly looked to be an extremely nasty crash.
  4. I like the great majority of what I've seen on the forum since I created my profile in 2006. I'm not totally against seeing some discussion of modification for safety reasons, and I might not get turned off too badly with some sort of customization, as long as it's not too radical. So much of what kinds of posts many might be willing to accept could depend on the perceived attitude of the poster. Anything that seems pushy or in-your-face is probably not gonna fly. And regarding attitude, the same might be said of some forum users in how they reply to some of these questionable posts.
  5. The photos suggest that your car was a 2 door sedan, whereas the OP’s car is a 4 door. Two door sedans are much more in demand than four doors.
  6. I know this is off the wall, but I'd like to find a badge, nameplate or whatever you call it that is similar to the one on this 1940 Fitzjohn Bus. I'd like for it to be in decent shape to use as garage wall art.
  7. Boy, the wider C-pillar and smaller rear window on this car give it such a different look from the 210 and Bel Air 2-dr sedan. I really like it. I can't say for sure I've ever seen one of these in the flesh, so to speak. What a great looking Chevy!.
  8. I've been seeing this for a couple of months - finally made time to stop today for pics - man, is it roachy....
  9. This stuff is in East Tennessee - the owner is most hospitable, one of the more congenial people one could ever hope to meet. He does sell a few items occasionally, though he seems to hang on to the highly restored examples. I know that the two-tone green ‘52 Rambler hardtop is for sale. He started several of the cars so that we could hear them run.
  10. I had a ball checking out this gentleman's collection yesterday......
  11. I’m sure Keiser has correctly ID’d this car, but when I look at it, my first thought is a 1941 Studebaker Commander. Something about the trim on the side of the hood.... edit - not Studebaker at all, Parking light location wrong. Keiser had it right to begin with - I stand corrected.
  12. Wow - that is a great photo. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, and thank you.