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  1. Am I wrong in thinking that these grille teeth look too long? The bumper does not look to be original - maybe the factory bumper covers the teeth at the bottom and this one doesn’t. It gives the car a different look that seems kind of jarring.
  2. I'm pretty familiar with these Chrysler & DeSoto wagons from the early 1950s - I have never seen a headliner area that looked anything like this one. Every one I've ever seen had a fabric headliner - this one appears to be something like plywood. I'm not sure those door panels are the original type, either. Here is the view of the cargo area and headliner from the '54 New Yorker I owned.
  3. I think it is a 1952 Plymouth.
  4. I wouldn't disagree with anything you've said, particularly about a good clean-up. Just trying to help a friend.
  5. Engine: 283 V8Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 91000Engine runs well, although the PCV is stuck, resulting in some engine smoke Transmission shifts well – brakes work wellCar would be roadworthy to drive anywhere with good tires and PCV replacedRust through present at rockers – floors are good – light surface rust on topPaint is original, thin in placesNo broken glass – all windows work, rear passenger mechanism is stiffClear titleCar purchased new by an insurance salesman in Union, SC. He used the car until selling it to a lady in 1978. She used the car some until around 2015, the date
  6. Your Pontiac hits the right nostalgic note for me. There were quite a few of these sitting in the driveways of my newspaper route around 1965-66. The exhaust note from the straight 8 sounds very familiar, as does the sound of the abrupt shifts from the hydramatic transmission. The color is somewhat familiar, also, though I seem to recall a green tint more than this blue one. The work you've done means that you can have a lot of fun in this Pontiac - much more so than if it was going to be judged for points in an AACA show.
  7. Great looking coupe, such an uncommon brand.
  8. I really like these first generation Plymouth hardtops - I actually like the '52 over the '51 because of the way the trim allows for a slightly bolder two-tone theme.
  9. Great sounding exhaust note on that straight 8! One of my very favorite Pontiacs.
  10. I like the fact that the car is the uncommon Wasp model, which may account for the fact that the body color dashboard seems plain and out-of-place as compared to the more ritzy Hornet. I do love the glitzy dashboards in the Hornets, but this plain-jane look is something I could get used to. I'm gonna agree about the upholstery material seeming out of place in this car. This is a very cool ride!
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