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  1. You know, I hop on these forums every day - sometimes, more than once. I do this because I'm interested in not just antique cars, but cars in general. Reading about people's experiences in buying and selling cars is a pretty good way of making myself aware of things that I don't know or haven't considered. I appreciate the varied responses - since I'm selling this car for someone else, there is even more to consider than usual. I do realize that, on the face of it, it might not make sense to advertise a 13-year old car nationally. This particular 13-year old car - in my opinion - fits into a somewhat different category than simply being a used car. A two-owner car from new, it boasts less than 50,000 original miles, has never been in any sort of accident, and has always been stored inside. The owner, my sister, found out pretty quickly that the business of selling a used car is pretty much a male-dominated world. Her experience with a few tire-kickers was such a turn-off that she considered taking the vehicle to someplace like CarMax and taking whatever they would give her for it, just to be shed of it. I told her I thought we should give it one more try by trying to find a wider market on the Internet. I must say, there have been precious few inquiries in the time it has been listed, but the car is priced in the upper range of value. Great input from everyone so far - thank you so much.
  2. I don't know if one could describe it as unique, but it might be a sort of special interest car - a 2006 Mazda MX-5 Convertible. That is why I decided to advertise it on different forums.
  3. Recently, I’ve listed four For Sale ads on different forums for a 13-year old car owned by a relative. She tried selling the car with a FS sign while parked in front of her home, and then she got frustrated with the process of dealing with tire-kickers. I volunteered to help out, and now I have a question to ask of the experienced sellers on this forum. If the car is sold to someone who isn’t local, should I insist on a cash sale? I don’t mind insisting on cash from a local, going on the expectation that their banking institution would be reasonably accessible. What about someone who might travel a few hundred miles to check out the car? I could see that they might not want to carry that much cash. I guess the question I should be asking is: What form of payment SHOULDN’T I accept?
  4. Outstanding - I can't imagine this not being the best example of this car in existence.
  5. Dosmo is the name of one of the lead characters in the 1996 film 2 Days In The Valley. Danny Aiello plays "Dosmo Pizzo". He is one of my favorite actors.
  6. If you like wall art, the "V" emblem and the Overdrive script on the trunk would look good on a wall in a garage.
  7. Without consulting a reference book, I'm not sure if that is a Commander or President, but that's not a bad looking car. Lots of folks don't care for this era of Studebaker 4-dr sedan, but I've always liked them. Saw a fair number of them on the road in the early-mid 1960s during my paper route days. I notice there is no information regarding the mechanical situation. Could be that is why the price is staying somewhat low.
  8. I believe it is a 1936 or so Graham.
  9. OutSTANding! What a great looking wagon!
  10. I've had this photo hanging in my garage for 25 or so years. I purchased it at the Charlotte Auto Fair, just because I liked the era of the cars. I recently met another enthusiast with the same photo, and he has been trying to figure out the location. Does this look familiar to anyone here? Thanks in advance for your responses. UPDATE - has been ID'd as GMI Student Parking Lot in Flint, Michigan
  11. I think I may have seen the Leno video - I recall that a video camera in the rear package tray aimed toward the driver made it seem as though it was a very long distance from the camera to the front seat. I have no clue about the value, but, these are some of my very favorite cars from that era. So very different from anything else on the road, then AND now. Should you end up buying it, just prepare yourself for the occasional comment from someone about it's being an ugly, weird car. You'll get plenty of compliments about how it looks, its lineage, etc. You will also get the negative stuff from some who don't understand it because, in their view, it isn't sporty looking and doesn't have a high performance drivetrain. Hopefully, you can look past those types.
  12. That '47 Convertible is a rare car - too bad that it is suffering this kind of exposure to the elements.
  13. Although not very clear, it looks like the hubcap could have the Buick name on it.
  14. Interesting - until now, I've never seen a photo of a 46-48 Plymouth dashboard with the radio delete option.