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  1. O.K.Great. When I was restoring the oil pan I found a felt gasket attached to the lower lip of the pan and assume it was there to prevent any oil from sloshing forward when you stop. It just pulled out . I cut a new piece of felt from the gasket kit I purchased and slipped it in so the tube can rotate as you stated. Did not know if any other sealing was necessary. The motor is now ready to install. Question is I have the chassis restored with the rear end and transmission installed along with the big support ring installed also with the multi plate clutch installed too. Can I just slide the engine in and drop it to engage the pins on the flywheel and slide it back to the ring? The car came as a basket case so I did not pull the assembly! Thanks.
  2. Thanks again great tips and will do so. Hoping to install the motor back in the chassis next week when the rain stops then tackle the steering box. Will report back as soon as I do this. Sure appreciate all the help I am receiving. We live in upstate NY and the weather has been really unpredictable to say the least. The car sits on a pad covered by a plastic tarp behind our garage so I am at the mercy of the weather at the moment.
  3. Hi, I went in the shop and my adjuster bushing is chewed up on the end!! Thought it looked goofy. Looks like someone used a pair of water pump pliers to adjust it and tore the end up!! Will see if I can grind a flat on it to adjust it or going to have to remove it and build it up with braze!! This is why I depend on the site to help out. You folks have tribal knowledge which is invaluable to me as a first timer with the Dodge. Have all your knowledge in a Dodge Brothers note book for the car.
  4. Fantastic. Do I make the adjustment with the full load of the car on the chassis or jacked up?
  5. Thanks, will go gently on tear down. Were adjustment easy? Did not know what was available. Did a Gemmer box from a Model A Ford for our 2 man race car. Got lucky as most worn parts are readily available. Quality of replacement parts was an issue but now the box works great and very little play! A sloppy box really gets old when driving.
  6. Great, I purchased some in case I needed it. As I said gasket manufacturer said it will not hurt to use some. Appreciate all the help and not pester anybody and hope to end all the questions as soon as the motor gets in the chassis and running (next week!) The body work should be straight forward and not be so challenging I hope with questions. This project has been sitting in boxes for over 40 years and has proved to be a puzzle putting it back together. It last ran guessing during WW2 when the touring rear half of the body was cut off and a home made pick up box was added to qualify for gas rationing as I was told. Sat in a barn until about 1970's when I located it for a family member. Hoping to get her running for her 100th anniversary!! Thanks so much again. Really appreciate all the help I am getting.
  7. Hi, Yes I found this post earlier today. Very good one. My box looks to be tight but wanted to know how to adjust it before i pull it apart and paint myself in a corner!! Have really learned on the early Dodge. Struggled with all the details needed to clean up the engine and reseal her. Never restored a car this early. Model A's and above is what I have been doing!! It is a hearty car but little things need to be attended to as others stated on the site! When I pull the box apart I will post what I find. Assume parts are not easy to find?? Thanks for the help. Don.
  8. Hi, Now working on the steering box in the touring. I scrapped off all the road grime and see a number C-7134 with a E underneath the numbers also to the right is a cast M encircled around a hex. Any info on the box would be appreciated before I pull it down for inspection and repair. Who made these boxes?? Thanks, Don.
  9. Hi, I called the maker of the gasket kit and their response was to have the surfaces clean and flat on both the block and cylinder head. It would be my choice if I want to use Copper coat or other media on the gasket but is not necessary. Will find out how it works. Thanks for the reply's.
  10. Great. I am seeing there are several methods to put the gasket on. Quite a split of opinions as to what to use. Appreciate all the input.
  11. Hi, am in the final stage to install the 1921 Dodge brothers engine in the restored chassis. Question , there is a tube that the crank handle sticks into and believe this tube is inserted into the front chain cover when I sling the motor in the chassis. I know it slides into the hole in the front cross member. Is there a gasket or do I use silicone rubber around the sleeve before I slide it in? Thanks for any help. The car came to me as a basket case so never had the apart!!
  12. O.K. Great. I have rebuilt 1930's engines and above but they all had composite gaskets too. Thanks for the input!!
  13. Hi, Is anyone using a copper head gasket on a 1921 Dodge Brothers engine? I purchased a full kit including this gasket and asking weather I should use a coating on it like Permatex Super 300 before installation or just install it bare? thank, Don
  14. Hi, looking for information on how much end play there should be on the shaft that drives the distributor in the cast iron body the distributor it fits into. Gear that drives the distributor and the gear on the end of the distributor look very worn. Have about 1/16 inch plus end play!! See I can buy a new shaft and gears to correct that issue. Are new bushings available for the body or do they have to be made. Thanks
  15. The marine grade Stainless steel 316 series. It contains Moly so that explains things better. Will look into it. Again thanks for the info update.