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  1. A pair of believe 1924 Dodge Brothers Headlights. $100.00 for the pair.
  2. Hi, I am in upstate NY. Got mine yesterday. NICE!!
  3. My Father bought one of these on the Boardwalk in New Jersey when I was a kid.The barker had a full size Buick there mounted on about a 35 degree angle so the crowd could see things showing the horsepower increase on a big "Horsepower meter" he had there. Dad bought one on the spot. He installed it on our Mercury but it did little. Sat on a shelf for years in our garage. Years later I was brave enough to take it down from a shelf and open it up. Inside was a small chain connecting bottom and upper lug! Yes snake oil but the Barker sold tons of them that night. This was about 1960. Brings back
  4. O.K. Well it was in the garage left over from restorations. Looking for a good home for it! If that is too much will certainly reduce the price! thanks
  5. 1932-1933 DeSoto tail light. Delite "A" model 237. Fits all DeSoto Models in that year. Excellent condition. Been on shelf for many years. Dusty! $75.00 plus shipping. Thanks.
  6. Mopar Thermostat number 867040, Supposed to fit 40-50 Plymouth and Dodge, 40-54 Chrysler and DeSoto 6 Cylinder. Marked 180 degrees E47. $15.00 plus shipping.
  7. 1929 DeSoto Hub cap for sale. Threads good and has 2 dings on top. $15.00 plus shipping. Thanks
  8. Have a 1929 Dodge DA speedometer. Been sitting many years on a shelf. Possibly for parts or restoration. Spare speedometer close to it also included. $25.00 plus shipping. Thanks.
  9. Have a 1929 Essex cowl light for sale. Arm is broken on both ends. Light itself is good. Has small cracks around rim that holds glass in place. $20.00 plus shipping. Thanks
  10. Have a 1936 DeSoto Airstream Gas gauge sending unit for sale. Erratic readings from full to empty. About 515 ohms at full and 22 ohms at empty. Possibly for repair. $10.00 plus shipping. Thanks
  11. Hi, Would appreciate a copy too if possible. Thank You, Don. srafalik@nycap.rr.com
  12. Hi, Does someone have a photo of a 1921 DB drag link that connects the steering arm to the left front spindle?. Assuming now I do not have the correct one for the car. The one I have appears to be identical to a Model A ford one. If I attempt to make it fit the internal parts will not work. Are both ends of the correct link the same as a Model A one but I have incorrect innards? One end will fit correctly but the other end will not. Anyone have one for sale?? Thanks.
  13. Great thanks. Someone is trying yo sell a DB steering wheel with 1 keyway.. Yes lur car has the horn button on the drivers door. There were so many parts that are wrong on our Touring I have to question every part we are restoring to be sure we have correct parts. Thanks for the clarification on this. Found out we have the wrong drag link bar for the steering so looking for the correct one also.
  14. Hi, person I was working with still not making wheel available. Is this a 1921 DB wheel? My steering shaft has 2 key ways for wheel to fit over. Is it still for sale? Thanks.
  15. Hi, yes the ends come apart. Adjustable plug on ends then spring and hardened cup. Ball fits in then other hardened cup a spring . Parts I have do not make the ball tight.
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