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  1. Aha! After reading the ‘54 manual a friend has lent me, I see the error of my ways. I had assumed that the torque tube and ball assembly was like the Chevrolet, I now see that I should remove the rear flange and bolts, and roll the rear end back to accomplish the removal of the transmission and engine without undue complications. Whereas on Chevrolet one can simply pull the floor access panel and slide universal ball back and split U-joint. Hopefully I can now proceed to pull the offending parts without much trouble.
  2. I’m referring to the outer torque ball retainer at the rear of the transmission. It appears that the floor pan is a little lower above this are on the ‘52 Special coupe than on the ‘53 Special 2dr sedan. It appears that it would be easier from a logistics standpoint to swap bodies rather than engines. But I’m left with the possibility that I will have to put a clutch in it anyway, so I may as well pull it apart and prepare for an education in the school of hard knocks!
  3. I’m trying to pull the engine and transmission out of my ‘52 Special and can’t seem to reach the top bolts on the torque ball so I can disconnect the U-joint. Short of cutting a hole in the floor, I don’t see any way to get them. I’m beginning to think it would be easier to swap bodies rather than engines. Which is a thought. You’ve Got to love the Chevrolet’s of the era, they had the transmission tunnel access panel ! How do you reach them? Or is a body swap easier? Same frame as near as I can tell , just a ‘53 Special donor.
  4. Goodness gracious! I had hoped that someone would be able to point me in the right direction by now!
  5. I don’t know if it would help, but there is a local junkyard with the Oldsmobile version. It has the tailgate glass and possibly other interchangeable parts.
  6. Steele Rubber carries a wide assortment of mount bushings.
  7. Weather permitting, I’m hoping to have it done within a month. I’m working on this outdoors, so weather is a big factor. I need to get it done soon so the city codes official doesn’t get on to me!
  8. Also, you may want to post this in the buy or sell section for Buick
  9. If you are not in a hurry, I may be able to help you with a flywheel when I pull the old engine from my ‘52 Special. A lot will depend on the condition of the flywheels on both the old and new when I swap.
  10. Rough, but salvageable as a hotrod
  11. I hadn’t figured Pete could, but had hoped that someone was close enough to grab it.
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