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  1. I'll take it off your hands as long as there's free shipping! Just kidding. If you lived close, I might consider it.
  2. If he won't sell you his '32 Pontiac, I'll sell you my '55 Pontiac! It's a project worth doing.😉
  3. I don't know what area you are in, but there is a junkyard just outside of Knoxville, TN that has a few Buicks from late '40s and '50s that may have what you need. Very reasonable on price. I was there recently looking for parts for my '52 Special Riviera and saw the aforementioned vehicles. As a rule it's a pull your own parts, but they will remove some for you if needs be. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Mark.
  4. Just looked at CTC Auto Ranch web site. No '52 45R series, A '53 Special 4 dr, and some '52 Supers and Roadmasters. Oh well the hunt continues. Finding parts for the 45R baby Buick is almost as elusive as hunting for Bigfoot!
  5. After reviewing your hard work, I'll not let anyone tell me that my 1952 45R series baby Buick isn't worth the effort. Very inspirational progress.
  6. Thanks RivNut, I haven't looked at their site in a while. Buicknutty, I am not able to post pics at this time.
  7. Its the same as the one on my '52 Buick, except mine has an orange lid and blue body.
  8. There's one on Craigslist in auto parts in north Georgia.I found it by searching 1949 in Knoxville Craigslist and shown for "nearby". A bit rough, but doable. $2000. Been there a while. Make him an offer he can't refuse so I'll quit looking!
  9. Who carries brake lines for the 1952 Buick special? I've looked at the online products from Inline Tube and Classic Tube. The closest I have found is for the 1950 Special or mid 50s Special. Are either of these close enough for a driver quality vehicle? Possibly with MINOR modifications, bending? Differences in frame and suspension dimensions, mounting?
  10. Years ago I had a Volkswagen beetle that lost the right rear wheel while in motion. Quite a thrill on the interstate at 60 mph. Luckily we survived and had a friend bring a hand full of lug bolts.
  11. I used Heartland for junkyard rescue cars about 10 years ago.
  12. Anyone have a free 263 for a manual transmission early '50s Buick Special?😎
  13. The filter I have for my '52 Buick Special is '52 Buick Special. I went back to the junkyard again this Monday and picked up a few more parts including another oil filter. I figure it doesn't take much more effort to refurbish two as opposed to one, then I can either sell one or keep it for a spare. I intend to return to the junkyard at least once more before spring, wasps, snakes, and chiggers return. There is a '52 Special that I intend to strip everything I can off of it including the drivers lower 1/4 panel. I have a few filters, from a gray AC for my '46 Chevy, two yellow ACs for late '40s , and a Fram for '61 Chevy. I looked at Bob's site and didn't see what I was looking for in the decals. Perhaps I need to look again or just call.
  14. Thanks, Ben! now on to the next question. Where does one find thee correct decals for the oil and air filters for A '52 Buick? And are there any differences between them for the Special and the 50 and 70 series cars? I own the Special 45R series.