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  1. Thank you Pete! The bezel is installed. Now for a grill bar, even a broken one that could be mended and painted for a hotrod.
  2. Thanks for the info 2carb40. I am guessing that this applies to the transmission in the ‘51-‘53 Special also. Perhaps I should try to corner the market on used ones out of the junkyard!
  3. I’m amazed at what some people consider to be a parts car. That car looks too good to part out. This is a parts car.
  4. When you finish this project you will be an expert on ‘53 convertibles. I have found two more for you! A Special and a Roadmaster. The photos are in reverse order. These should be a cakewalk now that you have the experience!😅 And no, the grill bar is broken.
  5. Clear coat nothing. It looks so fake. Just make it safe and reliable, then drive it! I may be a little biased, but this car has no clear coat and stays outside with a car cover. No noticeable change in paint leftovers in years. Brown rust is stable rust, orange rust is active rust.
  6. I just recently found out a little about a vehicle company that was producing cars and trucks in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1921-1922. Does anyone know of any still in existence? Pics? More history?
  7. A Buick for the everyday man. Of course I may be a little bit biased.😎
  8. If Buicknut doesn’t have one, I may be able to find one the next time I’m going to the junkyard. There are three Special series cars there
  9. Yes, and let’s not disparage the Specials. They’re fine cars in their own right. And solidly Buick even if they don’t share the same body size as the other series, plural.
  10. You couldn’t build it for less.A sharp car. I’m not crazy about the color, but it’s certainly well done.
  11. I assume that you are an East Tennessee resident if you drive that road often.
  12. The ‘55 in the photos has decent sheet metal, including the quarter panels. No hood, no floor pans.
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