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  1. I need to pull the oil pan on a ‘53 Special. Can this be done without pulling the engine from the car? I know it’s nearly impossible to do on the ‘52, I’m hoping the factory made some modifications to the frame just for this purpose.
  2. There’s a 1923 Buick engine listed for sale in the General Motors parts listings under the Buick parts
  3. Anyone need a boat anchor!?
  4. It’s been a while since I posted any progress reports. I have been busy working on my house, new roof, deck, 200A service panel, HVAC, and exterior paint job. Now time to get busy on the interior. But I have taken some time off of the house and put the effort into the ‘ 52 Special and the ‘55 BelAir. We just pulled both engines today! Major progress. Now I can turn my attention to detail work on the front end of the chassis. Had to beat the crank out of the old waterlogged block to get the clutch assembly and bell house. Now for some pics.
  5. What became of the parts car? I could really use the driver side door.
  6. So, if you have the starter for the 320 bolted to the 248 it should crank the engine over quite well. Correct? That could be a plus for those who have the smaller engine.
  7. If you do use the new shoes, while you have the one axle out go ahead and pull the other and replace the seals. That way you won’t risk ruining the new shoes should there be a leak from the rear end. Peace of mind.
  8. I didn’t find any Stills on the property.
  9. Keep me in mind if you want to sell parts from the second car. PM me.
  10. Is the parts car a 45R series hardtop, or the convertible? If so I would be interested in the drivers door. And possibly the grill bar with extensions, even a broken one , as long as it is complete, for a hotrod.
  11. Perhaps you could ask this question in the Buick forums. You’ll get more responses. And easier to find for Buick enthusiasts!
  12. I thought these were the ones for ‘53 Special . And the Big bodied Buick came with the covers with the big V for the new V8.
  13. It’s a ‘53 , the Special still had the inline 8. Last ones. Good looking car!
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