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  1. Unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of an update, except to say that I haven’t had any luck in finding an engine reasonably close to Knoxville. I’m in contact with an individual who has a ‘53 Special basket case, but haven’t been able to get a commitment from him. I’m told the car runs, but no brakes, I’m waiting for video showing the car running so I will know if it’s worth the drive to retrieve it. Wish me luck! Or point me to someone else who is more committed to selling an running engine.
  2. Are there no 1951-‘53 Special Riviera coupe doors out there?
  3. Surely there is an engine within an easy drive of Knoxville
  4. Thanks 2carb40, I’ll keep you in mind if the straight eight doesn’t pan out.
  5. Yes, I’m aware that the bellhousing is the same. I may have to go that route. I doubt that it would be any cheaper than the straight eight.
  6. Thanks 2carb40, it’s good to have alternate businesses to outsource work to.
  7. 2carb40, I already have a want ad on here, unfortunately the response has been seriously lacking. Perhaps My luck will increase on the HAMB or other hotrod sites.
  8. The engine is junk, a boat anchor. It was apparently left outside with no hood , no head, and has had a lot of water through it, not to mention all the dust that now clogs the passages where the push rods were. As for finding an engine, I have a want ad posted here , but have not had any success. I’m not set up for an engine rebuild, so it must be a running drop in with manifolds. I would like to do it right the first time, but if it’s going to take a while, then driving it is more important
  9. I’m looking for an adapter plate to put a 235 Chevrolet six in my 1952 Special until I find a running eight to put in its place. The transmission is a standard. Does anyone know of one? And how difficult would it be other than the motor mounts? I know, I know, don’t hate me. It would only be temporary, I would just like to have the car on the road. I’m betting that the general public would not notice, except to comment on the spaciousness of the engine compartment!
  10. It needs to be an engine for the standard transmission, also intake and exhaust manifolds
  11. I certainly hope that rule doesn’t apply to “want” ads.
  12. I don’t recall seeing any. I know there’s a ‘55 Special, and a ‘58, I believe it’s a Super.
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