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  1. Yes, the minty green is horrid. I’d suggest that the buyer swiftly do as I did on a ‘55 Pontiac project I started that had a similar color scheme and paint the light green areas white. The car would present well in my opinion.
  2. I have no garage, attic, basement, or storage unit, therefore everything that I do not need is leaving, one way or another. If someone wants it they can have it. If you live in the Knoxville area, feel free to come and get it. I’m thinning the herd, paring down. I just sold my 1955 Pontiac Chieftain project because I cannot do 5 projects at the same time, nor house them all. Craigslist is full of my ads for junk I no longer need. Out, out, out, simplify.
  3. We went to the junkyard today, unfortunately the quarter panel wasn’t much better than what you’ve indicated your car has.
  4. Well....,it doesn’t look like it sits much higher in the rear than my ‘52 Special while the interior is pulled out. Can you drop the front end?
  5. 1952 Special 4dr fastback minus back half. There is also a ‘53 Special convertible in the weeds. Hence the earlier pic of the cowl tag.
  6. For some reason I’m only allowed one pic at a time. ??! What a waste of a convertible!
  7. The weather cooperated with us today so we had a great time picking through a local junkyard. I found some small odds and ends that we’re on my list. How is it that no matter how many tools you bring, you never have that one tool to get a part you have on your wishlist? Let me see if I can post some pics.
  8. Made it to the junkyard today. Found a few small items for my ‘52, but the older steering wheels I saw were too far gone, sorry.
  9. Let’s see some pics. I’m just over the hills from you. I’m in Tennessee. Same car. Weather permitting, I’m going to a junkyard near here for parts, mostly smalls. There’s a 2 dr sedan that I’m picking from unfortunately the driver side quarter is gone. I need a driver door and quarter behind the wheel well. Also an engine. I’ll look at the quarter panel for passenger side. Although not fully interchangeable, the lower will work for what you need. There are a couple of ‘51 and ‘53 4 drs that I’m robbing parts from, all Specials. Let me know if you need me to look for anything in particular. A pic of one of the 4 doors
  10. For some reason I’m only allowed one pic at a time
  11. I just thought I’d throw these pics in from a junkyard I’m going to when weather permits. Unfortunately rain is in the forecast for the next few days. Don’t cry when you see the pics. I know, it’s an Olds, not Buick. But some interchange.
  12. Love the car. I look forward to seeing what you do for it.
  13. I hope no one took me seriously on my last post. That was a little sarcastic humor. I’m strictly for keeping same brand engines and vehicles, no bastardized cars for me. Punk1235 where are you located? I could possibly use your straight eight.