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  1. 1940 Buick 50 series. There is a spinning metallic sound when I press in the clutch in all gears except neutral. it just started randomly today. I'm starting to think it's the throw out bearing unless anyone has any ideas on what else could be going wrong? It wouldn't surprise me, I've been daily driving it for a long time. It would just suck to take everything apart if I don't have to. 😔 Any input would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. I actually saw an unrestored one on facebook marketplace a couple months ago for 9K, it looked to be in amazing shape for it's age and never being restored. I was a popcorn fart away from buying it. Now that I think of it I should have...
  3. I had a really bad clog causing my engine to badly overheat, I ended up backflushing and blowing compressed air through the lower radiator and block hose (with radiator cap off)and it freed up the clog. Then used evaporust and drove it around a bit then flushed it. Now my car doesnt go past half on the temp gauge no matter what. What came out looked like slimy chunky chocolate milk
  4. That's a really weird spot to have ammo. Makes you wonder what the reason to store it there was. Yeah that's handgun ammo.
  5. Ever find any cool old/historical stuff while restoring your car? Ive found some gasoline rations and some old stamps.
  6. Saved as much original Interior as I could(washing original cloth, resewing seams and patching). Should have had someone paint it for me, im not the best painter. Although it only cost me $250 in total.
  7. Are the heads the same on the 1940 and 1949 248 engines? My 1940 buick needs some valve work soon and I cant bear to not drive it. However my 1949 engine head is in immaculate shape and id like to use it if it fits. They look to be identical from the outside. Thanks in advance😁
  8. I have a fuel leak from my pump coming from the square hole, im unsure of what it is used for. Its lot of fuel pumping out of it (leaving a puddle of gasoline on the ground and casing my engine to backfire).the pump isn't that old either and has worked flawlessly until this evening. What could possibly be the problem? Is the hole needed for something? Picture is for reference of the square hole (not my picture). It seems like all of the new parts I buy end up breaking or going bad before the original engine parts.
  9. Thank you all for the responses, putting the car in 2nd or 3rd before 1st or reverse works great and falls right into gear. Is this an adjustment issue?
  10. I am currently using that gear oil.
  11. I have a 1940 super, when I got the car the 1st and reverse gears have always grinded slightly but It's getting worse. Sometimes it doesn't want to go into 1st or reverse either unless I give it some gas and get it spinning, even when the vehicle is parked. Ive checked all the linkages and bushings, everything looks good. I use GL-4 also. Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated, thank you.
  12. Bought a rebuild kit. I'm going to have to take it to work tonight and use some real tools. They must have used thread lock or the biggest cheater bar in the world putting the nut on the back side. But from what I can tell I'm almost positive the spring is broken, i can only push the cylinder in and out a quarter inch. (It does move but not far) It looks bottomed out to me.
  13. Yes, I can pull it apart. I might just do that now actually. Its a remanufactured one from Cars LLC, but I bought it off of Ebay so I doubt theres any kind of warranty haha.
  14. Found the issue, I went and got a fitting from the hardware store like you suggested, put thread tape on it and put it directly on the master cylinder. Theres almost no resistance in the pedal at all, but it does come back up. Thanks for the help rock10. Now it makes me wonder why it went bad already. The brake fluid in the cylinder doesnt seem dirty or anything. Time for another one.
  15. Good idea. I'll try that in the morning, im sure I could find a flare plug at my local hardware store. As far as how I bled the brakes: there was already fluid in all of the lines, but there's the smallest bit of pressure when the brake is fully depressed allowing me to crack it and close it back up. But it wont build any pressure past that.
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