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  1. Water pump: 1336756-1D I dont see one above the generator on the manifold but theres one on the opposite side 1313674-4 I did some researching, it does look a lot like a 1948 or 1949.
  2. The number on the intake is 1330905-1 The number on the lower part of the engine near the oil pan is 1328767-9 I don't see a number anywhere near the water pump though. It does appear to have a side mount if thats what the square with 4 bolts are; It has it on both sides. Thank you guys for the help narrowing this engine down to what it is. 👍 Added pictures of the side of the engine and it also has a large oil cap, looks original.
  3. The oil dipstick is near the rear next to the starter. Ill post the casting number later, im not currently home. Thanks for the help.
  4. I picked up a spare engine the other day for $200 the guy claims its a 1940 248. He knows nothing about it. I have a 1940 50 series already. There are some noticeable differences, the engine i picked up has smaller push rods, bigger oil filter, and a sediment collector on the carb. The engine number has been grinded off (to protect the previous owners vin i guess) Is there another way of telling what engine this is? Maybe its a 263, or not a 1940?
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