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  1. Thanks for taking the time to check your Olds. I appreciate it.
  2. While digging through more boxes of stuff accumulated over many years, I came upon another item that I bought at a flea market or yard sale years ago, not knowing what vehicle it belongs in, but figuring someone out there might need it. Does anyone know what year, make, model the ashtray in the attached photos belongs in. I want to move things along that I don't need and get them to someone who does. Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. In reading through this thread I noticed discussion of the old AACA meets prior to Hershey. I believe this plate was from the last annual meet held in Pottstown, PA, which, as you can see, was in 1954.
  4. Like I'm sure many of you are doing because of Covid and the winter weather, I've been digging through boxes in the basement trying to clean up and straighten up. I came across this oil filler that came off of some sort of engine. I bought it at a flea market a while back and just came across it in the basement today. I thought it was interesting because of the brass lid with instructions to use only Castrol F or Single Shell oil. If anyone can identify the engine it belongs on that would be great. Thanks
  5. Here's the link to the Craigslist post: 1971 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)
  6. Great to see you were able to get the springs made. Please let us know the name of the company that was able to do this for you.
  7. Thanks TexRiv_63 and TerryB for posting the photos of the Monometers and the catalog pages. Learned quite a bit from the photos and reading the text in the catalog. I never knew they made a remote dash mounted model. I've never seen one and would imagine that they are pretty rare. I'm sure someone out there has seen one before, and maybe even owns a car with one installed in it.
  8. rjp, Your car would have had the winged radiator cap. A Motometer was an accessory that could be added to just about any car back then. You can find them on ebay just about any time, you just need to find the correct one for your car. Motometer did sell a set of "wings" that went with the Motometer if you wanted to add them, but they don't look like the wings on the original Chrysler radiator cap that would have been on your car.
  9. 28 Chrysler and rjp, I see that both of your cars have a separate ignition switch on the left side of the steering wheel and the switch on the far right side of the instrument cluster is just for the lights. My car, a 1928 2 door sedan Model 62, has a combination ignition switch and light switch, as is pictured in the photo I posted of the instrument cluster as it appears in my car's owners manual. My car was built fairly early in the production run for the 1928 model 62's. Chrysler was regularly making changes during a production run. The 1928 Model 62's saw quite a few changes, s
  10. Mine is a 1928 Chrysler Model 62. Not sure why your switch is were it is. As I noted, mine looks just like the picture I posted that is in the Chrysler Model 62 Instruction book (Owners manual) for my car.
  11. Here is what my dash looks like. You can see the ignition switch on the right side of the instrument cluster. This is a photo I just took of the diagram of the instrument cluster that's in the Model 62 Instruction Book (Owners Manual) that I have.
  12. rjp, here is a photo of what you might be looking for. This is a photo of the ignition switch in my 1928 Model 62 Chrysler. There is no coil on the back.
  13. Thanks for this link !!!!!! You're right, it would be easy to spend lots of time using this. Just one search kept me busy for quite a while. Again, thanks for passing this along to the rest of us.
  14. I have two nice clean wheel covers (or hubcaps, as some of us still refer to anything that snaps onto a wheel to make it look nicer). They are both nice and clean, and have no dents, rust, etc. I would like to see someone use them instead of having them sit in my garage. They don't have scratches on them, but it looks like it in the front side photo below, I guess it's the camera flash. I posted the best front and back photo I could get of one of them, just to give you an idea of what they look like. I would like 20 dollars for the two, plus the cost for the lowest priced shipping I can get. P
  15. Just stumbled across this auction listing for a 1960 Lincoln Convertible and a 1971 Buick Riviera at Ziegler Auction Company in Hummelstown, PA (Not far from Hershey, just in case you're not from PA). I have no connection to or interest in these cars, just thought someone on the forum might be interested. Hopefully the link below will work. If not, just Google the auction company. Ziegler Auction Company LTD. Auction Catalog - Collector Cars Online Auctions | Proxibid
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