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  1. Yes, don't remove the wood spokes. I can't tell for sure from the photos, but I know my 28 Chrysler has what some call a split rim or two piece rim. In other words the one side of the rim is actually a separate ring that needs to be pried off using the correct tire tools, which is the way truck tires were on large trucks years ago (God knows how many I fixed when I was a teenage kid working in a truck stop after school and on weekends). If that's the case, you should find a shop in your area that repairs tractor trailer tires, they would know how to fix it.
  2. I just saw the ad for this auction in this past Saturday's newpaper that I finally got around to reading. I'm sure there are a few people on the forum who might be interested in what's being sold that day. I have no connection to, or financial interest in, the sale of these vehicles, just though someone out there might want to know, as there looks to be some nice cars, especially the Mopars. If the link below doesn't work, just search on Witman Auctioneers, Manhiem, PA to find their website. http://www.witmanauctioneers.com/saturday-october-17-2020-robert-j-joan-m-woo
  3. This seems like too much of the same details. I have a post on the Chrysler Buy/Sell forum looking for an ignition switch for my 1928 Chrysler. This morning I get an email from "Steve" which is the same name Pontiac1953 was given by the guy looking to sell him the air scoops for the 1954 Olds. The guy also referred to me as "sir" like he apparently did when emailing Pontiac1953. When 2 hours past and I didn't respond to his first email (because I don't get emails on my phone and don't check my email on my desktop computer every five minutes) he sent a second email. He provided very little deta
  4. Thanks for this link Carsh, but it's definitely a different ignition switch than the one on my car, but again thanks for the heads up. Ray
  5. Hello All, I need your help. I need an ignition (Clum) switch with a key for the 1928 Chrysler model 62 that I'm restoring. There is no key for the current switch, and one of the most highly recommended locksmith shops in my area couldn't re-key it and they didn't want to risk trying to take the switch apart. Please don't recommend Jesser's, as I sent them two emails and never received a response. If nobody has a switch, but could explain how I could wire a simple on/off switch into the correct wires on the back of the ignition switch to bypass the need for the keyed ignition, that
  6. These folks are in Lancaster County in SE PA: Retro Radio Restoration - Mike and Chris Frenchek 5524 Ridge Road Elizabethtown, PA 17022 1-717-367-1428
  7. As TerryB said, the emblem is in great shape and it's desirable. The cover needs stripped and repainted, but is definitely worth some money. I would repost this question in the both the Chrysler and Dodge & Dodge Brothers forums on this site. Just don't jump at the first offer you get. Hopefully you'll get multiple responses with a value estimate and that will assist you in determining a fair value.
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